I usually would have worked on this more, but it was already betaed by Dawnriser and ready to go. I was also going to wait until like march due to still a bit peeved about the death threats, but in light of Mister Oum's death, I wish to post out the story set in his magnificent universe he made with his mind and a dirty napkin.

I punched the clock as it rang once more. "Why. Won't. You. Shut. Up!" Each word punctuated by a heavy blow, for me, to the plastic monster that was beeping next to me. My fist finally found home on the off button and the racket it and I was making stop.

With a groan from deep in my chest, I rolled out of my bed on the floor and stood up. All around me was walls and my dresser, the only thing I had in the room other than my bed. I staggered over to the furniture and opened it to see my lacking supply of clothes, just a shirt, hoodie, and a few pairs of pants. 'I wish mom and dad cared enough to buy me clothing,' I mentally sighed as I pulled on my old black hoodie and jeans.

A blue screen suddenly appeared in front of my face, the floating box looked like one of those video games I use to play before dad found out I had one. "Welcome to 'The Gamer' reality! Please press the arrow or think 'next' to continue!"

"Wha-?" I asked aloud as I glanced around my room. The screen followed my head, but my eyes could focus anywhere and it didn't move an inch. I calmed down immediately and started thinking things through. Weird, I usually would freak out like the spaz I am when weird things happened to me.

I poked the arrow button on the bottom right corner and the screen changed. "As of now, your life is a video game, congratulations!" I stared at the message for what must have been five minutes, unable to comprehend what was going on. 'I must be mad or something. Maybe Susie drugged me in my sleep again?' On this train of thought, I began to wonder what kind of drug would result in this kind of reaction. I didn't even play that many video games, maybe one every year if I could get to an arcade.

I tapped the next arrow, curious where this trip, from whatever Susie stabbed me with, will bring me. At least this one was going to be interesting, unlike the last one that made me think shadow men were coming out of the walls to get me. Still wondered where she got that drug and what it was. "For options, simple think 'Options' and it will give you access to general changes in your life that may be manipulated such as the sound, settings and visuals. Think, 'Inventory' to access your inventory, 'skills' for skill menu and 'stats' for basic attributes. For a more advance instruction, please refer to the instruction menu within settings. Have a nice day!"

The screen blinked off when I focused on the exit button and I am left standing around in a daze. "Wha-?" I repeated to myself and once more, I calmed down before I could lose my mind like usual. "Um..." I hummed as I thought there may have been some basis to this if I'm not freaking the hell out and then I thought, 'Skills?'

A screen popped up in front of me with two icons on it. Over them, above the grid like layout was the word 'skills' and then on the opposite side was a gear. I focus on the gear and a new screen came into life, dimming the other one.

Skill's settings

Change layout – Grid, Category, Alphabet

Info – The skills window is where everything the player learns is put and ranked. Everything is ranked from 1 to Max. Once at Max, the skill is mastered to the point of no improvement other than personal experience in the use of said skill.

I tapped the category button and the skills rearranged itself. The window closed by itself to reveal a simple category that had the word "Gamer" on it. I focused on the name and it zoomed the screen into the icon to show a list with two skills along with what it did and the level,

I focused on the icon with a silhouetted head that had writing next to it that said. "Gamer Mind (Passive): Level MAX - Allows the user to calmly and logically think things through. Allows peaceful state of mind. Immunity to psychological status effects."

So that was why I was freaking the hell out.

The other was having a "Gamer's Body" which basically said that I lived like a gamer and sleeping in a bed would heal mostly any damage other than death. This would be cool if it wasn't some hallucination.

I just exited out of the skills and went to my stats, for now going along with the trip to see where it would lead me. I wonder what I'm judged to have? It was probably nothing good, I am a failure after all.

