Time seemed to pass by fairly quickly for the blonde Uzumaki ever since his promotion to the rank of Hokage. With his busy schedule filled to the brim with meetings, assigning missions, politics and not to mention his training, there was little time for a social life for Naruto. Thankfully for him that was about to change. He had now finished building the temple on the Uzumaki land and it was better than ever! In addition to that, the Mansion that commenced shortly after which was to be the house of the clan head was well under construction. It had 5 bedrooms and three bathrooms with the master bedroom and ensuite overlooking the backyard and pool, a private study for Naruto, two entertaining areas and a deck overlooking Konoha with a swimming pool just below.

Once it was finished built, he planned on having a few of his friends over for some feasts. He had been meaning to catch up with them for a while now.

It was hard though given the tough transitioning time that Konoha was going through, Sunagakure getting agitated at the lack of Bijuu and being on the losing end of a couple of fights with Iwa. Iwa also being restless on the borders of Konoha, ever since they found out about Naruto being the son of the Yondaime. In addition to this, the Mizugakure didn't like the fact that he was now the Hokage as it meant that one of their most infamous bloodlines was now in the hands of an enemy village. Last but not least, there was the reformation that was schedule to happen anytime soon.

It was the reason why Jiraiya was stationed inside the village indefinitely for the time being. Much to the man's dismay.

"So Takeo, are you sure you are ready for this? Your grandfather isn't here so please be honest with me." Naruto said as he stared into the eyes of the academy student in front of him.

There was no sign of doubt or fear. "Yes Hokage-sama. This is something that will need to be done for the village and if there is a burden needed, then I am willing to endure it for the prosperity of Konoha." The black haired boy resolutely responded as he stared into the eyes of his Kage.

Naruto nodded. The decision he was about to make was not one that was easy. There were many variables at play but there was at least the solace in the fact that Naruto was not giving this burden to someone who was unwilling.

"Alright then Takeo, before we make the final decision, I want you to have one spar with me. Sure, I have read all of the reports of you from the academy but I want to see how well that all translates to a real life combat situation."

Takeo merely nodded. He then sprinted off towards Naruto with his katana blade outstretched in one hand whilst his other one went to his pouch and flung two shuriken at the blonde. Naruto could faintly see the outline of wind laced chakra on the blades and was impressed. It was clear to see that the new training plan for the academy was going well if this was the outcome. He was not naïve enough to think that the boy's shinobi education was solely due to the academy. The kid's grandfather was Danzo after all and when he was the main role model given his parents' dying in conflict, even if he wasn't around that much.

Naruto formed a bone blade in response from his forearm and parried away the shuriken with ease. It didn't take long before he had to block the next attack from Takeo as he blocked the swipe of the sword.

"I'm impressed. We don't teach one how to channel their element into their weapon. It seems like you have been practicing very hard! You've still got a long way to go though with your element." Naruto replied as he channelled his own fire natured chakra into the sword and watched it turn ablaze.

So that's the level I need to get to Takeo thought to himself with renewed vigour as he took the powerful hit to his sword. The vibrations came reverberating into his hands. Note to self, evade, not dodge. The strength he can output is impressive.

Takeo dodged the next swipe and countered it with a sweeping leg kick. He quickly followed up with upwards strike with his blade. Naruto saw this coming though and moved out of the way after jumping up over the outstretched leg.

Naruto was impressed so far with the ability on show from Takeo. His kenjutsu was good and so was his control over his element. His speed was above average but not at the same level that either he or Lee were at that age. The accuracy displayed with shuriken was nothing less than expected from someone whose grandfather was Danzo; A man who was big on the basics.

Putting space between the two, Naruto quickly went through hand seals with one hand and let off a small fireball that he fully expected Takeo to dodge. He wanted to see the reaction. It was clear for both of them to see that a head on kenjutsu fight wasn't going to work.

"Futon: Daitoppa (Wind Release: Great Breakthrough)" The academy student called out as he channelled chakra into his mouth and breathed out the air. Naruto had to take a step back, it was that powerful. If he had to. He could have stood there and taken it on full boar but there was no real need to do that.

