Hey folks!

So, uh... chapter title should already tip you off that this isn't an actual chapter, but if you haven't seen it... here we go.

I'm sure everyone's noticed that my update speed in the recent months... years... has kinda slowed. Drastically. The reason is that it's gotten very hard for me to write this story.


No way. It's my baby. I love it so much. The problem is, when I started writing, I was a very inexperienced writer. As in, it's the first writing project outside of school assignments that I ever did. As a consequence, the Growing Strong series is full of things that when rereading it make me cringe. A Lot.

So many tropes I no longer stand behind, so many worldbuilding issues, subplots that never went anywhere... don't get me wrong, there's a lot of good there too. I'm not ashamed of it.

But it deserves better. So much better than I could give it at the time.

Therefore, for the past... six months? I've been rewriting. And I will continue to rewrite. The entire thing is getting an overhaul.

And (drumroll) the first chapter of the Growing Strong rewrite has been posted today! Just minutes ago! You'll find it under the same title as before on my profile.

I am sorry that I won't continue the original versions. I know a lot of you were looking forward to the next chapter. Especially considering the place I stopped...

Bear with me a little longer?

I'll leave the old versions up, because I know they mean a lot to so many of you.