When You Try to Teach Your Best Friend to Masturbate and You Accidently End Up As Fuck Buddies

As of a couple of days, I, Aomine Daiki, became fuck buddies with my best friend, Tetsu. Now, I'll tell you how it happened.

Five Days Ago: Walking Home

I was flipping through one of my gravure magazines, Tetsu walking silently by my side. It was peace and quiet, only the two of us. As I walked, I took noticed of how disinterested Kuroko looked every time I showed him a new picture of Mai-chan, it made me wonder. Maybe Tetsu is a late bloomer?

"Oi, Tetsu," we're both in middle school, I'm a couple months older than him, he should know right?

"Hai?" he asked softly, moistening his lips slightly with his small pink tongue before wrapping his lips against the straw of his favorite vanilla shake. Weird. To describe him like that.

"Do you masturbate?" it's always better to be straight up. He let go of the straw with a slight 'pop' this time, some white shake landing on his bottom lip. Why did he look so erotic like that? Especially when he licked it up.

"I don't," he answered bluntly, stopping. I stopped too.

"You don't?" my eye twitched, here was my best friend, Tetsu, who had never masturbated before and only touch his dick while in the shower to clean it.

"No…" it was strange for Tetsu to redden, but as he lowered his gaze to the ground I took notice of his reddening ears, he wasn't lying. Tetsu is so innocent he hasn't yet touched himself.

"Do you know how…?" I asked, he shrugged.

"More or less, but that doesn't matter," he said, eyes closed and walking ahead of me, that way was the way to his house, the other way was the way to mine.

"Oi, Tetsu," he turned. "Come over to my place," he blinked, and then walked towards me, heading over to my place. "As your older teammate and best friend, I shall take responsibility for you to learn how to masturbate!" he stopped.

"I think I'm going to head to my house instead…" I grabbed him by the back of his collar, and dragged him to my house.

"I'm home," I called, but I knew no one was home, mom had won a trip to some hot springs and had gone off with my dad, leaving the house to myself and enough money to not starve. We made our way to my room. "Okay, get comfortable first," I ordered. Looking for my best magazines to excite Tetsu. From the corner of my eye, I saw him put his backpack down and neatly fold his blazer, then sitting on the bed. I walked over to him, handing him some of my best magazines. I sat by him, big sly grin on my lips.

"And how does this work?" he asked, looking up at me with his usual stoic eyes.

"Well, you first grab a good magazine," I began instructing, "then darken the room a bit," I closed the curtains, only having a dim light inside the room, he nodded. "Then you do it," I said. He tilted his head.

"Aomine-kun, I think I'll need an example first," my eyes widened. Of course Tetsu would need an example, he was a visual learner.

"Fine, look, I'll do it first, then you can do it," he nodded. I breathed in, finding a fairly good picture and then trying to relax, sadly for me, I could feel Tetsu's eyes on me. I closed my eyes, then paid attention to the picture. "As you do this, you need to make the picture excite you, thinking of something slightly perverted so you can get in the mood," I unzipped my pants and unbuckled my belt letting them drop, I began hearing Tetsu flip through some of the magazines. My face became heated as I touched myself, beginning to breathe a bit roughly. My eyes became clouded as I began moving my hand up and down my shaft. I closed my eyes again, imagining a big breasted girl in front of me, stroking me.

A hot mouth enclosing around my member, and soft hands over my own as a small tongue began licking the tip. It felt… so good, I opened my eyes to look down and see Tetsu with me in his mouth, the soft hands on mine.

"Tet- Tetsu!" I nearly yelled but my voice was low and husky and he only looked up at me with wide eyes. Letting go with a lewd 'pop' like he had done to the straw earlier.

"Isn't this supposed to excite you?" he reached for a magazine, the warmth of his hand leaving mine, making me moan in slight displeasure as he showed me the magazine with a girl on all fours sucking dick. I nearly blanched, in front of me, my best friend Tetsu was sucking my dick.

