"Here we are Sirius." Andromeda brought in a cup of soup, "Still no solids I'm afraid."

"Anything is better than what I have been eating." Sirius slowly sipped the cup of soup, "So when do I get to see Harry?"

"Soon." She hedged.

"You've been saying that all day." He huffed, "When is soon to you?"

"What did Amelia tell you?" she asked.

"That the true secret keeper had been found and that I needed only to tell the truth to be free." He said, "After the trial she said I'll get to see Harry soon."

"Figures she'd leave it all to me." Andromeda huffed, "Harry is already here." When Sirius tried to get out of bed she stopped him with one hand, "You are not physically ready to see him. I'm also not too sure you're mentally ready to handle it."

"I'm not crazy." He looked at her with a frown.

"I'm not saying you are so hush." She reprimanded him, "Your emotions are beginning to come back. I don't think you want to scare him if you get loud."

"Why would I need to get loud?" he asked deceptively calm.

"While you've been in Azkaban for three years, Harry has been at his aunt's home." She explained.

"James didn't have any sisters or aunts." Sirius frowned before he took on a look of alarm, "Not Petunia!"

"Albus told me that she was better suited to what Harry needed." She scowled, "I didn't realize he wanted the boy abused and weak."

"Oh Merlin." Sirius gasped before screaming, "I'm going to kill him! Petunia too!"

"See what I mean about being loud." Andromeda offered sagely, "Now Amelia is already working on the case to arrest them and Dumbledore. There isn't anything for you to do but get better. When Harry has recovered enough I'll let you see him."

"I need to see him now." Sirius begged.

"I'm afraid it will do more harm than good." She sighed, "Not even Nymphadora can touch him without him flinching. We can't decide if it hurts for us to touch him or if he's just expecting to be hurt."

"Bring him to me. He can sleep in here and I can keep an eye on him." Sirius begged.

"He may not remember you." She warned.

"I don't care." Sirius had tears running down his face, "Please I need to see him!"

"I'll be right back." She conceded and left the room. After several minutes she returned carrying a small bundle of blankets, "Harry this is the nice man I told you about."

Sirius took the small bundle. He wanted to howl with grief at the look of weariness in those lovely green eyes. His sunken cheeks resembled the face Sirius saw in the mirror far too much.

"They barely fed him." She whispered, "He can only eat small bits."

"Hello Harry." Sirius held him like he was a new born, "I've missed you so much." Harry squinted at him. Sirius noticed and brought him closer, "Hey buddy, do you remember Padfoot?"

"Pafoo?" Harry repeated and held out a hand, "Where Pafoo?"

"Hold him a minute but keep him close." Sirius instructed, once she had Harry secure Sirius transformed into his black dog.

Harry nearly leapt from Andromeda's arms as he tried to reach Sirius. Andromeda tried to help him lie next to the dog. Harry was having none of it though and wiggled out of the blankets to lie atop the dog. A few wuffling breaths from the dog sounded like a chuckle. Once Harry was asleep Sirius changed back and held the baby on his chest.

"He hasn't grown much." Sirius looked him over.

"He's severely malnourished and so far underweight he doesn't even register on the baby charts." She huffed, "But his magic… it's off the charts the other direction. His accidental magic has been to heal the physical abuse. Amelia suspects that Albus is trying to keep Harry from outgrowing him magically."

"That…" Sirius's beginning yell didn't wake Harry but made him flinch and made Sirius stop mid-rant.

"You can whisper all those names you want to call him." Andromeda grinned.

"How did she find out about all this?" he asked.

"You aren't going to like this." Andromeda grimaced but continued anyway, "Severus Snape brought a grey rat to Moody and said he saw Peter transform into that rat and that he had seen the rat in You Know Who's meetings."

"Snape?" he looked bewildered, "But why?"

"I don't know but I think there is something very big going on." Andromeda shivered, "I know how much Snape repulsed Amelia and now she sounds like his biggest fan. Everything he's brought to light has been true and very condemning for Albus Dumbledore."


"Percy, are you awake?" Harry nudged him with the toe of his boot. The body seemed to stiffen, "Come on Percy the quicker we get started the sooner it will be over with."

"No more, please no more." Percy groaned instead of moving.

"But we're at your favorite place." Harry nudged him again, "Ministry of Magic."

"What are we doing here?" he sat up quickly and looked around, "Did anyone see you bring me in?"

Harry rolled his eyes at the young man's worry, "Of course not. If they saw me bring you in don't you think they'd be trying to arrest me and save you?"

"Right." Percy sighed, "Now what?"

"We are in the Department of Mysteries." Harry explained, "You have to find the prophecy room and the orb that is floating in the middle of the room. Bring the orb to me. I'll be in the death chamber. I've locked the exit doors so you can't get out and no one can get in. You have no wand but you don't have any death eaters after you either."

