Here is Chapter 9! Hope you enjoy! There are probably 2 or more chapters left in this story, so stay tuned and be sure to read!

Soon after Riley reached her bedroom, she got a text from an unknown number. She opened the text and read it to herself.

Meet me in front of Svorski's in no less than twenty minutes!

Riley quietly slipped on her coat and shoes and climbed out of her bay window. She passed by Lucas's apartment. How she longed for him to come with her, but he was probably in bed. So, she walked on by and neared Svorski's. She had her phone ready so if anything went wrong, she'd call her parents. Finally, she arrived in front of Svorski's. She immediately froze in her place when she saw the person in front of her.

"Hello, Riley," Missy sneered in a scary kind of way. This made Riley even more scared. She wanted to call Lucas, she really did, but she couldn't. She was frozen in her place, and she couldn't move.

"Hey, Missy, let's get this over with so I can go back home," said Becky, one of Missy's friends. Missy turned to Becky and practically yelled in her face.

"Hey! We are here for a reason, and you all know why!" said Missy as she turned back to Riley. Riley had finally found the courage to speak.

"Missy, what do you want? My parents are going to be worried sick if I'm not home," Riley said as the fear in her voice started to fade.

"Well, follow me! I want to show you something," said Missy. Riley heard Jessica, Brittany, Mary, and Becky giggle as they walked toward an alley. Soon Riley's concern grew as they neared the alley.

I am going to die tonight, or I'm going to wish I was dead, Riley thought to herself. As she reached for her phone, a fist found its way to Riley's stomach.

"Ow!" Riley cried out in pain. Another fist found its way to her jaw. Punch after punch and kick after kick, Riley felt as if her life was slipping away. Finally, Missy and her clique laughed at Riley and stopped beating her. They walked away and left Riley for dead. As she faded into blackness, Riley could hear the sound of ringing.

I must stay awake for Lucas, my dad, my mom, Maya, Auggie, Farkle, and the rest of my friends and family, Riley thought to herself as she struggled to answer the phone.

"Hello?" Riley answered weakly. The voices on the other line were the sounds of worry and concern that Riley had never wanted to hear.

"Riley, baby, are you okay? Where are you?" Topanga asked. The sound of her mother's voice soothed Riley's pain for a moment, but the pain soon came back as Riley struggled to answer.

"Riley, honey, this is Daddy. Baby, please tell me where you are," Cory said. Riley struggled to answer her father, but the lack of oxygen soon brought Riley to realization that she was going to either die or fall into unconciousness.

"Svorski's," Riley answered as she faded into blackness, not able to utter another word.

"Riley, baby, we are on our way!" Cory shouted into the phone, reassuring his unconscious daughter that they were coming for her. Cory hung up the phone and shouted to Topanga, "Call Maya and tell her about Riley!" Topanga did as she was told.

"Hello?" Maya answered half-asleep. She could hear a mix of crying and panting over the phone.

"Hey, Maya! This is Topanga. I don't know how to tell you this, but Riley's been hurt," Topanga said as she broke down.

"I'll be over as fast as I can," Maya said as she hung up the phone. She slipped on her hoodie and tennis shoes and climbed out of her window so she wouldn't wake her mother. She arrived at the Matthews' apartment in five minutes because she ran. She rushed into the apartment just as they were leaving. Auggie was holding Mr. Googly and was still in his pajamas. Cory was in sweatpants and a tee shirt. Topanga was wearing sweatpants and a tee shirt also. Auggie had on slippers while Cory and Topanga were wearing tennis shoes. They rushed to their car and headed to Svorski's.

When they arrived in front of Svorski's Bakery, Cory found no Riley. The four of them piled out of the car and looked around. Maya walked toward a dark alley. She stopped when she heard something moan. She squinted her eyes to try to get a better look, but all she could see was a figure lying on the ground. Then, it hit her! It was Riley who was lying down!

"Riley!" Maya called. She rushed to Riley's side and took out her phone to get a better look at Riley. She had a bruise on her jaw, a bruise on her left cheek, and had scratch marks and bruises on her arms. Maya was shocked at Riley's looks.

"M-Maya? Is that y-you?" Riley asked hoarsely as she regained consciousness.