Name: Jaune Arc

Level: 1

Next level: 0%

Title: The Disgrace

HP: 100

MP: 100

STR: 6

VIT: 8

DEX: 10

INT: 10

WIS: 6

LUK: 15



Well that was severely upsetting. I knew that I was a failure, but to have the title of "The Disgrace" was pushing it. Plus I was level one at the age of thirteen and the only thing that looked right was my luck which wasn't all that great to begin with.

I shut the window with a sigh as I finished pulling on my clothing. I needed to go get some fresh air and I think my letter from Signal was suppose to come today. My dad had been going on about how he entered me into combat school the moment I turned thirteen so I could finally stop being "the little bitch" I apparently am. That was over eight months ago and today I will be learning if I had made it in or not. They mostly just looked at the grades you have in school, but I had a very low expectation that I'd get in. My grades were average at best and barely passing at worst.

Class started at eight, so I just trudged downstairs and sat at the kitchen table for a moment. The night sky was still covering the land as it was only six in the morning, the only time I was free from those glares from Mom and Dad. Away from the constant comparison to my athletic little sisters. "How can you not do that Jaune?! Your ten year old sister can even do that!" They would yell as my sisters do what I could not. They were stronger, faster, and just all around better than me at everything.

I sighed into my hands before getting up to finish the chores that I never got around to doing last night. My "Punishment" for my failure was to act like the maid until I could impress both of my hunter parents that I was worthy enough to not have to do bitch work. This was five years ago and I mostly had only accomplished in making myself look to be a fool to them. I grabbed the dirty dishes and a sponge, then started to scrub the dried food off it.

I nearly dropped the pan I was holding when a screen popped up in front of me. "Dish washing (Passive): Lvl 1 – A technique to wash dishes. With more mastery, you can vanquish any dirty spots on the dish. 5% faster washing speed." Well, I guess that was useful. As I continue to wash the many dishes my family of six made in a day, I did notice my washing was faster than usual and once I got to level 2 in the skill, I was slightly more fast.

I could almost giggle like a lunatic, but I heard my parents shifting upstairs, so I suppressed it just in case they heard me. They came down after a few minutes and I was still not done with the dishes. Dad tromped into the kitchen, his lumbering body, one fitted more for a bear than a knight, nearly shaking the ground with every step he took. "You're not done with the dishes, boy?! You had all night!"

The man gave me a hard smack on the back of my head which may have been light to him, but to a untrained civilian, it was like getting hit with a fleshy hammer. I rubbed the back of my head and noticed a blue box in front of my face, "Physical Endurance (Passive): level 1 – Physical damage does 2% less damage!"

I made the screen disappear as I continued the dishes and then got started on breakfast for ten people. My parents ate for three each thanks to their jobs and the amount of work they do with their bodies. Another screen came up with a cooking skill which gave me a 5% boost to the quality the results had. Well, that was good. I could use that with my maid service, if only this wasn't a strange trip that had apparently went my way.

As I cooked, I saw my sisters come down and when I focused on them, I saw above their heads floated their name and level. Susie was level nine, Becky was level six as was Jennie. Those two were only seven and far above my measly level one. I was right, pathetic. One glance at my parents told me all I needed to know about our difference. Dad was level ? and Mom was level ?. I'm such a loser that I couldn't even tell how strong my parents were.

Once all the food was ready, I plated it all and put it on the table, only taking a bit for myself as I sat in my chair at the side. Breakfast was a quiet affair as my sisters had yet to fully wake up. Susie, the oldest at ten never could wake up fast. Jennie and Becky, the seven year old twins, could wake up on a dime, but the school year was nearly over which made them sluggish. They only had two months left until their vacations began. To their young minds, that was nearly over and forever, so they started acting like it was close while feeling like it was next year.

A ringing came from the door and Dad pointed at me with one hand as the other was holding a fork in his mouth. I gave a resigned nod as I got up, my food half eaten that I knew I wouldn't be able to finish. I opened the door to found a bundle of letters in our mailbox next to the door.

