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Warning: A/U and Femslash: HARLEY QUINN AND POISON IVY.

Chapter 1: Pamela Isley.

Akraham, the public school, was a horrible place to be. The walls had the distasteful color of the red bricks and it generated the cold emotion of eternal and disgusting humidity. The students used to say it was because there had never been enough money in the government budget to decorate the place after built. Nobody would blame them. At least, Pamela Isley knew she didn't.

Akraham was a school for freaks, who would give an extra zero in the check of a place where only the less worth it students in the system would end up. Students whose parents just didn't produce a single penny during the year. Parents who were alcoholic. Parents who were in jail. Or parents who were abusive. No, Pamela knew she wouldn't if she had the money.
Everybody there knew what society expected from them. They were a bomb of time that would explode at some point.

Because at some point all of them would become like their parents- Pamela knew everybody thought that and she couldn't care less.

She walked through the halls like if she was not part of the system, like if her mother was not an alcoholic bitch and her father didn't try to beat her up every once in a while. No. She knew she would never end up like them. She would never be what everybody expected her to be. She had big plans and she knew that at some point, if she worked hard enough, they could come true.

With her air of superiority she had gotten all the freaks respect. Or at least, fear. She was beautiful, she was smart, and she knew how to use it.

During this last year of hell, she had become the most popular chick among the students and the teachers. She just needed to keep it up for a little longer, maybe blow a kiss or two to the corrupted director and his puppets, and she would say good bye to the freak show and hello to Cambridge University and the faculty of Plant science.

She smiled at the idea. A small little gesture that enlightened her face as she walked into the classroom. She gave a gaze around and noticed that one of the students was not there today. The Joker, the moronic freak previously known as Jack Napier, was apparently taking the day off, most likely to get high in some useless corner of his house.
Pamela couldn't say she was not happy to have that crazy bastard away from her today. She had never liked him or the way he treated his girlfriend: Harleen Quinzel. Not that she gave a damn about the poor little dandelion. It just pissed her off because, as expected, she hated the idea of a man abusing a woman. As if she didn't have enough of that at home.

She took her usual seat on the second line near the window and got her notebook out while she waited for the teacher to arrive.

So busy she was trying to find her green pen out of her bag that she didn't notice somebody got close enough to hurl a kiss against her check.

"Good morning, Red" she heard the nasal voice of the guilty classmate greeting her from the first chair in the line. Pamela looked up and saw Harleen.

"Good Morning, Harley" she answered softly even though she knew the blond one only talked to her when she didn't have Joker to talk to…or suck her face for.

Blond, pretty, with a bright smile on her face and a thing for strawberry chapstick. Harley certainly was like a refreshing breeze during summer.

A bit lost after such an energetic greet, it took her more than a minute to process that Harleen was wearing glasses today which caused Pam to blush against her will. She liked it when she wore glasses and her hair in a messy bun. It made Pamela feel that she was not the dumb bimbo that ran around the useless pill of shit that Joker was.

"I see you are looking nerdy today" Pamela said with a smirk. Harley pouted.

"Why do you have to be so poisonous, Red?" the blond one complained childishly "Why can't you say that I look nice and professional for social science class… you know it is my favorite one"

"Is it? I thought it was P.E." the other one said leaning her head on the desk. Harley stroking her hair. It was something Harley always did. She always needed to show affection to others like if she was not able to hold it inside her like a normal person did. Pamela would never say out loud how much she liked that about her on-and-off friend.

"Well…second favorite class" admitted Harley as she passed her light fingers through Pamela's red curls. "But still…You know I take this class seriously"

"It's kind of hard to tell, Harley, since you're always making it impossible to even pay attention when you and your puddin' are here together" Pamela pointed out and she could feel that Harley took her hand away from her head. Isley didn't need to look up to know she was probably looking away as she played with her own hair, messing her bun even more.

Anyhow, Pamela raised her chin up from the cold desk. She wanted to look at Harley's guilty expression while the blonde one nibbled her bottom lip as though there was no tomorrow.

"You just don't understand how funny it is when he's around. He has a talent…you know? To make this dirty place nice and full of happiness" she mumbled rapidly.

No- a tiny voice screamed inside Pam's head- You have that talent.

"Oh, I'm sure he has a talent, alright…the talent of being rowdy and annoying" Pamela mumbled and averted her eyes. She saw Harvey Dent was looking at them. She wondered when he would get over the fact that they were not an item anymore.

