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Keep Calm and Chaos On

Bonus Story!:

The One Where Luna Learns to Knock

Some time later—let's say a month of 'pretend dating' later…

The moon had been up for a few hours so far this evening, and though Princess Luna had only completed a small portion of her tasks for the night, she couldn't help but feel a little peckish. Thus, the moon princess had decided to wander down to the kitchens of her castle for a late night snack.

Heading down the hallway now, Luna had to smile as she spoke quietly to herself. "Celestia's had the baking staff working overtime ever since she and Discord resumed their regular cake dates. I think I'll treat myself to a nice slice of whatever was prepared today. And I believe Celestia and Discord chose to venture out of the castle this evening for their 'friendly bonding time', so I should have the kitchen all to myself."

Luna came in sight of the kitchen doors, but slowed her pace. "Of course, the two of them may have come back early and decided on some cake. I had better check to make sure." Not that it would be an issue for Luna to ask to join them, of course: they were all still friends even if Celestia and Discord had started to explore a 'more than friendly' side of their relationship with each other. Luna's concern rather was with, well… She sighed as she stood before the door, her look a little dry as she whispered to herself. "Discord really is a 'vivid' daydreamer. And though Celestia claims they're just sharing a very flirtatious friendship at the moment, I'd rather not accidentally walk in on anything…." Luna peeked into the glass window of the kitchen door but saw only dim lights inside, casting shadows here and there. And she heard no talking.

Luna moved her head away from the window and smiled. "Hmm, they must indeed not be here. Perfect, more cake for me."

And then with a bright smile, the moon princess used her magic to open the door, upon which she trotted inside and turned up the lights.

For about ten seconds (until Celestia and Discord—who actually were indeed occupying the kitchen at the moment—processed the change in lighting and the fact that a third party was here now), what Luna saw left her with wide eyes, a dropped jaw, and lacking all capacity for speech….

Celestia and Discord were sitting at a table across the room with plates of cake in front of each other (of course). But the cake slices were barely touched…. And meanwhile, Celestia and Discord were holding each other in a close embrace with their mouths bonded in a tender, passionate kiss that looked like it had been going on for quite some time (and like it had been showing no signs of stopping on its own).

As the pair finally realized that they had been interrupted now though, the rather expressive kissing ceased, and the draconequus and alicorn just remained perfectly still, locked in their embrace and looking at each other with wide eyes.

Then with a gasp Celestia pulled back, and she and Discord turned forward.

"L-Luna!?" Celestia's voice actually hit a sharp note as she exclaimed her sister's name. "I-I…" She blushed red as a sunset. "I…"

"Speechless?" Discord grinned, a dreamy look in his eyes as he rested his head on his hand. "I haven't done that to a lady in a while." He gave a low chuckle. "Glad to know I'm not quite as rusty as I thought I was."

Celestia let out a truly mortified sigh, cleared her throat, and tried to speak again. "Luna, this isn't, um…entirely what it looks like." She smiled very sheepishly. "You know that arrangement I mentioned to you that Discord and I have…"

Discord couldn't help himself. "You mean the one about how you and I are completely hot for each other, but you're still getting used to it, so usually all we get to do is flirt and cuddle and drink way too many milkshakes with two straws?" The chaos master leaned back in his seat as his grin picked up on one side.

Celestia pouted but kept her attention on Luna. "We're not…I mean, it's complicated…I-I mean, if you knew the context of…. H-How much did you see, exactly?" She swallowed and smiled sheepishly.

And now at this point, Luna blinked once and then just let out a deep sigh. Her gaze went dull, though she smiled as she walked over to the icebox. "Oh please, Celestia, I knew you two were dating even before you two knew you were dating."

"Good then we can get back to things!" Discord's leaned in close to Celestia.

Still facing forward, Celestia's eyes went wide. "Discord!" Her blush brightened again.

The chaos master just laughed again.

Luna only sighed once more. "Anyway," she magically took a slice of cake from the icebox and put it on a plate, "I'm just getting a late night snack, and then I'll leave you two alone if you'd, er…like to insist on using the kitchen for the rest of whatever you were doing." She raised an eyebrow at the couple as she turned toward the door again. "Is there any particular reason though, sister, that you'd pick here of all places for courtship activities instead of just your room? I mean, if you're this concerned about not getting caught…" She grinned a little.

Discord's look brightened considerably. "Say, not a bad idea." He glanced at Celestia. "What do you think, Ti…" He was met with a very displeased look from a blushing Celestia. Discord's eyes went wide, and he swallowed as he went on. "…I, uh…maybe I should go for now. Ta ta." And then with an awkward shrug and a wave, he snapped himself away.

Luna brought a hoof to her mouth, resisting the urge to giggle as she addressed Celestia again. "Oh sister, don't be so grumpy towards him. You know he can't help himself." Luna approached, the cake plate floating beside her. But then she paused and raised an eyebrow at the sight of her sister now. "Celestia?"

