A/N: Hello again! If you're wondering why I deleted the story, it's because I decided to revamp it and make some much needed changes. My writing style has changed a lot and I wanted to properly tell the story I want. I hope you all enjoy the story as much as you did if not even more!

Chapter 1: Hannah Hunt


As I sat there waiting for my aunts to doll me up for tonight's concert I thanked God and my lucky stars my mom and dad allowed me to go to this concert. It's a little bit annoying that they made it so that Alice and Rosalie had to accompany me but it was worth it, I was going to see Vampire Weekend after all, one of my favorite bands. They were all worried about me being around a bunch of humans and while it is understandable, I was just as mature as all of them and surely more mature than any human attending. I have no doubt that I can control myself exceptionally well around humans. Of course, thanks to my father's mild paranoia, they practically forced me to hunt a couple of days before my aunts and I took a flight to San Diego, California, even though I wasn't thirsty. I've waited such a long time for this moment, to simply experience the euphoria of seeing one of my favorite bands live. The excitement I felt was almost tangible, just the thought of finally being able to sing along to one of my favorite bands live filled me with an excitement I've never known. I don't get out much and due to the necessity imposed upon my life to keep the secret and as a result I didn't have many friends. This was supposed to be one of the biggest concerts they've had this year and I begged to see them, I kid you not I was not going to take no for an answer. It wasn't like they would live through the next century like we did.

Alice said she hasn't been this excited to see anyone live since The Beatles' last show. She told me the story behind them going as I was purchasing the tickets for us online a few weeks ago. Jasper tried to surprise her with the tickets but she knew what he was planning thanks to her oh so handy gift. Regardless she was exceptionally happy about being able to see them as they were one of the only bands she had ever liked, given she was so new to her second life and had no recollection of her first one. It was unfortunate that these great artists were unable to live as long as we did, but I suppose it made the memories of them that much greater.

I've read so many stories on Twitter about people that have met the love of their lives at random. It seemed pretty rare and beautiful at the same time. Finding that instant connection only happens once in a lifetime and it didn't seem very likely to me. Sometimes I fear that I will have to wait as long as my dad did to find a mate seeing how small my dating pool is. While I will admit that I do long for such a deep connection, I can't shake the nagging fear that me finding a mate would complicate things for my family and even worse, give the Volturi a reason to bitch. I couldn't let myself jeopardize my family in the name of a boy.

I've always felt torn between the two worlds, my conflicted feelings never seemed to dissipate. I am human, but I am also a vampire. In theory it would seem that the combination of these two worlds wouldn't mix well, but I suppose the fact that both Nahuel, his sisters and I exist, refutes that. He has always been a great help to me whenever I have had questions or concerns about myself. He always told me to follow my instinct and always do what's best for myself because in a world that consists of the unknown, that's all I can do.

I suppose I'm good at being Renesmee Carlie Cullen.

"We have an hour to get ready ladies!" Alice chirped, "We need to make sure we get plenty of pictures."

I don't see the point in taking pictures when we all have nearly immaculate memory.

"Ness, I have an outfit picked out for you. You can take your shower and it'll be there when you're out." Rosalie told me while she picked out an outfit for herself.

I replied to her with a quick nod before skipping off to the hotel bathroom. Hmm, a white lace shirt with high waisted light blue shorts and combat boots to match. Nice pick, Rose. I undressed myself and slid into the shower, feeling the warm water beat against my fair skin. I've always been drawn to warmth. It probably stems from the fact that my family is ice cold. I can without doubt say that I never skip the opportunity to sunbathe. Mom says I have the most beautiful glow she has ever seen. She is literally the sweetest person I've ever known besides Grandma Esme. I wish I knew more about how she was as a human but Daddy said that it's painful for her. From what I knew, my family moved to Alaska right after Mom and Dad got married and she got knocked up. They didn't tell me anything else about their sudden move. It must've been something important though.

It was going to be a long night so I decided to wash my hair again, not out of necessity but to make sure I looked my very best for tonight. The hotel provided shampoo thankfully, it was an argan and jojoba oil blend infused with many other ingredients. It smelled incredible. After I washed my hair and the rest of my body I got out the shower and quickly dried off. I put on the outfit Rosalie chose for me and bundled my thick, curly bronze hair to the top of my head.

Of course upon exiting my aunts were already dressed and had their makeup done. They looked impeccable as always, I wouldn't blame the other women at the concert being envious of their looks and charms. We can hardly go anywhere together without receiving envious looks.

"It is your first concert, dearie. We have to make sure you look absolutely perfect for it!" Alice sighed out happily while sitting me down at the vanity so her and Rosalie could do my hair and make up.

"I don't think this is all needed." I muttered to myself.

"You're so much like your mother. She still looks at me like I'm crazy every time I hand her a new handbag or another faux fur coat." Alice giggled as she lined my eyes with a light brown eyeliner.

I guess I was like Mom in that aspect, but I do like the stuff Alice gives to me. Although, I could do without the excessive pampering for a Vampire Weekend concert! I would hate to run the risk of looking like I tried too hard amongst some of the pretentious hipsters I was sure would be there. I did however want to look good so I smiled to myself while Rosalie and Alice dolled me up and prayed they weren't overdoing it.

