Silver tipped depleted uranium armor piercing shells? Check.

Incendiary napalm shells? Check.

High explosive anti-tank shells? Check.

Disruptor shells? Check.

Seras carefully inserted the magazines that held her ammunition for Harkonnen III into a medium sized reinforced green box. This box was similarly marked as the much larger one which held the rest of her things. She then attached the ammunition box onto a magnetic plate located on her lower back.

Then came her weapons. The folded, suitcase size Harkonnen III was similarly attached to the middle of her back while the M-96 Mattock was attached to the back of her right shoulder. The M-6 Carnifex rested on her left hip, ready to be drawn at a moment's notice.

Just as she finished equipping her weapons, the voice of EDI came over the loudspeaker, "Operative Victoria, Commander Shepard is returning and requests for you to meet him at the airlock."

"Thank you EDI, I'll meet him there."

After relocking her things, Seras moved the massive crate to the side of the Normandy's storage bay. She then made her way to the ship's central elevator and proceeded to the airlock.

"So, where are we headed?"

After a short walk from the Normandy's airlock to the front of Afterlife, Seras met up with Shepard and Jacob. Shepard had sent Miranda back to the Normandy because Jacob's close quarters weapons were more suited for the upcoming mission. Shepard eyed the large form of Harkonnen on Seras' back but chose not to question it.

"We need to meet up with a member of the Blue Suns to give us a ride to the A.O." Shepard replied. "We're posing as freelance mercs to get in. From then we will work our way to Archangel and then turn on our employers."

"Sounds good. Let's go.", Seras said as they made their way to a nearby sky car.

While the sky car ride was nice, the view wasn't. Throughout her whole undead life, Seras had never seen such a hive of scum and villainy and that's saying something. Although this wasn't her first time on Omega, she had been here previously to discreetly take care of a small vampire infestation, she could never get over how much a pisshole this place was.

Ah mais oui ma chere. And I thought that one job in Somalia was bad. This place puts it to shame. C'est vrai?

'Quiet you.' Ever since the Battle of London, Pip had resided inside of Seras' body. He did not talk that often, but when he did, it was either discuss current events or to make quips at their current predicament. Not only were they able to talk to each other, Seras was also able to remember memories from Pip's past.

Seras returned from her thoughts when the sky car touched down with the metal walkway of their destination. The party were climbing out of the sky car when they were greeted by a Batarian wearing Blue Suns armor.

"It's about time they sent me someone who looks like they can actually fight. Did they tell you what we're up against?"

"The recruiter was a little vague."

"Well, we wouldn't get many hires if everyone knew the truth. Archangel's holed up in a building at the end of the boulevard over there. He's got superior position, and the only way in is over a very exposed bridge. It's a killing ground. But he's getting tired, making mistakes. We'll have him soon enough."

This reminded Seras of the standard defense tactics for all Hellsing soldiers. When holding a position from vampires, it's best to keep them at far range, allowing more time to react to the superior speed and reflexes of a vampire. Once they got close, it was all over. Luckily for Seras, she was no ordinary vampire.

"You guys have a plan?" Shepard responded.

"A small team is waiting to infiltrate his hideout, but we need to draw Archangel's fire so they can move in."

"And that's where we come in?"

"Exactly. You'll be on a distraction team. Head over the bridge and keep Archangel busy so the infiltration team can sneak in behind him."

Seras turned to Shepard, "Oh, this will be fun. I'm good at getting shot at." Shepard gave Seras an odd look but said nothing.

The Blue Suns mercenary continued his explanation, " Head up to the boulevard and get to the third barricade. Talk to Sergeant Cathka. He'll tell you when to go in."

"Well looks like we'll have to find Sergeant Cathka."

"Good idea. Watch yourself on the boulevard. Archangel's killed dozens out there already."

"Getting in will be the easy part. Once we're in we'll be surrounded." Jacob said.

"Let's worry about finding him first." Shepard replied.

The group moved onwards through the complex. With her enhanced hearing, Seras could hear EDI giving Shepard her tactical analysis. After about a minute, he turned and spoke to his teammates, "Alright, looks like we have to sabotage the gunship and heavy mech they have for back up. Let's do that before they call us up."

Seras and Jacob nodded and proceeded to follow Shepard down the hallway. They walked through a door and passed a table where the leader of the Eclipse was planning with his lieutenants. The group passed them after hearing nothing worthwhile in their conversation.