"Yes, Riles, it's me. Now, don't try to talk," said Maya soothingly. Soon, she heard someone running towards them. She turned around to find Cory, Topanga, and Auggie rushing towards them.

"Maya, is that Riley?" Cory asked. Maya wanted to break down and cry. She wanted to believe this was all just a dream, but sadly, it wasn't. This was real life, and someone had beaten her best friend senseless.

"Yes, Mr. Matthews, it's her," said Maya as she unwillingly turned on her flashlight for Cory and Topanga to get a better look at Riley. Before she did, she picked up Auggie and walked in the other direction so he wouldn't have to see his beaten sister.

"Oh my God! Riley, baby, are you okay?" Topanga asked worryingly. All Cory could do was stare at his daughter. He had never imagined this happening to his daughter.

"Mom, Dad, where am I?" Riley asked. The pain came back faster than Riley could think. "Ow! My stomach hurts! Mom, please make it stop!" Riley was shouting and screaming and crying, and Topanga didn't know what to do.

"Here, Cory, use Maya's phone to call 911," Topanga said as she handed Maya's phone to Cory. Cory dialed 911 as fast as he could.

"911, what's your emergency?" answered the lady on the other side of the line.

"Yes, my daughter has been beaten!" Cory answered into the phone.

"Where are you, Mr..." asked the lady.

"Cory, Cory Matthews, and I am in an alley near Svorski's Bakery!" shouted Cory into the phone.

"An ambulance is on its way, Mr. Matthews!" answered the lady.

"Thank you," said Cory as he hung up the phone. He rushed back over to Topanga and Riley. Riley wasn't screaming and shouting anymore, but she was crying. He had only seen Riley cry a few times, but she never cried silent tears. Well, she never silent cried in front of him. He sat down beside Topanga and held Riley close.

"Sssshhhh, Riley, it's gonna be okay. You're gonna be okay," said Cory reassuringly. Soon, the sound of sirens reached Cory and Topanga's ears. Maya and Auggie rushed back to them and waited for the ambulance. Cory rushed to the ambulance and directed the men to where Riley was located. Before they knew it, the medics were loading Riley into the ambulance. Topanga and Maya rode with Riley in the ambulance while Cory and Auggie followed.

In the car, Cory processed everything that was happening and had even pinched himself to make sure he wasn't dreaming. Sure enough, he wasn't dreaming. The thoughts that were running through his mind caused him even more pain.

"Daddy, what's wrong with Riley?" Auggie asked as he held Mr. Googly close. Cory looked at his innocent five year old sun through the rearview mirror and sighed.

"Aug, Riley was hurt pretty bad," Cory tried to explain to his five year old son.

"How bad?" Auggie asked as he looked up at the New York night sky, mesmerized by the twinkling lights. He was still listening to his daddy, though.

"Let's just say that Riley may look a little different when you see her, but don't tell her that," Cory said as he focused his eyes on the road after receiving a nod from Auggie. Cory just hoped and prayed that Riley wasn't seriously injured.

In the ambulance, Topanga was being asked questions concerning Riley while Maya and Riley were having a quiet conversation so no one could hear them.

"How old is Riley?" the paramedic asked Topanga. Topanga glanced over at Riley and Maya before she answered.

"She's thirteen," Topanga answered. The paramedic nodded and wrote her age down on his clipboard.

As he finished writing, he asked, "How much does she weigh?"

"She weighs about one hundred pounds or so," guessed Topanga, for she hadn't weighed Riley since last month. Finally, the paramedic stopped asking Topanga questions and started asking Riley questions.

While Topanga was talking to the paramedic, Maya and Riley were having their own conversation which was filled with questions.

"Who did this to you, Riles? What happened?" Maya asked as she held both of Riley's bruised and scarred hands.

"Well, after Lucas dropped me off, I got a text from an unknown number saying to meet them in front of Svorski's in no less than twenty minutes. It was Missy Bradford and her clique of girls waiting for me. They led me to an alley and beat me senseless. They finally stopped when I stopped shouting and moving. They left me for dead," Riley explained as she remembered every detail up to the point where Missy left. After that, everything was a blur to her.