I grabbed the pack and brought it back to the table, handing it to Dad. He gave a hard swallow and opened the bundle. "Susie, Becky, Jennie, bill, bill, hit list and... Jaune's letter." The girls' letter went to Mom to open in the other room while dad kept mine.

I just picked up all the finished plates, including mine, and began washing them at the sink while Dad read over the hit list and bills. Dad was such a famous hunter that people mailed him requests instead of him going out to a hunter's board to pick up jobs. I finished the dishes right as dad opened my letter, taking his time to set aside the bills. The man silently read it and my fears came true when the man spoke. "Jaune. Meet me out back for training," the man's emotionless voice echoed the room as he got up and left. I had failed to get into school and he was pissed.

I gave a punch to the counter as I tossed the sponge down. 'At least I'll feel two percent less pain from this beating than what I normally would,' I grimly joked to myself as I went out the back door to see my dad holding a wooden sword and his warhammer. 'Oh, he's pissed.' I usually get a wooden shield at least when I had to fight him with his hammer.

I trudge over and he threw the wooden weapon at me. I caught it in a fumbling fashion, almost getting some splinter from the damaged tool. I stared at it wondering, 'how much more does this thing have in it?'

Two screens popped out and told me, "Skill acquired! Analyze (Active): Level 1 – observing objects, situations, and persons allows the user to quickly gather information. The higher the skill, the greater the data obtained!" The other was information on my wooden blade.

Damaged Wooden Sword – A wooden sword that has been heavily abused in its short existence


1 blunt

Thank you mysterious drugged state of mind. I've used this sword only three times, so this match was going to break this thing. The fact I had no shield will just lessen the tool's life. I close the screen as I gripped the doomed tool and took the dead man steps towards... father.

"You failed because you are a pansy! I'm going beat that out of you one way or another!" Dad yelled at me from across the ring we are to fight within. "Now fight!" The man flashed forward and swung his hammer at me, the speed was too fast for me to even follow and the metal weapon slammed into my arm, making me fly out of the ring. The only thing that stopped my flight was a nearby tree. My head made a dent in the bark as it hit and I fell to the ground, gasping in agony.

My vision was a haze from the fiery pain in my side and skull, but I could make out a screen in front of me. "Physical Endurance leveled up, Physical Endurance leveled up, Physical Endurance leveled up, Physical Endurance leveled up, Physical Endurance leveled up, Physical Endurance leveled up. Physical Endurance now protects against 14% of physical damage!"

'That's cool,' I thought to myself through my pounding skull as I let my body lay on the ground, every breath agony. I feel something heavy smash into my gut which played havoc on my already pained body. I notice two more levels in my endurance before I let my unconsciousness submit to the void. A message flashed inside my eyelids, HP: 10/100

I awakened what must have been hours later in the middle of a forest. I looked around and analyzed everything that I saw to figure out where the hell I was. The skill stayed with me even after getting knocked out, so I guess it's real enough to me. The information I got from the hundreds of trees was that I'm still in Vale, near my house if the location of mid-north was to be believe.

Dad probably dumped my body here to "Train" me further. Luckily the grimm were a small presences where we live due to the weekly patrols around and how the grimm actually do show some signs of self-preservation with overwhelming numbers against them. I got up and as I moved, I felt something shift off me. At my feet laid a basic longsword with a note. "Here is a sword boy. Make it home through the these woods and I'll try to get you into Signal during the try outs. There are Grimms around." Dad was finally trying to kill me. The title was right, I was a disgrace to my family name and he didn't want me to drag it down anymore.

I grabbed the blade and checked it out to see what I was working with.

