Author's Note: Hi guys! So this is the first slash fiction I've ever written with this pairing... in fact, this is my first fan fiction EVER! I was a little nervous to post this up, but I've noticed that quite a few people have read it without leaving any comments or feedback (which is fine, considering that I barely do it myself...). Just so I know whether anyone's interested to see this "story" continue, I'd really appreciate if you guys (and girls) leave short reviews. Thanks! :D

George O'Malley's greatest fear had been realized upon failing a surgery with Dr. Shepherd. That was the last thing on the young surgeon's mind. He'd carved a perfect image of the hotshot attending- one of an almost exclusively calm, caring and charming mentor whose sole devotion was to his interns. Today, George learned that above all else, Derek Shepherd was devoted to the care of his patients. And George paid the price for it.

Shepherd's last words to him before he hurriedly left the OR in shamble were: "You're taking up what little oxygen our patient has left!" Flustered by the humiliation that his idolized attending had sparked during the operation, George barely managed to compose himself on his way to the On-call room. As he headed there, a few heads turned to him with sorry expressions, though unknowing what to be sorry about. At that point in time, it was almost a habit to feel humility towards George.

He finally arrived in the On-call room, where he locked himself to break in loud redundant breaths. Not tears, because that wouldn't have been justified. Getting yelled at by Derek Shepherd wasn't the worse thing that could've happened to him. Killing that patient, on the other hand, may have possibly ended his career. Thanks to Dr. Shepherd's quick thinking, which resulted in George being pushed aside from the table, the patient was miraculously saved. It was only when George calmed down that he realized that the reasoning for his panic attack wasn't the patient's safety, nor the shards that Dr. Shepherd threw at him when he'd gotten angry. He heard an exceeding amount of insults in his lifetime to even care about them anymore. What took him aback was his mentor's stern expression as he told him to leave the room, as though he had been disappointed by the promise of a gifted intern. George tried excruciatingly hard to be great. If not great, at least good enough. Especially when working under Derek. There was something about that doctor's eyes; the way he viewed all of his interns as beings with endless potential and talent with an undying thirst to prove themselves. George sometimes suspected that he was his favourite. He could sense that the older doctor somehow believed him to be better than he was. Whenever he wondered whether he imagined it, he'd remind himself that he was almost constantly hand-picked by the famous neurosurgeon for once-in-a-lifetime procedures, which drove his fellow interns into a state of jealousy. There was also a subtle twinkle in Derek's eyes whenever he'd address George or talked about anything related to the man. He displayed a glimmer of protection over the young and inexperienced intern. Probably because the latter was more sensitive than the rest of them. An hour had passed before someone knocked on the door of the On Call room, which George had inadvertently locked so as to be left in peace. Having barely recovered from the horror of that surgery, George inaudibly muttered, "I'm leaving" while opening the door. He hadn't paid attention to the dreamy figure standing before him as he walked passed it, though he was immediately grabbed by the wrist. Looking up, he instantly blushed after noticing Derek Shepherd staring through his piercing blue eyes with a guilty expression, while still retaining his usual charming look.

"O'Malley, don't! I need to talk to you." he said quickly. George stared at the older doctor's firm hand still holding him, becoming uncomfortably aware of his mentor's strength.

Yet strangely, he was also comforted by the strong man's touch, as though that one was reassuring him that everything was going to be alright. Derek guided him back to the On-Call room without receiving any protests, and insured to close the door behind them.

"It's my fault, I shouldn't have yelled. You have every right to be mad at me."

"I'm not," George replied hesitantly. "My mistake almost cost the patient her life, so... you have every right to be angry with me, sir."

"I'm your attending, you're just an intern, George. I shouldn't have expected as much as I did from you. You couldn't have handled it. You shouldn't be able to handle it, no one should. Not in your rank anyway."

The short silence that ensued quickly accentuated the awkward tension between both men. Caught off guard, George started to chuckle lightly.

"I was trying to warn you, Dr. Shepherd... about my incompetence. That way, it wouldn't have come as a surprise to you," he said jokingly.

Derek smirked. For some reason, that smirk stopped George from laughing, and only elevated the tension between them up a notch!

"You're like Meredith," he says. "Interns like you... have no idea of their own potential. That's why I kept pushing you. Both. (He squeezed George's wrist lightly, his thumb discreetly caressing his palm, which extracted a slight spasm from George) I go after interns who don't think too highly of themselves because the least arrogant ones tend to be the most suited for the job. Then I train them as hard as I possibly can before throwing them in the field. My mistake... is that I threw you in with barely any training."

