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Garrett POV

You had to love the ability to wander through woods, days on end without having to stop to eat, drink or even rest. It had been one of the many things that came with being a vampire but one of the few I hadn't tired of yet.

Sure, speed and strength are fun qualities but after a while they became normal, nothing special about them. Especially once you aren't a newborn anymore, the strength you have then is in no way different from other vampires.

Sure some of us have gifts, I know I do but even those can become tedious. Imagine having to hear everyone's thoughts all day and all night, no reprieve because you have no need for sleep. Or perhaps seeing the future, you would see every disaster that was to come but you can't warn anyone in fear of exposing what you are.

No my gift would come in hand much better, though it put quite a lot of strain on me sometimes. I could sense if someone had found their mate and had they not who (s)he is or would be. It was a burden as well as a gift.

I knew exactly where to find my own mate but once unmated vampires found out about my gift they wanted me to find their mate. That is all fun and games but some vampires should just not find their mate, especially not when (s)he is human.

For example, the vampire king Caius. His mate was currently a 16 year old human girl but he hates humans with a passion. There was a big chance of him killing his own mate in a fit of anger over her humanity, or he could turn her too soon, ending up with a mate that was forever a teenager. Like Carlisle's Edward was.

They were the hardest. Teenagers may be capable of controlling their bloodlust but their emotions and understanding of the world was warped. They were known to throw huge fits and from the ones I had seen in Carlisle's boy they weren't to be underestimated. I couldn't fathom why the Volturi hadn't banned the turning of teenagers yet, maybe because their most valuable members were teenagers. The witch twins were unstable at best as well and Jane her gift made her extremely dangerous.

I was looking for my own mate now and I wanted to find her soon. From what my gift told me she would be a mental shield and she would be moving near the Cullens soon. I couldn't let the mind reader think that she was his, she wasn't. No, Isabella Marie Swan was mine and I would make sure everybody knew.

I was now only an hour away from her house in Phoenix. I had a plan, kind of. I had done some investigating and found out her mother wasn't in the state and she would be home alone. The perfect time to explain everything and maybe even consumate the mating bond, as long as she would be willing of course.

I came into the neighbourhood, it wasn't the richest neighbourhood but it was decent. As I came into view of her house I smelt the most delicious scent. I knew this to be her scent as no other could smell so sweet to me and not make me thirsty. It was amazing and made me hard just by the smell of it.

I knocked on her door, no need to scare her by just turning up in her living room. The door was opened and even knowing who she would be to me I had the wind knocked out of me. A petite brunette with red highlights was in front of me, her deep brown eyes looking up at me and a blush spread out over her cheeks and down her neck.

"Excuse me, miss Swan. May I come in?" She looked confused, maybe because I knew her name or maybe because I wanted to come in. I didn't really care, I just wanted to get to know her better. Find out what made her tick and what she enjoyed most, to do that I had to get inside and talk to her.

"Uhm, okay. Just who are you?" She was cautious. She must have a feeling of trust near me but she was still cautious. Her father must have taught her not to trust strangers at the first meeting.

"Of course, my name is Garrett Williams. And please don't be afraid of me, I will never hurt you." She seemed slightly more at ease and opened the door for me to step in. She motioned for my jacket and hung it up in what I assumed was the wardrobe.

"So, Mr. Garrett Williams who will never hurt me. Why are you here then?" I had to hand it to her, the girl had sass. She and Peter would probably get along just fine, though then I would have to start worrying about being pranked on all the time. Yeah, I was never going to introduce those two, that would be such a bad idea it wasn't even funny.

"This is going to sound very unbelievable so please pay attention to this." I took out the contacts I had put in earlier. They would help her believe and it had the added bonus of not scaring her off the second she met my eyes.

She gasped and then reached her hand up to my eyes, okay not the reaction I was expecting... Where was the screaming and running people usually displayed at the sight of our eyes? Of course my mate would be different, she didn't even flinch. No she looked deep into my eyes, searching for something. I had no idea what but I hoped she found it.

"Why am I drawn to you?" She really was smart and that was the million dollar question. Let's just hope she didn't run at my explanation.

"I'm a vampire. Before you start screaming and running just let me explain." She nodded and I continued. "Okay, so I do drink blood and I do kill humans, but only criminals. We have to kill because we are venomous, I would rather not kill but criminals are the best option. You are drawn to me because vampires have mates, you are mine."

Well, that was the short version of things. I would have to take the time to explain the whole story, and mine later. Let's just hope she still wanted anything to do with me.

"Okay so what's a mate exactly?" Yeah maybe I should have explained that immediately and not wait until she asked.

"Right should have explained that immediately. A mate is actually short for soulmate, it's the one we are destined to spend our eternity with." She looked surprised for a second and then blushed.

I cupped her cheeks and made her look back into my eyes, willing her to see the sincerity in them. She blushed again and I couldn't resist. I kissed her, sweetly and soft. She moaned and I couldn't resist deepening the kiss, I sweeped my tongue along her lips asking for entrance. She granted me entrance and I got lost in the taste of her mouth.

I pushed her up against the nearest wall, pressing my hips into hers. She moaned again and I started kissing down her neck, sucking when I hit a spot that made her moan. Her little breathy sigh of my name snapped me out of it.

I had met her only minutes ago and was already pressing her up against walls. I really had to get my self control under better control. I pulled away slowly but the slap in my face I was anticipating never came, instead she simply looked at me with a small smile on her face.

"You can do that anytime you want, you know. I won't be complaining." I probably had a shit eating grin on my face right about now but wouldn't you when your mate wants you to kiss her, at anytime. She lightly smacked me, not hard enough to hurt me or anything but hard enough that I felt it.