Basic Long Sword – One of many mass produced swords made in Vale for basic use


10 bladed

'At least I have something.' I stood up and noticed that nothing really hurt even after the beating I took. That proved more than the screens that this was real. I knew for a fact that those hit would break bones as this was not the first time the beatings got bad. As I walked through the woods, I heard all the animal life around me, keeping an ear out for any anomalies that would come with a Grimm assault. A screen popped up. "Sense Danger (Passive/Active): Level 1 – Allows user to sense when something bad might happen! Gives location of the danger up to fifty meters. Active: 1 mp every 1 seconds. Boosted range"

I nodded at the screen and kept a look out for anything that could do me harm. As I kept on alert, I slowly got more and more tired until I felt I couldn't even walk anymore. I took a break and figured that I used up all my "MP" by keeping on alert. This was reinforced by the three screens I got for Sense Danger leveling up.

I let myself lean against a tree for a half hour as I caught my breath and kept checking around with my analyzes to see if I was getting any closer to some form of civilization. Nothing indicated that I was. At the half hour mark, I felt like a million lien again and got back to my feet.

I kept the alertness to just that, no skills involved as I checked around my surroundings. I kept moving for hours on end, using my Sense Danger skills as much as I dared, keeping an eye on my stats to never go below fifty percent mark just encase I needed to book it. With my constant use, it leveled up twice more, putting it at six. Another thing I found was that my "attributes" leveled up by anything too. I got an Int point just by walking, (Through acts of logic in a survival scenario for prolonged time +1 Int). This was after five hours of constant fear and caution though.

The darkness started to descend and I was becoming increasingly tired the longer I walked through the woods. All of a sudden, everything seemed to freeze. The wind no longer blew and the bugs no longer chirped. I pulled my blade out as I let my senses go.

I felt a slight pressure that I just knew meant danger was there and the distance it was at. Nearly twenty feet away. A Grimm was twenty feet away from me at this moment. I whipped around, bringing my blade to bare as I looked into the forest where I sensed the Grimm.

My movement seemed to have aggravated the creature as it barreled out and towards me. I rolled to the side as the thing blurred by me with a snarl. I got to my feet, turning towards the foul creature as I went. I saw that the Grimm was a Boarbatusk. Above it's head was the name of the creature and level. 'Boarbatusk level 10,' I read. 'I'm going to die here.' I focus on it and the basic information I got was;


level 10

health 300/300

The boar charged again and I sidestepped, but gave a haphazard slash at its flank as it past. The blade bit into its shoulder and the momentum nearly tore the blade from my grasp, but I held on and the boar ripped the sword through its body. I twisted around with the blade as it came out of the back of the Grimm, so I didn't have the thing behind me.

I notice that its health was down fifty points from that hit and was slowly going down as blood drained from the large gash decorating the entirety of its left side. I took a deep breath when I saw the large amount of health gone. 'I can do this!' I cried to myself as I brought my bloody blade back in front of me, my two hands holding the sharpened metal tightly, if shaking like a leaf. A small screen was blinking in the corner of my vision and I took a second to glance at it to see a small slot that said, "Skill acquired, focus to open!" Whatever made this happen to me was at least courteous enough not to slap screens in front of my face right in the middle of a battle.

I lunged forward and gave the boar a quick jab in the face which just bounced off the mask with a sad tinking noise that made us both pause. 'That was horrible,' I thought and I think the boar thought with me. "Shit!" I cried, my young voice cracked a bit as I threw myself out of the way of the retaliation from the Grimm.

I dodged, dipped, ducked, dove and dodged around every charge the mad beast made in a frantic mess. At every chance, I gave it a swing that if I was lucky, took five health points off the bar. I began to grow tired as the fight wore on. The boar was getting slower as it was suffering from extreme blood loss and I was getting slow from fatigue as well as damage to my body from glancing blows. I looked at the bar again and saw that there was only fifty points left after, judging from moon's position in the sky... Ding!... We had been at this fight for over two hours.

I gave a cry of battle which sounded ridiculous even to me as I charged the boar. It charged too, so I tried to get out of the way, but disaster struck. I tripped over a root and rolled to the ground onto my back. I fear, I stuck my blade out ahead of me and closed my eyes.