George was leeching on to his words by fear of misunderstanding him. He was frightened to bring too much attention back to his hand, thus he stared straight into the older doctor' eyes, which temporarily soothed him. The movements in his hand were impossible to ignore though, as the rubbing became increasingly more obvious by the second.

"I...I'm so...sorry I've disappointed you." he repeated, unnerved.

Derek remained unflinching. He seemed amused by George's clumsiness when it came to choosing the right words.

"Don't be. You're still my favorite intern, you know?" he said, stepping closer to George. "What happened today isn't going to change that. And as I said, I've still got plenty to teach you."

George painfully swallowed as he stared at Derek's lips. Derek's eyes followed his gaze, which unconsciously prompted him to lick his upper lip in a quick movement.

"Yes. I mean... yeah! I know," George said.

Derek finally let go of his hand, letting his thumb swiftly slide off his wrist.

"We should go," he says.

He winked at him as he unlocked the door and gestured for George to leave the room first. The latter barely showed a smile as he passed by him, but once alone, his mouth broke into a widening grin. He thought of everything that has happened in that room and realized that botching that surgery was possibly the best thing that ever happened to him. Derek did just enough to send the message across, but not enough to make his intentions outwardly obvious. Now, it was made clear that George wasn't repulsed by his tender touch.

George's train of thoughts was interrupted when Meredith caught him smiling in the corridor.

"Is that a case I should try to steal from you?" she asks with a sympathetic smile.

"Huh?" George replied.

He suddenly realized that she was referring to his chart.

"Oh... No!" George replies flustered.

"Who are you thinking of?" she said with a sardonic smile formed on her face.

"No one that might interest you," he lied.

The next day, George was unsure whether to let Derek know that he was aware of the latter's intentions, so he simply decided to ignore his mentor for most of the time. Sometimes though, whenever the neurosurgeon consulted him for a special case, he'd try to communicate with him through stares. Unfortunately, the intense staring treatment wasn't George's speciality. Instead, he resorted to brushing (not so discreetly) his mentor's forearm or his hand whenever he was handed charts from him. Surprisingly, that got more of a reaction from Derek than anything else. The older doctor's eyes became heavily dilated as George discussed with him about the different options they could attend for surgery. George, who was holding the patient's chart tightly to his chest, let one of his fingers run through Derek's coat buttons. His movements became increasingly more noticeable as he ran his long finger through the opening of the man's shirt, to the point where he could finally reach his skin. George was standing so close to his mentor that no one noticed the touching. Except for Derek...

A week later, the doctors were alerted about a possible bug travelling around the hospital. All were asked to stay in their places. It so happened that George and Derek had to stay in the same room- that is, the interns' locker room. The news of a potential virus send George into a frenzy. He was constantly walking in circles in a pool of his own sweat, while Derek sat on a bench, staring at him with a blueberry muffin in hand.

"We're going to die here!" George said in a squeaked voice.

"No one is dying, O'Malley. Now if you calmed down, I'd give you a bite of my apple," Derek said, seeming as relaxed as ever, if not slightly annoyed by George.

"No! No, that's... that's not even yours, you took it from Karev's locker!"

"Well, if we'll have to stay here for long, might as well not do it hungry."

George couldn't believe how his day was turning. Derek's calm demeanor usually appeased him, but this time, his nonchalant attitude was only making him more frantic. He needed someone to be on the same page as him.

"What if we're sick? What if I'm... Oh God! Am I sweating?" George's voice reached a high peak.

"Twenty minutes of walking in circles will do that to you," Derek replied in an exasperated tone.

"I think I'm getting a fever... does this mean I'm contagious?"

These words seemed to be the last straw for Derek. In a quick movement, the latter got up from the bench and walked towards George. Then, out of the blue, he placed his lips directly on George's mouth and pressed forward aggressively, heaving him to a nearby locker and using his weight to lock the young intern into place. George was so surprised that he forgot to close his eyes, and instead, he tried to protest to no avail. McDreamy suddenly opened the younger man's mouth by slowly inserting his tongue. George was finally in his submission as he quit resisting Derek's fierce movements. They began to furiously mesh their tongues together, which gave the intern the vague impression of sword-fighting with his mentor. He was surprisingly much more resilent than he would've thought. After a disappointingly short instance of tongues swirling, Derek extracted his mouth from George's.

He smiled in a way that made George shiver and added: "See? Told you you weren't contagious."