Chapter .5.


"Do you think Bella will help us?" Alice asks

"She better", Rose says growling

"It is Queen Isabella for you. Make sure you call her that soon you will be seeing them. And don't make them cross. Queen Isabella is protected by all the guard. They love her beyond imagination. So don't piss them off", Tanya says firmly

"Why did she marry Marcus?" Edward asks, "He has thousands of human lives he has taken in his hands"

"He is her soulmate", Kate answers

"I am her soulmate", Edward says stubbornly

"You won't have been about to leave her if you were", Irina says shocking her head at Edward's denial

"Everyone we have mail. It is from the Volturi", Cosmos says holding up the letter

"Open it then Cosmos", Eleazar says

Dear Denali's,

We greet you are dearest friends to let you know the gathering is coming just outside Alaska the gathering is happening. We hope to see you all soon. We look forward to seeing the children again. Ours haven't stopped bugging us about seeing them.

You know the usual meeting place we are waiting.

See you all soon

Love: Queen Isabella and the Volturi

"I guess that means we pack. Laurent get the blood, Eleazar, Cosmos, Garrett bring the cars around. Kids come and get packed. You all will see your friends soon", Carmen says

"What about us?" Carlisle asks

"You may follow us to the meeting place", Carmen says

Carmen gestures to Tanya to come to her.

"Ring her. Warn her. I don't want us to be in trouble", Carman says to Tanya

"I was going to do it anyway", Tanya says with a grim smile

Tanya goes outside to make a very important phone call to her best friend Isabella. Hopefully she would take the news well…

Gathering Fields

Queen Isabella known as the guiding light to vampires was helping set up the gathering fields. These gatherings were to promote unity and to help new female vampires have children.

Queen Isabella had 13 children of her own with King Marcus. King Aro and Queen Sulpicia had 10 children. King Caius and Queen Athenodora had 11 children all of they were very noisy like Aro's children were as energetic like their father.

Demetri and Leah (Shape-Shifter Werewolf) had 7 children 5 boys and 2 girls.

Chelsea and Afton had 5 kids. 4 boys and 1 girl.

Santiago and Heidi had 4 kids. 3 girls and 1 boy.

Diego and Renata had 2 kids. 1 boy and 1 girl.

Corin and Celeste had 3 kinds. 2 boys and 1 girl.

Felix and Gianna had 9 kids. 6 girls and 3 boys.

It made a noise Volturi Castle. Now it was the time of the gathering where all vampires gathered. Queen Isabella was supervising the set up. Sulpicia and Athenodora were keeping an eye on the children.

"Your Majesty", a familiar voice says to Bella

"Peter, Charlotte it is so good to see you all again and look at your children how grown up they are", Queen Isabella says looking at the 6 children

"They are growing fast. I am pregnant again", Charlotte says smiling

"How many weeks?" Isabella asks

"About a month I think", Charlotte says happily

"She already has mood swings", Peter mutters to Isabella

Charlotte wacked him on the back of his head.

"Oww woman don't hit so hard", Peter grumbles

Isabella whacks his head, "Be more respectful to a pregnant woman"

"Yes your Majesty", Peter says rubbing the back of his head

That is when Isabella's personal cell rings.

"I will talk to you later. It is Tanya", Isabella says picking up her phone

"See you soon your Majesty. And that call is going to give you some shocking news", Peter says grinning

"Get out of here Peter Whitlock!" Queen Isabella orders

"Yes ma'am", Peter says running away with his children giggling

"Hello Tanya", Queen Isabella says answering her phone

"Hello my Queen", Tanya says

"It is just Isa to you Tanya in private. What is wrong?" Queen Isabella asks sensing something was wrong

"Well we might have more people to the gathering", Tanya says

"We always have more people", Queen Isabella says

"Well we at Denali had visitors a couple of days ago who didn't know about you…", Tanya starts

"And?" Queen Isabella asks

"They are the Cullen's my Queen", Tanya says

"The Cullens?!" Queen Isabella says shocked

"Yes. And they are going to follow us to the gathering. I am sorry my Queen there is no way we can tell them no. Rosalie is very persist. She wants a kids desperately", Tanya explains

"I know she wants a child. What about the others?" Queen Isabella asks

"They want a child too. But Edward wants to win you back", Tanya reveals

"Well that is never going to happen. Marcus and I are soulmates. Maybe he will find his at this gathering", Queen Isabella says

"We can hope. I have to go my Queen we will be leaving soon. See you in a couple of hours", Tanya says

"See you soon Tanya. And I am not going to punish your coven because of the Cullen's. So relax", Queen Isabella says

"How did you…", Tanya starts

"I could hear it in your voice. See you all soon", Queen Isabella says

"See you soon my Queen", Tanya says as they hung up

Isabella snaps her phone shut. The Cullen's where coming here. She was going to see them again. Should she forgive them. Maybe she could forgive Jasper because it wasn't his fault but the rest of them she wasn't sure about.

Carlisle had let his coven leave her behind in danger.

Esme also left her behind in danger.

Emmett had promised never to let her fall and he had. She had fallen into a pit of despair.

Rosalie had always been a bitch to her always hating her. But could she fault Rose for being honest.

Alice had been her best friend and never left a note saying goodbye. She might never forgive her.

And then there was Edward she would never forgive Edward.

That means she would have to stand them not forgive them but toluate them. Now she must find her Marcus and tell him the Cullen's were coming. That was going to be a fun conversation…

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