Celestia was blushing considerably and looking down with wide eyes and a frown. "I, um…" her voice cracked slightly again, and she cleared her throat once more, "I think I'll go to my room." And then she suddenly teleported away (leaving her cake behind her).

Luna frowned at the spot where she had been (and at the fact that she had left her cake—a bad sign, indeed). Then the moon princess sighed, set her own plate of cake onto the table, and teleported away as well.

A moment later, Luna found herself outside of Celestia's room. She knocked and gave the door a gentle push open. "Sister? Are you all right? Did I tease you too much? I apologize if I did—I was just trying to handle an awkward moment, I…" Luna blinked at the sight of Celestia lying on her bed with her face down in her pillows.

"Sister…?" Luna approached, an eyebrow raised.

Celestia let out such a deep sigh. "I actually kissed him."

Luna's smile grew a little, and she couldn't help herself. "Erm, technically I believe the modern term for what you two were doing was necking or making out." She held back a soft chuckle.

A small snort left Celestia…and then a chuckle…and then a full laugh. And now the sun princess raised her head, and she was laughing so much that tears actually fell from her eyes. "Luna, I…I was making out with Discord. I was making out! With Discord! He was our mortal enemy once, he turned our lives inside out, he has no concept of stability and leadership, I let him hit on me constantly in this house so we could be friends, I'm a princess, and I made out with him! Over cake! How did I go from having an idea to release Discord to try and reform him to this?!" She flung out an arm, her laughter continuing.

Luna raised an eyebrow again. "Celestia, you're getting hysterical."

Celestia only continued laughing and crying though. "We just came back here from a nice flight after dinner and went to the kitchen for a snack, and we were talking…and then it all happened so fast. Luna, I've kissed Discord! I was making out with…" She let out a very deep sigh and brought her hoof to her head. "This really happened, didn't it?"

"Sister!" Luna finally came forward, turned Celestia to face her with her magic, and gave her shoulders a gentle shake. "Pray, snap out of it!" She looked into her eyes.

Celestia's eyes went wide, but then she blinked a few times. The laughing and crying stopped, and she let out a deep, slow breath now. "Okay…I'm okay. Really." She cleared her throat. "I'm fine now. I promise."

Luna observed Celestia closely for a moment longer and then finally released her and took a step back. "Very well." She nodded. "Now, sister, you must explain to me why you were so upset just now. Did it have anything to do with you and Discord getting caught by me?" She frowned. "I know you're a very private mare, Celestia, and I really didn't mean to tease you so much, but you'd think you would have accepted the possibility by now of someone potentially seeing the two of you in such a compromising position. How long has this intimate part of your relationship been going on exactly?" Luna tilted her head to the side.

Celestia sighed and rested her head on her pillows again. She blushed slightly. "Tonight was the first time. Our first kiss…."

Luna's eyes went a little wide. "Oh." She swallowed. "I am very sorry I interrupted then."

Celestia blushed more and raised her head again. "Don't be. I mean it's fine, really." She took a breath. "You know Discord and I been spending time together lately in a very special friendly way, Luna. But all we would do is talk together and laugh together, and I'd let him hold my hoof…"

"So, what happened tonight exactly to change things?" the night princess raised an eyebrow

Celestia looked down a little. "I don't know. We got back from taking a lovely flight over the countryside, like I said, and we sat down to eat our cake. And we were just talking, joking like usual—he flirted with me, and I…said some encouraging things back." She blushed more. "Then I said how being in the kitchen at night reminded me of our time together when he was living here. And he said it was almost the same except now I'd taken all the fun out of his flirting by not getting nearly so flustered anymore." She smiled. "And I said he still flustered me sometimes, I'd just learned to hide it well because I didn't want to give him the satisfaction. And he said he'd tell me a secret…then he leaned in and said I flustered him too a little." She swallowed. "Then I think I said that was an awful lot for both of us to be feeling when we were only pretending to date. And then he grinned and said it was a lot for both of us to be resisting too." Her blush deepened. "And then…the next thing I knew, his arms were around me and his hands were in my wings, and I had a hoof on his shoulder and I was getting used to the feeling of kissing somebody with a fang…and a snake's tongue." She brought a hoof to her forehead, and something in the shuddery breath that left her was reminiscent of the start of that hysterical tone she'd had before. She took another deep breath and lowered her hoof.

Luna blinked, her eyes wide for a moment and a distinct blush on her features. Then she cleared her throat and resumed a supportive smile. "Celestia, really, it's fine. So you like Discord." She shrugged, then raised an eyebrow. "And you…really take such pleasure in his intimate company?"

Celestia's blush was rosy. She nodded.

The moon princess smiled more. "Well then, what's the problem? So you went out with a creature you like and whom you're attracted to, and you kissed him…repeatedly. It's perfectly okay. Enjoy yourself, sister—you know we both don't socialize personally nearly enough. And Discord's sort of cute in an obnoxious sort of way." But then Luna's smile fell a little. "Unless you're upset about things escalating?"

