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Chapter 1: Nearly Perfect

Bella was finishing up the kitchen while Jacob got a little work done. They had made a date to spend the rest of the evening out on the deck. It was a clear night and supposedly a peak night for a meteor shower. She loved those times outdoors, snuggled against him. Her life was as close to perfect as she'd ever dreamed. They still butted heads occasionally, but those disagreements usually ended in several rounds of great sex, so she couldn't complain. There might be only one wish she knew would never come true, but she still sent out the aspiration into the oblivion whenever they did spot a shooting star. Maybe it was counterproductive, but her thoughts always went there.

The past two and half years had flown by. She really wished she had a way to slow it down. Jacob was still doing well at his position. He pretty much made his own hours, he was such an asset to the company. It was fortunate he was allowed to work from home often, but times when he was needed in the office; she'd often accompany him and stay at one of the corporate apartments. When the location was appropriate, she'd even make business trips with him.

They'd made lots of progress with the pack, not so much with the tribal council, but at least they had the family behind them. Quil was doing a pretty good job at alpha from what she could gather from conversations with Rachel. Occasionally, the pack and families would attend one of her and Jacob's barbecue plus lake fun. She and Charlie were finally in a better place despite the fact, she still could see a hint of sadness in his eyes when he was with her. Bella suspected, it was near impossible for him to forget she chose her fate over him and Renee. Forgiveness doesn't always equal forget. She knew he wished like her, she could still be the old Bells. There was also no way to ever make it right with her mother. If she told her, she was divorced from Edward and married to Jacob; she would have shown up in Washington. None of them believed Renee could handle the strange version of her. She did send a letter once letting her know she was not dead, and that strange circumstances existed but she loved her. It was the best she could do, maybe one day, she could do better.

Sometimes, she managed to meet up with some of the Cullen's in Seattle. Edward had finally relented. Apparently, he kept himself busy with some type of business venture. They never talked about her to him and Rose and Alice confirmed, he'd finally let go. She was worried it wouldn't be that way, but when he finally broke down and signed the damn papers, it must have been like an epiphany or something.

Her business was doing well and the foundation was so successful. That was her biggest accomplishment by far. She had saw to it that they helped just over 150 families the past year. That was their current record. Her blog was experiencing an enormous amount of hits. She continued to add to it daily. Every dime she made, she put back into the foundation since Jacob was more than capable of providing for them. She owed him so much. She had a career of sorts, one that actually was possible despite her status as a vampire. It might be nice to actually meet people face to face more often, but she had a lot of online friends and that was more fulfilling than she'd ever thought possible.

Bella came up behind Jacob at his desk and ruffled his thick hair. She decided to do a little teasing since he'd been finally been successful with no longer phasing. He'd almost hit the six month mark. It was a long, stressful process, but he seemed pretty content at the present time. Sometimes her non-existence heart ached thinking that each day that passed was one day scratched off their life together. He kept telling her to stop looking at it that way. She was doing her best. There were very little changes in him since he was all man, no wolf except his skin ran a little cooler and he bled more in the mornings if he nicked himself shaving.

"Stop messing up my hair, Bells."

"Oh my, is it?"

"Is it, what?"

"A gray hair," she touched a pretend spot where there really wasn't a gray hair.

"Get the fuck out, you're teasing."

"Am I? I'm afraid you're already aging Jacob."

He pushed out of his seat and stepped into the guest bath to have a better look. Her laughter at the door clued him in, she was making it up.

"Oh you're going to get it for that."

He turned around and pushed her against the door.

"You're the one that wanted to age gracefully."

"Yeah, that doesn't mean I expected gray hair before I was even thirty."

"It happens to plenty of normal people."

"I'm sure it does, but I'm still not completely normal."

She reached between them and gave him a gentle squeeze, "Don't I know it, Big Chief." He still was tickled at the pseudonym she'd chosen for the blog. They had to have anonymity and she couldn't think of a better name for him.

