Chapter 4

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"Come in, come in." Adam scurried aside, letting Jordi pass through the front door before closing it. "It's good to see you." He had an arm wrapped around Jordi's shoulder and was hugging him before the Latino could even utter another word.

"Thank you." Jordi paused before giving into the light hug. It felt nice. Comforting and familiar. That was a feeling he hadn't felt in a good while.

"Adam who's at the door?" The voice of the one and only Erin Grace, now Erin Grace McAndrew, rang out from what seemed to be the kitchen. Adam and Erin had finally gotten married three years ago. Jordi being Jordi didn't attend the wedding. And sent his congratulations a month late.

"Jordi Palacios? Is that you? Hi sweetie!" Her bubbly voice got louder as she made her way closer towards the front door. A permanent smile seemed to be on her face as she too went in for a hug.

""So what are you doing here?" McAndrew asked, curiosity seeping through his words. It wasn't everyday an old patient showed up on his doorstep.

"He doesn't need to be interrogated right now Adam." Erin had her arm now wrapped around Jordi's shoulder as she led in the direction of the kitchen. "I'm just finishing up some holiday baking. How good are you at measuring?"

Adam let out a chuckle as Jordi's face turned from confusion to one of pleading. His eyes were practically begging to be saved. But he knew his wife could be persuasive. In the funniest way possible.

Charlie's eyes flickered towards his food as he ate before flickering up towards Kara who was sitting across from him, actively texting nonetheless. Well this roommate lunch was going great.

"What are you doing on that thing? You're on it 24/7."

"You really need to get back out there."

"Don't you mean get out there, period." He had never had a girlfriend. He was still in college, and girls just didn't seem to ever notice him. In high school, he made himself busy with friends and school work and trying to get his parents to see eye to eye. Having a girlfriend didn't really seem important at the time.

He did have his first kiss in the most cliche way possible. During a game of spin the bottle at a party he didn't even want to attend. The girl was pretty but she smelled like strong perfume and almost tried to stick her tongue in his mouth. Yep, it was enough to scar him for the next few years.

"I'm making you a Tinder profile." Kara said as if it was obvious what she was doing.

"I really don't think that's necessary." All he really wanted to do was see that girl he had met yesterday. Devon, he remembered with a soft smile etching on his lips. They still hadn't grabbed coffee together. He didn't even have her number. He didn't ask for it. Maybe Kara setting him up was a good idea. He needed all the help he could get.

"Of course it is roomie. You are just too shy to ask for help." The blonde rolled her eyes as she dug into the last of her hamburger before pushing the plate aside and grabbing her phone once more. "Now smile." The camera flashed before Charlie could even blink.

Leo let out a long and loud sigh as he collapsed onto the edge of bed. A few seconds later he could feel the bed sink in a tad more and looked beside him, stifling a laugh. Emma had done the same thing and now they were both staring up at the ceiling fan, exhaustion taking full effect.

"You should have warned me that your mom likes to play 20 questions around the dinner table." Emma muttered under her breath. "More like 50+ personal questions."

"Like your parents are any better." Leo retorted with a scoff.

"Touché." She shrugged off the comment with an eye roll.

"At least nobody is throwing dish plates or playing charades."

"You don't want to play charades with my dad."

"Your family actually plays charades? I was kidding!"

"Sure you still want to marry me?" She glanced up at him, eyes lit up in amusement.

"Well I've been stuck with you for all this time, what's a few more decades hmm?" He teased, grabbing a hold of her hand and giving it a soft kiss, before noticing the spaced off look that appeared in her brown eyes. "Hey what's up with you?"

"I just don't want to see my parents quite yet." She muttered, becoming quiet. Whenever Emma got upset, she got silent and usually held things in. Right about now would be the time where she would shut herself off and start building her walls up brick by brick. But she couldn't just pretend with Leo. He knew her too well. He was her better half after all. She didn't want to pretend and put on a facade anyway. It was tiring and she had wasted too many years simply pretending. Pretending to be happy, pretending to be normal, pretending to be healthy. Not anymore.

"Things with your mom aren't still 100%?" Worry started to crease into his eyebrows.

"They haven't been the same since I got sick. But it's been this way for a years or two. It's like every time I slipped up, she was there to remind me of it."

"And you think that if we tell her about the doctor appointment and trying to get pregnant," Leo paused, finally putting the pieces together in his brain. "that she'll bring up the relapses and your illness as being the reason why."


"Well I'm here to make sure that doesn't happen."

"You and your superpowers."