"How much time?" He asked standing and moving to get ready.

"No limit." Harry grinned widely, "Go whenever you are ready."

"If you survived all this I know I can." He strutted to a door and yanked it open and walked into the brain room.

Harry followed him through it and into the death chamber, "Well you got that backwards."

"But now I know where it is." Percy turned and left the room.

Harry took a seat and gave a wave at Percy before he asked, "How long do you think it will take him?"

"Hours." Snape huffed pulling the invisibility cloak off partway.

"Care to make a bet on that?" Harry asked.

"No." Snape shuddered and remembered the last time he had lost a bet to Harry. It had been, in a word, horrific.

"He won't let me die." Penelope Clearwater was tied up waiting under disillusionment.

"I keep telling you he doesn't care about you." Harry waved his hand lazily, "But if you don't keep quiet I will silence you then I won't be able to find you to let you go."

The girl huffed but stayed silent. Percy and Penelope had broken up during Harry's fifth year due to his treatment of Harry. But his trial and conviction had brought them back together. Penelope had decided she had been wrong about Harry and apologized to Percy.

Harry looked up and grinned half an hour later and moved to get Penelope in place. He had a spell on the orb to let him know when Percy got it. The man came through the door no more than twenty minutes later.

"Well done." Harry nodded, "Now give me the orb and we'll go."

"No I'm going to keep your orb and you're going to leave me alone from now on." Percy acted like he was going to drop it.

"Give me the orb or I toss Penelope though the veil." Harry was holding the limp body in his arms.

"So what." He sneered, "You failed this time. She isn't anything but a whore. Mum would never let me marry trash like her. She is just the warm body until I find a suitable wife."

"Ok." Harry tossed the limp body through the veil, "She was pregnant."

"I know but I took a potion so it would never have register as mine. You put your money on the wrong thing." Percy crowed, "I win."

"Say that to my face." Harry growled.

Percy stalked over to stand just in front of him, "I win. You lose. You are pathetic. Ahhhhh."

Harry made Penelope visible as she shoved Percy, "That's for saying I'm a whore."

He tumbled through the veil and the angry girl turned to hug Harry, "You were right."

"I know." Harry patted her back awkwardly.

"So all the things they testified that you did you didn't do." she sighed and pulled back, "I'm sorry."

"You were a victim too." Harry shrugged, "Shall we leave? I believe the aurors are about to break through to the entry door."

"I'm with you." Penelope touched his arm as Snape approached them and held out a portkey, "I'm glad you're not as dark as they said. Sorry about your orb."

"It was a piece of glass nothing more." Harry grinned as they were whisked away.


"Thank you for stopping by." Andromeda greeted Amelia.

"Actually I came to give you the news." Amelia smiled widely.

"What news?" she asked.

"Gather everyone." She instructed.

She called a house elf and asked for tea and biscuits for the whole group and to send down the others. In a matter of minutes Sirius, carrying Harry and Ted entered the room. They made small talk while the tea was prepared and served.

"What is your news?" Sirius asked.

"In the last few weeks the aurors have investigated, arrested, tried and convicted seventeen death eaters that were allowed to escape last time." She beamed, "Evidence from Pettigrew let us investigate the likes of Malfoy, Crabbe and Goyle amongst others."

"I thought they had said imperious under veritaserum." Ted looked shocked.

"They were. But this time we asked them what the imperious curse made them do." she smirked, "It wasn't to take the mark."

"How did you know to even ask?" Andromeda asked.

"Severus Snape." she announced.

"What?" Sirius gaped, "But he hated James and me and while he had a good reason he still gave as good as he got. I just don't trust him."

"Moody grilled him under veritaserum." She argued.

"This isn't Snape." Sirius huffed, "He wouldn't help me if his life depended on it."

"He helped us when we arrested Dumbledore." She added.

"Now he's free for Voldemort." Sirius huffed.

"I need an unbreakable vow." Amelia got serious, "Before I tell you anymore." Once the vows were given she sighed, "I'm only telling you so you can help prevent the total annihilation of our world."

"Surely you're kidding." Two of them gaped Andromeda had already heard this part.

"I am not kidding." Amelia took a deep breath, "Severus developed a potion that brought him back in time fifteen years. In his past Harry was eighteen and killing everyone in the wizarding world."

"No!" Sirius disagreed.

"Under veritaserum." She told him, "We grilled him. Albus left Harry at the Dursleys for eleven years and then sent him back every summer. During school he was placed in horrific challenges set up by Dumbledore to test his strength and endurance. Then once he killed off Voldemort the idiot got all Harry's so called friends to tell lies and they railroaded him into Azkaban."

