Not a hundred percent accurate on the flashback, but best I could do. This is a revision of the first few stories, so, um, here you go.

Summary: It's the Day After, and someone is yearning for some answers...

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It was the day after. No, really, the Day After. That's what it would be called for years to come, for the residents of blocks 33rd to 39th street in the town of Hillwood would tell their descendents why and how they still lived there.

To be more specific, it was the day after two nine-year-old boys had defeated a big cooperation ho was about to tear down the neighborhood in question. Their names? Arnold and Gerald Johansson, with the help of an unknown teenage spy girl. If you want more information, look it up in the cities files.

Of course, these three weren't the only ones who were there when the bus came to a sudden crash when the driver fell faint. Some eyewitness accounts report that another person came out of that bus. The information on that is known only to the four in the bus. Yet only two know exactly why she was there. So, of course, no one has given her any credit of actually helping the two boys. Which is where we join the present happenings.

After all the celebration had passed, one of the heroes finally went up to his bedroom, but sleep was very far away. This young boy was the Arnold who had been the key player the heroic rescue, but didn't really consider himself to fit that role. His best friend Gerald had gotten him in the celebration spirit, which he was in, yet something, was missing. Or more specifically, someone was missing.

This boy was the only one who knew basically all of the credit should go to one person, that person being Helga Pataki. You may ask why, but he wouldn't say. You may ask how, but there'd be no comment. Only if you looked into his thoughts and followed him as he talked to this girl. Which is, of course, what is about to happen.


If you really knew who Arnold was, inside and out, and what he's experienced, et cetera, you'd come to the conclusion that this boy was really far-sighted. Of course, his mind didn't need reading glasses all the time, oh no. In fact, if he was seriously thinking about something, with no other thoughts in mind, he could figure something out easily. That's why he could help his friends so well. This was one of those moments.

How could you start at a certain point as to what he was thinking? You could start at the beginning. I can't give you exact dialogue through out the whole thing, but I can tell you what happened.

!@#$%^&*()_+{}:"?---** Um, well, it's like a flashback, only, well, look at what it says above. **

Arnold saw a shadow behind a glass door talking on the phone. when he strained his hearing, he could hear Deep Voice's words in the distance as well as on the phone. He quietly set down the phone and creeped toward the door silently. Once he reached it, he slammed the door wide open and Deep Voice jumped back.

He crept back, trying to avoid the touch of Arnold. He cried out to not pay attention to the man with the voice changer. But Arnold kept pushing until he fell and his hat fell off.

Only 'he' was really a 'she'.

Helga G. Pataki to be more precise.

Arnold was shocked to find that the one who had helped him and Gerald so much was actually one of the people who would benefit from the destruction of his neighborhood. He asked her why, and she kept coming up with excuses, like "Because I love a good mystery?" Finally, he pushed to far. He said, "But I thought you hated me!" It was as if something inside of Helga took over as she said the words that would seem fatal to her.

Though she tried to hold the words back, she couldn't. "I don't hate you, Arnold," she started, and then the words seem to flow out more freely, as if she were trying to speak for the first time! "I guess you might say that I sort of like you. Heck, I might even like you a lot!"

When Arnold asked a final question, the thing inside Helga burst. "Criminy, can't a girl help out someone she loves!?"

Arnold's eyes widened. "Love?"

"That's right, Arnold! I love you!" She started to lose control again and started walking up to Arnold, as he backed away.

Then she started rambling on. He heard the first bit, but his thoughts were on the shock. He got the basic point. After that, she acted really weird, and pretty lovesick. Something very un-nine-year-old like. Then she kissed him.

After they had saved the neighborhood, they looked at each other, and Arnold could tell that she was embarrassed. He was, too, but who wouldn't be? He asked if what she had said was true. "You really hate me, right?" And then she denied it all, saying it was all in the moment.


'If you ask me,' thought Arnold, 'I don't think me trying to save the neighborhood would make a girl like Helga say she had volumes of poems about me if it weren't true.' It was all just really sudden, but if he thought about it, Helga supposedly "loving" him made a lot of stuff fit. The whole Summer thing, the fact that she pops up in places at awkward moments were some examples. If he didn't know better and weren't mature for his age, he'd shake it of. But maturity and experience comes with curiosity, and he wanted some explanations. The five dub-a-yous (W's), if you know what I mean. First he had to let her admit if or if not what she said up on the FTi building was true. That is, if it was, which was pretty likely to anyone else, but Arnold wasn't sure. And he wanted to know either now or soon.

That's why he got up from is bed then and went to satisfy his curiosity.

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