Okay so I'm a total pervert! But you are too if you're reading this! You've been warned! Very adult themes. Mashima's Fairy Tail characters. That Trollshima loves to tease us so here's some more in depth teasing. Exclusively Nalu! I originally planned on making this a oneshot, but I decided to divide it into two parts since I kept going with it. Thanks for reading!

Take the Bait:

Nobody loses in a teasing game

The sun was setting as Lucy sat in a towel on the couch, making sure her lady bits were covered- mostly. When Natsu walked in from the kitchen, his eyes immediately dropped to her lower body. She had let her butt cheeks hang out, tempting him. Giving him a little show, trying to make him take the bait. She loved to tease him. She felt the sexual tension between them grow each passing day, and she dropped hints every now and then. 'Accidentally' landing on top of him in a straddling position, 'accidentally' brushing her body against his every chance she got, and she noticed he 'accidentally' ended up with handfuls of her boobs from time to time. She tried to lure him closer by uncrossing her legs. Sure enough he pounced on his prey. He was licking up from her knee, biting into her lovely exposed flesh. He pried her legs apart and immediately started licking the object of his desire. "Ahh...Natsu...no we...shouldn't..." She didn't expect him to actually attack her! She just wanted to tease him! They were nakama! Team mates, best friends... Were they allowed to do this too?

Natsu licked her slit up and down, making her moan in pleasure. He stopped and pulled back, looking her in the eyes. "We shouldn't? You don't like it?" As he spoke he rubbed his thumb in massaging circles around her entrance. She moaned. How did he know all the right things to do to her?! Surely he wasn't experienced in this, Lucy didn't have experience either but she knew enough from books and instinct. "If you don't like it then why are you dripping Luce?" Lucy's back arched as he slipped in a finger. "Why do you tease me like this every day? I can't really control myself, you know. I'm impulsive. Dragons don't restrain from what they want."

She was panting. "Natsu...but.. we're teammates.." Natsu entered another finger. Lucy groaned. He started to move his fingers inside of her, feeling and wiggling around. "So?" Lucy gripped onto the couch cushions as he lowered his head again, sucking at her juices that were spilling out. "So... we...ngh. W-we shouldn't be doing this..." Even as she spoke her fingers furled into his pink hair, keeping him in place. He started pumping his fingers in and out. "AH!" "Luce... you want me to stop then?" She huffed, "No! But-" He went faster. "But this is stuff for boyfriends and girlfriends right?" She moaned as her body involuntarily bucked up to the motions of his hands. He slowed down. "Natsu, please."

"No Luce. You aren't my girlfriend so I can't do this right? I should stop, like you want." She whimpers as his fingers slowed more, "No. I don't want you to stop." His tongue slid around her wet folds, slipping into her entrance. Her hips pushed up into his face as her hands pulled him closer. Still he broke away, "Ah but you're right. We're nakama and nakama don't do this." She groaned as her body throbbed; it needed him. "Natsu please! Please!" He stroked her slit, and then pinched hard onto her clitoris. She screamed. "But Luce... we really shouldn't..." She yelled his name loudly as he continued to massage her, entering her again. "We should! We should! Please!" He smirked up at her with a mischievous look in his eyes. "Please what Luce?"

Her eyes rolled back as he pumped harder, deeper, now sucking her clit. "AH! Fuck me Natsu! Please!" He hummed, "Hmm? I don't think I heard you right Luce." She grunted as her hips bucked up into his fingers. She dug her nails into his shoulders, "Fuck me! Fuck me hard right now!" He smiled against her skin, "Are you sure Luce? I thought you said we shouldn't." Lucy again arched her back as he pinched her clit again. "I'm sure!" He clicked his tongue. "But Luce we aren't a couple." Lucy felt herself nearing climax. Her muscles clenched around his fingers. "Then I'll be your girlfriend! Please!" He chuckled then. "Oh really?" "Ah! Ah! Yes!" Spasms took over her body, waves of pleasure crashing into her senses. It was a sensation she had never experienced before, but she wanted it every day now. She screamed his name over and over.