"B- But we need you to get excited!" I fought, lifting the small bundle, I saw his eyes widen slightly he weight almost nothing, like cotton candy. He landed on the bed safely, my pants were down, I began getting rid of my tie and unbuttoning my shirt. I don't know what was going through my head anymore, part of it screamed "THAT'S A GUY" and the other "HOLY SHIT I'M GOING TO FUCK TETSU". Under me, Tetsu looked at me with big eyes as I towered over him, my hand undid his belt and quickly I threw the pants to the side, leaving him in cute blue polka dot tight briefs, I felt myself twitch at the sight of Tetsu's lower half, the outline of his smaller dick visible through the thin clothing. I licked my lips.

"Aomine-kun," he called softly, I kissed the side by his right eye.

"How about I teach you something better than just masturbating?" I ask, eyes dark and dangerous, voice low and husky, he looked confused, my other hand already undoing the buttons on his shirt and just slightly undoing the tie, he kind of looked erotic with it.

"Okay," he quickly agreed. More and more skin was becoming visible and for a moment I wondered if Tetsu was really a boy. Not only was his skin soft and fair, I couldn't see any facial hair on him, I was bigger, manlier and underneath me, Tetsu was small and slightly feminine, with a cute face to accompany it all.

"Here, grab on to my shoulders and wrap your legs around my waist," he did as told, I gritted my teeth, he sat on my lap, legs wrapping around my waist and his arms hugging my neck. I told him to bring on hand down and he did. I pulled his briefs down, his dick coming out, it was still down. My head kept screaming at me, why was I touching a male? Why? "Let's rub them together," I offered, as I brought his dick closer to mine, he bucked his hips at the sudden feeling, I gulped, shivering. His small hand enclosed around mine again as I began stroking up and down. He began panting softly, face reddening, I could feel him hardening, I smirked.

"Ao- Aomine-kun… I feel strange," Tetsu bit his lip, my thumb caressed his tip, some pre-cum already there, he was more of a hands on guy.

"Wait a bit Tetsu…" I breathed, our eyes locked, my hand beginning to move faster, he closed his eyes, small cute sounds escaping his lips. I increased my pace, his hand was moving along with mine shyly. After a little while, he came, covering our shirts and stomachs, I followed soon after. The two of us panting heavily.

"Aomine-kun, is this it?" he asked tiredly, his eyes heavy with unknown lust, I licked my lips.

"We haven't even start it," I pushed him down on the bed. Truth is, I, like him, am a virgin, but I couldn't tell him that, or the fact that I had the slightest idea of how to do it with a guy, but it would most likely be anal, I could tell that much. I stared at Tetsu beneath me, he looked so erotic, face bright red, eyes lusty.

"Aomine-kun, is this right?" Tetsu asked softly. I leaned down, kissing his lips softly, then pulling back.

"Who cares if it's right or wrong," I told him, leaning down again and kissing his soft lips, biting down on his lower lip, making him open his mouth. I entered his mouth tasting the inside of it, vanilla. He moaned softly, my hands removed his shirt, feeling him up. His skin was so nice, and his body so small. Pink nipples stood out in contrast to his body. I pinched one, he arched his back forward, a sexy moan escaping his lips, my eyes widened. He blushed.

"T- That…" he murmured, I smirked, leaning my head down and licking the pink bud, he made the same sweet sound.

"Oi, Tetsu, you like me licking your nipples?" I teased, my mouth enclosing around one of them as I began to suck. He mewled in pleasure. Sure they weren't no D-cups but those soft mewls of Tetsu and the way he became like jelly under me was great, if anything he was just a really flat chested girl, with a dick. But his dick was cute too… agh there's something wrong with me...

"N- No… tha- aah~!" I nibbled on one while rubbing the other with my fingers, his smaller hands found their way to my hair and he began to tug. "A- Aomine-kun, touch me there," Tetsu covered his hand with one hand, I let go of his nipples to see his cute dick standing up, I grinned, stroking him once more, he moaned again.