"Are you about done, I'm ready to go outside?" He told her sure, he was running to the restroom and asked if she could make him a drink. She fixed his favorite, made it a double even if he now said he experienced the effects of alcohol slightly more than he was accustomed to. She wanted him relaxed for later. They got comfortable in their double chaise lounge after she pointed it in the right direction. It was a crisp, cool evening late in the fall. Jacob was actually the one that requested a blanket lately. It didn't matter to her either way.

They had a bit of a contest going on who could spot the most and the fastest. He complained she had a slight advantage since he sensed his eyesight had shifted back to normal.

"That's seven for me, three for you," she bragged.

"What'd you wish for?"

"I can't say, or it won't come true." She knew in all reality, her wish wasn't coming true ever, but she still played the game. "I don't ask you to reveal your wishes."

"I don't make any, you're here with me...my beautiful wife. I don't need anything else."

Her man was so romantic, she was lucky. He was also somewhat simplistic and she believed him when he said such things. Jacob finished his bourbon, she spotted two more shooting stars and then the two got involved in a lip lock that could only be satisfied in the bedroom.

He led the way to their master suite and the two made love for the next hour or so. She would never get tired of the way his body felt against hers. They definitely had something special going on there. In actuality, everything about their togetherness was special. She couldn't think of a second of the day that she wasn't feeling loved by him even if they were fully dressed or in different areas of the house. The love he gave her poured out continuously. It was in the walls of their lake home because he'd given it to her as a gift. She imagined he'd fall asleep soon. Her normal routine was to stay about a half hour or so, then she'd get up and work on some web pages. If she wasn't too busy with work, she'd do some writing until dawn. His tummy grumbled.

"Seriously, still hungry?"

"Yep," he firmly patted the washboard abs that still existed. He'd admitted he might have to spend a little more time working out as his metabolism slowed if he wanted to stay in the shape she liked so much.

"I thought that appetite of yours might slow down by now."

"Not yet, all my appetites are still high," he wiggled his eyebrows at her.

"Lucky me."

"You said it."

"Come on, time to feed Big Chief."

Bella started digging through leftovers and came up with the idea of tossing together a few things to make a super stuffed quesadilla.

He shook his head up and down with a big grin on his face. When she opened the pantry, she halted.

"Absolutely no late night snacks until you get this trash out. I told you after dinner it was overflowing."

"Sorry babe. I forgot." She slapped him with a dish towel. It was cute to bicker over everyday mundane items like garbage and wet towels on the bathroom floor. It made her feel average, and after everything they'd gone through...average was nice.

As soon as he opened the side door with the garbage in tow, she got busy chopping up veggies for his pico de gallo that would go over some leftover meat. They were too remote for regular garbage pickup, but he had some giant drums at the far end of the property and he'd burn trash once a week or so when he had several bags stored up. She looked by the door and noticed he forgot his shoes again. Old habits were hard to break, he was probably going to run in complaining about his cold toes again. She smiled again, she did that a lot because of him. It was nice. She went years without cracking a grin during the dark years. They'd turned it all around, thankfully. She was fast, wanting to get his food underway. He seemed to be taking his time with his least favorite chore. Her ears perked up. Engine? Did he start one of the vehicles? No, why would he do that? It sounded off, not like their cars...she knew their engines purred. Jacob wouldn't have it any other way. No one said they were stopping by and it was late, so that made it even stranger. It was doubtful someone would be lost. Their place was so well hidden. Unless someone mistook the driveway for a road. She couldn't hide her curiosity since the sound was closer. Bella went to the sink and washed her hands off glancing out at the lake that held so many special memories for them in such a short amount of time.

Pop...pop sounded against windows. The engine revved for real that time.

Her entire life and death swirled through her mind. Their lives were almost perfect. That's what she'd told herself earlier, but for some reason Bella swore, she just heard a gun go off twice.

She didn't hesitate again, she rushed to the door as there was only one thing on her mind..."Jake."

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