Celestia just sighed. "I don't know. This has all just been very…. I don't know." She collapsed her head onto her pillows again.

Luna nodded. "Well, if you feel you need some counsel, I could always summon Cadance and Twilight. Between the Princess of Love and the Princess of Friendship, you're bound to sort out how you feel and where you want things to go from here."

"No!" Celestia sat up with a light blush, then cleared her throat. "I mean, um…Cadance would get carried away. And I'd rather not involve Twilight in this." She swallowed. "It would feel strange. I've trained her since she was a filly. How am I supposed to look at her and explain that my 'friendship problem' is that I don't know how to deal with the fact that I just spent twenty minutes in the kitchen taking 'reforming' Discord to an entirely new level?"

Luna sighed and shook her head. "Sister, I'll concede your point about Cadance, but Twilight is capable of knowing you have a personal life and being okay with it."

"Yes, but Imight not be capable of being okay with it, not about this at least…not yet," Celestia mumbled. She cleared her throat. "I'd really rather just talk to you, sister. Discord and I haven't directly admitted to anybody else yet how are relationship has changed, even if ponies may have seen us together a few times. We've been very discreet and casual—that was the point of only pretending to date at first. And…now tonight happened." Then she sighed and looked forward again. "I still can't believe I did this." Her eye twitched slightly.

Luna smiled a little again. "You really are smitten with Discord, aren't you, Celestia? I don't believe I've ever even you get this worked up over a suitor before."

Celestia nodded and almost smiled a little. "Discord's…fun. He makes me smile. And he's interesting and…sort of sweet sometimes when he thinks no one's looking. I do like him." She blushed again and looked to her sister once more. "But what if I like him too much now, Luna? We never seriously talked about a true courtship. He's a free spirit, and anything serious about our relationship has been very unofficial. How do I know he doesn't have a bunch of girls all over Equestria he sees? How do I know I'm not getting carried away?" She frowned. "We may have just complicated our friendship very much, Luna. And I don't even know how to start talking to him about it."

Just then there was a rap on Celestia's balcony window and the door opened. There stood Discord, leaning against the frame. "Actually, for things that are purely fun, I don't mind playing the field a little. But there have been emotions involved in this, so…it's just you in my life at the moment, Tia." He swallowed and tried to smile more as he added, "And have we 'complicated' our friendship or just made it more chaotic, hmm?" He raised an eyebrow and held back a chuckle.

Celestia just kept staring forward with wide eyes.

Luna looked from Discord to Celestia and then stepped back with a sheepish smile. "Erm, I believe I should go. I still have a snack to finish in the kitchen. Take care, you two." She met Discord's gaze and lightly gestured with her head to her sister.

The chaos master gave her a single slight nod. Luna gave slight him a nod in return and then disappeared.

The happy couple was alone now.

Discord let out a breath. "Why don't we talk out on the balcony, Celestia? The night air's probably good for us after how stuffy that kitchen was." He blushed a little but turned away and headed outside.

Celestia remained in her room for a moment, quiet and thinking. But then finally she got up and walked outside to find Discord just admiring the view.

"Nice night," the chaos master started, looking out at the city and landscape below.

Celestia swallowed and nodded, looking forward as well as she came to sit near him. "Oh, uh…yes. Luna's made a beautiful one."

Discord took a deep breath. "Beautiful day too."

Celestia nodded again. "Yes, I suppose it was."

Discord let out a sigh. "Well then, now that we've got the pleasantries out of the way…" He turned to her with a slight frown. "Are you feeling a little better?"

Celestia blushed faintly. She nodded. "Yes. I am." She smiled slightly and barely glanced over at him. "Thank you for asking."

"Yeah, well…I care about you. It's the least I could do." His grin picked up a little on one side. "After all, you're my very special friend."

Celestia blushed more and looked forward and down.

Discord sighed again and did the same. Then he leaned forward on the balcony rail. "Was it really that bad for you, Tia? I thought we were both enjoying ourselves back there, but it has been a thousand years for me. Maybe I'm not reading signals right anymore."

"It wasn't 'bad', Discord." Celestia turned her head to look at him completely.

Discord was just gazing out at the landscape with a dull look in his eyes…and no smile now. "But it just wasn't with some charming stallion prince…without a hands or a fang…or a snake's tongue."

Celestia's features colored vermillion, and she sighed and frowned. "Discord, I wish you wouldn't eavesdrop." She looked down. "And you know I didn't mean it like that."

"Like what?" There was almost something mocking in his tone…but there was a little pain there too.

Celestia glanced at him again: he still wasn't smiling. If anything, he was frowning. She had so rarely ever seen him sad in their lives…. Celestia's gaze and tone softened. "Like I wished you were something you're not," she replied as she turned to face him completely. "I'm sorry, Discord. I didn't know you were listening, but either way I didn't mean it like that." Her eyes widened a little. "What we did together just…didn't absorb at the time, and then when we stopped it absorbed all at once. And it's been such a dramatic shift for us over such a short period of time considering our history. And, regardless of anything with you, I'm just not used to…I mean…" She swallowed. "You know I haven't seen anyone socially the way I see you in a very, very long time. I haven't even had a gentleman friend in a long time. So tonight my actions—our actions—they just surprised me. But it wasn't a bad surprise in any way. I mean that."