"Hey touch mine too," I made out through small gasps. He sat up a bit, watching as I stroke him and doing the same to me. I groaned in pleasure. Tetsu's hands were perfect. "A little harder," I husked out and he tightened his grip slightly. I saw him reddening and panting more. He was near. I let him cum, coating my hand with his sticky white milk then grabbed his hand and pushed him down on the bed completely. I removed his briefs completely, lifting his legs over my shoulders. My eyes widened at the sight. Plump and cute butt cheeks stood between me and his asshole, I spread them apart, seeing the pretty pink hole. I gulped, both in nervousness and excitement.

"Please don't look at it so intensely, it's embarrassing," Tetsu blushed, I smirked.

"I'm going to prepare you okay?" Tetsu only nodded, my hand was still sticky with his milk, I licked my lips before slowly penetrating him with my middle finger. He shivered. "You okay?" I asked worried. He only nodded, encouraging me to keep going. I began thrusting the finger in and out slowly, watching his face change expressions, I rubbed the inside, my long fingers seeming to find a specially good spot that made his dick twitch and Tetsu gasp. I added another finger, widening the tight hole, eventually a third finger.

"A- Aomine-kun…!" he moaned, I thrust my fingers in a bit harder, adding speed, which he seemed to like. "Cu- Cumming!" he cried. I pulled my fingers out, watching him dirty himself once more.

"Alright, are you ready for the real thing?" I asked, stroking my rock hard dick. My body shivered with excitement, and Tetsu's with anticipation. "Here, get on all fours," I ordered. He did so, his butt sticking out towards me. I breathed in and out, spreading his cheeks and placing my dick on his entrance. I was reluctant but eventually, I pushed in slowly. I heard Tetsu wince. "You okay?" I asked, holding his cheek as I leaned over him.

"It hurts a bit, but please keep going," he smiled. I kept pushing in, eventually the whole thing was inside. I wanted to move but I had to consider Tetsu, but the way his walls were clenching me… ah, it was paradise, too bad I could never tell this to Satsuki. I turned him over, into the 'missionary position' his legs wrapped around me and I began to move slowly. "F- Faster…" he murmured.

"Huh?" I groaned out, not able to hear what he had said.

"Go faster!" he nearly screamed at me, his words were my command. I grabbed the back of his head, his hands on my back as I began to move faster, the bed began to creak. Shit, this was really good, he was so tight too, and his soft moans and loud screams made me slam against him rougher, but he seemed to like that. "Yes, it feels so good! D- Daiki!" he cried, his fingernails of one hand digging into my back and the other pulling at my hair roughly.

"Ah… Ah.. Tetsu, your insides feel so good…" I panted. My lips locking on his neck as I began kissing it, biting at the shoulders. At one point I sat up, with him on top of him, my hands helping him come down on me and my mouth on his perky pink nipples. He liked it when I grinded inside of him, his hands too busy pulling at my hair or leaving bloody marks on my back.

He came more than once, my dick always hitting that one really good spot that made him gasp in ecstasy and scream my name loudly. That, accompanied by the sound of the creaking bed and the wet sounds of my dick and his ass was heaven. I gripped his hips tighter, feeling myself coming to my climax.

"Tetsu!" I cried, catching his lips, he moaned into my mouth, our bodies covered in sweat and then Tetsu being filled to the hilt with me as I came inside his hole. He stared at me before hugging me close.

"I'm beat," was all he said before passing out. I pulled out, watching him open his eyes slightly and shivering as my cum escaped his asshole.

We fell sleep, he stayed the night but we didn't have sex again. The next morning he was able to walk but in some awkward style. We didn't bring up the topic, it was as if it hadn't had happened but I was seriously waiting for something to happen.

Now, five days after, I asked Tetsu about it and he blushed.

"I don't mind doing that again with Aomine-kun," was his answer and yeah, that's how Tetsu and I became fuck friends. But Tetsu is so much more than that, I guess I don't want to realize it. Yet.

I hope you all liked it!

Conscious: this is a way to let out pent up ideas when experiencing a writer's block, hope you all liked it! We wanted a AoKuro for a while

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