Banded Reunion

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Pairings: Dash/Kara, Leo/Emma

Anyway this is my first fic and it's a future type thing where the original red band society have a reunion at Ocean Park after 8 years.

Blue eyes snapped open as the ringing of a pre-set alarm rung throughout the bedroom. A now 24 year-old Kara Souders groaned as her fingers outstretched to roughly push down on the alarm hoping to shut it off so she could get back to her beauty sleep. But she knew that wouldn't last long. She had set the damn thing last night for a reason. So it would be easier to start her day; that never really does work.

The bright sunlight gleaming through the windows of her apartment didn't help any either. It was a blessing and a curse to live in Los Angeles. It was sunny in the middle of December and yet Kara almost wished it would fucking snow for once this holiday.

Reluctantly the blonde stepped out of bed and groggily walked into the kitchen to begin her day. The one thing she could look forward to was a nice hot breakfast.

Scrolling through her emails and text messages between chews became a habit for Kara over the years. That much stayed the same, she needed her phone like MTV needed crappy reality TV Shows.

She replied to her mom and Daniella's text messages "Christmas in New York sounds lovely! I'll check the flight schedule as soon as possible." and got updated on the latest clothing sales downtown thanks to the alerts on her email. But one message in particular stuck out to her. It was an email from Leo, no surprise there, also sent to Emma, Dash, Jordi and Charlie.

To: Emma Chota, Kara Souders, Dash Hosney, Jordi Palacious and Charlie Hutchinson

Subject: Reunion

Greeting fellow Red Banders, (if it's still acceptable to call us that, if not then too bad)

If you weren't already aware, Ocean Park is having their annual Christmas Party in a few weeks and seeing as it's been a good 8 years since I've seen a majority of you I think we need to change that.

Sure we aren't patients anymore but I propose a new idea to get our little group reunited: we crash. It'll be the perfect surprise for Nurse Jackson, Brittany and Dr. McAndrew. I believe the party is set on the 22nd this year so you better all be there.

X Leo

Kara had to let a chuckle escape her lips at the content of the email. It was just like Leo to tell them not that they were just having a reunion but that they were also crashing Ocean Park's hospital party. He hadn't changed a bit personality wise it seemed.

She was about to reply with a "sorry but family obligations" or maybe "like I don't have better things to do than sit around with you losers?" but really what else did she have to do? She had her vacation time for Christmas laid out and that included the specific date Leo was requesting for. She certainly didn't feel like spending another day alone until she would be in New York to spend the holidays the right way with her moms.

Her fingers were moving towards the keys and typing before she realized what she was doing.

I'll be there.

Across the country in a tiny house in northern Chicago, a fully-haired Leo Roth was desperately pounding on the bathroom door. Not only did he have to use it but he for one wanted to get out of the house on time and not make his family even more impatient with his delayed arrival in California.

"Em! Just open the door already we have to leave soon. And my parents will still love you even if your makeup is that of a clown." He called out in teasing voice as his fist stayed pressed against the wooden door.

Finally a couple minutes later he heard shuffling before the door opened up widely.

"Okay, I'm all done. Happy?" Emma Chota, soon to be Roth, rolled her eyes playfully as she stepped further into the hallway, the diamond engagement ring on her finger that Leo had gotten her was shining from the sunlight the early morning brought. The past few years have been kind to Emma. She had finally grown into her body and now had suitable curves and a fuller figure.

"Thrilled because no offense, but you take forever." He smirked as he pressed a quick kiss to her lips. "And at this rate we will be hours late getting to my parent's house."

With that they seemingly traded places as Leo made his way into their bathroom and Emma brought out the last of the suitcases to lay by the front door until they were both ready to leave.

"Did anyone reply to the email yet?" Leo called out through the door as Emma's dainty fingers gripped the cup of coffee left out for her.

One hand remained on her mug as the other moved towards her phone and opened up the email.

"Kara did. And so did Charlie, even now the former roommates are in sync." She stated with a small giggle at the memory. "No word from Dash or Jordi yet."

The bathroom door opened once more, this time the light turned off and the door stayed shut as Leo stepped out. "Ready?"

"Ready." The brunette grinned, slipping into her coat rather easily, grabbing ahold of her suitcase in one hand and Leo's unoccupied hand in the other before walking out of the house.

