Always and Forever


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Chapter 48

The Bond


The last two mornings when Harry had woken up, Hermione had been lying next to him. They had been holding hands but there was a small gap between them. It seemed the tension of the day continued into the night subconsciously. So when Harry woke this morning he figured something must have happened or at the very least Hermione had made peace with her thoughts. For this morning, Hermione was practically laying on top of him again. Head on his chest and arms and legs wrapped around him as if she just couldn't get close enough.

Harry had been worried that Hermione might actually be scared or really just want a more normal life at least on a subconscious level, especially considering how quiet she'd been lately. At first, Harry had to admit he had been overwhelmed by the thought of, 'for the rest of your life.' but the more he thought about it, the more relaxed he found himself with the idea, in fact, he was sure that's what he wanted. But between the awkwardness of it all and Hermione being a little tense he had been afraid to voice his opinion or desires. Little did he know, Hermione had been feeling the same way. This morning however, things looked more promising.

Harry was just lying there enjoying having Hermione in his arms again when she started to stir. Like a cat waking up from a nap, Hermione stretched and arched her back. After a small yawn, she opened her eyes and looked up to find Harry's green eyes staring at her with such intensity it almost took her breath away.

With a gentle smile, he said, "Morning."

It took a second for her to get her brain in gear but she finally answered him, "Morning."

Never breaking eye contact, Harry's grin widened, "You look comfy."

"That's because I am… oh, am I too heavy?"

"No! No, you're not… in fact, I kind of like waking up like this," Harry said with a hint of a smirk.

Hermione's smile grew wider after hearing that, "I do too… actually, I think I'd like to wake up like this for the rest of my life."

Harry's heart soared as he tightened his arm around Hermione, hugging her and pulling her up until their faces were merely an inch apart. "I'd like that too," he whispered before closing the distance and kissing her. He poured all the love and passion he had for her into the kiss. Five years of friendship, trust, and caring for each other all focused into a single moment. A moment that left the pair breathless and smiling like crazy.

"Bond with me, Hermione… be with me, forever."

Hermione reached up and put a hand on the side of his face as tears of happiness rolled down her cheeks. She gave him a small nod, and with a smile, she whispered back, "Always, and forever."

After a few minutes of some of the most brilliant snogging they had ever shared, they finally settled back down. Lying in his arms, Hermione broke the silence, "Harry, when do you want to do this? Oh, and who should we tell, I…"

Harry laughed, "Hermione, take it easy, you'll hurt yourself."

Hermione stopped for a second and after realizing what she was doing and started laughing too. A moment later she turned serious again. Turning, so she was facing him, she took both his hands in hers. In a soft voice full of passion and just a hint of concern, Hermione started, "Harry, I love you so much, and… and I want to spend the rest of my life with you, I hope you know that."

Harry had a feeling where she was heading with this. He wanted to put an end to it right now, but knew she needed to talk about it. So, with a gentle smile, he nodded, "I do."

Hermione started to tear up and her voice hitched as she continued, "Oh, Harry, The things I said to you, and… and did to you…"

"Hermione…" Harry tried.

"I know you felt my true feeling for you, Harry, and I know you understand why I did all those horrible things, but," Hermione looked down and whispered, "How will you ever trust me again… trust me not to do something like that again?"

Using a finger under her chin, Harry gently lifted her tear-streaked face back up so he could look into her eyes. "I'll admit there were a few times when I felt betrayed, and not just by you. And yes it hurt. It hurt so badly once, I thought my world had come to an end and I honestly couldn't think of a reason for going on." Harry closed his eyes for a second as he remembered the scene with her and Seamus in bed together. "I was more than just a little angry with you… and I wanted to kill him!" Harry didn't bother to say who he was talking about, he could tell by the look on her face that Hermione knew who he was referring to and when. As more tears started to fall, Harry quickly continued before she could turn away again. "But after a while, if I stayed away from everyone for a bit, I'd calm down enough to really think about it. The looks on your faces, the fact that Seamus seemed interested in Padma. But mostly, it was just so extremely out of character for you to behave like that." Harry smiled, "I watched you, you know, and I watched our friends too. At first, I was confused; why weren't they mad at you, why didn't they come to me and try to help? Then I realized, they too were acting out of character. Which at first made me mad again, because it seemed everyone was in on the joke but me. That's when I knew…" Harry leaned forward and brushed her lips with a soft kiss, "It wasn't about you, it was about me."

Hermione nodded, "It was… but still…"

Harry sat up, "Hermione, did you set out to hurt me? Did you want to hurt me?"

Hermione shook her, "No! I wouldn't…"

"Did you enjoy it, any of it, if only for a moment?"

Getting upset, Hermione shook her head again more forcefully, "No, never. I hated what I was doing. But I had too, I was trying to save your life…"

Harry grabbed her face with both hands, "And it was killing you." A second later he pulled her to him and kissed her with all the love he had. After a long moment, Harry leaned back. "I love you, Hermione, and I trust you because I know you'll do whatever you have too, to help me… What you did only proves that."

Hermione nodded, "Yes… as you would for me."

Harry smiled, "Always!"

Hermione stared back at Harry. All she could see in his eyes was the very love and trust he had mentioned, "I broke your heart, Harry, and yet you sit here with me and heal mine. How is it, that I'm so fortunate to have you in my life?"

Harry laid back and pulled Hermione down with him. With her head again on his chest, he ran his fingers through her hair, "I could say the same thing."

Hermione smiled, oh how she loved how Harry could make her feel at moments like this; cherished… loved. That he could still trust her, was amazing to her and Hermione wanted him to know what that meant to her. "Harry, I swear on my life, no matter the reason, I'll never keep anything from you again…." No sooner had she finished the saying that, than several brief memories flashed across the back of her mind, as if she had similar thoughts before. Sitting up, Hermione closed her eyes and tried to pull the old thoughts forward, but try as she might, nothing more came to her.

Hermione opened her eyes and tilted her head as she continued to think. It was like a blank spot in her head, 'Were there others?' she suddenly wondered. And why hadn't she noticed before?

A little worried, Harry asked, "Hermione?"

Hermione turned, and seeing Harry's concern she smiled, "Sorry, something just crossed my mind… ah, sort of."