A weight bowled into me and knocked me on my back. My eyes snapped open, but the weight was on my head too and all I saw was darkness. With a heave, I made the thing budge over until I could wiggle out from beneath the boarbatusk. I sat up and saw that my sword had gone through a crack in its armor that kept its legs from locking up and impaled the heart. The strike was pure luck that I think will never be on my side again.

When I ripped the longsword from the dead Grimm, it seemed to unleashed a flood of messages. Ten in total. I had gained a few skills;

Sword Mastery (Passive): level 4 - The ability to effectively use swords in combat. + 20% damage with swords +20% speed with swords.

Dodge (Passive): level 3 – ability to get out of the way.

Overdo (Active): level 1 - The ability to go past your normal limits in desperate situations, + 10% to physical stats,, 1% of MP every second

Once I waded through those, I found that I had leveled up twice and got two points in VIT, so I am now level three. The Boar was worth 1325 experience and was just enough to get to level three. I sighed and laid back against the dead Grimm. "Happy dad, I've killed a Grimm! Fucking asshole," I muttered to myself. "Stats," I quietly called out after I took a deep breath to calm myself.

I see that my stats are the same except for the VIT boost from the fight, but I had ten points to distribute now. I put four in my WIS and STR to get them to an even ten. I felt my head clear a little and I find I can think a bit more logically with the small boost in wisdom. I figured that strength is for muscle, Vitality for stamina, Dexterity for speed, Intelligence was how good my mind was and Wisdom was how to use that knowledge.

With a groan, I picked myself back up and made my way deeper into the woods, hunting for a way out of the forest. After three more hours of walking, I was no more closer to finding anyone than when I started and now I could barely see the trees around me. I gave up and scrambled up a small tree before dropping off to sleep, my blade clutched tightly to my body.

The sounds of birds calling for mates woke me up from my rest. I find that I once more feel great and not like I just got my ass kicked by a Boarbatusk. Seeing how I was still in the woods, it not being one large bad dream. I hop down and in my frustrated, but not panicked mind, I forced myself to break out in a sprint and keep going, jumping over the downed trees and brush.

I gained the sprinting skill which I just dismissed after reading the summary and the Gymnastics skill, which just told me that I could jump better and flip, then I did the same thing I did to the Sprint skill. I Sprinted for five minutes before I had to stop, the cramp in my side getting too intense for me to handle even if I had a few points of mana to spare. After a half hour break of walking, I started over and I forgo-ed caution for the next day and a half just to mindlessly sprint through the woods. I kept telling myself that I was going the wrong way, to turn back. I always countered it by thinking I might be going the wrong way, but civilization was just around this corner. I was already moving enough that turning back would be meaningless!

I slept in trees which the gymnastics helped with a bit and ate berries that I found in them which for a forest near a large city, was quite often. I ran into one more Grimm in the time I was running the next day which was another Boarbatusk. With my experience and the little boosts I got from the level up, I barely win against the creature in an hour, but I didn't fall on my ass during a charge that time.

The beast had corner me, so I couldn't just run like my life depended on it, which it did. I had done the same tactic I did on the last, but with a tiny bit more confidence. Not much, but enough that I did lunge at it a few times to get it to move like I wanted it to a bit. Just enough for the tusks not to impale me if I got too close.

I leveled up once more because of that battle and put all the points in my strength, so that I could hit the grimms harder.

I lost my hoodie on the third day of running thanks to yet another boarbatusk nearing the evening. The days of busting through brush and low limbs had taken the toll of the fabric, ripping apart everywhere and when that tusk hooked through one of the larger holes, the rest just followed the grimm in it. I killed that thing the fastest yet in twenty minutes to avenge my hoodie. My anger that it took away my favorite piece of clothing fueled my battle, causing me to take a few more risk than I should have. If I get back, I would only have one shirt left because of that damn thing!

