Man! Rose and Bella are so gay

In which Rosalie thinks she's a top and she's wrong

sorry that this is so short! I needed to cut it off for a different chapter. To add it along with this one didn't make sense. but at least its not a 700 word document!

"It's never over." - Arcade Fire, Hey, Orpheus


The medication makes Bella vomit a variety of different colors. The back of the bottle says, "Flu like symptoms are possible."

"This is fucking stupid!" Bella groans, "I've been having flu like symptoms for the past four weeks." She continues to throw up into the toilet, barely missing the bowl. "God dammit! There goes my dinner."

Rosalie winces as she tries to hold Bella's thick hair back. "You know that it's not a magic pill, sweet girl. It takes time for the medicine to saturate your body."

"We don't live in the 1960s any more, Rose!" Bella stands, reaches for her toothbrush and mouthwash. "It's time for scientists to step their shit up!"

"At least it isn't snake oil." Rosalie chuckles, grabbing a towel for Bella to wipe her mouth on. "That stuff was god awful."

"I thought antidepressants were sugar pills." Bella grumbles softly, ignoring the heated glare Rosalie tosses her way.

Grabbing her gently by the arms, Rosalie brings Bella into a hug, foreheads touching, lungs bleeding into each other. Rosalie feels Bella's brow dip, her warm hands coming up to slide under her shirt. Unimaginably soft lips come to kiss the underside of a stone jaw. "What are you thinking about?"

"About you." Bella says simply, stepping closer. "About this. About us."

"What about us?"

"Well," Bella pulls back, and it feels like Rosalie just had a thousand IVs ripped out of her. "Well, I mean we are very touchy with each other and I'm - don't get me wrong - I'm absolutely perfect with that." She stops, lips pulling to a tug. "I just don't know why and what this all is"

Rosalie's voice comes out rougher than she needs it to be, overcompensating for the uneasy fear in the pit of her stomach. Her muscles rolls forward. She has to tell herself to relax. "What do you mean?"

"I don't know what this thing between us is," Bella excuses herself out of the bathroom, footsteps quiet so she doesn't wake Charlie. "Or…" She continues more hesitantly, closing her bedroom door after the blonde. "Or why you're even doing it with me."

Brows furrowed, eyes glowing, Rosalie continues with extreme caution, noticing the shake in Bella's hand. "What does this," she gestures in between them with a hand, keeping her distance. "Feel like to you?"

"Well!" Shaky hands reach for the root of their owner's hair. "Well, Rose, it honestly feels like we're girlfriends! But I don't even know when that happened or why you would ever possibly burden yourself with somebody like me-"

Striding forward, Rosalie grabs the brunettes hands, a sense of urgency in her movements. She places it against her chest, slightly under her left breast.

Bella tries her hardest to keep her flushing at bay.

"Do you feel that, Bella?" Gold eyes bore into hers, making it nearly impossible for her to look away. She focuses on her fingertips, the palms of her hands. There's a warmth there. Bella gasps. "Yeah, you-." Rosalie blows out a heated breath, trying to tone down the intensity. "You did that to me. For the first time since my Rebirth, I feel warm."

The air crackles with energy. Eyes wide, staring into the depths of the fibers. Softly, Rosalie starts stroking the back of Bella's hand. "You make me feel alive."

Cool lips slot perfectly into the spaces of Bella's. A gasp, wild, heated with the undertones of need and lust come from one of the girls, but it's soaked up into the passion. Hands grab for skin, sliding up into thick locks of hair and pulling.

"You make me-" A moan interrupts Rosalie as Bella's tongue swirls along the column of her neck, lips making their way up to her ear lobe. The blonde continues trying to speak, mind fuzzy and barely in control. Bella was everywhere. Filling up her senses, leaking into the furthest areas of her brain. She tries to continue to say "You make me feel alive." Instead, the only thing her lust filled brain says is. "You make me so hot."

An animalistic moan sounds out of Bella's mouth, one that is so raw she's momentarily worried she'll wake Charlie. Capturing cool marble lips again, she feels Rosalie softly tugging and nipping - but oh so gently.

Somehow, in the midst of Rosalie pushing them both onto the bed, Bella manages to rip Rosalie's shirt off. "Whoa." It's a whisper, the amazement almost a tangible thing. Creamy skin and taut muscles are paired with a lacy, red bra. She starts to breathe rapidly staring at the perfection in front of her. From Rosalie's collar bone, she makes her way down her chest, listening as her girl's breath hitches. She teases her tongue at the edge of Rosalie's bra, gently sucking at the skin there.

"Bella," Rosalie moans, voice barely there. "We have to stop." But she brings Bella's head closer towards her mouth.

"Okay," Bella nods her head in agreement, pulling away. Wincing against the pain of the loss of Rosalie's body against hers, she looks into the tar black eyes of the girl who is still straddling her hips. "Okay. I'm sorry."

"It's-" Rosalie shakes her head, looks around for her shirt. "It's perfectly okay."

"Will you be leaving?" Panic sets in. She's so scared to spend her nights alone.

"No, beautiful. I'm not leaving." The taller girl shakes her head, bending over to grab the shirt that was thrown across the room. "Make room for me?"

Bella scoots over, opening the covers for Rosalie to crawl under. She hesitates, worrying her lip over whether or not she would make Bella colder.

She decides that if the human starts to shiver, she can get out from under the blankets.

Within ten minutes of laying down, songs bubbling out from Rosalie's mouth, Bella is asleep, moonlight spilling across her rose colored cheeks.

Red hair lines the trees in blurs. She's here, but nowhere. Bella stands stiff in the middle of the clearing.

"Are you ready, Isabella?" A sultry purr comes from behind her. She whirls around to find blood stained snow.

"No." She's speaking but it doesn't sound like her at all - her own voice cold, detached, emotionless, resigned. "But I don't have much of a choice, do I?"

"Such a smart girl," comes the purr again, mocking. "It's such a shame."

She says nothing.

A white hands wraps around her throat, squeezing and then stroking gently. "And so beautiful, too." Brown meet violent red. If Bella looks hard enough, she can see blood swirling in their depths. "But," faux sad eyes. "You know this was coming, didn't you? You know from the beginning."

"Yes." It's a simple fact. She did. Every time she felt eyes watching her, she wasn't imagining it. The strands of hair colored like blood she found in her clothes, she knew. The worst part of that: Vampires don't shed.

"It's nothing against you, dearest," Crimson lips perk up into a smile. "It's simply payback."

"I understand." And she does, on some level. She does understand. An eye for an eye.

"Are you ready?" White teeth flash, bright, sharp, ready to kill.


The last thing she sees are those very teeth coming for her.

"Bella!" Hands that are familiar shake her awake, lips desperately pecking her cheeks. "Please wake up, you're okay. Nothing is going to hurt you."


Gold eyes lock onto hers immediately. "Rosalie. I think I'm going to die."