After proceeding through a door on the right, the group found a short hallway. there were two doors, one on the left and one at the end of the hall. The door on the left revealed a heavy mech hooked up to a diagnostic station. Shepard quickly walked up the the computer and proceeded to hack it.

It took only about twenty seconds for Shepard to finish hacking it as he did, he turned, "Ok, mech down, now onto the gunship."

Seras gave a chuckle, "They're in for quite a surprise when they turn it on."

After leaving the side room with the heavy mech, they walked down a few hallways and emerged into a large hall. There were multiple barricades set up, providing cover for the various mercenaries who were firing their assault rifles down range at what Seras assumed to be Archangel's position.

Seras was the first one through the door and not a second later, she jerked her head with amazing speed only four centimeters backwards, narrowly dodging a hypersonic sniper shot. The round came so close to her face that it activated her light armor's kinetic barriers and gave the shot a slight nudge which flung it into an opposing squad quickly moved to the cover of the barricade without getting hit by another round.

"Well, that was close." Shepard said, looking at Seras.

"Wow, he's good. That's one of the fastest reaction times I've seen in awhile." Seras said.

At the end of the hall and across a bridge, the Turian sniper blinked. When he had taken the shot, it seemed like a sure kill. The target wasn't anything special, just some Human women that looked no older than twenty, just some kid thinking she could make some money on an easy job.

But after she dodged his shot, she calmly and professionally moved to cover with the ease of a well seasoned veteran. Something bothered him, it was her initial reaction, not as much her later one. There was a nagging feeling in the back of his mind about the speed and reaction time of her dodge. As a skilled sniper, Archangel had to make many calculations in his head in under a second. Most of this was done through instinct and years of building skill, but thinking over it as he ejected his old steaming heat sink and popping a new one in, it was impossible for the girl to know that she was being shot at. The speed of the bullet vastly outmatched the speed of sound, there for, she could not of heard it. The interior lighting of Omega was low and bland, eliminating the possibility of light reflecting off of his scope. Even if she could see him or his shot, which was impossible, seeing as it was the size of a grain of sand moving at hypersonic speeds, no species, not even the Geth, could react fast enough to realize they had even been in danger.

Looking back down his scope, Archangel spotted someone who he had never thought he'd see again. Shepard. He blinked again. Well, he didn't look that bad for someone who was supposed to have been blown up and spaced. He was quickly followed by another human who had much darker skin. Him and the strange girl must be part of his squad. He would have to make note to not shoot at them. However tempting it would be to try and get the girl who dodged his shot. It suddenly dawned on him, his chances of living through this and escaping had risen from non-existent to almost guaranteed . After what he just saw, it seemed like nothing could kill Shepard.

Over the next twenty minutes there were less and less targets to hit. They must be getting ready for another attack. Archangel loaded another heat sink into his sniper, even though the previous one was not at capacity yet. He double checked his assault rifle, it was ready for battle.

Not a moment too soon, a large squad of unmarked mercs started pushing forward aggressively. These ones were inexperienced and fell quickly, but they had strength in numbers. Archangel was forced to take cover from the suppressing fire and took that opportunity to reload. Once the suppressing fire died down, he popped up to take a few shots. The mercenaries had stopped suppressing him because they were either dead or trying to defend themselves against Shepard's team stabbing them in the back. From there it was short work to eliminate the frontal assault team as they tried to regroup and fall back. With the assault team all but eliminated, the mercenaries wisened up and stopped sending reinforcements.

As Shepard's team started moving into the building, Archangel heard more gunfire as they started to clear their way through the enemies to get to him. He took a few moments to take out a few mercs that made the mistake of popping their heads over the wall to see what was happening. The sound of gunfire abruptly stopped and a few seconds later the only door in the room opened and Shepard's squad rushed into the room with their weapons up. Once they were sure the room was clear, they lowered their weapons.

"Archangel?" Shepard asked.

Archangel motioned to wait a second as he was lining up his final shot. It was one of those freelancers, a sneaky one. Although not very sneaky seeing as he was doing a poor job of staying hidden behind that pillar. Thinking the danger gone, he poked his head out only to be nailed by the master marksman. With that taken care of, there were no more hostiles left. They bought themselves some time.

Taking some time to sit down and remove his helmet, he looked up at Shepard and grinned, greeting his old friend, "Shepard."

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