"Something we should be concerned about?"

She smiled at his use of 'we', "I'm not sure…" Hermione said uncertainly as she scrunched her brow in thought, "but next time we see Dumbledore, I might have a few hard questions for him." Looking back at Harry, she added with a smirk, "Considering how mad you are at the old manipulator already, do you mind waiting until I'm sure about my suspicions? Because if I'm right, I'm going to want to help you murder him."

Harry raised a brow, "Okaaay."

Not wanting to upset Harry anymore in case she was wrong, Hermione tried to lighten the mood and laughed, "Oh, don't worry, Harry, I'm probably wrong but if not, you'll be the first to know and right now, I'd rather talk about happier things."

Harry and Hermione went on talking for a couple more hours clearing up any lingering concerns about the past and being bonded. And then with their anxieties left behind, they finally started to make some tentative plans. First, they'd complete the bond before anyone or anything else got in the way. Next, they'd sit down and have a long-overdue talk with their friends, then they'd deal with whatever else needed to be dealt with. It was just after noon when a knock on the door announced Hermione's mother.

"Well, I see you two are both up, and I'd say judging by your smiles you've come to some conclusions… care to share?" Emma asked with a bright smile, already having a fair idea why they both appeared so happy.

Hermione was glad her mother was in a good mood because she was pretty sure she would need her help when it came to telling her dad.

But it was Harry who answered, "Yes we have, Mrs. Granger, but if you don't mind we would like just a while longer to work out one more thing."

"Don't worry, Harry, I've waited this long… Why don't you two come down for a spot of lunch as soon as you've worked it all out?"

Both eagerly nodded and patiently waited until they were alone again.

As soon as her mother was gone, Hermione turned so she was sitting facing Harry, "Okay, Harry, spill, what are you thinking about?"

Harry loved that about her, that she knew him so well and never missed a thing. "Well," he started a little sheepishly, "Talking about Dobby and Winky got me thinking about the goblins."

Hermione quirked an eyebrow, "What about them?"

"A couple of things actually. For example, with a war probably on the way we really could use their help with all sorts of things… so I was wondering if you would mind if I asked my solicitor, Ernok, about maybe inviting Ragnok to our bonding, assuming, of course, he was willing to come?"

"You want to invite the head of the Goblin Nation, Harry," Hermione asked smiling, "Do you really think he would even consider coming?"

"Only one way to find out. I just think it's about time we started working together. If not him, maybe some representative. Hopefully, we can start to build a better relationship with them."

Hermione nodded, "That is a good reason, but do you think he'd even care?"

"Ernok said, The Nation is growing more concerned about Voldemort and that Ragnok knows quite a bit about us learning to fight. Said, one of the things a goblin respects, is a warrior."

Hermione thought about for a second and then nodded, after all, wasn't that the very reason she had tried to learn some of their language. "That's actually a great idea, but how will you contact him?"

Harry smirked, "Dobby!"

A second later, a small pop announced his arrival, "You calls Dobby, Harry Potter sir?"

Harry and Hermione share a look, "Dobby that was quick."

"Dobby always be listening for Harry Potter and his Grangey, sir."

Harry got up off the bed and knelt down on the floor in front of Dobby so he could talk to him at eye level. "Dobby, can I count on you to keep everything we talk about, a secret?"

Dobby's look turned serious, "Oh, of course, Harry Potter, sir, Dobby not be telling anyone."

Harry smiled, "Okay great, ah, well first," Harry reached back and took hold of Hermione's hand, "Hermione and I are going to be bonded."

Dobby practically exploded with excitement, "Harry Potter and his Her-mi-o-ne, yous is finally putting your magic together? Oh, this is so good… I think very great things to come, oh yes, great things."

Hermione laughed at Dobby's antics, "Dobby, you act like you expected this or something."

Dobby turned and looked up at Hermione with a shy smile, "Dobby thinks yous is both good for each other. Strong and smart, go good with each other." Dobby turned back to Harry, "Dobby thinks yous is very good match, yous magic is perfect together. Dobby has never seen that before."

"What do you mean, Dobby, just what do you see?"

"When yous is together, Dobby is seeing yous magic… it is the same."

Hermione was intrigued, "Dobby, are you talking about our auras?"

"Yes auras, yous magic, same thing."

"And you can see it?" She added.

"Oh yes, easy, very bright, both the same… will make very powerful bond."

Harry and Hermione looked at each other and smiled. Even though they already felt something like that, it was still good to hear Dobby comment on it.

"Thanks, Dobby, that's good to know," Harry said, then after clearing his throat, "there's something else too, Dobby, we were hoping that you and Winky would come and witness our bonding."

If they thought Dobby had been excited before, then they didn't know what to call this. Dobby launched himself at Harry and even though he only weighed a fraction of what Harry weighed, he managed to knock them both to the ground. Dobby ended up sitting on top of Harry, who was now flat on his back laughing hysterically. Hermione was laughing so hard she had tears in her eyes.

"Oh, Harry Potter sir… Dobby is sorry… but so excited. Yous and your Her-mi-o-ne… yous, yous want Dobby at yous bonding?"

"Yes, Dobby, we do."

"But Winky is yous elf, not Dobby."

"But you're our friend Dobby."

Dobby's eyes immediately welled up in tears, "Yous is both too kind, the smartest witch and the greatest wizard… and, and yous want Winky and me!"

Hermione put her hand on the little elf's shoulder, "Dobby, thank you for thinking of us like that, but we want you to know that we think of you, as both a great elf and a great friend."

That's all it took, Dobby was now crying almost uncontrollably. It took nearly ten minutes to calm him down enough so they could make sure he would be there, and then to ask him to deliver a letter to Gringotts.


During lunch a bit later, Harry and Hermione told her mother that they had decided to complete the bond but that they didn't know exactly when.

"Mum, there are some details we still want to check out, so please keep this between you and dad for now, okay?"

Emma never stopped smiling, she really couldn't put her finger on why but she was quite happy about the news, "That's great honey, I'm so happy for the both of you."

"Mrs. Granger, do you think your husband will be angry about it?"

Hermione gave Harry's hand a little squeeze, she knew he was nervous about talking to her parents.