"Now that I have stroked your ego enough, maybe you can tell me about your life. I mean I have no idea how old you are." I simply grinned again and pulled her over to a couch. She started to sit down but I simply pulled her into my lap, she huffed a bit but settled against my chest. No idea how anyone could be comfortable there but if she was I wasn't about to complain.

"I was born around the mid seventeen hundreds and turned in 1780, I was in my late twenties I think. I was turned when me and some other men were separated and a vampire decided to make us lunch, he didn't fully drain me and I woke up after three days of burning. I had no idea what I had become, only that my throat was burning and I was so thirsty for something.

"I had fought for freedom as a human so I simply started following the armies around and fed off of wounded British soldiers. After a while I ran across another vampire, he filled in the blanks about what I was. His name was Charles and we still keep in contact through various means.

"Is your curiosity satisfied for now?"

She looked up at me with wonderment in her eyes. I had now idea why it was there, what the hell was she thinking?

"I can't imagine having to go trough all that by yourself, my brave warrior." Her warrior, I liked the sound of that but I knew I had to tell her about the scars I had on my body. Otherwise she might freak if we ever did the deed.

"There is one more thing. There isn't much that can cause scars for my kind, only our own venom. A couple years after I was turned I went too far south and got tangled up in the newborn wars. It's results are scars all over my body, I don't want you to be scared of me when you see them."

She didn't react, just rubbed my hands. I hadn't realized my hands had been shaking but she had and she was trying to calm me. I covered her tiny hands with my own and she smiled up at me. She simply smiled at me and reached up and kissed me. I deepened the kiss and she tilted her head back a little, giving me access to her neck.

M scene

I kissed down her neck, suckling on the sweet spot I had found minutes ago. She moaned again and instead of stopping I kissed further down. She let me and soon enough I was at the edge of her shirt. My hands slipped under her shirt, roaming over her naked skin.

Soon enough she was tugging at my shirt, I leaned back and pulled it off. She put her lips on my chest, on the biggest, most noticeable scar there and sucked. I moaned at the feeling and pulled her even closer to me. She ground her hips into mine and without thought I shredded her shirt. Her bra soon followed and her naked chest against mine felt amazing. Our tongues battled again and our moans mixed.


It was hard to fathom that just yesterday I had never been kissed and now I was grinding on the man who was apparently my soulmate. I had never felt this good before and I just knew I never wanted this to end.

I could feel how excited he was as I ground in to him again and let out a moan. His hands went up to my breasts and kneaded them. He started trailing kisses down my neck again and I arched up into him. He came to my chest and started sucking on one of my nipples, lightly biting and then laving his tongue over them. I moaned even harder and pressed my hips down, desperately needing friction.

His hands covered my hips and he flipped me over so I was beneath him. We were lying on the couch now and it was becoming a bit small for our activities.

"My bedroom upstairs, second door on the left." He simply nodded against me and in one cool rush I was pressed up against another door. I could feel him fumble for the doorknob and in another rush I was lying on my bed. Garrett settled in between my legs and got back to kissing me.

I couldn't grind into him well enough for my liking or need for friction. I slipped my hand down his chest to his pants. I unzipped them and started to push them down. His hands covered mine but I simply smirked.

A dangerous glint entered into his eyes and before I could say anything or stop him he ripped my jeans and panties off of me. He proceeded to push his own jeans off and settled back between my legs, I could feel him pressed against me and I wondered if it would fit.

His fingers trailed down my stomach until they were just above my clit. He circled it a few times with his fingers before he suddenly pushed two fingers in. I moaned and he grinned, kissing me again. He slipped in another finger and the sensations of him kissing me while rubbing became almost too much. Just as I thought I would cum he pulled his fingers out, before I could protest he pinched my clit and I came moaning his name into his mouth.

Without giving me time to come back down from my high he positioned himself at my entrance and pushed himself in. The feeling of him filling me hurt slightly and the sensation was quite odd. He started moving slowly, making sure I wasn't hurting and soon the odd feeling was replaced by pleasure.

I started moaning and Garrett started to speed up. He searched out my mouth and the kiss took my breath away. I started panting as he released ny mouth and I could feel my orgasm approaching again.

He flipped me over so he could enter me from behind without even missing a beat. The new position made him go even deeper than before and made him hit a spot inside of me that made me see stars. I came a second time and Garrett followed after me with a roar. I heard something crack but I couldn't be bothered as I fell asleep.

I snuggled into Garrett's chest and fell asleep, all cuddled up. The last thing I heard was his whispered declaration of love.

Time skip to the next morning

I woke up still snuggled into Garrett's chest and he was gazing down on me. I smiled up at him and he leaned down and kissed me.

"I know you might not want to hear this but we should get out of here..." Wait what! Why couldn't we stay here for a while, just for a week or something. My mom wouldn't be home for almost an entire week and Phil would be gone even longer.

"I understand that you would like to stay but a friend of mine texted me a while back. Apparently she was feeling guilty about leaving you so much and decided to come home early. She is supposed to be here this afternoon."

Well that made a lot more sense. I could see the urgency of our leaving now and without questioning him further I got out of bed and started packing a bag. His arms encircled me from behind and started helping me pack the bag.

With my bag packed we went downstairs for me to get some breakfast. Garrett left for a few minutes to get a car and when he came back I had finished my breakfast. We put my back in the trunk and Garrett pulled away from the curb. I looked back at the house and a lone tear made it's way down my cheeck, Garrett wiped it away and kissed me. Making a silent promise to me, what it was I didn't know but I think it might be to always make happy.

We left Phoenix behind in a few hours and crossed into Utah, I fell asleep after that and didn't wake up untill we crossed into Montana. It was green but not as green as Forks had always been and it was a nice change from the heat of Phoenix.

This was going to a good adventure.

Hope you liked it and tell me what you thought about it.