Discord remained looking forward, though his eyes were wide now. Then he turned to her and finally smiled (or, rather, grinned) again. "So you did like it?"

Celestia's blinked. But then with a soft blush she smiled and nodded. "Yes. I liked having that experience together. Kissing like that."

"You're happy then?" Something in Discord's grin and gaze softened and warmed as he suddenly leaned down close to her.

Celestia smiled even more. "I think it would be better if things went more slowly. But yes, I did like it…and I'm happy."

Discord's eyes hazed as his grin practically went into a smirk. "What a coincidence, I liked it, and I'm happy too…even if you are a perfectly orderly little pony and not a being of chaos." He chuckled and straightened up as he turned to lean back against the railing. "However long it's been since you've seen someone socially the way you see me, it's been too long, princess. You don't deserve such neglect."

Celestia almost smirked a little herself (and inside she felt a great relief that he was smiling and joking with her again). "I could say the same thing about you."

Discord laughed again, eyeing her with an eyebrow raised. "In the kitchen though? Really?" He crossed his arms over his chest. "Celestia, I know you like cake, but is it actually a turn on for you? Should I know this?"

Celestia just shook her head as she held back a laugh. "Well, I'll admit having the aroma nearby certainly is a pleasing experience." Then she stood, and her eyes hazed a little. "And when was the last time you didn't just have fun with someone, Discord? When was the last time emotions were involved?" She took a step closer to him.

Discord lost his poise for a moment—his eyes went wide and distinct blushing came to his features as he lowered his arms and turned to face her. "I, er…a long…long time."

Celestia giggled and brought a hoof to her mouth, all of her usual calmness and happiness returning to her tone. "We snuck down to the kitchen and kissed. I feel like a teenager."

Discord managed to clear his throat and smile a little, though his blushing remained. "You're certainly as enthusiastic as one. I thought it was only in my daydreams that you were that passionate." He sighed. "And did you really think I'd be seeing other women while seeing you, Tia? Have you really not accepted the fact that you're more than enough mare for anyone, including me? Not to mention an excellent kisser." He winked.

Celestia giggled. "I'm not sure what to expect with you sometimes—you are chaos after all." She winked back at him.

Discord's grin practically grew into a smirk. "I'll make you a deal. While we're close like this, you don't use your sudden desire to socialize intimately to start some sort of secret stallion harem for yourself with your staff and the guards, and I won't use all of my natural charm to win the hearts and desires of every mare in Equestria. I mean, I'll have to put in some serious effort, but I'll genuinely try not to."

"Deal, Discord." Celestia nodded. Then she let out a deep breath, a faint blush still present. "Discord, if we…let this new part of having a special friendship into our lives…maybe it could just be in a small way?"

Discord's grin picked up on one side. "Sort of an amendment to our agreement? You mean like we can kiss…but maybe only for special occasions or good night kisses. Something like that?"

Celestia nodded. "Yes. I think doing that might help keep us from accidentally doing what we did in the kitchen in the future."

"Yes, well, we did agree on no actual passionate necking at the start of this little friendship escalation of ours." Discord chuckled. "But a little peck between friends…no harm there." The chaos master sighed and looked down with a smile that was almost shy. "And if I'm going to keep caring about you…which might keep this thing between us pretty exclusive…it'd be nice to have the option for a kiss, especially since it's been so long…for both of us." His hazed eyes and looked down into hers.

Celestia's rather wide eyes looked up into his. "We really did get a little carried away in the kitchen…with the dim lights and the quiet and the cake. It was an interesting first kiss."

Discord nodded. "Yes. But from now on we'll be very careful…even if sometimes we are sitting close and we both look at each other and just know there's something there."

Celestia blushed more. "You really are very charming…and very passionate yourself."

Discord almost laughed. "I know. But I really wish you'd warn me before you say such nice things, princess. I told you once before…it's not easy for a guy to resist escalating advances from a beautiful female."

Celestia smiled more, her eyes still gazing into his. "Discord, I think talk like this is how we got in trouble in the kitchen…"

A deep sigh left Discord through his nose. "It's also how we almost got in trouble two weeks ago at my house when we were watching that scary movie in the dark and we used it as an excuse to let me put an arm around you. And it's almost how we got in trouble last weekend when you let me watch you lower the sun and then told me sun rises and sunsets always made your heart pound a little…and I told you that you make my heart pound a little." He shrugged. "Let's face it—the whole thing's been inevitable."

Her features rosy, Celestia looked down a little…though she did softly add, "Maybe it has been…"

Then, just before Discord really couldn't resist the urge to scoop her up and neck with her until she might agree to spend the rest of her off duty hours with him, he gave a nod and smiled. "But for now, I believe we agreed that goodnight kisses are acceptable. And it is night, and a good one…and I figure it's late enough that you should be going to bed." He shrugged. "What do you say?"