Emma gave Harry a mock-serious look, "Harry, we are not going back to Mrs. Granger again, you'll call me mum or if you must, Emma… especially now. And as for my husband, don't worry, it may take a little longer for him to come around but he will, you'll see." Then smiling again, she turned back to her daughter, "Hermione, what else is there to, 'check out,' or does it pertain to Harry"

Harry glanced at Hermione and after receiving an unspoken look of confirmation took over. "Mrs. Granger, err sorry, Mum, it's mostly just checking to make sure we know what our rights will be afterward and if there's any legal stuff or paperwork that needs to be done."

"Oh, how do you plan to find out?"

"I've asked Dobby to go to Gringotts for us, to give my solicitor a letter, and to ask him to come here if need be."

"Dobby, and Winky for that matter, I don't know what we'd do without them," Emma said, amazed at how attached to them she'd become.

"Of course, we would love any advice you or your husband might have also," Harry added. Then together, they went on to explain who they wanted to invite and even about some of their other plans for later in summer.


Later that evening while Harry's solicitor was up in Hermione's room going over some of what would change and answering questions for Harry and Hermione, her parents were downstairs having their own conversation.

Dan was not happy, "I still say she's too young."

Emma smiled, "And how old would be old enough?

Dan chuckled, "I was thinking along the lines of… oh, say… mid-thirties?" Turning serious again, he answered more honestly, "I don't really know, but I don't think waiting a little longer is asking too much."

"Again, she's always acted and behaved as though she was much older, and you know it."

"True… but this is so… permanent. And what about Harry, please, he is just as young."

"Yes he is, and I'd say he's very much her equal."

Dan sighed, he didn't think any boy would ever be her equal, "I don't know… I keep thinking we should make them stop, or at least wait. Things are just moving too fast."

"Maybe, for us they are, but…" Emma looked away for a second before turning serious, "But the bond won't wait. They'd have to break it." As her husband stared back at her, Emma pleaded with her eyes, "It would ruin their relationship, a relationship they may never find in another again… I can't ask them to do that."

Dan closed his eyes, "I know and as much as I hate to admit it, I really don't want to either."

Emma watched her husband struggle with the thought of losing his daughter to another man. "Dan, sweetie…" she walked up to him and put her arms around him, "she's made up her mind, you can't change it and you certainly can't force her. You know what will happen if you try. We've talked about this before as well," Emma paused and looked down, "I can see it in her eyes whenever she looks at him. There's no doubt, I'm sure we would lose her forever."

Dan stepped back slightly a little shocked, "Are you saying she doesn't love us anymore?"

"No, not at all dear, I'm saying she loves him too. Like I tried to tell you before, if you force her to choose… she will choose him.

Dan wasn't stupid, he knew what that would mean, "We could lose her completely."

"Probably… or we could gain a son… it all depends on how you want to look at it."


Late the next morning, the Granger's living room was starting to get crowded. Harry and Hermione had decided to hold a general meeting of sorts to explain their intentions and how they planned to carry them out. They wanted everyone together at one time so they only had to go over everything once, but also to ensure that everyone had the same information.

Hermione's parents were the only ones who already knew they'd made up their minds and were planning to bond but really didn't know much more than that. Most everyone else had figured they would probably just announce their intention to complete the bond and maybe when but nothing more. The guest list included, Professor's McGonagall and Flitwick and even though they still weren't talking to Dumbledore, they wanted him there just so he could see how wrong he had been. Also included were Sirius and of course, Remus and Tonks. Madam Longbottom, who brought along Neville and Luna, had been invited for two reasons; since Augusta was the head of The Group, they wanted to have a short talk with her afterward, as for Neville and Luna, to see when they could meet up to talk and also because they had promised Luna.

They would have liked to have invited a lot more, but this meeting had a special purpose. They would have to celebrate their bonding with their other friends later. Finally, near the end of the meeting, Dobby, Winky, Harry's solicitor, and hopefully the head of the British Goblin Clan, Ragnok, were scheduled to show up. All were in for quite a few surprises.

At precisely ten, Harry and Hermione came down the stairs and gracefully walked into the living room side by side holding hands. Both were wearing formal black dress robes with the Potter family crest over their left breast, a fact that was not only noticed by everyone, but one that raised a few brows as well.

As the room quieted down, Harry motioned for everyone to sit. "First of all, thank you all for coming, Hermione and I have both happy and we hope interesting news for everyone." They were pretty sure that only Hermione's father would have a problem with their first announcement, so Harry turned to Hermione and gave her a reassuring smile.

Hermione smiled back and seeing all the love and support Harry had for her only reinforced her belief that she had made the right decision. After turning back she began, "Hello everyone, I imagine you can guess our first topic… our decision." Around the room, she saw smiles and a few heads nod, till her gaze fell upon her father. Mr. Granger still wasn't convinced.

Hermione took a half step forward and brought herself up to her full height. Talking to the room in general, but looking directly into her father's eyes, she started, "As you all know, because of the unique experience Harry and I shared, and because we are also very close, a bond started to form all on its own." Hermione glanced around and saw that she had everyone's attention, turning back to her father she continued, "Harry and I have spent a great deal of time together discussing both our past and what we'd like for the future. We've thought long and hard, both together and alone going over our options and their ramifications." Hermione glanced at Harry for a second and while smiling, continued, "And we both have come to the same conclusion, that we are sure, that this is what we want."

Again she looked back at Harry who smiled. He stepped forward and stood directly behind her and put a hand on her shoulder in a show of support and to give her comfort. Hermione reached up and covered his hand with hers before turning back to her father again, "Father, Harry and I care for each other so much, more than mere words can explain. When we were together in here," Hermione continued as she brought her hand up and covered her heart, "we could quite literally feel the other's thoughts and emotions. There was no hiding anything, you couldn't even if you tried because our souls were completely bare to each other. I don't just think Harry loves me, I know Harry loves me. I felt his love and I saw myself through his eyes… and I was perfect. And in the same way, Harry felt my love for him as well." Hermione closed her eyes and smiled as she remembered those feelings. "Unfortunately, words are inadequate, as the experience truly defies description." Hermione paused, still smiling, she glanced back at Harry for a second before finishing, "Our love, our feeling for each other… we honestly don't ever see that changing."

