A/N: Response to Twinkylady's challenge posted at Stormfreak's Haven. Diary of a lonely Heart The life or lack thereof of Dr. Henry "Hank" McCoy

12.03.02 Captain's Log

Okay, so this testimony of I is not the "Captain's Log", I have just always wanted to say that. I am a Trekkie. It is quite unfortunate that I have not the chance to relax and take part in recreational activities. But my work keeps me preoccupied. In fact, this is the first opportunity that I have had to even gather my thoughts beyond a scientific capacity.

Now that time is at my advantage, I realize that I have been allowing life to systematically pass my by. The X-men hardly ever have the chance at rest, but even the other occupants of this home have found time to seek other interests; Ororo and Logan, Scott and Jean, and even the oddest of couple, Remy and Elizabeth. I do believe that they like to torture each other. Perhaps the most unexpected couple should be awarded to Lucas and Tessa.

Is my appearance repulsive? Though I know unclogging fur from a shower drain is hardly attractive, sometimes I feel my only friend is Robert. Bobby leaves an occasional twinkie around for me to sniff out, but that is about the extent of my existence. I do believe it is time to seek further terms of enjoyment and her name is Dr. Reyes. But even she has an admirer looming, or should I say hovering above her with his angelic wings.

Perhaps the old cliché is more truth than fiction.

'Nice Guys Finish Last.' 

Dr. Hank Mc Coy, PH.D a.k.a The Beast… a.k.a Mr. Nice Guy