Celestia glanced back up at him with a small smile. She gave a single nod. "Just one. I think that's about what I can handle for the rest of the night." She held back a giggle.

Discord smiled and gave her a slight bow of his head. "Just one…unless when it's over you drag me into your room in a fiery embrace, and then all bets are off." He laughed.

"Discord." Celestia just sighed and nudged him with her hoof. "Come here…" And then she leaned up, rested her hoof on his shoulder, and gently brought her mouth to his for a kiss.

Discord's eyes went wide at first but then drifted closed as he brought a paw up to her cheek. And then the chaos master smiled as Celestia gave a light gasp at the feeling of his tail coming up behind her and wrapping lightly around her back to pull them even closer.

After a long moment, the couple separated…and eventually Discord's tail slipped away.

Celestia's smile picked up a little on one side. "Was that your tail having a mind of its own again?"

Discord chuckled. "We were of the same mind just now actually."

Celestia smiled so much and glanced down. "That makes three of us, then." His tail tuft was in the air near her and she lightly touched it with her hoof and giggled.

Discord tried to smirk down at Celestia, though the hazed look in his eyes dampened the effect. "Did I ever tell you that you're pretty when you're not overthinking things?"

Celestia laughed softly and shook her head. "Goodnight, Discord. And thank you for coming to talk to me. I appreciate it." She turned to head back inside.

"Dinner date out together this weekend?" Discord suddenly replied back after a clearing of his throat.

Celestia blinked and paused, glancing over her shoulder. "Dinner? We've never gone out for dinner before…"

Discord shrugged. "It'll be good dating practice. And a good way to get ponies more used to the idea of us maybe staying together for a little while. Besides, it's a special occasion. Come on…" His eyes hazed a little. "Some restaurant in a quiet corner of the city, sparkling cider in long stem glasses, soft music playing, lots of new cake to try…and maybe I'll chaos things up a bit by making the silverware dance. Just you and me and privacy." He winked.

Celestia's already warm smile grew. "Okay, Discord. I'd be happy to."

Discord nodded and gave her a little wave. "Sweet dreams then, Tia."

"Sweet dreams, Discord." Celestia headed inside and closed the balcony door behind her.

Discord watched her go.

Then as he turned to leave he found himself face to face with Luna.

She was just standing there on the balcony now looking back at him with a small smile. He stared down at her with wide eyes.

Then the night princess's smile grew. "You like her."

Discord raised an eyebrow. "Uh…didn't we establish that fact at least three misadventures ago?"

Luna's smile only remained though. "And she likes you, Discord. Very, very much." She looked into his eyes meaningfully.

Discord's eyes couldn't help widening a little more for a moment. But then he cleared his throat and glanced away. "Yes, well…I came to that conclusion myself in the kitchen when she chose kissing me over eating cake. And then I had it confirmed for me about ten minutes later when my tail brushed her shoulder when it snapped to dim the lights, and she gave this little gasp through her nose that I'd never imagined her making before, though I have to say I'm very fond of it." He chuckled to himself.

Luna sighed and rolled her eyes. As she opened her mouth to speak again though, Discord suddenly held up a paw in front of her.

The chaos master looked down at her again. "But seriously, I do know she likes me, Luna. A lot." He swallowed but managed to keep his aloof look as he lowered his paw. "I've been very cautious about actually attracting her affections for a while now, long before we ever decided to be special friends." He glanced out to the nightscape before them. "Right up until the end there, after the Tirek thing, I was seriously hoping she'd never think of me in any special way…but afterwards, I wanted her to. I like that she likes me now. I like that we like each other." His smile picked up on one side. "It's really the most absurd ending to this whole reform business. I grin every time I think about it."

Luna nodded. "So, you are taking her deepening feelings seriously—that is all I wanted to know." She smiled again. "And, yes, I for one certainly never saw Celestia taking you as her consort to be the end result of all of our experiences together."

"Luna!" Discord's eyes popped open wide, and he blushed. "Ugh, please, that word makes me sound like all I'm good for around here anymore is eye candy and making her giggle when no one's looking." He cleared his throat. "Besides all we did was kiss…a lot." He smirked a little to himself. "No harm in still pretending we're just curious friends."

Luna's smile grew. "I'll be sure to knock from now on before entering certain places, Discord."

"Yes, that would be appreciated, Luna." Discord's blush grew. "I'm not really sure where what was happening in the kitchen was going, but it was definitely in the realm of something better experienced in private."

Luna nodded. "Indeed." Then she glanced to the side. "Erm…Discord? I…may seriously regret this, but might I ask you a favor?"

Discord turned to her with a half grin and raised an eyebrow. "This should be interesting. Shoot, Luna."

