Ziva and I argued who had to get out of the car to interview the witness. "I did it last time!" I whined childishly, not wanting to leave the warmth of my yellow mustang.

"So?" she asked incredulously.

"Oh, whatever," I said defeatedly. I opened up the car door, and exhaled tiredly as the freezing wind hit me. I pulled my jacket tighter around me and lowered my head, which had little effect against the cold. I walked away from the car quickly and looked up at the building, which was about eight stories tall with windows that reflected the sun, covering the side of the building that faced the street. It looked expensive and out of place among the other run-down warehouses in the area. I pushed through the crystal clear glass door, my eyes searching for the witness. If there even is one I thought irritably. The case had been peculiar. As far as NCIS had thought, there had been no witnesses to the murder. Later we received an email with an image of a young looking male with silver hair and a caption that simply stated, 'this is a witness to General Collins murder'. I was extremely suspicious of the whole thing and was even debating if coming in alone had been a bad idea. I shook my head to rid of these thoughts and strode in with confidence I did not feel. I was barely two feet pass the door when I heard a grumble from below. Cracks started to appear along the walls and snaked upwards like long fingers and the air filled with dust. The floor started to shake violently and I was thrown to the marble ground. The ceiling started coming down in large pieces and I rolled away, narrowly being missed from a particularly huge one. I felt something fall on my arm and let out a strangled yelp as sudden white hot pain erupted on my left side. Automatically I tried to retract my arm to my body but found I couldn't, and that moving caused more pain. I realized I was pinned and I finally started to realize just how dire the situation was getting. I barely had time to think Gibbs is going to kill me when another part of the falling ceiling hit my head and I drifted into bliss oblivion.

Ziva's POV-

I wouldn't have really minded to go inside to interview the witness, but I enjoyed bickering with Tony. Additionally his car was indeed very warm and comfortable opposed to the freezing air outside. "I did it last time!" he complained.

"So?" I asked him, exasperated because I had done it the last four times before that.

"Oh, whatever," he said obviously defeated. He opened up his door and took a step outside, and I could hear a sigh come from him before he closed the door. Almost immediately after he left I started to feel uneasy. I didn't know why, and I couldn't place the feeling, but it was like a pang in my stomach. I started fidgeting with my seat belt wondering if I should go in after Tony. As soon as I made up my mind to go inside, my phone rang. "Ziva." I answered.

"Ziva, get out of there. Now." Gibbs demanded.

"Why?" I asked confused, but I was already unbuckling.

"We traced the email to a terrorist group. They're in the building," Gibbs practically growled."Are you in there?"

"No, but Tony is!" I was sprinting now and was almost at the door when the ground began to shake. Cracks appeared in the parking lot's asphalt and the building in front of me started to crumble. "TONY!" I shouted. The ceiling was coming down in large chunks and I could hear yelps originating in the building.

"What's happening?" Gibbs asked and even my acute sense of hearing could barely hear the panic edging into his voice.

"I was in the parking lot and then the ground started shaking…" my voice trailed off as I surveyed the damage in front of me, "...Tony was in there...the building collapsed." I thought for a minute then added determinedly, "I'm going in."

"No you're not." Gibbs said, "The building is unstable." But it was too late; I had already hung up. I pushed my way through the rubble shouting out Tony's name. My voice was the only sound in the building besides the groans of the structure. I stopped shouting and the silence was eerie and quite honestly terrifying. But then I heard a groan and hope exploded inside of me. I started clawing through the debris and beads of blood started to sprout from my fingers caused by many jagged edges. My hope was shattered when I found a man with blonde hair and expensive suit, but I continued to help him anyway.

Tony's POV-

I couldn't tell the difference between my eyes opened or closed. I was surrounded by eerie darkness. Extreme pain was everywhere and I knew I at the very least multiple bones were broken. But I knew that I should be more more worried about my struggling, ragged breaths. The pressure of the rubble and debris on my stomach and the addition of broken ribs, made breathing practically impossible. I started hacking due to the dust in the air and the coughs aggravated my body. Black dots started to dance around the edges of my vision and I knew I had to stay awake. DiNozzo's don't pass out I thought. I tried to push the rubble off of me with no avail; my only outcome was a groan I couldn't suppress. The black dots were growing larger and more frequent. I tried to blink them away but they continued expanding until the darkness consumed me. The last thing I remember was Ziva calling my name. Wait, Ziva? But I couldn't stay awake or even make a sound; only lay there helplessly as I drifted in and out of half consciousness.