Forest-Goddess: The reasons we all love Fluffy!

*Grins! With this mischievous look in her eyes*

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Reasons Why We Love Sesshomaru (A.K.A: Fluffy)

Chapter One!

Chapters will continue till I run out of reasons why! (That will never happen!!)

First of all...if you can't already's because he's Sesshoumaru! Everything is excusable!

2.) He has a crescent moon on his forehead

He's a 2-in-1 package! The huge puppy comes with need to buy pets. You get the man, AND you get the man's best friend! ~_^

3.) He can transform in to this large cute puppy.

You can ride the puppy. ^_^

4.) Well, actually, you can ride the human form too. *Grin* What did I say? *Huge chibi eyes appear*

He's fashionable. ^_^

5.) He's a demon. Yeah do I have to explain in what areas? *Wink! Wink!*

6.) Plus he'll be comfy to lay down on. Hellooo Mr. Sesshoumaru-sama

7.) And on his eyes too...*ouch*...Sesshoumaru does not fear pain!!

8.) That beautiful hair. Who doesn't want it?

9.) Again, he's Sesshoumaru. Do you really need a reason other than that!?

10.) He flies. Isn't that cool?

11.) He wants to kill Inu Yasha isn't that sweet!?

12.) On top of the shoulder...his left arm is...uh..detachable and replaceable?

13.) Did I mention that mysterious furry thing yet? Key word is mysterious. ~_^

14.) He's Evil. *Puuuuuurrrrrr*

15.) Evil men can be sexy. You don't think so? *Sigh* *Dreamy school girl look*

16.) Besides, he's a good bad boy. Hee hee ehh... ^_^;;

17.) How dare you argue with me on that? *Rolls Eyes* He's not just a bad bad boy. He brought Rin back to life!

18.) He makes Jaken baby-sit Rin. See he cares what happens to her.

19.) He's a demon. And a demon lord at that.

20.) Because he's Sesshoumaru damnmit! How many times do I have to tell you? Yes, as many times as needed.

Forest-Goddess: Unfortunately not all of these were my ideas. *sob*

*Runs over and glomps Sesshomaru*

And I will not be taking all of the credit!

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Forest-Goddess: *Grins! While holding Fluffy in her arms and starts to make mental checks of more ideas. *

Seeya till chapie two!