Having seen enough, in addition to his very busy schedule, Naruto decided it was time to end this. With the bone still in his hand from the beginning, he moved in a speed that Takeo couldn't follow and appeared behind the boy, the bone pressed distinctly into his neck. "That was good Takeo, I'm certain that you will become a great shinobi as you grow up. This fight is over though."

Takeo for his part nodded but on the inside he was bursting with pride. Despite trying to emulate the stoicism of his grandfather, getting praise from a kage no less was nothing short of making the boy giddy.

"Thanks Hokage-sama, that means a lot to me. I'll be sure to make you proud and be of service to Konoha." The boy bowed.

"If you keep going the way you are, you definitely will. Anyway see ya!" Naruto responded before quickly using the shunshin with small embers left in his wake.


"I'm ready for the next meeting now." Naruto called out to his receptionist. There was no acknowledgement except for a few seconds later when the door opened. In walked a lady who didn't seem much older than he was and he had to admit that she was very attractive. Short blonde hair that just below her jawline was accompanied by piercing blue eyes. She also had a curvaceous figure with creamy white skin.

The blonde haired lady in front of him was wearing a black long sleeve dress that stopped just before her knees. Despite the fact that she had no cleavage showing, Naruto could tell that she was very blessed genetically. In fact, the person in front of him reminded Naruto of a young Tsunade.

"To what do I owe the pleasure of your visit, Miss…" Naruto trailed off as he gestured for the woman in front of him to take a seat.

Once sat down, the woman looked Naruto directly in the eyes. "My name is Samui and I am a chunin from Kumogakure." Straight and to the point was Samui as when she said this, she noticed that Naruto's relaxed demeanour quickly turned into business mode.

"I see Samui, well my name is Naruto Uzumaki and it is nice to meet you." The Hokage replied before extending his hand out. A deft hand shake was shared between the two that Samui let her fingers trail along Naruto's palm as it was released.

"Now what can I do for you? It is not normal that I get visitors from Kumogakure in my office." Naruto questioned, he still felt odd calling the room that they were in his office but it was something that he was sure he would have the hang of saying shortly.

"Hokage-sama, I have been requested by Raikage-sama to see if the possibility of a diplomatic envoy could be stationed within Konoha and vice versa. This is a request that has also been personally desired also by the daimyo of the land of lightning. He is also in the process formally approaching the Hi no Kuni fire Daimyo with this proposal." Samui reported as she handed the two scrolls in her hand to Naruto.

The Hokage could easily see the official seals and emblems from the lightning daimyo. Internally he groaned. Seeing those made it that much harder to say no as the daimyo was a very powerful man. There was also his own that he had to consider.

"I see. This is not something that can be considered lightly and it will take time for an answer to be reached. As you can imagine, this is something that will be hard for Konoha and in particular the Hyuga clan to agree to. Additionally, how can we not expect for actions that have happened in the past to happen once more? After all, Kumogakure does have a track record of kidnapping young girls from Konoha." A firm stare was given when Naruto said this and he looked directly into the eyes of Samui.

Despite her calm exterior, Samui gulped. The stare that she was getting was unnerved her to say the least. Those blue eyes made it was like staring into the ice wall that she was so well known for back home. "I can't speak on behalf of former actions taken place by Kumogakure as I was just entering the academy when the most recent one took place and don't know enough details. What I can say though will hopefully ease your fears of anything like that happening again. The intended belief from the Raikage and the land of lightning daimyo is that if it is okay, I will become the diplomatic envoy between Konoha and Kumogakure. I personally find the actions of kidnapping for bloodline usage to be an incredibly immoral action and it is something that I refuse to do." Samui resolutely replied. She didn't approve of the actions made by the Raikage to steal children but she couldn't make him look bad. She had to be careful with what she said.

"Thank you for that. It's a start to repairing the fractured relationship between the two villages." Naruto responded before opening up the two scrolls from Samui. He spent three minutes reading the messages. "Thank you for these. Now, as I said, I will not be able to make these decisions right away."