To the airport they go.

Dash Hosney entered his apartment in Brooklyn, New York. After years of job changes and traveling he finally decided to settle in New York and do what he loved: being a music teacher at one of the downtown local middle school. He really did like helping people, loved music, and even liked the kids on most days. He felt his phone vibrate through his pocket and took it out and began scrolling through it. He expected it to be from the school, or maybe some of the teachers wanting to get drinks like they did every Tuesday evening. The school had just went on winter break and now he had two weeks off from his job. Two weeks to finish grading papers or go down to see his parents.

But instead he found himself glancing intently at an e-mail from Leo. That was sort of a surprise. They tried to keep in touch, but mainly just saw each other during the holidays due to the traveling costs and their busy schedules. Once summer came he would be back and fourth between here and Chicago like a yo-yo due to best man duties since Leo and Emma were planning a summer wedding.

A grin appeared at the content of the message. Leo was planning a reunion between the red banders back at Ocean Park hospital and since most of their families still lived in Cali, he would have a perfectly valid excuse to go there and visit. He began typing his reply almost immediately after sinking in the details of the message.

Of course I'll be there. Wouldn't miss a chance to see any of the fellow red-banders. A family reunions some would say. :)

It was short and sweet and to the point. He wouldn't admit it; but even now those guys were his true family and he was itching to get all of them together again.

It had been way too long.

Charlie Hutchinson sat at his parents house, playing on the family computer. Even at the ripe age of 22 he was young at heart and enjoyed the things he did when he was a little kid. He was the only one besides Kara to stick around in Cali, with everyone else seemingly moving elsewhere and finding their own paths. It was a shame they barley kept in touch anymore.

Except for the fact that Leo was planning a get together for the five of them to be in the same close proximity again. And Charlie felt quite the accomplishment of being the first person to agree to go (well besides Emma because that was pretty much a given). Next, he got word that Kara was going. The former occupants of room 5115 were two pees in a pod in that way. Out of all the people he's expected to keep in touch with he wouldn't have guessed it would be Kara, but it was. They talked every couple weeks and even hung out on many occasions.

They got closer after the death of Kara's boyfriend Hunter Cole. And now Charlie considered Kara one of his best friends, definitely his closest friend from Ocean Park.

He was doing some last minute shopping for his parents. Things had looked up for his family after Charlie had woken up from his coma. Mandy and Nick had put their differences aside and after a bunch of nasty fights and threatened divorces they began to communicate better and found peace in each other. But most of their closeness came from the mutual love of their son.

And Charlie wouldn't change anything about that situation for the world. Except maybe not falling into a coma in the first place. And that he got more pizza throughout his stay at Ocean Park Hospital.

Jordi Palacios walked along the sidewalk, on the way back to his apartment. After his cancer had gone away, well for the most part, he had gotten the okay to leave Ocean Park, it was then that he felt he needed to be closer to the only family he truly had and moved back to Mexico to spend time with his Grandma. It felt right at the moment and his relationship with her only grew stronger by each day.

His mom tried to come back into his life, yet again surprise surprise, when he was 18 and heading off to college. Which didn't really work out. He refused to see his mom and on top of that realized college wasn't for him so he dropped out halfway through his freshman year. What a waste of money and time that was.

Hearing the familiar beep of his phone, he pulled it out from his pocket as he walked into the building. He scanned the few messages he had from a couple of old friends before seeing the notification for a few e-mail and immediately opening it up and reading it over. It was from Leo, nothing too rant-ful but still getting to the point rather quick. And the point was that they were all planning on meeting up at Ocean Park Hospital for a Christmas Party and his presence was requested. His fingers moved towards the keys to type a reply but he couldn't think of anything to say. Did he want to go? He wasn't too sure.

Sure he missed everyone but they hardly made an effort to keep in touch with him. Besides they were all doing valuable things with their lives, important things. What was Jordi doing all this time? Working at some restaurant he could care less about and just now living on his own. They would think he was absolutely pathetic and he didn't blame them if they did think that. He knew he should have stuck with music and tried to make a career out of it. But it was too little too late.

He hastily put his phone back away. He wasn't ready to face everyone.

Not now.