Hermione moved to stand beside Harry and took his hand. Slowly, she looked around the room, "We know some of you would like us to stop the bond," she glanced at her father once more, while Harry turned accusing eyes to Dumbledore. "That is not going to happen. You can't force us to perform the ritual to break it. And if you try and force us apart, we'd rather suffer the consequences. Even if you just try to make us wait, it'll make no difference." Hermione paused to take a breath and rein in her emotions, "So in the end, one way or another… we will be together." Hermione glanced around the room again, "Some of you may wonder, 'Fine, but why not wait just a little longer, think about it some more… what's the rush?'" Hermione paused with a raised brow as she noticed that some of those present seemed to be thinking just that. Satisfied they had called it right, she continued with conviction, "We've thought this through, we're ready… And, well frankly, we're just tired of people interfering in our relationship."

After a moment of shocked silence, Harry and Hermione turned and faced each other, one last check to make sure they were still in sync before going on. "We plan to complete the bond now, here, today…" Hermione turned her head to look at her father, "and hopefully with your blessing.

Sirius had already made it quite clear, that he was all for the young couple and would support them no matter what they decided. Since everyone knew this, that meant there were only two people who might have a problem with this. Silence held the room still as everyone held their breath and waited for their reaction.

Before, Dumbledore had just thought Harry would be better off without the extra worries… but now was no longer against the idea. Not to mention, with Sirius back in Harry's life, he really had no legal right to stop it anyway. He'd been wrong almost every time when it came to these two, so for now, he'd keep his opinions to himself and try to be supportive.

Seeing that Dumbledore wasn't going to object, Harry turned his attention to Mr. Granger. He liked the man, he really did. Harry thought he was strong emotionally and morally, but mostly he cared about his family above all else, something Harry felt strongly about himself. If he was looking for a good role model concerning family, he'd be hard-pressed to find a better one than Dan Granger. Harry understood the issues Hermione's father had with him and knew he just needed time to put them in place.

Dan looked around the room and found everyone's eyes were on him, 'Am I that obvious?' he briefly wondered. He knew Sirius would have spoken on Harry's behalf if he had felt it necessary. He also knew Dumbledore had little or no influence with Harry anymore. After all, Dumbledore was only his headmaster, not his father, or even his guardian, but that was Dumbledore's problem. Dan's problem was a brown-haired fifteen-year-old witch. A girl… quickly becoming a young woman, who if she had an inclination to, could just take off and go away. So far away, he might not ever see her again and he knew he wouldn't be able to stop her. He needed to handle this very carefully. Not only what he said, but how he said it could make all the difference.

Dan had been concentrating on his little girl, maybe it was time to examine the boy. Shifting his gaze to Harry, he was a little taken back to find him staring back with green eyes intense with the emotion. As he studied Harry he was reminded once again that this was no ordinary kid, mature beyond his years, sadly not by choice. However, it was now also very apparent just how much he cared for Hermione.

Without looking away, he slowly walked towards him only stopping when he was just a few feet away. By now, emotions were running extremely high. Dan was sure he wasn't the only one who could feel it throughout the room. The air was thick with them, to the point of almost being suffocating. Was this boy good enough for his Hermione? Dan had to admit he found him confident and had always been honest, a trait he admired in anyone.

Dan didn't know much about the inner workings of magic, but at times like this Harry seemed to almost radiate with power, it was actually a bit intimidating. As he thought back about all he knew regarding this unique young man, one thing was constant. Harry had always cared for Hermione. He may not have always gotten it right but he had always tried. But he needed to know one thing for sure. Hermione and even his own wife had told him, that Harry loved his daughter… but he needed to hear it from Harry and he needed to believe him, so with that thought in mind, he asked simply, "Harry, do you love my daughter?"

"With all my heart," Harry answered, loud and clear and without hesitation.

"Will you promise me, that you will try and make her happy…? That you will respect and protect her, always."

"With my life, Sir. You have my word as a man and a wizard." Harry lowered his voice and added softly as he looked away momentarily, remembering something Dan had told him not so long ago, "Because, honor, courage, and virtue mean everything…"

Dan stared deep into Harry's unflinching eyes and could easily see he meant every word. He nodded once at Harry's last comment and replied in a whisper more to himself than to anyone else, "… And true love never dies."

Hermione was moved, here were the two most important men in her life, her very own champions, protectors to keep her safe from things that go bump in the night. The old guard trying to determine if the new guard was up to the task and the new trying to assure the old… that he was. Under any other circumstances, it might have made her mad at the implied implication that she couldn't take care of herself. But she knew that if it had been her and Harry's mother, a similar scene would have played out, woman to woman.

Hermione now watched in fascination as her father turned a sad smile her way. "My sweet little girl… I once asked Harry if he knew just how lucky he was to have you… Now I wonder, if you're not just as fortunate. He stepped closer, bent down and placed a soft kiss on her head. With tears in his eyes, he reached out his hand out to Harry and said softly with a slight hitch in his voice, "You have my blessing."

While Harry and Dan shook hands, Emma came up from behind and wrapped her arms around her husband. She too had tears in her eyes, her family was whole again.

Across the room, Minerva was beaming at the small family. Professor Dumbledore just smiled and said quietly, "Well, perhaps this is all for the best after all."

"Of that, I'm sure." She replied brightly.

As everyone's emotions settle down, Harry turned his attention back to the room. Up until now, Hermione had done most of the talking, so now it was Harry's turn.

"We asked you all here together for a couple of reasons. First, we wanted everyone to hear the same thing, witness the same thing… so there would be no confusion, no misinterpretation." Harry smiled as he looked across the room, "Probably the most important reason though, is that some you are family, or for one reason or another, you are important to both of us. There are of course, others but we wanted to keep this as personal as possible.

