Chapter 1

Just Another Day in Agrabah

Another new MLP fic. This one I've been working on ever since I heard Robin Williams died. This was further inspired by some videos on Youtube that had Genie and Pinkie Pie singing "Aladdin" songs together. And don't worry. Pinkie's in this fic. She just come up later.

So for this fic, I dedicate to Robin Williams. May he rest in peace.

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A tanned blond woman in a green and orange dress and hijab sighed as she swept the floor in her hovel of a home. This wasn't unusual, doing the chores herself. In fact, she enjoyed hard work. However, when it came to her brother and sister, Applejack just wished they'd have different personalities.

"Why is it that I'm the one doin' all the work, tryin' to provide for us, while Aladdin and Rainbow Dash run out into the city and steal? The least they could do is try to help. Especially with the anniversary comin' up."

Neither Applejack nor her sister, Rainbow Dash, were born in Agrabah. They had been born in a faraway land where, at least to their memories, everything was peaceful. But one day, long before either girl could learn the name of their kingdom, slavers came one day and took children from different villages. Applejack could remember the night she was taken from her family because she used herself as a distraction to let her family get away.

Rainbow Dash, on the other hand, decided to fight the slavers, but got caught instead. Once caged with the rest of the children, both girls could only watch as their villages disappeared in the distances. Applejack remembered that she, Rainbow, and three other girls worked hard to calm the children to keep the slavers from beating them.

One day, Rainbow managed to pickpocket a passing slaver of his keys and, with Applejack and the other girls' help, were able to liberate the children before they ran away. However, a sandstorm caused the two girls to get separated from the rest, causing them to become hopelessly lost. It was three hot, thirsty days before they came across a kingdom in the vast desert and charged in, hoping for water.

One they had their fill at a local well, they tried to figure out where they were and how to get home. But without the name of their original kingdom, there was no hope of returning home. So they were forced to live the life of beggars. Soon after, they befriended an orphan boy who knew Agrabah like the back of his hand.

After several adventures, the two girls and the boy decided to adopt each other as siblings. And on the anniversary of their adoption, a small party would be thrown, with only themselves and their pet monkey, Abu, whom they found sometime later.

As the three grew older, Applejack, being the eldest, decided to become responsible and went work at a local tailor. But while Applejack was on the straight-and-narrow path, Aladdin and Rainbow were walking the opposite path and became thieves. Both did it for the thrills and that they could get food "for free." However, this often causes trouble between them and the local guards. This would fray Applejack's nerves more and more, her worries of punishment growing.

The sound of laughter coming up the stairs caused Applejack to stop sweeping as two people came in with food in their arms. One was a man with black hair, dressed in a violet vest, white patched pants, and a fez. The other was a woman with her hair dyed in the colors of the rainbow. She was dressed in ragged blue pants, a raggedy white shirt, and a blue vest. Her hair was tied back in a low pony tail.

These were Aladdin and Rainbow Dash, Applejack's siblings.

Applejack groaned as she realized why they were laughing.

"Don't tell me ya'll raided the marketplace. Again."

The two culprits merely smiled as they deposited the food in their makeshift storage room in the hovel.

"It was great! Sahier and Kaffir don't even know we raided their stock! I call it a very good day." Aladdin laughed.

Rainbow then noticed the serious look on Applejack's face and nudged her brother's side.

"Uh, looks like we're gonna have to sit through another lecture, Aladdin."

"Ya darn tootin' there's another lecture!" Applejack began. "I am just sick and tired of yer shenanigans. I make enough to provide for us, the least you two could do is help."

"But we are helping, Applejack. We come home with food every day." Rainbow replied.

"Yeah. Food you stole!" the elder sister argued.

Aladdin took the time to close up the storage crate while Applejack and Rainbow Dash argued. Again. It was nothing new. Every day Applejack would get on her high horse and try to convince them not to steal. And every day, Rainbow would counter-argue and the two sisters would get into a fight. While both he and Rainbow found Applejack's frustrations amusing and often times infuriating, she did have a right. She was constantly worried that the two of them could get arrested by the guards and there would be nothing she could do.

While he loved his sisters to death, Aladdin couldn't help but dream up better lives for them all. He knew both of his sisters wanted to see their families again or at least contact them. From the curtained opening in the wall, Aladdin gazed out to the view of Agrabah and the palace. Every day, he would daydream of him, Abu, and the girls becoming rich and living in a place like the palace.

He sighed as Abu climbed up him and handed him an apple they had stolen, both of them looking out while waiting for the sisters to quit bickering. Taking the apple, Aladdin spoke.

"Someday, Abu. Someday."

He then leaned back at his spot and spoke.

"But for now, just another day in Agrabah."

Meanwhile in the palace, a young woman with rosy pink hair in a green dress and veil was brushing a tiger in the garden, humming a tune she had heard from her younger days. She was joined by another woman in a lilac dress and veil whom was carrying a stack of books. Looking to her, the frail woman spoke.

"The sultan gave you permission to enter the library again, Twilight?"

The lilac woman smiled as she sat at the edge of a lotus-shaped fountain and set the books down.