Seeing a dismissal, Samui nodded. "I don't expect you to come to a decision right now Hokage-sama. Thank you for your time." Samui said as the two of them got up and as she gave the teenager in front of her a handshake, she looked at his lips and the tiniest of smirks appeared on her face. It didn't hurt that he was quite attractive.


Inside the private training ground of the Hokage, Naruto was found working through his training. He was in the midst of sparring against two of his own jutsus. Leoric, a creation made six months ago, a skeleton with a sword and shield that can take the upmost punishment and keep resurrecting himself. Clinkz the bone fletcher, a crafty and dangerous skeleton with a fire inside of him able to fire off arrows of bone lit on fire.

Each time he used the jutsu, the summons became better as he had more knowledge on how to get the most out of them. Naruto had been briefly in contact with Ino on how to impart independent thought onto the jutsus he was creating.

He was regretting that at this point as he had managed to barely dodge an incoming attack from Clinkz, the damn long ranged specialist was able to fire the arrows at a rapid pace and they were damn hard to dodge. He had to do that though because they were even more painful!

Standing right in the path of Leoric who was swinging his sword. "Shit!" Naruto exclaimed and fired off his drilling finger grenades at the skeleton king. Leoric brought down his shield and protected himself from the damage from the explosions. Not even waiting past the point where the smoke had been cleared, Leoric sprinted off to Naruto and engaged in a fierce battle.

Bringing up the bones his forearm, Naruto blocked the sword and slashed his other arm into the exposed ribcage. This did not bother the skeleton king one bit as he had no flesh. All the while this was happening, he continually had to dodge incoming arrows from Clinkz.

"Rasenshuryudan! (Spiralling Grenade!)" Naruto called out as he formed a white sphere of bone with something inside of it in his hand before shoving it in the chest of Leoric and watched it detonate. It exploded and completely eviscerated the skeleton king. All bones fell onto the ground and if there was flesh, there would be none by now.

Naruto was panting and held up his palm in the direction of Clinkz, requesting that training was over for now. The spiralling grenade was a technique that he was still working on so it took a decent amount of focus and chakra to get it right.

"I see the potential for all of your techniques to rapidly improve with sage mode Naruto-kun." Crixalis stated. He had been watching the fight with the two summons with Naruto. The Sand King had a vested interest in watching Naruto create those two fighters out of bone and had a part in their creation. He had two friends from long ago that were much the same.

"Yeah" Naruto said as he straightened up. Leoric at this point was recollecting himself and came back to life. He immediately noticed the fight had stopped. "I've managed to get sage mode down when I am sitting down meditating next to Aghanim's Sceptre. I've been working on gathering nature chakra outside of the summoning realm.

The Scorpion King nodded. Becoming a sage was never an easy task and only the best ever managed to do. Given the pressures on Naruto and the amount of time he had to practice on his training, he was well on his way. The fact that his body was in tip top physical condition only further served to help in balancing the foreign chakra.

"Also I've worked out that I can only handle the Rasenshuryudan when I have my full exoskeleton otherwise my arm just gets shredded to the bone."

"For now, focus on getting sage mode as much as possible. At this point your ninjutsu and your taijutsu are already good, especially your taijutsu. You need to reach S-rank status as quickly as possible to become a threat to the big hitters in the world." It was one thing to have it muttered by other jonin in the village. It was another thing entirely when your summon boss says the same thing. Being an Elite jonin by 15 years old was impressive but obviously it wasn't enough in the eyes of many.

"Right. I have been taking special focus to expand my chakra reserves and build as much as possible recently. I heard from Tsunade-san that puberty is the best time to do this due to hormones." Naruto said as he receded his exoskeleton jutsu. The blonde haired boy was gassed and was looking forward to some food and sleep.

The conversation soon ended with the boss summon of the scorpion clan going back home and it left Naruto by himself. With his stomach giving him orders, Naruto headed out to get some food. If he wanted to build more muscle for his taijutsu and build more chakra reserves for his ninjutsu, then he needed to eat!