By the end of the week, my body had a mess of tiny scars everywhere from bad gashes that the trees or grimm had inflicted on me. The sleeping healed it, but if it was deep enough, it left a scar. I read through the options that the marks would last for a few months, slowly fading until it was just a simple line that looked years old and than nothing after another month. Maiming or extremely bad wounds like impalement or deep injures will leave permanent marks however.

On the eighth day, I was sprinting and jumping through the woods like what was becoming normal for me, feeling confident that I'd find civilization due to another level up and put everything into my luck stat.

My VIT stat had also grown to obscene levels in comparison to my level already due to my constant fast-pace grueling sprints. I would always push through my fatigue and keep going, so the stat kept raising due to my persistent nature.

I saw yet another log in front of me, so my pounding legs took to just the right stride, so when I reached the log, I lunged over it flawlessly. That was leagues better than my first attempts which usually put me down on my face.

I flew out and started my descent, but continued it longer than I thought I would have. I looked down to see the oncoming hillside I just jumped down. "Fuck!" I shouted just before I slammed into the grass and started tumbling ass over tit down the hillside, picking up speed all the way. I tried to stop myself, but my feet caught on a rock, sending my body into the air to land on my back, knocking the wind out of me. Once I couldn't breath, the tumble took a downward turn and I could no longer even tell which side was up, just that the ground was where the pain was starting from.

I could only grunt and groan as I protected my head all the way down the hill until I came to a stop at what felt like a boulder. I could only muster a pitiful groan as I let my body relax to the ground. My back and chest were covered in small gashes from the trip down the mountain.

After I felt I had enough air in my lungs, I sat up to see I hadn't hit a boulder, but a large stone wall. I almost gave a whoop of joy, but I held it in as I staggered to my feet. My health was down by a quarter, but that was all. I followed the wall around the side and in front of me was a gatehouse that had a light on. I dashed at it and found that there were people! This wasn't a ghost town!

"Sir!" My young voice called out as I ran over. The man looked up and dropped his book at the sight of me. "I need help!" The man opened his door to meet me as I came over.

"You sure do boy. Where are your clothes and how did you get so hurt?" The man asked me with suspicion in his voice. 'Why is is suspicious?' I thought to myself.

With tears almost in my eyes from how happy I was, I answered the man, "A boarbatusk ripped them off sir. I've been running through the woods for the past week and I just want to go home." At home, tears started to fall from my eyes. I didn't want to live in fear anymore, I just wanted my bed and a nice warm meal!

The guard crouched next to me and placed his hand on my shoulder, "Where is home son?"

I wiped my eyes and got control over my emotions. I answered the man quietly, focused on the ground, "The residential district in Vale, sir." The man gasped at my answer.

The man stared at me for a moment before pulling out an old walkie talkie. "Captain, we have a situation. A kid from Vale just showed up from the woods. I'm bringing him to town hall, can you get some food and clothes ready for him?"

I heard a confirmation over the radio and the man gave me a strained smile. "I'm sorry to tell you this, but we don't have any way back to Vale from here. We have a convoy that comes by with supplies every four months, but they left five days ago. We can get you on the next shipment, but we have no way to get you home before then. The roads are far too dangerous to walk down as bandits are prevalent in this area since grimms are not."

I nodded, making sure no more tears fell. I didn't mind how long it took to get home, but I'm sure my sisters missed me. Even though mom and dad didn't like me, my sisters were my only friends. Sure I got jealous of all their positive attention, but they were really the only people that actually cared about me even if they did mess with me. The guard opened the gate from his booth and went inside. The gate shut behind them, a gate made of solid steel with reinforcing concrete within the plates.

The duo arrived at the town hall and met with an older man who had clothes next to him and a tray of hot food. The man had his name and title above his head.

Captain of Luka's guard

Keith Shardis

level ?

The man tossed me a shirt which was threadbare, but after almost a week without one, it felt like pure cotton. I pulled it over my head after setting down my blade and when I had it on, the man gave me the tray with food. I sat down against the wall and devoured the food. It was some type of gruel, but after a diet of root and berries, like the shirt, it was heavenly.

