Clarke was breathing hard as she finally slowed down. She could feel her wild heart beat as she was looking around. Soldiers dead in the ground. Some of her own, but mainly mountain men. She dreaded going forward, but she was moving slowly. Step by step looking at the bodies, scared to see Lexa.

She walked in the basic lab in which her people were killed one by one. They were being untied by their rescue team. Her eyes landed on her mother and she was instantly hugging her.


"It's over Clarke. It's all over"

"I had to…I…"

Her mother was trying to soothe her. They held each other for a while before the blonde took a step back. Wiping her face in a swift move.

"How are the others? Raven?"

"She is not allowed to move for a while. It think we should get her out on a stretcher"

"That's bullshit!" Commented the patient in question, even if she was doing as told. It brought a small smile on the blonde's lips.

Clarke then looked around. Lexa couldn't have disappeared.

She finally found the commander talking to a few of her men. The blonde didn't care. She interrupted, grabbing the brunette, checking for any sign of blood.

Lexa didn't move until Clarke took a deep breath and a step back, then the blonds hit her shoulder. "Why the hell did you scare me like that?! I looked as if you had been shot!"

"I was. These bullet proof protections your people have are very effective" She didn't say she was knocked down. It had stung so bad she couldn't breathe for a moment.

"How can you be so aloof about that?"

"What doesn't kill you makes you stronger" Lexa smiled as she said that. The mountain men had underestimated them. This was finally over.

Clarke just groaned "I'm going out with a masochist" then she rolled her eyes.

Lexa frowned "A masochist?"

Octavia appeared, with her usual timing. "I'll gladly explain. A masochist i…"

"Octavia! Don't you have things to do?" Interrupted Clarke, hoping to get her to shut up. Even if it was too late for the blonde, she was blushing. She knew how the younger would have turned that explanation, an innocent comment into something else.

"Our people our free. Bellamy is safe. The mountain men are not a threat anymore. I can be freely with Lincoln. All that's left for me to do is throw a party" She smiled.

"We still have to bury the bodies" Said the Clarke in a weird voice.

Octavia turned around "We're burning them. I'm not digging that many holes or…."

As soon as she was gone Clarke looked at her lover again. Lexa seemed worried. "Are you okay?"

"Not one new scratch one me"

Lexa nodded, but it was not her body she was worried about "About the call you've made"

"You mean killing all these innocent people to save a few of my own"

"It was the right thing to do. They would have never stopped"

"I should have found another way"

"Even if you did end this in a different way. How would they have lived? Without my people's blood to keep them alive. Or yours. They were just bound to a painful death"

Clarke nodded. Not really convinced. "I never wanted this"

"We do what we have to. As leaders we bear that weight so the others don't have to"

It was strange to see their war camp buzzing around in celebration. They had gotten rid of their most dangerous enemy. The reapers they had captured were being restrained until most the drugs were out of their system.

They were reunited to eat. When the commander got up and made a speech. Clarke was hanging back. Not feeling like celebrating anything.

Jasper wasn't anywhere to be seen either.

Octavia was being treated as an equal by all. A few times Lincoln glared at fellow grounders who were getting a little too friendly with his mate. Which was making Bellamy laugh.

With a small smile on her lips Clarke got in the commander's tent, receiving a respectful nod from the guards. She sat on the bed and did something she didn't have the opportunity to in while. She started to draw.

She lost all track of time as she did. She just knew it was probably very late when Lexa joined her. She looked up.

"The party is over?"

"For me it is" Lexa sat next to her, looking at what she was doing. "Who is that?"

"That's my father" Explained the blonde.

Lexa nodded and slowly reached her hand, she wasn't stopped so she flipped the page. It was a butterfly. The next one was a sketch of a river's landscape.

The commander stopped when she was looking at herself. She was wearing her usual armor, sword in her back. She was represented slightly on her side, even from her profile she was obviously looking at something.

"I'm surprised"

Clarke frowned, looking at her work. "At what?"

"I'm fully clothed"

The blonde closed her drawing pad before raising her hand, putting a strand of hair behind Lexa's ear. Clarke slowly leaned in and kissed her.

Clarke sit up suddenly, taking a deep breath. She was still breathing hard as she realized, it was just a nightmare. She looked around for a second. She was in their tent. She was safe.

Then she shivered, the cold hitting her naked torso. She pulled the cover up and laid back down. She looked at Lexa, watched her breath. She looked so peaceful and innocent while she slept.

Unable to get back to sleep Clarke finally decided to get up. Putting on the first things she could reach. Finishing by Lexa's long coat.

The sun was starting to rise. It was a beautiful sight. A grounder she didn't know followed her as she walked though camp. She found Octavia, sitting on a log by the camp's border. Looking at the sky. The blonde sat down next to her.

"I'm surprised you're already up"

"I didn't go to bed yet" Octavia just glanced at her before looking back at the colors in front of them. "I'm surprised you are up. After all the noise we heard getting from your tent"

Clarke blushed and cleared her throat. "I have too much on my mind"

Octavia nodded and they remained silent for a while. The brunette broke the silence after a long moment. "I understand. What you did. I don't support, nor agree with it, but I understand"

Clarke didn't reply. Her eyes just got lost into nothingness. Octavia tried again.

"The camp will be dismantled in three days. I'm going back with Lincoln and Indra to TonDc. Most of the sky people are talking about moving into the mountain"

"They want to move in there?!"

"They would be protected and there is the technology in it…" Trailed off Octavia.

Clarke could understand, if they didn't have the same nightmare she was having. She sighed.

After a while Octavia couldn't stand it anymore "What about you? What are you doing next?"

"I…I think I'll be leaving with Lexa. I need… I can't stay here for now"

Octavia nodded again. "I guess that's it? Just remember to invite me to the wedding. I'd like to see this capital, Polis is it?"

"That's what Lexa called it. As for the wedding. I'll most likely need you there. They have some weird traditions"

"Tell me about it. They wanted to mark my back for each kill"

"You know. I'm surprised Lexa had just a few of them"

"She is the commander. She bears other marks. Just like me now. Brand new tattoo"

Clarke raised an eyebrow. Octavia spoke again. "Don't look at me like that. You'll see later. When we meet again"

"May we meet again" Was all Clarke said, but neither of them moved.

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