There was a bar that also served a whole bunch of food nearby that he thought he would go to. Admittedly, he didn't really see the appeal in the place but he knew that it was a frequent spot for ninjas to go out to celebrate a night off. He wanted to boost his perception with his ninja force and the greater population of Konoha.

As he walked in, Naruto eyed out a spot at the bar and tapped a person on the shoulder. "Excuse me, is it okay if I sit here?"

Turning around, the person was shocked to find that it their boss. "Of course Hokage-sama. Please, sit here." Hana Inuzuka mentioned as she moved herself over slightly to give the Kage more room.

"You don't have to call me Hokage-sama, I'm off duty. Please, call me Naruto-san." Naruto replied with a smile on his face.

A tinge of red appeared on the face of Hana that wasn't due to her clan markings when she looked at the face of Naruto. She saw his blue eyes and large smile. She also happened to be three daiquiris' in at this point. "Okay then Naruto-san. So what brings you here?"

As he listened to Hana's question, he noticed that she was quite attractive. Normally, he only saw her in her medic uniform as she was reporting about the medical training she was helping out Tsunade-san at the hospital and the academy with. Now she was wearing a white sleeveless blouse with a V-neck that showed off a fair amount of cleavage. She was also wearing a black skirt. All of this combined with the prominent red lipstick she had applied made her quite stunning.

"Well I just finished my training for the day and now need to get some food." It was clockwork at this point that his stomach grumbled and Hana giggled and placed her hand on Naruto's forearm. The blonde raised an eyebrow but didn't make any mention of it.

"Alright then you have to get the pork knuckle. It's the best! And what are you going to get to drink?" Hana exuberantly mentioned to which Naruto nodded with a small grin on his face.

"Okay I'll get the pork knuckle. As for a drink, well I'm going to be getting a chocolate milkshake."

Hana was shocked when she heard this. "What!? No Alcohol?"

Naruto Solemnly nodded. "Can't drink on the job." It was the go to excuse that he always used when he didn't want to drink alcohol. He had a busy day tomorrow with meetings in regards to the creation of a jinchuuriki and he couldn't attend those in any form of inebriation. Sure, it was only one drink but that could lead to a rabbit hole that he never claws his way out of.

"Ah that sucks. Guess I will just have to have one for you. Two Daiquiris please bartender!" Hana shouted out to the bartender who nodded. Then he noticed the person sitting down next to one of his regulars.

"Hokage-sama thank you for coming here, is there anything that I can get for you?" Naruto then rattled off his order. Normally they didn't serve milkshakes but when your Hokage orders it, you do. He was going to have to send one of the retired ninjas on a quick errand to go get one from the ice shop nearby.

As the bartender walked away to go and give the order to the kitchen, Naruto turned to Hana. "So how is everything going?" Naruto asked the open ended question to allow Hana to talk about whatever she wanted and then he could go from there.

"Well Training is going great. I'm getting close to becoming a special jonin in the medical arts thanks to hanging around Tsunade and picking her brain. The academy is going great as well as the kids are eager to learn about how to heal one another. My little brother Kiba got promoted to chunin recently so I have to get this rank of special jonin so I can still be top dog over him." Hana said as she realised she had started rambling and didn't want to annoy the Kage.

The patient look he had on his face made her blush as despite him being an incredibly powerful shinobi, the way he was paying attention to her made her feel as if they were the only two people in the room.

"That's great! I remember Kiba, I gave him the flak jacket two weeks ago after the trip to Taki. He was also in my first chunin exams haha. He's improved quite a bit since then! Yeah Tsunade-baachan is great at helping people despite her being rough around the edges"

"Hahaha" Hana giggled once more and then took the last sip of her daiquiri, shortly before the bartender handed the two she just ordered. "You call the strongest woman in the world Baachan? That must have gone down well the first time you called her that!"

There was a smirk on the face of Naruto. "As well as you can imagine! She punched me with her super strength the first time I called her that. I had bruises from that for two weeks straight that I had to get my assistant to put makeup over as Tsunade refused to heal the damage hahaha."