"I'm surprise he doesn't allow me to NOT ask permission. Although he seems more addled than lately."

The frail woman frowned as she began to pet the tiger next to her.

"Is it because Princess Jasmine's birthday is approaching?"

Twilight nodded.

"Yes. It's in five days and you know the law says she has to marry a prince by then. But every time a suitor comes, she refuses them one way or another. To be honest, I'm worried, Fluttershy. So far, I don't know what happens if she chooses no one. I don't even think Rarity can convince her to choose."

Fluttershy looked down sadly.

"I don't think she has any right to convince the princess. The three of us hold no such position to do so."

Twilight looked at Fluttershy sadly.

"You know…it's been years since we've met the sultan and Princess Jasmine. I don't think rank means anything between the five of us, anymore."

Fluttershy couldn't respond. Years ago, she, Twilight, and their friend Rarity were taken by slavers as children. None of them could escape, so they looked after the younger children with two other girls. After escaping with the children, the two mysterious girls got lost in a sandstorm and were never seen again.

After the storm had settled, the slave caravan caught up to them. But before the slavers could imprison or beat them, the guards of Agrabah charged in and arrested the slavers. Among the guards was a man in regal attire. He had the children tended to by a local doctor before taking them to the palace.

He introduced himself as the sultan of Agrabah and had been hearing reports of slavers from some time. He proceeded to return the children to their homelands, save for the three eldest children. Taking pity on them, the sultan decided to have them for the time being to become playmates of his own daughter, the Princess Jasmine.

None of the three girls knew what to expect until they met the princess. And to their surprise, she didn't treat them like servants. She treated them with such kindness that the four girls couldn't help but become friends.

As they grew older, the sultan assigned the three girls to become the princess' ladies-in-waiting. Each girl, while maintaining their friendship with the princess, developed interests that seemed fitting for them.

For Fluttershy, it was tending to the palace animals, such as Rajah, the tiger she was grooming.

For Rarity, she loved to study and design the latest fashions. So she learned how to tailor from the palace seamstresses and took to the needle and thread like a natural.

For Twilight, she developed a love of knowledge that the sultan would allow her to read from the palace's library. She also took on studying magic. However, when the sultan suggested that she'd train under the royal vizier, Jafar, Twilight had to decline.

Of everyone in the palace, it was Jafar that she trusted the least. While his advising proved well in the past, something about the way he acts around the sultan seemed false. Twilight's instincts were telling her that Jafar was up to something and that she should keep an eye on him.

What could that man be planning?

Twilight's thoughts were soon interrupted when a woman dressed in a dark violet dress entered the garden. All she needed to see what the dress to know that the woman before them was Rarity.

"Everything alright, Rarity?" Twilight asked.

Rarity groaned as she sat on the fountain's edge next to Twilight.

"I'm sorry. But…I can't help but feel sorry for the princess."

This caught the women's attention.

"What do you mean, Rarity?" Fluttershy asked.

The elder girl sighed as she gazed dreamily up to the clear sky.

"I asked the princess why she couldn't choose a suitor and do you know what she told me?"

"What?" Twilight asked.

"She said that if she does marry, she wants it to be for love. Can you imagine it? To marry someone out of love? Now I understand. I'd feel the same if I was in her position."

Fluttershy cupped her mouth with her hands as she spoke.

"Oh, Rarity! That sounds lovely!"

"Yes, it does. I just wish that law wasn't in the way of the princess' dream." Rarity agreed with a dreamy look in her eyes.

The other women agreed with her there. Twilight was still investigating the reasons as to why such a law was put in place but had yet gain entry to such restricted knowledge. The only one other than the royal family who had access to that part of the archives was Jafar as per his duties as royal vizier. This immediate knowledge caused Twilight to bring up something she has been noticing for a while.

"Speaking of laws, anyone notice how strange Jafar is acting lately?"

Rarity narrowed her eyes while Fluttershy coward next to Rajah.

"You mean how he's been slithering about as of late? Honestly, darling, I don't see what's new about that. That…that…man is just like a snake if not worse."

Twilight countered.

"Yes, I know. But I mean he's been acting even more suspicious as of late. Earlier today, I've noticed he was doing research about some sort of cave."

"A cave? Why would Jafar want to read about a cave?" Rarity asked.

"That's not just it. After he left, I took a look at the book to the page number he was on. It's something about a legendary treasure cave called the 'Cave of Wonders.' A mythical place where great treasure and powerful artifacts were laid to rest. To this day, no one knows where the Cave of Wonders, what's inside, or how to access it." Twilight explained.

Fluttershy gulped.

"You…you don't think he plans to harm the sultan and the princess, do you?"

Both elder women gave a concerned look to each other before returning their gaze to the younger woman.

"To be honest, I wouldn't put it past him if he desires the throne of Agrabah. I've actually seen him having the nerve to sit upon it from time to time with no one but that dreadful parrot of his around. Thankfully, he doesn't know I've seen him in secret by accident." Rarity recalled, shivering at the thought of Jafar catching her.

