Note: This isn't the best thing I've written but I think it's decent. By the way. I think RobinxTharja is a decent pairing. I happen to like RobinxLucina more but that's just me. By the way, to all you Warrior fans I could've had this type of story with Spottedleaf but then I'd have a cat talking to a person. And even that can't be fully excused with 'Oh, it's in an Outrealm.' Also, the LucinaxRobin in these stories is not from my other Fire Emblem fanfic. It's from the game's storyline, meaning it happened before Robin's sacrifice. As opposed to my other fanfic.

Chapter Two: A magical discussion.

Crossover: Fire Emblem Awakening and Harry Potter.

Characters: Tharja, Snape and Libra.

Rating: K+

Tharja was trying to relax, reading a book on a powerful Dark Mage. She, along with her husband Libra, had gone on vacation. Just the two of them. They had asked Noire to come along but she decided not to, instead opting to stay with her husband Inigo. So now it was only her and he rhusband. Or, it would have been if Libra hadn't been called away for an urgent healing. The priest wouldn't be back for a while so she was now alone. Alone with her treacherous thoughts.

Tharja sighed and put the book away. She couldn't be distracted. Whenever she was alone she ended up thinking about him. About Robin.

She knew it was wrong but she couldn't help it fantasizing about what her life would be like if he had fallen for her instead of Chrom's daughter from the future, Lucina, and married her. Heck, sometimes she wished things had ended up that way! And she hated herself for it. She was a married woman and he a married man. Yet she couldn't let go. Why?

"Mind if I sit here?" asked a man's voice. Tharja snapped out of her thoughts and looked up to see a man with black greasy hair, black eyes, a hooked nose and pale skin standing in front of her. He wore black robes. Something was odd about him. A certain darkness hung over him. One that was foreign. One that didn't exist where she came from.

"No, I don't mind. Sit." Tharja said. Her mind had, temporarily, forgotten about Robin. Right now she was too busy trying to figure out the enigma that sat in front of her.

"What's your name?" she asked,starting to try and figure out the basics.

"Snape. Severus Snape." the man, Snape, responded, sipping a drink as he did so. Once again, Tharja felt that foreign sense envelop the man. The name was most certainly foreign, not something she had ever heard before. Suddenly a thought came to her. She was in the Outrealms at the moment. Maybe he came from a different realm then hers.

"What's your name?" Snape asked.

"Tharja." the dark mage said to him. She decided she had to know if her guess was correct so she began to chant a hex under her breath that would tell her whether Snape was telling the truth, if he said something, or not. As she did so Snape smirked and raised a stick. Suddenly she felt her hex dissipate.

"Now now, Miss Tharja. Did you really think you could pull off a hex over a powerful wizard like me? Or did you not realize I know how to use magic as well?" Snape asked.

Tharja sighed. "I didn't realize you could use magic as well." she admitted. "You must be knowledgeable to have detected my hex, not to mention negate it. And we don't use the word wizard where I come from. To childish."

Snape's smirk grew. "Believe me my dear, there is nothing child-like about me." he said. "And I realize we come from separate worlds. I guessed as much from your name, attire and from the fact that I've already met others from separate worlds. And believe me, many are stranger then you." Snap's' smirk vanished. "Now then, to business."

"Business?" Tharja asked. "You had an actual reason for coming here?"

"Yes, I did." Snape said. "For some odd reason something about you... drew me here, for lack of a better term. And I'm curious as to what that could be."

Now it was Tharja's turn to smirk. "For once I'm on the receiving end." she said. "Normally I'm drawn to those with darkness to them. And you most certainly have a certain darkness to you."

Snape smirked once more. "Normally one who would be allied to The Dark Lord would be dark. And even if I eventually became a double agent against him I always maintained a darker essence. Ah, my life was complicated when I was still alive."

Tharja looked at him in shock, both because of what he said and on how nonchalantly he said it. "You're dead?!" she asked.

"Yes. Though my spirit has been unable to pass on for quite some time now. " Snape said. "Apparently, in this world I can take physical form. I even still have the robes I wore when I died, though the blood stains from my wound seem to have disappeared fortunately." The last part was added on with an amused smile. "I even still have my wand and some potions. But make no mistake. I'm dead."

Tharja sat there for a moment, processing this. "I'll believe you." she said. "But only because I've fought undead beings, met and battled against other undead beings that actually thought rationally, battled against what many believed to be some dark god, though they were completely wrong, and won and had a friend come back from the dead. So this, while surprising, isn't hard to believe."

"Wow. Incredible." Snape said, sounding bored. "Meanwhile I fought for and then against, without his knowledge, a man who no longer was human, in a humane sense, who was basically immortal, killed one of the most powerful men in my world, who happened to be one of the few I looked up to, as per his request, ended up somehow helping a boy I hated and died from a snake wound. Not a normal snake, mind you. So excuse me if I sound less then impressed."

Tharja would have hexed the man for his impudence if it wasn't for the fact that he was already dead.

"So now, as for the reason why I'm here, I believe that part of the reason I haven't moved on is because something is holding me back. That something being you."

Tharja stared at him. "How is that possible? We never knew each other till now. We come from different worlds!"

"I don't know. But I think I'm meant to help you." Snape said. "I was drawn to you by a feeling. A feeling of familiarity." Snape took another sip of the drink in front of him. "Better enjoy this for as long as I can, eh?" he said.

Tharja shook her head. How could he help her? The only problem she had now was her feelings for Robin. And he couldn't help her with that. Could he?

"So, who is this Robin?" Snape said suddenly. Tharja looked at him in surprise.

"How-" she began to asked but Snape interrupted her.