"Naturally, we wanted Hermione's parents, Dan and Emma Granger here for her, and Sirius for me. Moony, Tonks, well, you're family as well, as far as we're concerned. Professor McGonagall our head of house, we'd like to think of you as not only a friend but even as family while we are at Hogwarts." Harry paused and took a breath, "Without a doubt, this last term has strained relationships and tested the limits of just how far some of us were willing to go," as Harry said this he glance at Dumbledore, who had the decency to look down, ashamed of his actions of late. "We are not naïve enough to believe all will be forgiven anytime soon any more than we believe you are. However, with the return of Voldemort, we believe there is a very real at the very least, for everyone to try and work together. With a lot of work and a little time, we both hope these wounds will heal and our relationships will be stronger for the effort. I know it's something Hermione and I look forward to." Another glance at Dumbledore saw him nodding to himself, something Harry thought was encouraging.

"Madam Longbottom," Hermione continued, "Besides being a very good friend to both our families, you are also the unofficial head of a very special group. Therefore, we wanted you to witness not only our bonding but to see for yourself just how committed we are to each other and to accomplishing our goals."

Harry nodded his agreement and then took over, "And then, there is Neville Longbottom and Luna Lovegood, two of our best friends. I honestly don't think we'd be here if not for them, so it only seems fitting that they are with us here now." Harry looked down for a second and then added, "This past term also tested our relationship with them. We still need to sit down for a talk, but I'm fairly confident our friendship will be the better for it." When he glanced at Hermione, she nodded back causing him to smile,

Pointing to the shortest professor in the room, Harry explained, "Professor Flitwick our charms instructor and the Head of Ravenclaw House, he will be our guide today as he is the most knowledgeable among us on the subject of bonds.

Then with perfect timing, four soft cracks announced the arrival of Dobby and the goblins. "Right on time," Harry chuckled, "I don't know how he does it," he added while gesturing to Dobby. "We've asked my solicitor, Ernok, here as both a legal witness and as a friend." Harry tipped his head in his direction. "As for Clan Leader Ragnok and his escort," Harry paused, and both he and Hermione turned to face him and then gave a small bow. "Our personal relationships are not the only ones under tension, we felt that relationships between the wizarding world and that of the goblin nation in general, are also strained and have been for far too long. Considering what difficult times lie ahead, Hermione and I think it's time to learn to work together to do what's best for both our people. We hope to do our part, starting today, in bringing our two peoples back closer together again. So, Clan Leader Ragnok is here as our honored guest, we look forward to a day when we can call each other friends. Harry bowed low this time and said in his best Gobbledegook, "Greeting, Clad Leader Ragnok, and welcome to our humble home. We are honored that you took the time from your busy schedule to be here with us today."

It was pretty hard to tell just how surprised Ragnok was, but if Harry had to guess he would have said gobsmacked, judging by the look on his face.

At first, Ragnok had dismissed the idea of attending, he was a very busy goblin after all. He had thought it nothing more than a publicity stunt or at the very least a token invitation. He certainly didn't believe Mr. Potter actually wanted him there. However, after discussing the matter with both Mr. Potter's account manager and his solicitor, and being reassured the invitation was genuine, he changed his mind. It was time for him to see for himself, just what kind of wizard Mr. Potter really was.

Ragnok spoke to the room in a rich baritone voice, "It has been a very long time since a goblin has been invited to a wizarding ceremony… let alone, into their home," tuning to Harry, he continued, "Mr. Potter, you honor not only myself, but my race with your words. And, I see the truth not only in your eyes, but that of your mate's as well. It is refreshing to hear such honesty from someone so young… and I too look forward to the day you speak of." As he finished, Ragnok returned the bow.

"Thank you, Sir."

Dumbledore raised a brow in mild surprise. Seeing Ragnok being invited had been unexpected but never the less, a brilliant idea. Harry would need allies and this was a good start to including the goblins. His only concern was that it had never occurred to him to even ask for their help.

Harry turned slightly and faced Dobby, who suddenly looked very nervous, "Finally, last but certainly not least... Dobby, you are here not only because you are our friend but also because, since I met you over three years ago, you have shown more courage, honesty, and loyalty than most of the wizards I know." Harry knelt down on one knee and reached out to shake his little hand, "Thank you, Dobby, for everything."

The little elf tentatively reached out and shook his hand and in a very unusual moment of calmness, quietly said, "Dobby will always be your friend, Harry Potter."

There was no doubt in anyone's mind that Harry and Dobby were indeed very good friends, something almost unheard of in the wizarding world. Ragnok looked on with great interest, if Harry and Hermione thought this highly a mere house elf… then there was indeed hope for all magical creatures.

After a long handshake, Harry stood and smiled at again at Dobby, proud of how well he had handled all the attention. The fact that Dobby had not broken down crying showed how well he was coming to terms with his relationship with Harry and Hermione. Harry gave another small nod to Dobby and then turned to addressed Winky, who was half-standing, half-hiding, just behind the Grangers, "Winky, while we don't know you nearly as well as Dobby, you have warmed our heart with your kind and gentle way. And I'm quite certain the Grangers feel like me when I say; in the short time we've known you, we have grown to love you and consider you a member of the family. We are glad you are here with us today."

Returning to Hermione's side, Harry finished, "Well…ah… I guess that concludes the introductions." Turning to Hermione, he asked, "anything I forgot so far?"

Hermione beamed, "No, that's everything." They had wanted to make an impression, show everyone that although they were not quite adults yet, they also weren't children anymore. She had helped him prepare for his little speech and couldn't have been more proud of his delivery.

"Okay, let's proceed… Professor, we've studied all of the text and rituals you asked us to, so we're ready when you are."

As Professor Flitwick made his way over to Harry and Hermione, Remus and Tonks walked over to join Sirius, Dan, and Emma, "Well, I got to say, those two really know how to surprise you," Remus said, holding out his hand to Dan while Tonks gave Emma a hug, "mind if we watch with you?"

Emma had liked Remus right from the beginning, "Hello, Remus, and no, of course not. You know, just because they've been in school didn't mean the two of you couldn't have come around more often." She then leaned in and whispered into Tonks's ear, "How are you doing, dear? Anything new…" Emma added with a smirk and a tick of her head towards Remus.

Tonks laughed at Emma not-so-subtle matchmaking, "I'm fine, Emma, thanks and no, not yet but I'm not in a hurry."

Emma smiled, "Humm, I wish another certain couple I know felt that way."