"Why did you go?" Maya asked. Riley sighed before she answered her best friend.

"I guess my curiosity got the better of me," answered Riley.

"You could've..." Maya started to say, but she was cut off by the paramedic.

"Hello, Riley, can you tell me what your favorite thing to do is?" asked the paramedic.

"I love to hang out with my best friends," answered Riley. The questions continued until they arrived at the hospital. Then, they unloaded Riley and rushed her into the emergency room. Cory, Topanga, Auggie, and Maya all waited in the waiting room for news on Riley. Little did they know that something was going on with her brain, for Riley would not remember some things.

About an hour later, the doctor came out and called for Riley's parents. Topanga and Cory stood up and walked over to where the doctor was standing. Cory was the first to speak up.

"Well, doc, how is she?" asked Cory nervously. He twiddled his thumbs and silently prayed that nothing serious was going on with Riley.

"Mr. and Mrs. Matthews, your daughter is suffering from a light concussion," stated the doctor. Cory and Topanga sighed with relief, but the doctor continued on, causing Cory and Topanga to once again fill with worry. "We found something quite interesting concerning her memory. She seems to remember certain things, but some things are just a blur." Cory looked at Topanga and noticed the tears welling up in her eyes.

As he pulled her in for a hug, Cory whispered into her ear, "She's going to remember us, Topanga. If she doesn't, then we'll just have to support her." Topanga nodded slowly as the doctor left. They walked back to Maya and Auggie to tell them the news.

"Maya, can I talk to you alone?" Cory asked. Maya nodded and followed Cory outside. Maya looked up at Cory, confused at why he would want to talk to her alone. Realization hit Maya square in the face as she caught on to Cory's gesture: Riley was either dead, or she was hurt worse than what she thought.

"Mr. Matthews, how's Riley?" Maya asked, hoping that she didn't show any hint of weakness in her voice. She got her answer as Cory pulled her in for a hug. She hugged back and finally let the dam break that was holding back her tears.

"Riley's memory is somewhat fogged, but the doctor said that she would most likely remember most things," Cory replied as Maya's crying faded, but her tears kept flowing. Soon, Maya's tears stopped flowing, and they walked back into the hospital to Topanga and Auggie. Auggie noticed Maya's red eyes and quivering lips.

"Mommy, what's wrong with Maya?" Auggie asked as he gave Mr. Googly to Maya. Maya accepted Auggie's offer and hugged Auggie.

"Honey, Maya..." Topanga started to say something when Maya interrupted. Maya wanted to reassure Auggie that everything was fine, that she was fine.

"Hey, little guy, I'm okay," Maya said as she sniffled. She bent down in front of Auggie so she could be eye level with him. "You okay?"

"Yeah, but can I have Mr. Googly back?" Auggie asked as he gave Maya a sad smile. Maya handed him Mr. Googly. He quickly took Mr. Googly from Maya and hugged him, saying, "Oh, Mr. Googly, I missed you so much!" Maya laughed at her best friend's brother.

Speaking of her best friend, Maya asked, "When will we be able to go see Riley?" Maya looked up at Cory, who seemed to be in a different world. "Mr. Matthews, are you there?" Maya waved her hand in front of his face. Cory came back from his world and answered Maya's question.

"They'll come get us when she's ready for visitors," answered Cory. Just then, the doctor came out and walked over to Cory and Topanga.

"Your daughter is awake, and she's asking to see you all," said the doctor. Cory and Topanga nodded and followed the doctor to Riley's room along with Maya, who was carrying Auggie. Finally, they reached Riley's room which was Room 207. As they walked in, Cory, Topanga, Maya, and Auggie walked to Riley's bedside. Maya put Auggie down so he could go to the bathroom. Topanga went with him while Cory and Maya stayed behind to ask Riley questions. Cory was first to ask questions.

"Riley, who did this to you?" Cory asked. Riley glanced at Maya to search her face for comfort, but there was none. There was sadness, anger, and all different kinds of emotions playing on Maya's face and in her eyes. Riley looked back at her father, whose face showed concern and sadness.