"He escaped from Azkaban and went on a crazed rampage." Sirius covered his face with the hand not holding Harry.

"Not quite." She sighed, "He escaped from the boat on the way to Azkaban. He left the guards beaten into unconsciousness and they each had seventeen broken bones, the same seventeen broken bones."

"What?" Ted asked, "Why?"

"It was the injuries he had sustained the first eleven years of his life." She explained, "When Severus left, Harry was torturing everyone who had ever hurt him by putting them through the same things they had put him through. Most don't survive and those who do are never right again."

"He's getting revenge then." Sirius sighed.

"Evidentially he feels no remorse for what he's doing." She sniffed, "I just don't have the heart to even blame the boy."

"How did Snape get away?" Ted asked.

"He says he didn't escape exactly." She shrugged, "He created a potion and returned. He is nearly positive Harry knew what he was doing."

"Why did he catch Peter and get me free?" Sirius asked, "Why not just take Harry and run."

"He is terrified of the boy." Amelia sighed, "He can't stand the idea of being in the same room even if he's only three here. You see Harry broke him. He got the same bruises and seventeen broken bones that everyone else got but not the other tortures. Instead Harry kept him around to keep people from dying before he was ready for them to get away."

"Merlin." Sirius whispered.

"When it comes to this little boy Snape becomes a complete wreck." Amelia confided, "He's seen him do too much."

"What happens now?" Ted asked eyeing the boy, "How do we stop him from…"

"That's why he's here." Her confidence seemed to return, "Snape firmly believes that if he is raised with love he will be normal, or as normal as an extremely powerful boy can be."

"How powerful are we talking here?" Sirius knew how powerful both James and Lily were. Would Harry rival his parents?

"Let me put it to you this way." Amelia sighed, "When he was sent off to Azkaban they snapped his wand like they do any really bad criminal. Everything he did from that point on was wandless and for the most point, wordless. Even with the abuse and general lack of care he was more powerful than Dumbledore. With your care he may be even more powerful."

"What about You Know Who?" Ted asked, "Does the boy still have to kill him?"

"No." Amelia answered sternly, "A few trusted aurors are taking care of it. Between Pettigrew's information and Severus' we know how he survived, where he is and what he is. As soon as all the pieces are together we're sending him through the veil."

"Pieces?" Andromeda was a trained healer and had an idea what she meant.

"We already have two parts of him." Amelia nodded, "The other piece is being brought to the ministry by Moody and his partner as we speak. We'll have him soon enough."

***Future at Severus' departure***

"What was that?" Remus turned to Harry as they sat in the kitchen eating a snack.

"Severus blowing up another cauldron." Harry huffed taking a drink of his hot chocolate, "He'll run out soon if he hasn't got it right this time."

"Should we check on him?" Remus asked quietly.

"I suppose." Harry stood and left the kitchen followed closely by Remus.

"Do you know what he was working on?" Remus asked.

"Yep." He answered.

"Are you going to share?" Remus asked with a bit of sarcasm.

"Only if he succeeded." Harry grinned at him.

"You are impossible." Remus chuckled.

"I know." Harry laughed.

They reached the potions classroom. Severus had changed it from a classroom to a larger lab when he found out Harry wasn't going to let classes resume. It was then that he began to experiment on the time project. When they entered the classroom it was still in one piece though several cauldrons had tipped and spilled their concoctions onto the floor. They stepped gingerly through the room, vanishing potions as they went and made their way to his original private lab. It was, in a word, destroyed.

Harry waved his hand and everything began to return to its place. Most things were repaired but the cauldron was missing large chunks. Above all Severus wasn't at the bottom of the wreckage.

"Well then I guess he finally accomplished it." Harry turned and left the room.

"What?" Remus turned and followed him, he was completely confused, "What was he working on? What did he do?"

Harry led him back to the kitchens and went back to eating before he answered the questions, "Severus was trying to stop all this."

"All what?" Remus asked carefully.

"All this needless killing and destruction I'm doing." Harry waved his hand.

"I honestly thought you'd kill him before letting him cross you." Remus stared at him in wonder.

"He's not crossing me." Harry chuckled, "He's saving me."

"What did that potion do?" Remus was very concerned now.

"It was a time distortion potion." Harry grinned and took a bite of his cake. He finished the bite before continuing, "His plan was to go back to before my parents were killed or no later than my first year. He most likely ended up somewhere in between."

"What was he going to do in the past?" Remus wondered aloud.

"Change it of course." Harry scoffed, "If he makes the right changes I will be normal. I won't have any need to become this monster.

"Will we ever know if it worked?" Remus asked.

"Don't know." Harry continued on with his cake, "It was a dark potion and I'm not dark."

"Nope you're crazy." Remus sat beside him and picked up and fork and took a bite of Harry's cake.