"And I've noticed at times, the sultan acts strange after he has a conversation with Jafar. Almost as if he was in some sort of trance." Twilight contributed to the conversation.

"And Iago is a piece of work as well. I mean, I know the crackers the sultan gives him taste terrible, but he could at least politely declined. I've actually heard him complaining to Jafar about them, saying he'd hurt the sultan if he has another cracker." Fluttershy recalled, although the other two did a mental eye-roll.

The sultan could procure better crackers than the ones he had been forcing down Iago's throat.

"One thing's for sure, we'll have to keep an eye on them. In the meantime, look alive girls. The princess is coming." Twilight whispered before the three of them turned their attention to a woman dressed in a light blue casual royal ensemble with a sapphire circlet upon her head. Her black hair was long and separated by two bands of the same color as the outfit.

This was the beautiful Princess Jasmine.

She smiled as she approached her ladies-in-waiting.

"Hello again, Rarity. Good morning Twilight, Fluttershy."

Putting their previous banter aside for now, the three greeted the princess with smiles.

"Good morning, Your Highness." The two younger women replied.

Fluttershy, smiling, proceed to speak as Rajah stood up.

"Rajah has been a very good kitty this morning. He's clean and groomed as he should. And all without a single fuss."

Indeed, Rajah was always happy whenever Fluttershy took care of him for the princess. The woman was as gentle as a lamb but can be firm when need be and she always knew how he liked to be groomed. As Rajah gave a low rumble similar to a cat purring, Jasmine smiled happily as she petted the tiger.

"You truly have a way with animals, Fluttershy. I can always count on you to take care of them."

Fluttershy blushed at the compliment while the other two women smiled. The princess then noticed the books Twilight had in her possession and couldn't help but giggle.

"You must have asked Father for permission to enter the library again, Twilight. I don't think there has been a day I haven't seen you without knowing you would ask."

Twilight gave a light giggle as she answered the princess.

"I just love to read, Your Highness. They say books can take you anywhere every time you read their pages."

Jasmine smiled approvingly at the intellectual lady-in-waiting before joining the three in the garden with Rajah by her side. The three women were more than just her ladies-in-waiting. They were her only real friends other than Rajah, and they were also like sisters to her.

She remembered the day her father brought three dirty foreign girls to the palace, saved from a gang of slavers. She remembered how scared they were, but none more so than Fluttershy. The girl shook like a leaf and rarely spoke to strangers. It took Jasmine some time and a lot of coaxing before she could get the girl to speak. She soon found out that the rosy-haired girl felt comfortable around animals and used that to help her heal. Soon, she couldn't get enough of the animals and vice versa.

Rarity was the first one in line when a bath was offered. She hated getting dirty, but that time she wanted to wash away the memory of what happened as well. Such things weren't so easy to erase. Jasmine managed to have a genuine conversation with the plum-haired girl when she found her sewing up make-shift dresses for her and the other two refugees when they assumed they would leave soon. The princess found Rarity had a talent for dressmaking and the two talked over some of Rarity's designs she had in mind. She was even thinking of opening a tailors once they were able to get started up until the sultan offered the girls to stay as Jasmine's playmates. Much to say a good portion of the princess' clothing were Rarity-made.

Twilight was a bit more anti-social than the other two. She didn't have a way with animals like Fluttershy nor did she have Rarity's sense of fashion. It was when she was exploring the palace that she discovered the library and soon after discovered her love of reading. Jasmine didn't know who was harder to talk to: a timid Fluttershy or a bookworm Twilight. It took all three girls to get the fourth one to play, but whenever knowledge was involved, Twilight always offered what she had learned.

The princess couldn't picture her life without them. Their friendship was a valued treasure to her. Not even the thought of marriage would keep them apart.

She sighed as she thought of the law that stated she had to marry by her next birthday. Over the year, suitors from all over would come and seek her hand. Each time, she refused. And not because most of them were pompous or arrogant. There were some nice ones here and there. But she didn't love any of them. Jasmine wanted the freedom to choose who she would marry out of love. And not just marriage. She wanted to freedom to do what she wanted.

Each day, she would secretly envy the servants, including her ladies-in-waiting that would go into the city to pick up supplies. Whether it was food or fabric, at least they were free to explore the city. The princess, however, had never been outside her home. All because she was a princess.

Jasmine sighed as she looked towards the sky, watching birds fly past on their way to who-knows-where. Another prince was arriving on the morrow as they deadline drew another day closer. Jasmine sighed sadly as she muttered to herself.

"Just another day in Agrabah."

That night…in the desert…

The royal vizier, Jafar, calmly waited for his parrot, Iago, to return to his side with two pieces of a golden scarab in his claws. They had finally found it. The Cave of Wonders. What they had not expected was that the Cave was very selective on who would enter. Jafar had sent the thief he hired to investigate, only for the Cave to come crashing down on him, sealing his fate.

The Cave made it very clear. There was only one who could enter the Cave to fetch what Jafar desired. A "diamond in the rough" according to the Cave. Placing the scarab in a pocket in his robe, Jafar returned to his horse as he and Iago returned to Agrabah.

"I must find this one. This…'diamond in the rough.'"

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