Luna grazed the floor of the balcony with one of her hooves. "Well, I've been thinking about socializing a bit more myself. Not in the somewhat serious way you and Celestia are, but in a casual way just to better acclimate myself to how relationships work these days. At least in a way beyond just noticing the guards with my sister…which you've taken all the fun out of now, by the way, since all Celestia's done for the last month is sit there and tell me 'cute' things you've done while I glance over the troops." She rolled her eyes and cleared her throat. "Anyway, my request: you seem to get out a bit more than I do, Discord, and to come in contact with more creatures. So if you…wanted to bring somebody by the castle one day who possibly seemed to you like a good match for me…I wouldn't mind." She looked up with a little sheepish smile.

Discord's eyes widened. "Wow, wanting to meet a special somepony and not needing years of magical strife followed by months of complicated flirting, a dramatic national crisis, and the foreplay of 'pretend dating' just to make the relationship work in some kind of wacky way? You really are the fun princess. And in that case, sure, why not, Luna? I'd be up for making another pony have a little extra fun on the side."

Luna nodded. "I would appreciate the assistance very much, Discord, thank you."

Discord's grin grew, and he pumped up one of his eyebrows. "And Celestia really puts talking about me over checking out the guards these days?"

Luna's smile softened. "As we established at least three misadventures ago, she likes you very much. I think it made her very happy when you told her before that this was an exclusive thing for you just as much as it was for her."

Discord blushed slightly. "Yes, well…there's the 'emotions' thing involved in this, like I said. Besides…she's special. I never got to know anyone like her. Even kissing her was different…" He had a far away look for a moment and was quiet.

Luna just watched him with interest.

Then Discord blinked and cleared his throat. "Er, yes, well…that's enough sharing for tonight. It's late, I'm tired, you've got duties. I should probably get going."

Luna held back a small giggle. "Have a pleasant night. And thank you again for offering your services."

"You're quite welcome." The chaos master gave a dramatic bow with a flourish of his arm.

Luna gave a bow of her head. "Farewell for now, Discord. I'm happy you and my sister are so happy together. I think, in some strange and unexpected way, that you might be very good for each other." And then Luna spread her wings and took off into the night.

Discord just stood there smiling to himself for a moment and then let out a sigh. "Well, I've caused enough unintentional chaos around here for one day. I suppose I'll head home…" He turned away from the view of the castle grounds and held up his fingers to snap when suddenly he paused.

He was facing the balcony window doors of Celestia's room, and through them he saw Celestia now emerge from her bathroom (free of her regalia). The sun princess yawned and approached her bed. As she climbed into it, her eyes turned toward the balcony, and then she blinked and smiled as she caught sight of Discord.

Discord swallowed and considered his options very deeply.

In her room, Celestia watched Discord through the window with a smile on her face and an eyebrow raised. He was standing there with his arms behind his back and his eyes a little wide, barely attempting his usual smug grin. She giggled to herself. "I suppose he's sort of cute when he's startled." She blushed slightly, took a breath, and then found herself about to raise her hoof to gesture for him to come inside. She wasn't entirely sure where more time together tonight might lead…but she felt better able to handle the situation now.

However, before she could make the gesture, Discord had snapped his fingers, and in the air before him now was a scroll with a quill writing upon it. Celestia watched in interest as the quill penned several lines before disappearing in a burst of light. And then the scroll furled up.

Discord's eyes came to Celestia again, and the sun princess watched with continued interest as he blushed lightly and then looked away (as casually as he could manage) and snapped his tail.

Celestia blinked. "Oh!" Resting on her pillow now was the rolled up scroll with a blue rose tucked into the center. The sun princess's whole look softened. She looked to Discord again.

The chaos master gave her a small smile and a wink (and blew her a kiss), waved with his fingers, and then departed in a bright burst of light with a snap of his tail.

Celestia looked down at her strange gift. She removed the lovely blue rose first and smelled it. "Frosting?" She laughed and shook her head. Then she conjured up a thin vase on her nightstand to hold the flower (though not before her eyes had fallen on Discord's first bouquet, still residing in a vase on her mantle). Her attention went to the scroll next. She unfurled it and read.

'My eyes are red,

Chaos roses are blue,

Cake is Sweet…

And poems are so boring when they rhyme, am I right?

Why does anybody write them then? I guess to express themselves. But I think I expressed myself quite thoroughly to you back in the kitchen, so we'll leave off of the verses for now.

I've decided chaos roses are blue. I like to make you flowers to thank you whenever you go out on a limb for me…or in tonight's case with me…so thank you. It was fun that you gave us a chance like that even if you're still overwhelmed deep down.

But seriously, Celestia, I didn't realize until this evening that there was a chance the two of us might get off of the same page about things between us sometimes. So, if you're ever feeling a little confused, just let me know and we'll figure out where we stand just like we did tonight (and progress our special friendship arrangement if necessary, of course).

I know the ponies might have seen us hanging out together enough now to start suspecting that we're on more than friendly terms. But as for anything that happens in private with us—I won't tell if you won't. Not even if you gave the pleasure of curling up at the end of your bed one of these nights….

