A/N: This is part two for my story Betrayal. It is a drabble as well. So chapters will be 100 – 500 words.

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Three months have passed since the end of Betrayal.

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Chapter 1

"Mrs. Castucci?" I turned around to see a plump, middle-aged man hurrying in my direction. It was the man I had been waiting for, a P.I. by the name of Dick Bentley. The fact that he had called me by my married name and not Mrs. Cullen only pleased me more as I had given him Edward's business name over the phone. It was obvious that he had done his homework, and that proved to me that he was the right man for the job.

"Dick," I greeted him. "You're late."

He looked flustered. "I'm sorry Mrs. Castucci, I got held up in traffic."

I shook my head. "Dick, if you are going to be working for me, you will never keep me waiting, is that understood?"

"Yes Ma'am," he replied.

I smiled, his answer pleased me.

"You said I could be of service? How can I help?"

I started walking along the path, not waiting for him to follow me. I heard him gasping for breath as he hurried to catch up with me. I only started speaking once he reached my side. "I want you to find someone for me."

He nodded. "No problem."

"And I don't want you to draw attention to the fact that you're searching for him."

"Of course."

"My husband will not find out about this," I ordered.

Dick nodded again.

I stopped and turned to him. "You've done your research. I presume you know who my husband is?"

"Yes," Dick replied, swallowing a lump in his throat.

"He's a powerful man Dick. He comes from an influential family, as do I. You would do well to remember that."

"Who do you want me to find?"

"My brother, Emmett. Emmett Galizia."

"I thought he was dead."

I shook my head. "The TV news reports were false. His body was never found. Someone is covering their trail because they don't want him to be found."

"Why isn't your husband looking for him?"

"Because he believes the same as everyone else."

"And you don't?"

I went into my handbag and pulled out a thick envelope of cash. "I wouldn't be paying you this kind of money if I did." I handed him the envelope and turned to leave. "Call me when you find something."