In season 2, Vince got his stepson Josh off the hook for murder. Since then, Vince has renewed his relationship with Josh, delicately sidestepping his mother Melody's manipulation. Their bond is still shaky. Josh is now a senior in high school.

Location: Division One Cafe

Vince sits at a table across from Melody, his ex-wife. He's tense, wondering what Melody wants this time.

"How's the yoga studio working out?" After Vince had turned down her request for a loan, Melody somehow found the funds and opened the studio.

Melody seemed edgy. "It's tough, starting a business from scratch Vince, and building a clientele."

Vince stretched back in his chair. He knew what was coming.

The cafe waitress arrived with their iced teas and then left.

Vince watched Melody.

Melody fidgeted with her spoon. "I'm experiencing a cash flow problem."


"I'd like to revisit the idea of you investing in the studio."

Vince narrowed his eyes. "You have a lot of nerve asking that after how you've treated Josh and I."

Indignation sparked in Melody's eyes. "He's still my son, and he lives under my roof. You'd do well to remember that Vince."

Frustration flooded Vince. He grabbed two packets of sugar without thinking, then saw Melody's face.

Her lips were pursed in disapproval. Melody was a health nut, and did not believe in sugar. When she used sweetener at all, she insisted on Stevia.

"Vince, you know you shouldn't put sugar in your tea. Refined sugar is terrible for your health, and at your age, you need to be more careful of these things."

Vince started to drop the packets when he saw someone walk up to the table.

The shapely brunette smiled as she held out her hand to Melody.

"You must be Melody - I've heard so much about you."

Melody's face started to curdle like day-old milk, and then she caught herself, changing it to a strained smile.

"I am...and you are?"

Vince watched the conversation with growing interest.

"Cindy Alexander." Cindy shook Melody's hand firmly, then placed her hand on Vince's shoulder.

Melody took in Cindy's clothes and figure. "Vince and I were just talking about old times."

"Funny, it didn't seem like it to me. It seemed like you were criticizing his food choices and trying to hit him up for a loan."

"I was married to him, and we share a son. I don't see a wedding ring on your hand - or his."

"You divorced him. When you did that, you voted yourself off the island. You don't get to interfere in his life and criticize him."

Vince fought to hide a smile. He slipped his hand behind the small of Cindy's back.

"Cindy is my girlfriend, and she's right - you don't get to waltz back in and criticize me now after all you've done."

Melody scraped her chair backwards and rose. "Vince, I'll call you later to finish our discussion."

"Don't bother - my answer is no. Find another bank."

"Fine." Her stilettos echoed as she stomped out of the cafe.

Cindy slid into Melody's chair.

Vince laughed. "I loved the line about voting herself off the island." He sobered. "She's gonna make my life and Josh's a living hell for this."

"Oh, she can try. I'm an expert at dealing with gold diggers." She pulled Vince's iced tea over, dumped in two packets of sugar and stirred.

He snorted. "It was the sugar crack that pushed you over the edge, wasn't it?"

"Clearly the woman was not raised in the South. Iced tea without sugar? Sacrilege."

Vince laughed again and shook his head. Melody may have met her match.