"Legilimency, my dear. The art of magic that allows the user to see another's thoughts. My apologies for the invasion of privacy but seeing as you weren't talking I figured that I had to initiate this."

"And now you have the gall to ask me for more information?! How dare you?!" Tharja asked in a low but dangerous voice.

"Listen, I'm not here to be polite. I want to be able to finally move on and, I can hardly believe it, even help you. However, I can't do that if you refuse to tell me. Now, I would much rather you tell me the making me resort to Legilimency." Snape said.

Tharja sighed and conceded. "Very well." she said. "What you're about to see and hear is a side of me that very none have seen before. The conflicted side. The vulnerable one." Tharja then told over everything about her and Robin, how she first met him and the Shepherds, how she began to obsess over him, how he married Lucina and she Libra, how he sacrificed himself and how he came back. And how, even after her marriage and his, she still obsessed over him.

Snape looked thoughtful. "I see. Now I understand." he said. "I'm here to get you over this. And before you say I can't let me tell you this. I went through the same thing.

"I fell in love with a girl when I was young. Back then we were friends, but eventually things happened that drove us apart. She ended up marrying a man I loathed. He had always been obnoxious and cruel to me. I'm not sure what she saw in him." Snape sighed as he relived the memories. "I still loved her though. In the end though, my obsession over her and my hatred of her husband blinded me. I ended up informing on her and him to The Dark Lord for certain reasons that I won't get into for they are to lengthy and bear no importance to the point of this discussion.

"I thought, no hoped, that he would let her live. My hope was in vain. He murdered her along with him." Snape looked at the tips of his fingers as he said this. "I was a fool. I didn't know when to let go. And that caused me to make the greatest and most horrible mistake in my life.

"Now, will you make a mistake like this? Probably not. I certainly hope not. But that isn't the point. If you don't let go you'll make a mistake, sooner or later,that you'll regret. Whether you risk destroying any friendship with Robin or his wife, or destroying your marriage to this Libra, you will make a mistake that will be costly. So, can I help you get over this? No. But I can tell you what happened to me and hope that is enough."

Snape stood. "You do have an advantage though. You're better off then me." he said with a smile. "You have moved on, whether you realize it or not. By marrying Libra you showed you have moved on. It's time to take the next step. And I believe you can." Snape then began to walk away, his form fading as he did so.

"Remember Tharja, you've been blessed to find someone else. Don't waste the blessing." he said before his voice faded away with his body.

Tharja watched him go. After a few minutes her husband, Libra, walked over. "I'm sorry Tharja for being gone for so long." Libra said.

"It's fine. Don't worry about it."

Libra looked shocked at what his wife just said, though he quickly removed the look from his face. He wasn't quick enough. Tharja had seen it. She wasn't upset though. She could hardly blame him for being surprised. He probably expected her to rant about how poor he was compared to Robin and threaten to, if not actually, hex him. And to be honest, that was what she was about to do before Snape's words came to the front of her mind.

"Are you sure?" Libra asked.

Tharja smirked. "Well now that you mention it, there is something I'd like from you."

Libra expected a hex, not a kiss. But that was exactly what Tharja gave him. Libra was dumbstruck. It was truly rare that his wife ever showed affection. He couldn't even remember if she had ever kissed him before.

Finally he asked "Tharja, are you alright?"

Tharja looked at him quizzically. "Of course I'm alright." she said.

"Because you're acting different." Libra said before hurriedly adding "Not that I don't like it!"

Tharja was silent for a moment before saying "I just had a talk with someone. It was quite the eye-opener. Or better yet, an awakening."

Tharja: Ajani's Apprentice, prepared to be hexed. How DARE YOU show me like this?! And how dare you use me for one of your horrible puns!

AA: Admit it Tharja, you liked the story.

Tharja: I did not!

AA: Drink this. *Forces a liquid down her throat.* Now, did you like the story?

Tharja: Yes I did! But that's no excuse for the pun! And I that doesn't mean I won't hex you! And how'd you get me to say that?!

Snape: A little thing known as Veritaserum, or better known as the most powerful truth serum ever, my dear. I had some on me that I carry around all the time. Ajani's Apprentice must have stolen it from me.

Tharja: Because you let him.

Snape: Perhaps.


Snape: You seem to have forgotten my dear. I'm dead. That said, why did you bother having me remove that hex she was going to cast AA? It would have had no effect.

AA: It might have. The hex wasn't going to affect your body, just make you tell the truth. So it might have worked. Plus, since you were somewhat alive in the Outrealms it also might have worked. Which would also explain why you could cast spells.

Libra: Or you needed an excuse to introduce Severus here as a wizard. Plus it's sad when an author can't explain his own work sufficiently.

AA: Touche. And ouch. I didn't expect you, of all people, to burn me, Libra.

Snape: You are one of the few who call me by my first name.

Libra: I'm special I guess. And AA, too bad. You deserved it.

Tharja: Sorry to interrupt but, seeing as our author here isn't dead, I can hex him.


Snape: Can't. I'm dead.


Libra: I've learned long ago not to get involved when my wife is like this.

AA: Fine, I'll have to use my powers as an author to save me.

*Tharja and AA begin to battle.*

Libra: Alright, seeing as Lucas is... busy I'll explain why he wrote Snape a bit OOC. He feels that the only reason Snape would ever betray Lily and James was because his hate for James blinded him. He also feels that Snape would help Tharja as he is good and he's understand. Also, having one's soul stuck until one helps certainly is a reason to help.

Snape: Not bad. A decent reason for once.

Libra: Alright, see you next time. Or AA will. I'm not in the next one. And I probably ought to help AA out. I think Tharja's vented enough that she'll now listen.

Snape: Good-bye.