Sweet Fur Amiee, the wolf demon

Chapter 1. A new Mission

Sweet Fur Amiee was part wolf demon, part hamster demon, (I made that kind of demon up^^) and part human. She was one of the deadliest, and most wanted demons in Makai. She couldn't remember much of her past, but that didn't really matter to her. What she did know from her past was that she was alone for most of her life, and ningens hated her, and she hated them. She hated them, but she loved to eat them. She had made it onto Ningenkai now, she knew that the Reikai Tentai was after her from the moment she stepped into the living world earlier that day.



Sweet Fur Amiee had just made it into the living world, and was hiding inside of Yusuke Urameshi's house, because she sensed a lot of spirit energy in there. She was in her hamster form so no one would see her, and even if they did she would just look like a normal jet black hamster. (Sweet Fur Amiee can take 4 different forms, a human form, a wolf form, a hamster form, and the 4th you'll hear about later) A little communicater thing rang Yusuke answered it, it was Koenma, about a new mission. (I'm not going to write out the whole conversation.) The Reikai Tentai's new mission was to capture a wolf demon that was known as the deadly wolf. Sweet Fur knew Koenma meant her, no one knew her real name so she was referred to as the deadly wolf. With that Sweet Fur Amiee slipped out of the house.



Sweet Fur had plans she would get the Reikai Tentai off guard by tricking them into thinking she was a normal human, and then she would Devour them. Right now though she was concentrating on killing an unsuspecting ningen for her dinner. She was hiding in an alley by a bar waiting, in her wolf form. In her wolf form she had a Jet black fur coat, misty light blue eyes, and an extra bushy tail. The only thing strange other than the color of her eyes was her ears, they were just like normal wolf ears except for at the top they were rounded (like a hamsters) instead of pointed. (like a wolfs) A man walked out of the bar, now was her chance. She walked in front of him and snarled, then she pounced on him, slit his throat (which killed him) and dragged him into the alley. She then ate him (I'm not going to go into detail, all I'm going to say is that she eats their bones and drinks their blood, and then leaves the remains.) The next morning she changed into her human form, she had black hair tied into a pony tail with a ribbon, and her misty light blue eyes, which her over grown bangs kind of covered. She walked up to Yusuke's school and prepared to go inside (she somehow got a school uniform) She gave a evil smile which showed she had some fangs which she had to try and hide, and she laughed evily, "soon Yusuke Urameshi, I will devour you and your friends''….


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