Once I finish everything, Shardis crouched next to me. "Okay, so we have contacted the runners that brings us our supplies. They will be ready to make a stop at Vale for you when they come, but it will be in three months and three weeks. In that time, we can't house a slacker, so you will have to pick a profession to work in."

In front of my eyes, a blue screen appears that the man didn't see.


Pick and work a profession until supply run.

Reward – 2000 experience

Can not deny.

"Um... Okay. C-can I be a guard? I can sort of fight," I stuttered out, never have been good with social interaction with my lack of friends and terrible self-esteem.

The captain squinted at me, "You kill Grimm before?"

I nodded slowly with my head down, "Um... I'm not all that good at it, but on my way here, I had to kill five Boarbatusks, but they were kind of weak and it took me almost forty minutes to kill one." I don't think a level fourteen is all that powerful considering that the guard that met me was level thirty and Shardis was a double mystery number like my parents

The captain hummed as he thought, "Okay... Okay, here is what we do. I'm going to put you through a condensed three months of training. If you can become proficient enough in sword work as well as the use of a standard pistol and assault rifle, you can be part of our guard. This training will be grueling as it will compact all that our recruits need to be at in what would be a year of training into three months. However, if you finish the training with recommendation from your trainer, you will become a guard of our proud town. Do not fail me son."

I nodded and the man told me to follow the guard I came in with to the barracks to clean up and rest. I did so and I finally felt human again after all that time. On my way to the bed I was given, I saw that the average guard was level twenty to thirty, so I was worthless against them and I didn't think three months was going to fix that.

I snuggled down on the mattress and fell asleep before the covers were fully around me. The next morning, I was pulled out of my bed and dragged out back of the barracks. In my sleep-idled mind, I barely notice anything other than the training dummies around and track of dirt around the yard.

I blinked the sleep out of my eyes enough to see that the guard that was dragging me was a large black man. His name was Jonathan Bic and he was the quartermaster apparently. "Okay boy," the man growled as he pushed me to stand in front of him. "I want you to run around this track thirty times in under thirty minutes. Failure will be punished!" At the word failure, I bolted down the track to avoid the beating that usually followed that word if I didn't immediately get on things.

I didn't activate Sprint, but I did push my body to try and match the speed without using any of my mana. The track itself wasn't too big, about the diameter of of a large building, so I'd guess it would have been a ten of a mile long. I barely met the time and ended up falling to the ground, covered in sweat, as I finished the last lap. A screen in front of me spoke of more vitality. "Hm. So you can run, but now we have to make sure you can fight." I groaned as I pushed myself back to my feet, my legs sore, but that was nothing new. Running day in and out had gotten me into some beginning of fitness.

The man gave me a wooden sword as he grabbed his own wooden one. "I'll be testing your sword work. I'll go easy on you for now, but in three months, you better beat me or so help me lo~RD!" On lord, the man dashed forward at a manageable speed and swung at me.

After the speed the Boarbatusk displayed, I could barely get my sword up in time to block when before I would have not even moved. The blow deadened my arm and I could barely block the follow-up swing that came for my head. For the next two hours, I had to stay on the defensive as the man beat the hell out of me trying to teach me how to fight. I did gain two skills, Blocking and Parry which do exactly as they sound like. I couldn't parry too well, but I got okay at blocking by the end. By okay, I meant I could lessen the pain the blow did from agony to motherfucking painful.

By noon, the man let me take a break which I used to eat in the mess with some of the other off-duty guards. After I had eaten and relaxed a bit, Bic came back and dragged me to a shooting range. The quartermaster took me through the safety rules and how to handle a pistol, rifle and surprisingly a bolt-action sniper rifle. I got a skill for each once the man let me check them over.

After two hours of lessons, the man told me to shoot each at targets and make sure the grouping was tight. By the time I was done firing and learning, it was dark out and I was ready for bed. The first day of training was intense and it didn't get better.

There you go