"Why is that so funny? Surely that would of hurt!" Hana mused with a smile showing her canines.

"It hurt a fucking lot!" Naruto exclaimed surprising the Inuzuka woman, only further serving to confuse the brunette. "The reason why I'm laughing is because of what happened to give me the nickname Baachan to her."

"Come on, you can't just tell me that and not give me the full story" Hana replied with mirth as she once again placed her hand on Naruto, this time on his thigh that was closest to her.

"I had to go speak to Jiraiya who is my godfather and essentially a grandfather in all but blood. I didn't let him know beforehand that I was coming over and when I got there… I found Tsunade kissing down the chest of Jiraiya in a let's say rather revealing outfit. The smirk on the face of Jiraiya as he noticed me told me that this was not a one-time thing."

"Ahahahaha!" Hana started laughing and she inadvertently pressed her cleavage into the side of Naruto and squeezed his leg as she was laughing. The blonde Hokage would have had to be blind if he didn't notice this. At this point in time, he was insanely hungry and that was more important.

"Here you go, here is the food and drinks. Is there anything else that we can do for you Hokage-sama?" The bartender as he brought out the food.

"No thank you, this looks great though!"

After this a silence settled between the two with occasional words being said as Naruto focused on the food in front of him whilst Hana focused on the two daiquiris. Once his stomach was full and the glass the milkshake was in was empty, Naruto turned to Hana. "Hey Hana, I have a busy day tomorrow so I have to leave soon. Would you like to come back to my place and to have coffee?" Naruto returned the favour as he said this as he placed his hand on the top of, verging on inner thigh of Hana.

Hana let off a smirk that showed her canines. "It'd be my pleasure Naruto-kun." She thought she had been pretty forward and direct with the moves she made earlier and as Naruto was eating, she was wondering whether or not he was either Naïve or not interested. This squashed all of those thoughts. Picking up her drink, Hana finished the rest of her drink which impressed Naruto.

The Kage placed money on the table to cover his food and drink whilst Hana did the same for her tab. As she got up off of the bar stool, Hana stumbled two steps as she didn't realise how drunk she was. Naruto quickly grabbed onto her wrist to stabilize the girl. "Let's get out of here shall we?" The Uzumaki questioned and he got a nod in response.


The duo soon found themselves at Naruto's home and he immediately kissed Hana on the lips to which she responded greedily. "What no coffee? I'm disappointed." Hana mentioned before she kissed Naruto again.

"As if you were ever interested in coffee. We both know what you want." Naruto replied with a smirk on his face and brazenly groped one of the ass cheeks of the Inuzuka with his left hand and pulled her firmly into his body.

She moaned in pleasure as she felt the erection and she wasn't disappointed at all. In fact, she was very much excited. "The question is whether or not you can give me what I want." the brunette said as she ran her hand down the chest of Naruto and lightly grazed the clothes covering his manhood.

"I'm not sure about what you want, but I can definitely give you what you need." With one hand on her arse, Naruto used the other one to trail up the white sleeveless blouse and let it rest just before her breast. His thumb ran up the cup of her bra and found something prodding out of the fabric and run his thumb over it.

"Ugh." Hana moaned which was all Naruto needed to continue what he was doing. Each time he did it, his hand got more brazen and soon, he was cupping her breast with his hand, kissing her jawline and making his way ever so slowly down the valley of her exposed chest. The hand that was once on Hana's ass had moved towards the hem of her shirt and slowly started pulling the blouse up.

Naruto let go of her breasts enough so that he could pull the garment up and over them. Hana released her arms up in the air, making it easy for Naruto to take it off. The second it was off, Naruto threw it to the ground and grabbed the wrists of Hana that were still in the air roughly. Not sure what was about to happen, the Inuzuka's heart started racing. The Hokage of Konoha slammed his prey into the wall and watched with glee as her chest bounced back up at him.

With her hands up in the air, the brunette was at the mercy of Naruto and she absolutely loved it. Naruto made it so that one hand was holding two of Hana's hostage. It was hot because whilst she was under his mercy, she knew that she could break out of the rather loose hold Naruto had on her body. She didn't have any plan of doing that anytime soon. With a hand free, Naruto moved it to the back strap of the creamy white bra that Hana was wearing. It took three goes but it was undone.