"I am just like superman." He remembered Mae saying the same thing years ago in the hospital. At the time he didn't believe it, but he had beaten his cancer for the second time and after that, well anything was possible. If he was destined to only be considered a superman in Emma's eyes, that was enough to to satisfy him.

Kara let out a puff of smoke as she sat on the balcony outside her apartment that night. Okay, so she knew she shouldn't be smoking. Again. But one of the annoying habits she and her mom have in common are smoking when they are stressed. Or maybe she just needed the release. It was her life after all, and she wasn't damaging her heart by going out getting wasted every night or doing every illegal drug in existence. A little smoke would not kill her.

She heard loud knocks on the front door and quickly put out the cigarette, smashing it with her heel, before making her way inside.

Her mom and Daniella were already seated at the coffee table, chatting aimlessly about who knows what.

"How did you get in here?" Okay, it wasn't the initial greeting she had planned out in her head, but it would have to do.

"You left the door unlocked, and I always know you keep the spare key under the mat. It's a very cliche yet expected move." Sarah said with the roll of her eyes, a smile playing on the corner of her lips. "Now come and give us a hug."

She reluctantly walked over and gave each of her moms a hug. A short and quick hug nonetheless. Another thing that hasn't changed was Kara's tolerance for physical closeness. She just was never big on hugs.

"I thought we were meeting all together in New York." Confusion was evident in Kara's tone, but she refrained from making her true annoyed nature be known. She did not like people just dropping in without calling. She never has.

"We do all still live in LA Kara-bear. Plus this way we can extend the holidays!" Daniella was either oblivious to Kara's did comfortable or she was simply just too excited about the holidays to care. It made a smile threaten to appear on the Kara's lips. Her step mom had that effect on people.

"Is Cole with you?"

"He's at the sitter's house. We wanted to surprise you in a nice and quiet manner before things became chaotic."

"Good point."

Let the fun begin.

Dash got out of LAX, luggage in hand, with a genuine smile. The weather already felt better than it did in New York. He loved the Big Apple but it could get nasty in the winter time.

Getting into the taxi, he debated on dropping his things off first with his parents, but ultimately decided against it as the cab drove to the requested address. With bags in his hands, he gave the front door a knock before walking in. They never did leave the door unlocked. Or they sensed he was coming. Whatever the reason, he was grateful.

"Mom, dad, I'm home!" He shouted gleefully, shutting the front door behind him.


He was greeted by the warm faces of Steve and Cindy Roth, and the tight hugs of said people. Still, he was thrilled. Leo's parents were like his second parents.

"Hi sweetie, oh it is so good to see you!"

"Leo, Dash is here!" Steve called out. Leo and Emma appeared from the staircase.

"Dash!" Leo exclaimed with a wide grin as he made his way down the stairs in a haste.

"My brother from another mother." Dash had Leo in a hug within seconds. They separated once Emma cleared her throat.

"You want some love too Emms?" He teased, eyes lighting up in amusement as he moved to hug the brunette.

"Don't let me get in the way of your bromance. Or is there something you guys aren't telling me?" She raised an eyebrow in mockery.

"Oh hush you." Leo rolled his eyes as he pressed a kiss to Emma's cheek.

"Yeah, you should really lighten up." Dash being Dash, grinned before kissing the girl's other cheek. He just loved messing with her.

"You must be starving. Let me get you a play of leftovers." Dash was never one to turn down free food. Especially from Cindy. So he nodded as she hurried to the kitchen. "thank you Mrs. Roth."

"Oh, she only likes to be called Cindy." Emma smirked remembering their first interaction two days ago.

"I go by either."

"Mama Roth likes me better." Dash couldn't help but brag, sticking his tongue out in a playful manner as he followed Leo's parents towards the food.

"He's full of it."

"Some things never change." She joked with the shake of her head. He pressed a kiss to her forehead before beginning to walk towards the kitchen.

Emma was about to follow but then felt her phone start buzzing. Her mom's number flashed before her eyes. At least she didn't have a contact picture of Caroline blurring her vision as well. Her breath caught in her throat as her fingers hovered over the answer button and the ignore button. Green or red. Talk or Disregard. Maybe if she let it ring long enough the call would end. It would be like it never existed.

Leo's head popped out from the corner as his searching eyes found her. "Hey Em you okay?"

"Yeah I'm fine." The answer was quick, maybe too quick, but he bought it nonetheless.

"I think Dash is going to clear out the kitchen before the night is over." Wanting to lighten things up, he moved on to making fun of his best friend.

She flashed a faux smile as she clicked the ignore button. Hastily shoving her phone back into her pocket before she finally joined Leo and the others.

She was always okay.

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