Said girl rolled her eyes as she kicked her feet, softly propelling the swing she was seated on. Hibiya had been especially clingy today for some reason. She'd left the house for some space, but the useless kid had followed her. Oh well. Though it annoyed her, she supposed it couldn't be helped.

"Hey." She muttered as he sat down on the swing next to her.

They sat in silence, Hibiya staring forward with an odd look on his face as Hiyori tangled her fingers in the soft black fur of her cat. The animal had been lulled to sleep by the warm summer sun shining on it's body.

She envied the cat, she thought as a drop of sweat rolled down her forehead. The heat pounded mercilessly down upon the two children.

"I hate the summer." She sighed.

That grabbed Hibiya's attention. He swiveled his head around to face her, his eyes wide, almost gaping. She gave him a bored look, her eyes asking 'are you an idiot?'.

"What are you looking at me like that for, idiot?" She asked.

He blinked, his face calming down. He sighed, looking forward again. Hiyori raised an eyebrow. What was with him today?

A small breeze blew, ruffling her pigtails and Hibiya's own brunet hair.

"Hey, Hiyori," he said after a moment's silence. "Does this seem familiar to you? Almost like… we've been here before?"

She snorted. "What nonsense are you going on about? We come to this park all the time."

"That's not…. Never mind." His voice trailed off.

Hiyori ignored him and looked down to her cat, who had opened it's eyes. It looked up at her, the dark gaze boring into her own.

It startled her by leaping off her lap.

"Hey!" She yelled, jumping out of the swing.

The cat glanced at her, then darted off.

"Come back!" She yelled as she took off running after it.

"Hiyori, wait!" Hibiya cried, chasing after her.

They were heading towards the exit of the park. Hiyori paid it no mind, only focused on retrieving her pet.

The cat stepped onto the concrete of the road and ran across the crosswalk. Hiyori followed mindlessly.

She didn't notice that the light had turned red.

"HIYORI!" She heard her name shouted, in sync with the garish blaring of a truck horn.

That's right… She looked up, her eyes meeting those of the truck driver.

It looks like I failed again.

Her eyes slid closed.

A surging flash of pain went through her, and then everything went white.

August 15th.

The cat sat peacefully on the other side of the road, licking it's paw. Immune to the blood spattering it's coal black coat, or the screams of the tortured child cradling the body of the girl he loved.

This is what you get.