After coming down from her high, she was still panting, her lids only half open. She saw and felt Natsu licking up the last of her liquid. His fingers slid out of her and he put them in his mouth, sucking them clean. Lucy moaned. "Stop teasing me, you asshole." Natsu snickered and moved in closer to her. He ripped the towel off her body. He took a moment to admire the sight before him. He pushed her down on the couch and crawled on top of her. His hands went straight to her breasts, his mouth following soon after. Her legs naturally enclosed around his waist, resting against the back of his thighs. She quickly pulled off his vest and scarf, barely disrupting him. He tasted her, playing and squeezing and massaging. She tilted her head back as he continued to tease her. His mouth ventured up her breasts to explore her other skin. He bit her shoulder hard as Lucy's hands left trails of scratches down his back. He sucked up her neck, licking into her ear as he continued to play with her boobs. He whispered into her ear, "If you're my girlfriend then I can do this whenever I please right?" Lucy nodded, not trusting her voice at the moment.

As confirmation, Natsu crushed his mouth to hers. Their tongues clashed for dominance, and Lucy let him win. She wanted to be dominated right now. She wanted him to take her. Natsu's tongue snaked into her mouth and she sucked it greedily. Her hands slid under the waistband of his pants, she gripped tightly onto his butt while grinding her pelvis up into his. He moaned into her mouth. His hands reached around to her back end and squeezed. "My Mavis, Lucy. Do that again." Lucy obliged, rolling her hips up into him again, feeling his hardness against her. She didn't like the material of his pants pressed against her skin, so she shimmied his pants and boxers off from his body. She used her feet to push them off his legs entirely. His mouth returned to hers as she traced his sculpted abs, following the v-shape path that led down further. He groaned as her hand made contact with something hard yet soft and smooth.

She started to grip his shaft, about to let him release his pleasure too. But his hands caught hers and dragged them above her head. He growled into her ear, "I'm not done with you yet." A shiver of pleasure ran down her spine. He continued to shower her in kisses, one hand exploring while the other held her in place. Heat was pooling in her stomach. She felt desire pulsating from her center, causing her core to throb. She had the urge to snap her legs together so she wouldn't spill out, but she had a better idea. With her legs still wrapped around his waist, she hefted her weight up into him again. His hardness met her wet softness. He groaned into her neck. "Where's your patience Luce?" She growled back, "I don't have any at the moment." He ignored her, teasing her lips with another kiss, burying his tongue deep into her mouth so she couldn't object. More teasing? Two can play that game.

She shifted her body slightly so that his erection was resting underneath her throbbing core. She squeezed her thighs together gently, covering him in her wetness. Satisfyingly, she felt his shaft twitching and growing even impossibly harder. "Dammit Lucy." He broke their lip lock, both of them gasping for air. Lucy wasn't backing down though. If he was going to keep teasing then she would retaliate. She dug her fingers into his hair, bringing his mouth back to hers. Arching her back she pressed her breasts into his chest. He growled and bit her bottom lip. His hands fell to her hips, trying to keep her pushed down so he could tease her longer. But she tightened her leg grip around his waist, pressing their bodies even closer. She hammered her hips against his erotically. He pulled away from her, lifting himself with his arms on either side of her waist.

"Geez Luce. Fine. I'll give you what you want." She smiled in triumph, letting her legs spread wider for him. He positioned his body over hers. He sat back on his knees, grabbing Lucy's thighs roughly. Slowly, he let his tip stroke her up and down. She moaned, hands gripping the cushions since she couldn't reach him. He barely pushed his tip into her entrance. His teasing had reached the point of torture for her. "Dammit Natsu I said fuck me!" He chuckled as he slowly lowered himself into her. Upon reaching her barrier, he looked into her eyes, all teasing and mirth gone. She nodded for him to continue. He lowered his torso over hers, gently kissing her. Then he thrusted past the hymen, breaking it. Lucy gasped and cried out as she gripped onto his muscular arms. He kissed at the tears spilling down her face. He whispered her name over and over, kissing her, stroking her hair away from her face, trying to comfort her pain.

Eventually the pain morphed into pleasure. As Lucy's tears stopped her body adjusted to his size. Testing it out, she rolled her hips up in a circular motion. They both moaned as pleasure coursed through their bodies. "Shit Luce. Can I...?" She nodded permission. Slowly he pulled out of her, the sounds of wet sucking turning them both on even more. He shoved his length back into her, starting to pick up a rhythm. She moved her hips up to meet his thrusts. "Ugh...m-more Nat..su..." Understanding that she wanted him to go deeper, he reached down and pulled up one of her legs, giving him deeper access. She moaned in appreciation as he buried himself further within her. Natsu grunted along with her, the sounds of their lovemaking filling the room.

