A/N: First and foremost, yes, I realise this one-shot is like super short, but this is all which came to me and so this is all that I'm writing down. I am not going to force myself to write more because I actually like it the way it is. And to those who follow me on Tumblr (also lyndaloyde), this is an edited version to the one I posted on Tumblr. I added a few more lines into it and fixed some mistakes...

So, I found this quote (the tittle of this super crazy short one-shot) and felt this scene coming to me. Thus, I wrote it down and it came out as a random love scene. I decided to give it a little tweak to turn it into a Fourtris scene, then jam it into the space between the scenes when they presumably did it in that random empty hotel room and the morning after in Allegiant. Seeing that I have a Fanfiction account, I thought, "Why don't I post it up?"

It is in Tobias's POV instead of Tris's.

Disclaimer: I do not own Divergent.

"For you, I was a chapter. For me, you were the book." -Tom McNeal

"You turned the page of my life and created a whole new chapter in my book." She whispers after being able to catch her breath. Her hands are combing softly through my hair as I, still lying on top of her, absent-mindedly trace the three ravens flying on her collarbone with my fingers. I lay my head on her bare chest with my left ear pressed to it so I can listen to her beating heartbeat- the sole reason to why I am the person I am today.

If it wasn't for her, I would have joined the factionless. I would have joined Evelyn to rebel against the whole faction system. I would have smiled when the peace and stability come crashing down with the factions. Feel satisfied when the leaders are executed. Given Edward a round of applause when he smashed and crashed the faction bowls- or I might have even been the sole person doing it.

I would have been cruel, soulless, heartless.

I would have been a monster.

I would have turned into a Marcus.

All if it wasn't for Tris.

I wouldn't have changed into this man who could feel sympathy. Who could love...

"A chapter is like a new part of your life. A book is the story of your life." I start, eyes lifting up to meet hers. "For you, I am a chapter. For me, you are the book."

Her eyebrows automatically furrows slightly and her mouth pouts to object.

I sigh and lift my body up slightly with my forearms and lean on my elbows so our eyes are at the same level and speak before she could say something, "The story of my life never had a purpose. It was never worth telling, unworthy of remembering, unworthy to even think about. That is until you came into it. I was soulless, heartless... I was anything but human. I was a slave... a slave to my own fears. My whole life, it starts when you jumped down from that net and landed into my life."

I place a soft kiss on her forehead and look intently into her eyes as I whisper, "I am just a chapter but you, you Tris, are the book."