As the teens and Professor Flitwick were holding a quiet conversation, Remus volunteered to translate or explained as much as he could. Both of the Grangers jumped at the idea and thanked him. This way they explained, they could ask questions without interrupting the ritual.

Neville and Luna who were standing nearby couldn't help but hear Remus's offer and asked if they could join in also, while his gram headed over to stand with Minerva. "Hi, do you mind if we listen in? They don't teach much of this at school."

Dan turned to Neville, "Not at all, in fact, I kind of like to talk with the both of you later, I hope you can stay awhile afterward."

"Oh, ah sure," Neville said, then turning to Luna, asked, "do you need to get back right away?"

"Nope, I'm good," Luna answered with a quick nod.

"Well then, it settled, you'll all stay for lunch," Dan said encouragingly.

Muggles, wizards, and goblins all watched quietly and with great interest as Harry and Hermione prepared to bond their magic. Professor Flitwick had cleared out a circle about ten feet in diameter. Around the circumference, he placed tokens, evenly spaced at each point of a star. Alternating between Harry and Hermione, Flitwick made his way around the circle. There were five tokens for each and each token was something of personal value. A necklace, a ring, an old photograph, all were charmed before being placed down. Then using his wand, the Charms Professor drew lines connecting each of the tokens. After this, he instructed Harry and Hermione to stand in the center of the circle facing each other.

"That's it, yes… a little closer but don't touch, yes… good." Professor Flitwick then started writing runes around the outside of the circle. Each time he completed one, it would glow a soft orange color briefly then fade out leaving a normal-looking marking.

While the Professor was doing that, both Harry and Hermione were preparing themselves for the ritual. Their eyes were closed in silent meditation to help clear their minds and focus on their magic.

After working his way around the circle, Flitwick stopped with just one more rune left to do. Professor Flitwick stood and faced the group, "Now, some of you may know what to expect, some not… so I'll just explain. Once I place the final rune, the circle of containment will be complete. Harry and Hermione will then both recite that final rune to activate the circle. They will then be protected by wards to prevent interference, but I must caution you… if someone does try to breach the wards, the resulting collapse could do them great harm.

Emma gasped but Professor Flitwick continued on while signaling to her to be patient, "So if anyone has an objection now is the time to speak." Flitwick, as well as everyone else; except Harry and Hermione who were focused only on themselves and their magic, looked around to see if anyone would object. Of course, no one did, so after a moment's pause, Professor Flitwick started to place the final rune. As soon as he was finished, it along with all the others plus the circle and lines all flashed a bright orange again. This time though, they continued to glow softly and pulsed very slightly, almost like a living thing, something with a pulse. Luna had later said it had looked to her like the heartbeat of a sleeping animal.

Turning back to Harry and Hermione, Flitwick said simply, "When you are ready."

Hermione opened her eyes at the same time as Harry. Brown stared into green and green into brown. Their gaze intense, both seeing the same thing in each other. Eyes full of trust, happiness… love. Hermione smiled at Harry and he smiled back, then both spoke in unison.

"Intus hec circulus integar ligo. (Within this circle complete, we unite.)" The circle of light pulsed brighter. Luna's sleeping animal stirred.

"Intus hec circulus integar ligo." The circle grew brighter still and the pulses stronger. Her animal was waking.

"Intus hec circulus integar ligo." The light changed to a brilliant bright white and rose up off the floor and met in the center over their heads forming a half-sphere of translucent light. The animal sprang to life.

Emma leaned towards Remus and asked while never taking her eyes off the young couple in front of her, "Is that the wards?"

"Yes." He nodded.

"Why do they need protection?"

Remus glanced at Emma and saw the concern clearly etched on her face, "Emma, the wards do provide them protection, but their main function is to help Harry and Hermione funnel their magic and to keep it contained, in fact, the wards probably do more to protect us than them."

Emma's only reply was a soft, "Oh." She then continued to watch the teens with great interest, somewhat worried, but mostly just curious. Dan was watching too and had also noticed Neville and Luna sharing a knowing look before turning back to his daughter and Harry.

Harry and Hermione had just finished reciting a short charm meant to clear their minds and help them to both see and speak the truth. Professor Flitwick stood just outside the circle with his back to everyone so he could face the couple.

"Now, Miss Granger, it's witches first, so repeat after me." This part was critical, so the Professor wasn't taking any chances, he would tell them exactly what to say. "I Hermione Jane Granger, hereby offer my magic to you, Harry James Potter." Then he paused and waited for Hermione to respond.

This was it, Harry and Hermione had discussed all of the different types of bonds and knew there were really only three that applied to them in this case; the Marriage Bond, the bond of their magic, and a very rare... Soul Bond.

The first two bonds had simple requirements which they both already easily met, but most importantly, even if the bond failed nothing would happen. The soul bond, on the other hand, demanded many things from both. Love, commitment, and honesty to name a few and these things could not be faked. The ritual would know their true feelings even if they did not. Also, once the bonding attempt was started there was no going back, no changing your mind or starting over. If you were found lacking, the bond would fail and you would die. If both were found lacking… both would die.

Achieving a Soul Bond was considered a great blessing or accomplishment and it offered the couple a number of advantages. But, as with all things magical, there had to be a balance or sometimes a price to pay. In this case, the balance came from the severe penalties their magic would extract if they were found unworthy… and the price would be death.

At their age, a marriage bond didn't seem appropriate and the Soul Bond was not only rare but dangerous. Bonding their magic seemed the best choice and it was what they had discussed the most with each other and with Professor Flitwick. But they had never actually come to a final conclusion as to which bond to perform. Both had waited until this very last minute to decide. Professor Flitwick, had, of course, assumed they were going to bond their magic as he too had come to the same conclusion, and so that was the ritual he had begun reciting.

Hermione didn't respond immediately, instead, she stared into Harry's eyes looking for the answer to an unasked question.

Flitwick bounced up and down on the balls of his feet waiting patiently while Emma worried aloud, "Is something wrong?"

Remus slowly shook his head, "I don't know."

It was Luna who shocked them by stating the obvious, "Not at all, Mrs. Granger, they're just working it out, that's all."

Sirius glanced down at the little blond witch with a raised brow wondering just what she meant.