After a few more deep thrusts, Lucy's moans got even louder. "Natsu! Harder! Faster! Faster!" He complied, picking up his pace, colliding into her. Their bodies smacked against each other. Lucy's flushed face was contorted into pain and pleasure at the same time, her mouth open in a silent scream. Natsu loved the erotic way her boobs bounced every time he pounded into her. "Luce..ah! I'm almost.." She answered, "AHHhh. Me- ah. Me too! Ah! Ngh." Then her body again broke into spasms. Pleasure shook her body as she held onto Natsu. She rode it out, screaming his name loud enough for the people out on Strawberry Street to hear. Before she finished her climax, Natsu joined her. "LUCY!" He continued to slam into her as he felt himself releasing. He slowed down as he came to an end. Lucy had finished too.

He fell against her body, both of them panting. He hadn't bothered pulling out from her, and he could still feel her muscles barely rippling over him. "Mavis, Luce. I didn't know it would feel that good." Lucy giggled against his neck, and kissed his skin softly. "Me either. We should do that more often." She ran her hands along the hard muscles of his back. She felt him still inside of her, and she sighed in contentment. Then she felt a twitch. Her eyes widened as she gasped at him. He smirked, "You said more often didn't you?" "Already! I thought it would take longer for you!" He laughed into her hair, "Not my fault you're so damn sexy." At this she smiled, and rolled her hips into him, feeling like an expert already. He groaned as his hands wandered down to her breasts. He spoke again, "I think I could go all night. I'll never tire of you." She pushed him up and then pinned him down underneath her on the other side of the couch. "That's good to hear. Because I want this every day from now on." She straddled him as his hands continued to pleasure her chest. She bit her lip and grinded into him, his length was still somehow embedded inside of her, expanding and growing harder. He gave her a look of pure lust, quickly flipping her underneath him, "You sure about that Luce? I can make good on that deal."

Another few rounds later, Lucy climbed on top of him again. She had grabbed his scarf from the ground, and tied it tightly around his hands to bind him. "My turn." She smiled hungrily down at him. He squirmed under her gaze, he had been completely dominant the past few hours. Well, he was about to get a taste of his own medicine. "Lucy. What are you doing? Lemme go. You know fire is supposed to be dominant." He wriggled his eyebrows at her, trying to undo the knot tying his hands to the side table. He would just burn through it if it weren't his precious scarf. Lucy placed hot kisses down his torso leaving trails of saliva and bite marks. "Sometimes fire needs to be controlled and restrained. I'm going to discipline you, dragon."

Many hours later, they had wound up on her bed and night had long since fallen. Lucy heaved against the mattress, her face resting on a pillow, trying to catch her breath. She was really starting to feel the soreness plus her energy was almost depleted at that point. He hadn't let her rest for one moment. "What have I done? You're a monster. I've awoken a beast." Natsu placed kisses up her spine, moving his hands from groping her butt to massaging her breasts. She felt his erection press against her butt cheeks. "Again?!" He chuckled against her neck, "I'm not nearly done with you Luce. Ready for another round? I'm fired up." She groaned as he sank into her from behind, not waiting for a response. "Ah!" She gripped the headboard as he relentlessly tore into her. He continued to pummel into her as her pleasured screams filled the air.

The sun had started peaking over the horizon, and Natsu finished, falling on top of Lucy once more. They were both gasping for air. Their bodies were slick with sweat and the evidence of sex. "Natsu...no more please. We didn't even sleep last night.." Natsu sighed against her. "I am pretty tired..." She giggled and wound her arms around him. "Then let's sleep now. We can pick up on this later." At the thought of picking things back up, Natsu was twitching against her. "Natsu are you kidding me?! I'm in pain! Let me rest already!" He laughed throatily, and placed a kiss on her swollen lips. "Last one? For now at least." He winked as he sank into her glorious depths once more. She groaned in pain, not having the energy to thrust back. Natsu rammed into her, eventually falling beside her. He pulled up the covers around them, and they both quickly fell asleep.