Keep having fun with me, Tia. That's all I ask. I think we both need that much in our lives at least.

Your loving friend,



That alicorn strength of yours really comes through when you're caught up in a passionate moment, by the way. It took everything I had not to let you accidentally push me down onto the table back in the kitchen. What a sight that would have been for your sister to walk in on, huh?



This letter will explode into glitter in…NOW! Rarity taught me about glitter—it's both fashionable AND chaotic! Have fun!'

Celestia's eyes went wide. "What, I—"

And then the letter did explode, and indeed all sorts of rainbow-colored glitter now became scattered in her hair and on her blanket and on her pillow.

Celestia just sat there with her eyes wide in shock, everything (even the air around her) sparkling.

Then some familiar disembodied chuckling met her ears.

Celestia sighed and looked up to her ceiling. "You have an odd idea about how to woo a lady, you know."

"Woo?" Discord's disembodied voice replied. "Ooo, let's go with that word for a while instead of 'mercilessly flirting'—it sounds so classy." He chuckled again. "Did you miss me?"

Celestia shook some glitter from her mane. "You mean in the last two minutes since I saw you?"

Discord's voice sighed. "You know, I've never gotten a straight answer out of you whenever I've asked that question. 'Did you miss me?' Have you ever truly missed me, Celestia?"

Celestia raised an eyebrow, but then her smile warmed. "Well, whenever I forget how much cleanup chaos can entail and just remember all the fun it brings…and of course whenever I'm not planning my secret stallion harem…" she rolled her eyes, "then, yes, I do miss you, Discord." She blushed and glanced to the side with a smile.

"Knew it!" The disembodied voice chuckled. "You know, Tia dearest…"

"Dearest?" Celestia raised an eyebrow, smiling more.

"I'm working on terms of affection that don't make me sound like some sappy stallion falling all over himself for you." His voice chuckled more and went on. "Anyway, Tia dearest, you know, I kind of made that comment about it being time for you to go to bed because I was angling for that good night kiss. But really the night is still so young…and there's something I've been meaning to do with you for a while now."

Celestia opened her mouth to speak when suddenly there was a flash of magic…and, lo and behold, Discord appeared floating in the air with his head at her headboard and his body stretched out past the top of her bed. He was on his back with his head tilted slightly, looking at her upside down with a grin.

Celestia sighed and grinned a little herself as she looked up at him. "Discord, you do know that some of us have to work in the morning, right?"

Discord smirked. "Oh, like being on call 24/7 for chaos isn't work." His grin curled upward at the ends more, and he angled his head so far back that he was looking at her right side up now. "Close your eyes." His eyes narrowed a little.

Celestia blushed and tried not to laugh. "Discord, I'm not falling for whatever this is. I may not date much, but I'm not naive."

Discord just chuckled. "Oh come now, Tia, give me some credit. I do try to exercise a bit of finesse with you. Indulge me just this once?"

Celestia sighed but did close her eyes, her smile growing. "Just so you know, if you're in this bed with me when I open my eyes, you're going to find out what my Royal Canterlot voice sounds like, Discord."

From behind her eyelids, Celestia heard the chaos master chuckle. "Now, now, don't rush things, Celestia. What kind of guy do you think I am?" Another second passed. "Now, open your eyes…"

Celestia opened her eyes, and they went wide quickly and she sat up at the sight of Discord floating before her with a big polka-dot pillow held high in the air.

The chaos master beamed. "Surprise pillow fight!" And then he lowered the pillow for a direct hit!

A second later, Celestia was just sitting there with the big pillow skewered straight through on her horn.

Discord blinked and scratched is head. "Huh. This isn't working as well as when you did it to me. I—Oof!"

And now Discord was suddenly whacked with his own pillow, which Celestia had magically raised off of her horn and swung through the air. The result was feathers everywhere now along with the glitter from the letter still scattered about.

Discord blinked a few times and then looked to Celestia with a grin and an eyebrow raised as he righted himself once more. "Oh, I love when you fight back." His eyes narrowed.

Celestia blushed and smirked a little. "You know, Discord…you and I really never had a final duel to settle our differences from the past. And, if I can be a little blunt, hitting you with a pillow is fun." She used her magic to make about a dozen more pillows appear in the room of all different shapes and sizes and colors.

"Agreed." Discord took one of the pillows in hand and flew up. "Pillow fight then, my lady?" He gave a dramatic bow.

"As long as you'll help me clean up in the morning, good sir." Celestia giggled.

"As long as I get a good morning kiss and breakfast with you and Luna." The chaos master winked.

Celestia blushed lightly. "Breakfast, yes. A good morning kiss…only if you win." She raised a fresh pillow with her magic.

"Only if you lose," Discord corrected. "That way if we have a draw, I still end up happy."

Celestia nodded. "Agreed."

Discord smirked entirely. "The final battle between the sun princess and the master of chaos: who knew it would end like this? Oh well…have at you!"

Celestia smiled more, her eyes bright as she jumped down from her bed with a laugh. "En garde!"