Hermione continued to watch Harry until he gave her a bright knowing smile and nodded yes so slightly only Hermione noticed. Immediately her eyes lit up with joy. Ready to continue, she placed her right hand on Harry's chest over his heart as she started to speak. This change in the ritual's procedure immediately got Flitwick's full attention.

"I Hermione Jane Granger, offer to you, Harry James Potter, my mind, my body, and my soul. To teach, to love, and to protect. Do you accept?"

Professor Flitwick almost fell down in shock as he steps back, "Oh my!" He whispered unbelievably in shock.

Dan assumed this wasn't part of the plan based on the reactions from those around him. Besides the Charms Professor, he saw the look of surprise and concern on both Dumbledore and McGonagall, even the goblins looked more serious. Sirius looked shocked as well. He might have panicked if not for the Lovegood girl and a little elf Dobby who both seemed excited, but clearly not very concerned.

Emma could also see the change in everyone as well, "Remus, what is going on?"

She said as both she and her husband turned to face him.

"Oh Merlin," he whispered, still slightly in shock himself at the turn of events.

"Mr. Lupin, please!"

He broke his gaze away from the teens for a moment and turned to her, "I'm sorry… it's just such a shock. It's… unexpected, I never would have imagined them trying something like this."

"Imagined what… just what the hell is going on?" Dan asked abruptly.

Remus could see the look of panic in both of Hermione's parents. He wanted to tell them the truth, but at the same time, he didn't want to scare them.

"Please… just tell us."

Remus glanced at Sirius, who reluctantly nodded, "Hermione just recited the vow for a Soul Bond, not a magical bond only, like we all had expected." Remus hesitated, "If Harry accepts, then they are committed till completion, that is… if it completes."

"So, is it…?"

"It's dangerous," Sirius interrupted, "Soul Bonds are very rare for a reason, mainly because few are found worthy."

Dan jumped in, "And if they're not found worthy?"

It was very obvious that Remus was deeply concerned as he tried to answer, "It will kill them," he finally managed in a near whisper as he returned his attention to the teens.

Their discussion ended suddenly when Harry gave his answer, "I accept." The sphere of light flashed brightly, and then Harry placed his right hand over Hermione's heart.

Emma was now in a full panic, "We have to stop this." As she made to go forward, both Remus and Tonks grabbed an arm.

"You can't stop it now that they've started," Remus pleaded. When she turned teary eyes to him, he went on, "I'm sorry, but you can't… they would end up far worse if you tried."

"How rare?"

"What?" Remus didn't quite hear Dan's question, he was still concerned Emma might try something.

"I said, how rare?"

Remus looked at Tonks and nodded towards Emma, silently telling her to keep her back before answering Dan, "Every so often a couple try… maybe about a dozen were able to complete it in the last… millennium.

Sirius took a deep breath and then said with certainty, "They'll be fine, they can do it," With a nod, he added, "Those two can do anything."

Dan put his arm around his wife as she started to shake, all they can do now was hope and pray.

"I Harry James Potter, offer to you, Hermione Jane Granger, my mind, my body, and my soul. To teach, to love, and to protect. Do you accept?"

Hermione lifted her head a little higher and in a strong confident voice proudly said, "I accept."

The sphere of light again flashed, this time with a blinding pure white light. For a moment all in the room had to shield their eyes. As the light dimmed, Harry and Hermione both had their eyes closed again and still had their hands over the other's heart.

Together they started to chant, "One mind, one body, one soul… one mind, one body, one soul." As soon as they had started, little points of white light, like tiny Christmas tree lights began to form on them. Hundreds, then thousands and soon far too many to count. The stars then slowly lifted off and began to swirl around them leaving tiny sparking trails behind them. Luna would later remark, that it reminded her of a whirlwind inside a snow globe.

"One mind, one body, one soul." More and more lights appeared, swirling faster and faster with Harry and Hermione in the middle of this twisting vortex of magic. The room was alive with magic and the air crackled with energy. Now, everywhere one looked, the room was ablaze in light. The floor vibrated with a low-frequency hum as their magic traveled from the circle of light to the walls and beyond. You could feel it start in your feet as it resonated up your legs and into your body. It electrified your nerves and made the hair on your arms stand on end. Thrilling, intense, dramatic… even words like those failed to convey the profound sensation, everyone in the room was experiencing.

No longer aware of anyone else in the room, Harry and Hermione opened their eyes and immediately were almost overwhelmed by not only their own feelings, but the other's as well. Hermione reached up with her free hand and lovingly cupped Harry's face, and then together they recited the final part, "Intus hec circulus integar ligo. (Within this circle complete, we unite.)"

The miniature tornado of lights suddenly stopped mid-flight and hesitating for just an instant before it expanding out slightly as if the mass was taking a breath. A split second later, it rushed straight back into both Harry and Hermione and push the two together. Chest to chest, with their backs arched, heads back and arms out to the sides, Harry and Hermione floated several inches off the floor and slowly rotated in a state of suspended animation. Frozen in the moment as their magic judged them. The spear of light surrounding them pulsed and flash with brilliant color. Had it not been for the seriousness of the situation, one would have marveled at it beauty. Finally, it seemed their judgment was complete as the spear turned a pure white and Harry and Hermione were lowered to the floor. Waking, they held on to each other as the powerful magic surrounding them flared up again, lighting up the room even more brightly than it had before. Just when it seemed one might go blind from the intensity of the light, it suddenly exploding outward. The magical shockwave that followed knocked everyone else in the room to the floor.

The energy quickly faded away and the room began to return to normal. Professor Dumbledore was trying to help both Professor McGonagall and Madam Longbottom back to their feet, as they all were laughing from giddiness, none had ever witnessed anything of that magnitude before. The goblins were also extremely impressed by the display and were talking excitedly in hushed tones.

Neville, who was flat on his back was in no hurry to get up. Smiling up at the blonde witch who was currently lying completely on top of him. He had only one word for her, "Awesome!" Luna was pretty sure he meant it in more than one way and was quite happy about that and so was very reluctant to get up herself.

After getting up themselves, Remus and Tonks just smiled down on them before turning to check on the couple they were here to see.