Seriously, they had dated, kissed and had unsuccessful sex and that was it. Pamela didn't believe it so hard to get through one's head.

"Whad did ya just say, red?" Harley asked but Pamela didn't reply. Mrs. Thompkins had arrived and she didn't seem to be in a good mood. She started her class talking about how there was a theory about why certain people was crazy or predisposed to be a criminal. Harley's eyes sparkled with the topic and Pamela wondered again why she would let herself miss the class when Joker was around.

They had about seven other classes during the day that they could boycott. Pamela considered that maybe Joker liked that Harley picked him over everything she loved and liked. Everything that made her an independent and wonderful individual.

Pamela sighed.

She passed her fingers through her hair and looked out of the window.
She really hated this class.

Not only because it had to do with studying the nature of human beings, but also because it was a way to remind her what everybody thought that they were going to become. A way to remember as well that Joker was more important to Harley than the air she was breathing.

Pamela grumbled.

Harley didn't notice. Of course. She was just incredibly happy about the opportunity she had to learn something that she truly liked. Heck, if Pamela didn't know better, she would even say that was why she was so madly in love with Joker. She just loved everything related to minds that were so screwed up, to the point she forgot about everything else around her.

The read head leaned to place her chin on her hand as she looked through the window. The grass seemed to be rather dry today and she felt bad about it. How cheap did the system have to be, to be able to have such a terrible grass? – Pamela mumbled in a whisper that nobody heard.

"Miss Isley" a serious voice brought her back to earth, making her turn around rapidly from the window. Mrs. Thompkins was looking at her with disappointment as she placed a paper on her desk "You'll never be able to apply to Cambridge if you keep daydreaming"

After saying that the old woman passed by and continued giving the results to everybody else. Before Pamela could even react to that abrupt slap to her ego, Harley grabbed the paper that Mrs. Thompkins had just placed on her desk, opening her blue eyes widely as she saw the red marker on almost all the test.

"Wow, Pam. How could you do this bad? Even Pudding got a C" said the presumed air headed showing the two exams that had been placed on her own desk. The one with her name had a perfect A+ on it. Figures.

"Of course he did! This was a test about people who is insane, isn't he insane?" she growled as she took the paper away from Harley's hands. The blond girl looked at her, a sad expression placed on her face. Pamela sighed. "I'm sorry…" Pamela babbled feeling guilty for a short moment "I just really feel frustrated in this class".

She did. No matter how many times Pamela read the text book she just couldn't keep any information in her head. And Mrs. Thompkins was not exactly open and aware of her charms to let her even pass with the minimum grade. She knew that. She had tried to convince her before.

"Do y'a want me to help ya study? We have the midterm in a week, I bet if you pass that one you surely will be able to apply to that scholarship you're always talking about" said Harley. Pamela looked at her in disbelieve. So she was actually listening when she talked about that. Pamela always thought she was just nodding robotically while writing a thousand times 'H+J forever' on her math notebook.

"Don't you have things to do with your boyfriend?" asked the redhead before letting herself feel comfortable with the proposition.

"Oh, no" Harley said a bit sad "He and I had a little fight yesterday. But I know that we can make it work, we just need a bit of…fresh air, you know?"

Pamela frowned. She didn't. She bet Joker had wanted Harley to rob something from a store and maybe she had been caught. Maybe that's why he hadn't gone to classes, so he could rob from a store without any problem.
The idea of Harley feeling bad about it made Pamela feel sick. She couldn't bear Harley's devastated face. She always got like that when she and Joker had a fight.


"Fine, let's meet up at the library after class" said Ishley while she pretended to look at the answers she gave on the test.
Harley smiled again and almost jumped excitedly off her chair.

"Oh, Red! You will not regret this! I promised I'll do my very best to help you pass" Harley said. Then the bell rang indicating it was time to go to different classes. "See you at your locker after P.E.?"

Pamela shook her head "It's ok. I'll pick you up at the Gym" she pointed out and then Harley giggled and left. Pamela couldn't help herself, she loved it when she could see Harley in the gymnastic class.

She would sit down at her usual spot, Harley would notice her (Like every time the joker was not around) then she would wave at her, or blow her a kiss before jumping over the trampoline and do something amazing that would blow Pamela away.

Her stomach contracted and her heart felt like burning when it skipped a beat.

Pamela sighed while she picked up her things and walked out of the classroom. She didn't want to get late for math, and surely she didn't want to give herself the opportunity to think about what she just thought a second ago.

No. Pamela Isley didn't like thinking about her feelings very much.

To be continued.

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