After they worked wonders on me, we were finally ready to go. Rosalie practically harassed me to bring a jacket with me just in case I got cold. She's always so worried about me. It doesn't really get cold in San Diego on a summer's night, but I brought a jacket and tied it around my waist so my poor aunt wouldn't have to fret anymore.

We took a cab to Brick by Brick, the location the concert was being held at. We gave our tickets to the teller, got our wrists stamped and proceeded to get close to the stage as we possibly could. With the three hundred plus Vampire Weekend fans that showed up, that task wasn't exactly easy. I took a look at my surroundings and saw there were a couple of concession stands where I could get a bite or something to drink. I doubt they would have any mountain lion blood but I guess a punch will do. I found it really cool that some people brought their children along with them and what was even more adorable was that they were having the time of their lives. It's hard imagining being that young for as long as it takes human children to mature. I was a little under seven before I started to look and feel like an adult.

Soon Ezra and the rest of the band began to walk to the center of the stage. He gave the crowd a nice welcome speech before they kicked off the night with I Think Ur A Contra. Good choice. I watched the way Ezra sang with so much vigor and passion. I could feel how much time and effort he and the rest of the band put into writing the lyrics to the song. Ezra proceeded to enrapture me along with the rest of the crowd.

There were couples swaying with the music, whispering sweet nothings in each other's ears. As I looked on it made me wish that I had someone to wrap their arms around me like all of these other couples clearly enamored with each other. Alice was humming along to the song and Rosalie clasped her hands together and looked up at them clearly enthralled with the band in front of her. After a couple of songs, I decided I wanted to ditch Alice and Rosalie.

"If I can't trust you then dammit Hannah, there's no future there's no answer." Ezra belted out with sweat dripping down his brow.

This got me thinking about my future; about how much I wanted answers; about how I wanted to spend my life with someone.

While my two goofballs for aunts were hugging each other, I slipped away and went to one of the concession stands that sold drinks. I decided I wanted some punch and proceeded to pick the cherry/pomegranate flavor. The server handed me my drink and gave it a quick whiff before some clumsy human bumped into the back of me, making my delicious drink spill all over my white lace shirt.

I was nearly shaking in anger, I had a small feeling that it would be a bad idea to be wearing white tonight.

"What the fuck?!" I shouted while I slammed my cup onto the floor.

I demanded to know who the fuck this imbecile was, so I turned around. Then the strangest thing happened, the anger I felt before quickly faded. My heart rate increased exponentially and I felt a pull towards the stranger.

"I'm so so so sorry!" he gasped and quickly grabbed some napkins and wiped some of the punch off my face.

"No, I mean it's fine!" I waved it off. His voice sounded like the perfect symphony.

He had to be from Native American descent. Tan skin, dark hair, and a strong build. He had the warmest smile I've seen and it seemed it was only for me.

"Jacob, by the way." he spoke again before he held his hand out to me.

"Renesmee." I beamed as I shook his hand.

"Renesmee, kinda different."

"Yeah, my mom named me. Pretty sure Dad wouldn't torture me with a name like that." I chuckled and I put on my jacket.

Crap, why I am getting so worked up over a human. He smelled human enough but he also had a tinge of something else that I couldn't quite figure out. Regardless of any of these facts he was absolutely beautiful. It couldn't possibly work, not with the complex life I have. I couldn't help being attracted to him though, he was just so charming in every way. I had never felt this was about anyone and these new and foreign feelings were eating away at the passive front I was trying to give off. I stared at him feeling totally infatuated until my super hearing picked up one of my aunts freaking out. Damn it!

"I'd love to keep chatting. Jacob, but my family is waving me over to them."

I felt the same disappointment that he had washed all over that beautiful face of his.

He appeared to be in deep thought until he finally came up with an idea to prolong our time together, "Our chatting doesn't have to end! If you don't mind, may I have your number?"

I couldn't refuse. I caved in and jotted my name and number into his phone.

"I'll talk to you later, alright?" I said as I walked backwards towards my aunts and he gave me a happy nod.

With that, I walked quickly to my aunts and they both sighed in relief.

"Christ, Ness!" Rosalie lightly scolded me before giving me a hug.

"Wow, I leave to get a drink and you goofballs are just about ready to get the San Diego police force to do a search and rescue." I shook my head.

"You aren't getting me in trouble with worryward." Alice huffed and placed her hands on her hips.

Can't blame her. My dad is literally the worst person to anger. Since I'm his little girl, the wrath he would be dishing would be twice as bad if I got as much as a single scratch. Some may find it adorable, but it aggravates me to no end.

After more songs from Vampire Weekend, they ended the wonderful night with M79. I'm proud to say that I went to Vampire Weekend's biggest show. As my aunts and I walked out of the concert, I happened to notice a Range Rover waiting for us with a chauffeur. We stuck out like a sore thumb. Only Alice would make a crazy arrangement like this. We were leaving California tonight so might as well ride comfortably to the airport.

As I relaxed into my seat, I felt a vibration within the pocket of my jacket. It was a text message, probably from Jacob.

I opened the message and it read:

Miss me already?

I'll admit that I actually did.