Dan and Sirius both helped a slightly shaken Emma to her feet, then as if rehearsed the three turned around together. What they saw instantly brought a smile to their faces. There, still standing in the center of where the circle used to be, were Harry and Hermione, arms tightly wrapped around each other and deep in a passionate kiss, oblivious to the rest of the world, even the catcalls from Tonks.


As the excitement of the bonding wound down, Ragnok approached the couple and with a bow, congratulated them. Before leaving, he promised them both that his door would always be open to them. Harry's solicitor promised to return the next day with some information and some documents to sign for both Harry, and to her surprise, Hermione as well before leaving with Ragnok.

With McGonagall at his side, Dumbledore came up next. "Mr. Potter, Miss Granger, again you have impressed me beyond words at your accomplishments. Mr. Potter, it seems I am always underestimating you. And you, Miss Granger, perhaps even more so." Dumbledore sighed, "This year I hurt you both terribly… more than you know." At their questioning looks, he held up his hand, asking for patience. "I do not wish to cast a dark cloud on this wondrous day, but if you will allow me, I would very much like to come back in the near future and explain all that I know." At their skeptical look, he added solemnly, "Everything. Please give me the chance to confess my sins and past indiscretions against you. I do not expect to be forgiven this time any time soon if ever, I only wish to try and start anew." After his sincere apology, Professor Dumbledore promised that his meddling days were over, that he'd truly learned his lesson. Finally, he and McGonagall each gave them their congratulations and then quietly left for Hogwarts.

Harry turned towards Sirius, "Think he might mean any of that this time?" At his godfather's noncommittal shrug, Harry added, "Well, even if he does he's going to have a long wait before he sees any trust from me again."

Next to head back was their charms professor. Before leaving, Professor Flitwick had remarked, "A bond of any kind at such a young age is rare enough… However, a Soul Bond is something so special, so rare… well, the odds are astronomical. And the level of power released upon the completion, truly amazing." Flitwick chuckled, "I must say though, you nearly scared the life out of me when you two changed ritual. Please… don't do that again."

Hermione laughed, "You do know who you're talking to right?"

Flitwick smiled, "I suppose you're right, but you will at least try?"

Now Harry laughed, "Of course, Professor… we already have enough ghosts at Hogwarts, plus, good professors are hard to find."

Flitwick chucked again, "Thank you…" Then added with an air of certainty, "I think the world can expect great things from the two of you."

Neville jumped in, "Nothing new there, they've been doing great things since I first met them," he finished proudly.

"Well, then that future should be exciting I'd think," Luna added as she wrapped her arm around Neville.


A couple of hours later found the rest of their guest sitting around the Granger's kitchen table talking. Topics of discussion ranged from the bonding, of course, to what the next school year might be like. Everyone except Hermione was surprised when Harry told then he wasn't sure he wanted to go back.

"You can't be serious," Remus asked slightly dumbfounded.

"What about your N.E.W.T.'s," Tonks added.

Harry simply shrugged, "When you have a madman… or two after you, they don't seem so important. Plus, look at what's been happening the last few years."

"Harry right," Hermione said easily, much to her parent's surprise.

Harry let go of her hand and put his arm around his girlfriend. "The only good reason I can think of is, to make sure Hermione's name is cleared and her reputation is restored." Then, looking at Sirius, Harry reluctantly asked, "Why are you smirking?"

Sirius sat up and rubbed his hands together, "This is great…"

Remus shook his head and moaned, "Oh, Merlin, here we go."

"No, hear me out. If old Dumbles thinks Harry is considering leaving school, he'll do almost anything to prevent that from happening."

Now Hermione smirked, and when Harry raised a brow at her look, she explained, "We could get a few concessions from him," after a nod, added, "I'll start a list."

Harry shared a look with Neville, Dumbledore wouldn't know what hit him.

After a short laugh, Remus stood and brought Tonks up with him. "Well, it's been an exciting day and I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm knackered."

Tonks just rolled her eyes, "Werewolf stamina my arse."

Remus turned and gave her a look that was anything but tired.

Tonks looked confused for a second before her eyes grew a tiny bit larger. "Oh… ah yeah, I'm a bit wiped myself, we should be going." When everyone laughed, including Harry and Hermione, Tonks knew she had let the proverbial cat out of the bag, "Buggers."

In the end, all had agreed that today was definitely a day they would remember for the rest of their lives.


Finally, after dinner and the last of their guests had left for home, Dan glanced at his watch and seeing it was late, asked half-jokingly, half-seriously, "So… now what?"

Emma rolled her eyes, "He's so subtle," she then gave her husband's hand a pat and said, "The Professor said they'd need to stay together for at least a few days, dear, remember?"

Dan tried to look innocent, "Of course I remember, I… was just wondering what else might need to be done before we turn in, that's all."

Neither Emma nor Hermione were fooled and it showed in their knowing smiles.

"Well, Harry believes me… right, son?"

'Did he just call me son?' Harry thought surprised. For some reason that simple comment, especially now, made Harry feel more welcome and accepted by Mr. Granger than he'd ever felt before. With a brilliant smile, Harry answered, "Of course, absolutely."

Dan smiled and gave Harry a quick wink, he finally had an ally in the house.

Before it could go any further, Emma cut in, "Okay fine… but it has been a long day, so I suggest we all retire for the night, and then after breakfast, we can pick it up from there."

"Sounds good to me," Hermione said through a yawn as she stood, Harry stood up with her. He hadn't left her side since the bonding, in fact, one either had an arm around the other or they had been holding hands the entire night.

Dan and Emma smiled and shared a quick look, both had noticed the renewed constant need for contact.


After trading places with Hermione, Harry closed the bathroom door and quickly changed into his pajamas and washed his face. While he was brushing his teeth he marveled at the trust the Granger's had placed in him and Hermione. That he was allowed to sleep in the same bed as Hermione amazed him, although they did have to keep the door open. Harry wondered how he was ever going to be able to sleep alone again. Even though it had only been about twenty minutes, Harry was already anxious to get back to Hermione.

As he slid into bed next to Hermione, she instantly rolled into him, wrapping an arm around his chest while laying her head on his shoulder.



She smiled at her pet name, "I love you."

Harry kissed the top of her head, "I love you too."


********** End of Year 5 **********


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