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Reasons why we love Sesshomaru A.K.A. Fluffy!!

Have you taken a look at his bulging muscles they are so fine!! ^_^

He has a nice ass. O_O

His hair is silver! Like platinum! How many real people have hair like his?

4.) He's honor bound. Like when Rin cared for him, he in turn cared for her.

5.) He can wield a sword! How many can do that with a sexy face AND with style? ^_^

6.) Have you ever drawn him in chibi mode? He's so adorible!

7.) He's just a pretty boy with an attitude. You can never say no to him. *grins*

8.) He can wield tokijin! A sword that not even Inuyasha could touch! Beat that one Inu!

9.) His eyes are like fire but cold like ice. You could melt into there molten gaze. *drool* He has the most

gorgious eyes EVER! *drool*

10.) Have you ever got a good look at his chest! ROOF ROOF baby!

11.) His smirk is so cute. exspecialy on close ups!

12.) No one can compare to his strength and agility.

13.) He can beat the shit out of any one and not get his clothes dirty!

14.) He has his glowing whip that comes out of his poison claws! It's so shiny! O_o

15.) He's taller than Inuyasha! Hee hee!

16.) He's says that he hates humans but he took in Rin. He has a kind heart under all that gruffness. "Hey

sesshy? Can you take us in?" "Not a chance in hell, humans" *Jumps on Sesshy and snuggles with him


17.) If you read the manga, you can stare at him and he won't know it... he's just so cute, who can NOT stare?

18.) I love his yukata! And he never gets it dirty, plus he's got some good fashion sense.

19.) He has sexy legs.

20.) He's so mercyful on Jaken! ( Come on I think he should die! Lord Sesshy-sama is so kind to the toad.

No matter how much I despise him... gr...)


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