Thanks to all who reviewed, followed, and favourited! Thank you very much! This is the final chapter (and the beginning of Nirnaeth Arnoediad). Sorry about the length, but I hope you enjoy it nonetheless!

What's What:

A mahta tenna qualme - Fight to the death (Quenya)

Acharn - Vengeance (Sindarin)


And all of a sudden the elves of Nargothrond, and many others with them, leapt forth, a fell light in their eyes. Their horses' hooves thundered, singing a song of war that instilled fear in the black hearts of the orcs.

Gwindor was blinded by a furious rage. A dreadful fire was in his eyes as he led the riders in a spearhead formation that cut through the orcs like a sharp knife through soft cheese. On, he and his followers pressed; relentlessly, tirelessly, almost unbreakable.

Almost at once, the High King Fingon put on his white helm and unsheathed his sword. The sun's light glinted off the blade as he raised and drove it forward.

"A mahta tenna qualmë!"

And thousands of voices, the voices of Eldar, trumpets, and naked steel repeated the bold cry as they charged forward into the fray. It was as if a great storm had come down to renew the land and wash away the foul shadows of evil.

Still, at the forefront of the whole host fought Gwindor, that mighty prince of Nargothrond, destroying all in his path, never stopping. His people were never far behind, their rage and their thirst for vengeance sustaining them. And even so, they came to the gates of Angband and pounded on the very doors of hell.

As they burst through the gates, they cried out with one fell voice:


And they were never seen again, save one… and he was never the same.