And then an evening of the most glorious fun began full of laughter and teasing and feathers and glitter and Discord and Celestia eventually collapsing amongst it all in the middle of the night to fall asleep together near the fire.

Of course, Luna came upon an interesting sight the next morning when she went to Celestia's door to walk with her to breakfast only to see Celestia and Discord emerging from the room with their manes and fur significantly ruffled, feathers and glitter everywhere, and looking like they had barely slept a wink all night as they blushed and laughed together.

The question of what exactly the two of them had been doing came from the moon princess's lips before she could stop herself.

Celestia had raised an eyebrow.

And then Discord had burst into so much laughter while Celestia's eyes had gone wide and then she had suddenly blushed and looked down completely…until finally she couldn't help laughing too as she explained the situation (which prompted quite a bit of laughter from Luna as well).

With sighs and smiles the three magical beings headed toward the dining room for breakfast, Discord between the two pony sisters as they walked along.

Celestia glanced at Discord. "You'll be helping me clean up after breakfast of course, Discord."

Discord grinned. "Another excuse to be alone with you in your room? Works for me. Oh and by the way, you didn't win last night. It was a draw." He pumped up his eyebrows.

Celestia smiled more, recalling their bargain about the outcome of the pillow fight. "You're right…I didn't, and it was." As she turned to him, Discord suddenly leaned down, lightly cupped her chin in his paw, and gave her a brief peck on the mouth.

As he released her, Celestia smiled and couldn't help looking forward with bright eyes and a light blush.

Discord just grinned to himself, his eyes a little hazed. "I could get used to this."

Luna giggled. "And I suppose I shall have to get used to it too." She smiled. "But come along now, you two, breakfast is getting cold. And it'll be nice to eat together just like old times." Luna's grin picked up on one side, and she added, "Unless of course, after clearly spending the night, Discord is considering moving back in."

"Not until Tia dearest proposes to me!" The chaos master held his head high with a proud smile.

"Now who's moving too quickly, Discord." Celestia's smirked a little.

" 'Tia dearest' ?" Luna raised an eyebrow, then smiled and shook her head. "You two are ridiculous. Please keep this 'friendship' going if for no other reason than my own amusement."

The three shared a laugh.

"So then," Discord went on, looking to Celestia, "did you know that last night your sister came to me and asked me to set her up with a boyfriend?"

"Discord!" Luna blushed, her eyes completely wide.

Celestia snorted a laugh. "Oh really?" She glanced over at Luna.

"Oh yes," Discord went on. "And since the solar pony sister clearly has a thing for fixed-up bad guys, I figure the lunar princess might too. So…after breakfast, group field trip to Tartarus to find a villain to reform for Luna!" He held his paw high in the air.

"We are not going to Tartarus to find me a coltfriend!" Luna rolled her eyes, grinning a little. "If anything we'd go to a royal court or at least the Canterlot parliament. Both pony sisters can't be dating peasantry—it could send Equestria into a state of anarchy." She gave Discord a cheeky grin.

"Peasantry? Oh, I'm wounded, Luna dear, truly." Discord held his hand dramatically to his forehead with a smirk. "But really I was thinking we'd get you a villain who's been around for at least a few centuries—that way you can get all of your 'thee's' and 'thou's' and 'royal we's' out of your system with him. What dost thou say, Luna?" He shrugged.

"Thou art as droll as ever, Discord," Luna replied dryly with a grin.

"Oh, you pony sisters." Discord just chuckled and then put his paw on Luna's head and his claw on Celestia's shoulders. "Always good for a laugh. I think that's part of why I love you."

The statement was made in an almost offhand tone, and yet both Celestia and Luna heard the sincerity beneath the surface and smiled warmly (Celestia even moving a little closer to Discord).

"I think this is the start of some more beautiful misadventures for all three of us—four once we set up, Luna," the chaos master went on with an awkward swallow and a sigh, still grinning (and blushing slightly).

Celestia laughed and nodded. "Yes, I think so too, Discord: there are still plenty of adventures and fun ahead for us." She glanced at Luna and smiled more (and gave a very slight nod and a quick wink).

"Indeed." Luna smiled back at her sister (and gave her a very slight nod and quick wink in return).

And then both sisters used their magic very subtly. A sign appeared on Discord's back, reading in pink script, "Ask me about all of my emotions for Celestia!" and beneath that reading in blue script, "Luna is the fun princess! And I love the pony sisters!"

And so, still laughing and warm with friendship, three beings entered the dining room (which was filled, of course, with staff members who were quite capable of reading and snickering at the signs on Discord's back, though the sisters felt it was the least they could do after how Discord had teased the staff during his time living in the castle. Besides, the signs would give the staff some lighthearted amusement as they watched with wonder and gradual acceptance as Discord and Celestia lightly flirted together while Luna looked on in smiling approval).

It was the perfect start to a perfect day (as well as the perfect end to a perfect date). But then again, could anyone expect any less confusion from a friendship (and especially a romance) involving the master of chaos?


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