"It was...," Riley paused. She didn't want to say it was Missy, for she thought that Missy would hurt her even more. "Dad, I can't remember," Riley lied. She had never lied to her parents. Riley noticed Maya glaring at her. Finally, Topanga and Auggie came out of the bathroom, and Riley sighed with relief. All too soon, Riley's doctor came in and started to discuss Riley's condition.

"Mr. and Mrs. Matthews, may I speak with you alone?" asked the doctor. Cory and Topanga nodded and followed the doctor outside of the room. While they were outside, Maya and Auggie started talking.

"Riley, why aren't you smiley?" asked Auggie. This caused Riley to giggle.

"Well, now I'm smiley, Mr. Super Spy," said Riley as Auggie picked up Mr. Googly and got in the hospital bed with her. Maya sat down in a green chair that was beside the hospital bed. The moonlight shined into the hospital room and onto Riley's face. Auggie looked up at his beautiful big sister who had brought him so much happiness in his five years of life. However, he noticed cuts, scrapes, and bruises on her face and arms. Even though she had so many marks on her face and arms, Auggie still thought that Riley looked beautiful. He remembered what his father had told him about Riley looking different. His thoughts were soon interrupted by his sister's blond haired blue-eyed best friend.

"Riley, do you mind if I text Lucas and Farkle?" Maya asked Riley. This time, Maya noticed Riley's blank face. Maya's heartbeat was now so loud, she thought that the whole world could hear it. Maya was confused at Riley's facial expression. As her suspicions rose, her heart started to beat faster.

"Who are Lucas and Farkle?" asked Riley. Maya's heart stopped, and her breath left her body. Before Maya could answer, Riley started complaining.

Outside of the room, the doctor was telling Cory and Topanga about Riley's condition. Their hearts raced with fear as the doctor started talking.

"Mr. and Mrs. Matthews, your daughter's condition is much worse than we thought," stated the doctor. Cory and Topanga's hearts dropped at the news. Then, the doctor continued. "Instead of a slight concussion, there was a blow to the hippocampus, parahippocampal region, and areas of the cerebral cortex. She also has bleeding in the brain, two broken ribs, and most of all, she will more than likely lose all of her memory. The only thing to do for her is to not force memories upon her, for that will cause more stress on the brain, which will lead to a more severe condition. We will try everything, but we can't do anything about her memory. I'm so sorry for you and your family."

Cory and Topanga were frozen in their place. They prayed to God that Riley would be all right. As they walked back into Riley's room, the sound of their daughter's voice reached their ears. They rushed to Riley's bedside and tried to calm her down.

"My head hurts! My side feels like it's on fire! Please make the pain go away!" Riley's complaining made Auggie jump off of the bed. Cory rushed to the big wooden door and opened it.

He shouted, "I need a nurse in here! My daughter is in pain!" Soon, Cory's cries reached the ears of a nearby nurse. Cory stepped aside to let the dark, curly-haired lady with blue eyes inside of the plain hospital room. She gave Riley some medicine and then a shot. Riley stopped complaining and fell asleep. Riley's doctor came in about ten minutes later.

"We need someone to stay with Riley tonight," he said. Topanga looked up at Cory as he nodded at her.

"I'll stay with her, Dr. Blaine," Topanga said. "Maya, you can stay too if you'd like." Topanga looked over at Maya, who nodded her head. Then, Dr. Blaine left to give the family privacy.

"Topanga, call me if anything happens," Cory said as he picked up Auggie who held Mr. Googly. Topanga nodded her head and sat down on the pale green couch that was in front of the window. Cory looked over at Maya whose face showed mixed emotions. "Maya, if you don't come to school tomorrow, I'll understand. Oh, by the way, have you contacted Lucas and Farkle?" Cory asked. Maya shook her head, and her eyes never left Riley's still figure. "Okay," Cory answered as he kissed Topanga goodbye and kissed Maya's crown. Then, he and Auggie left.

About an hour later, Maya started to fall asleep. Before sleep claimed her, Maya heard Riley stir. Topanga was gone to the cafeteria to get some snacks and drinks, leaving Maya alone with Riley. As Maya looked closer at Riley, she looked over at the once snow-white pillow and noticed the red stain that now claimed the pillow. Maya's eyes grew wide at the red liquid. It was blood!