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Well, anyway here's chapter 4.


It was dark out, Sweet Fur Amiee, was in her wolf form, and going inside of her den to bed. (yes she lives in a den.) She had been constantly thinking about her life lately. Yusuke and Yukina were great friends, and Kurama was nice to. Hiei never talked to her that much. Botan was getting used to her. And Kuwabara was just plain annoying. (he's always looking down her shirt) Koenma had given her another chance, with a lot of persuasion from Yusuke and Yukina that is. She had to stop eating ningens though. It was all so different to Sweet Fur, and she was trying her best to get used to it.

Sweet Fur fell asleep. She was having a dream, she was standing in a dark mysterious place, she didn't know what to do. She saw a beautiful female wolf demon, with midnight black fur, and beautiful blue eyes. Then she saw a man, a half demon, because she saw a little pair of hamster ears on his head. Sweet Fur felt warm and calm around these two. Then she saw a somewhat blurry flash, she saw the wolf demon, and the half demon, as well as herself as a little puppy, along with her brothers and sisters. Her siblings were either in a hamster demon form, or a wolf demon form, they all had the opposite form in them, but they could only take that, and a human form. (if I'm talking about little Sweet Fur Amiee, I'll call her Sweet Fur-Chan) Sweet Fur-Chan was in a wolf form, but since she had appearances of both in her, she could take all three forms. All of a sudden, chills went up Sweet Fur's spine. She could sense a great evil. A dark shadow with glowing red eyes appeared before Sweet Fur-Chan and her family. Her mother and father tried their best to fight it, but it killed them, then it approached Sweet Fur-Chan and her siblings. Sweet Fur-Chan backed away, whimpering in fear. The demon slashed its claws and killed one of her sisters. Then it proceeded to try and kill them. Sweet Fur-Chan tried to get away, but it was hard because she was so afraid. One of her brothers, who had a white fur coat, and caring orange eyes, nudged her down the hill, he also had her little sister, they were both in wolf forms.

Sweet Fur Amiee woke up, she was breathing heavily and sweating. She decided to get a drink. While she was drinking she heard some rustling behind her, she looked over. A kitsune with a white fur coat came out of some bushes, snarling. "Another demon here to fight me" Sweet Fur thought. The kitsune tried to jump for her throat, she easily dodged, and slashed it across the shoulder. She gave it a warning growl, telling it to either get out, or die. The kitsune paid no heed to Sweet Fur Amiee's warning, and jumped for her again. Sweet Fur got irritated and sunk her fangs deep into the kitsune's back. It yelped out in pain, it jumped again, and got hold of Sweet Fur's throat. She growled, swung her head around, and got a tight grip on the kitsune's throat, pulling it off hers. Amiee smacked it down to the ground as it cried out for the last time. She then walked away, as other predators moved in to feed on the dead kitsune. Sweet Fur Amiee thought she might talk to Yusuke and Kurama about her dream in the morning…


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