Title: Good Intentions

Series: ENT

Rating: T

Code: R/S

Part: 3/3 NEW

Summary: Malcolm gives Hoshi a Holiday gift...it's a surprise for her...and him. Three years ago people asked for a third chapter. Merry Christmas…here it is.

Disclaimer: Paramount owns all the characters, etc., I am just using the characters for a little fun and relaxation.

Note of Appreciation. Special thanks to my beta reader: Kathy Rose

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Good Intentions


He didn't know just why he was here at this hour. Oh, he'd dreamed of this moment. The dream sometimes took on many different variations.

One time he was a pirate and she was the exotic beauty he had captured in waters far away from the coast of his native England. She was dressed in a beautiful crimson kimono, her dark, shiny hair falling away from an elaborate coiffure. He -- attired rakishly in black and gold -- approached the cabin where she was being held and drew her into his arms. Pressing his body against hers, she surrendered to his advances and let Malcolm draw her into her bed and …well that's when he woke up.

Malcolm sighed and leaned against the wall of the corridor, hoping it was late enough that no one would find him outside Hoshi Sato's quarters.

Another night, he had a dream which involved him seated against a dark steed clad in shiny silver armor. He was on a mysterious mission for his lord and had ridden his destrier into a deep dark forest. Before long, a purple miasma engulfed him and he was soon transported from the forest to a serene glade full of sweetly scented coral-colored flowers. Urging his horse forward through the sea of blossoms, he found Hoshi seated amongst the flowers strumming a golden harp. Looking up at him, she beckoned him forward and just as he slid off his horse and removed his helmet, he was rudely jarred awake by a red alert.

Turning away from her door he took two steps away from temptation before he turned his head and looked over his shoulder at her door again.

There had been many more nights. Nights full of plots and promise. Brief visions of them laying together and enjoying each other's company. All of the dreams had been the same in some respects. He was gallant and confident, she welcoming and encouraging.

And each had been abruptly, maddeningly interrupted just before...

It wasn't going to happen this time, Malcolm vowed, and throwing his shoulders back and raising his chin, he made his decision. Walking to her door, Malcolm resolutely pressed the pad of his thumb against Hoshi's doorbell.

Without a word of welcome, the door slid open to reveal a darkened interior. Stepping forward, Malcolm let the door slide shut behind him, plunging him into the room's ebony darkness.

"I didn't think you'd come," Hoshi said softly.

He couldn't see her, but turned his head towards the sound of her voice.

"I almost didn't," he admitted. "But this isn't quite how I imagined it would happen."

"I know, me either, but I'm glad you came. I've been wishing for this for a very long time, I just didn't know how to make it happen."

"I've always been attracted to you, Hoshi." He tried to peer through the darkness but couldn't see her.

"I've felt the same." With a click, Hoshi turned on a ship-approved electronic candle and she stepped forward. The candle's glow revealed her silhouette beneath her Christmas negligee, leaving little to the imagination.

Malcolm, his confidence gone, cleared his throat nervously.

"You look nervous. Perhaps you wish you hadn't accepted my invitation?" she asked.

Not being able to find his voice, he shook his head.

"Maybe you don't like your gift?" she asked, running her fingertips along delicate embroidery which adorned the low-cut neckline and trailing them down over her transparent material which fell lightly over her lithe body.

"I-I didn't…" he stammered. He could feel the heat rise in his face in direct proportion which each step Hoshi took towards him. Gone was his earlier bravado which had allowed him to enter her cabin.

"You don't like it?" she purred.

Again he shook his head. ""N-no, it's n-not that. It's beautiful. You're b-beautiful."

Closing the distance, Hoshi stood in front of him. Tilting her head to one side, she encircled his neck with her arms.

Clearing his throat again, he spoke again. "What I mean is I didn't purchase your nightgown."

"You don't mean to say you stole it?" she asked, looking both intrigued and concerned.

"Oh, no. What I mean is I bought the book, but I didn't know anything about this." He looked down at the nightgown, but instead focused on the body beneath the sheer material and began to sweat. "I think Ensign Cutler added it to the package. Actually, I didn't even know just what the book contained either."

"Then why did you buy the book?" Her voice was like silk to his ears.

"Well it was recommended by the p-proprietor of this bookshop – a rather elfish looking man. He was very friendly and seemed convinced that you'd enjoy the cookbook."

Hoshi pressed herself up against Malcolm's body and whispered in his ear. "Next thing you'll be telling me he had a white beard and a red suit," Hoshi teased with a light laugh.

Malcolm wrapped his arms around her waist. "Actually he did have a white beard and did wear a red shirt."

"Sounds like Santa Claus." Hoshi said each word very slowly against his ear. "He was always reported to select the perfect gift." She punctuated the last word with a long lick around Malcolm's ear. Reaching up she seized the zipper to his uniform and pulled it down.


"Hmmmm." She languidly pulled the top of Malcolm's uniform down off his shoulders to reveal he hadn't bothered to wear his blue undershirt.

"I've dreamed of this – you and me together." His former nervousness had been replaced with a single-minded goal – seduction and convincing Hoshi of his love and devotion. Moving his hands from her waist, he pushed the nightgown off her shoulders and let it fall soundlessly to the floor.

She ran a hand over his chest.

"But I always wake up before I get to the ending," he admitted. Lowering his head, he pressed his mouth against her neck and kissed her passionately.

"I promise you there'll be no sleeping tonight, Malcolm." Lifting her head from his shoulder, she allowed her mouth to be captured.

Hoshi's hands grasped his uniform where it still clung low on his waist and, dropping to her knees, pulled it off to land on the floor beside her nightgown.

"Planning on trying out a recipe or two from your new cookbook?" he asked, looking down upon her upturned face. The candle's glow revealed the sensual hunger in Hoshi's dark eyes.

"Perhaps later, first I have a few recipes of my own I want you to try." She smiled and licked her lips provocatively with a promise of the pleasures to come.

"I always wanted to taste your homecooking."

"We'll taste that and much more."



"Merry Christmas."

"And I think we'll have a Happy New Year," she said and proceeded to demonstrate to Malcolm just how well she could cook.