Naruto released Hana's hands and allowed the garment to fall to the ground before quickly grasping her hands and pressing them above her head and her body back into the wall. A moan of anticipation escaped her lips as she waited with baited breath of what was about to happen.

"Wow." Naruto couldn't help but marvel at the first pair of breasts that he had seen in real life. Without wasting time, Naruto moved his mouth to one of the exposed nipples and ever so slowly licked it. The moan of pleasure he got from Hana further served to increase his actions as he became more confident in his abilities.

Getting impatient, Hana spoke up through the pleasure. "I need more Naruto-kun, you need to give me more." She ground her hips hard into the throbbing erection pressed into her. She broke out of the hold and started undoing the shirt of Naruto, very much pleased with his muscular physique.

"Turn around," Naruto called out as Hana had her hands on her skirt and was about to pull it down. A smirk appeared on her face and she did as she was commanded.

"Yes Hokage-sama. Anything for you Hokage-sama." The Inuzuka woman replied as she bent over as she took of the skirt and emphasized sticking her but back as she took it down. It was clear for Naruto to see the white lacy thong that had a significant wet patch on it. When she turned around, Hana found Naruto naked and fully erect.

"Yes, you can definitely give me what I want and need." Hana said as she motioned forward and deftly caught the condom that Naruto chucked her.

Before putting it on her Kage, Hana quickly took off her g string. "Where's your bedroom?" the duo quickly made their way there and Naruto was excited to say the least.

The chunin fell onto the bed first facing Naruto and watched as he climbed between her legs. Hana didn't think much of it as she grabbed Naruto's penis but for Naruto, this was the first time someone other than himself had touched it. It was exhilarating. Once the condom was placed on Hana made a motion for Naruto to stick it in.

"Ugh, that feels so good Naruto-kun." Hana moaned out as she felt the penis enter her body.

Naruto was marvelling the sensation of sex and could definitely now see why Jiraiya was so in love with it. "You're so wet Hana-chan." Naruto replied as he pushed all the way in until his hips were touching hers.

"You made me this way Hokage-sama. Feel how wet you made me. Now stop fucking teasing me and fuck me!" The chunin demanded of her Hokage. Hearing the name Hokage-sama made Naruto grin and further served to turn him on. He liked being in a position of power.

Pulling his hips back, he guided his cock back inside of the pussy. Each thrust increased the pace until the duo found a steady rhythm. Both were making noises showcasing how much they enjoyed it.

"Yes! Just like that Hokage-sama! Keep doing that, I'm going to cum soon!" Hana exclaimed. She had moved her hand down to her clit during the sex and fervently rubbed herself as she neared her orgasm. Alcohol only made the woman even hornier.

"Ugh, I'm getting real close too Hana-chan." Naruto panted as since this was his first time, his stamina wasn't the greatest. The sensations he was feeling were getting all too intense.

"Keep going Naruto-kun, keep going. I'm getting so close that you can't stop. I need you!"

Hearing that was like poison as what little resistance Naruto had left was gone and he moaned harshly as he came deep into the condom. This tipped over Hana as she let out all of her pent up horniness and convulsed around the cock inside of her. Her toes curling, her body spasming, and she dug her nails deep into the back of Naruto and heard him hiss from the pain. She didn't care though as she had a great orgasm.

"That… that was intense."

Hana nodded with a big grin on her face. "Yep I haven't had one of them in a while. Is it okay if I use your toilet?"

"Yeah sure" Naruto mentioned despite the fact that he was not fully with it. He was now coming to the realisation that he was no longer a virgin and it felt pretty damn good.


"We can do this sometime soon yeah?" Hana questioned. She had gotten dressed and was at the front door looking back at Naruto.

"For sure." Naruto agreed. He was keen to experience that again.

"Okay then and see ya Hokage-sama." Hana said before kissing her boss one final time before heading home.

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