Master of Disguise

Sherlock makes it to the curb before he stops looking over his shoulder. He could not leave things incomplete.

John is staring at him clearly worried.

"How did she do it?" Sherlock inquired aloud.

John didn't even have to ask to what Sherlock was referring as he logically reasoned what Sherlock was clearing thinking. "Well they stored all the organs in the same room, the one she was kept in."

"Yes, but you told me they had her chained to the bed, so how?" Sherlock asked tuning out the noise of the whole British military crashing into the building no one paying Sherlock or John any mind.

"The labels must have got switched." John declares, thinking out loud and it hits him. "She had me change the labels… She said something about man and a gift. I thought she was crazy…she wouldn't let me near her until I switched the labels…" John states figuring it all out.

Sherlock looks to be considering something else then he asks, "Do you remember what labels she had you switch?"

John was nodding. "Yeh of course. Why?"

"Something I once read in a book. I have to make sure that Draco Malfoy remains dead." Sherlock stated walking over to the ambulance that is parked at the curb.

Mycroft is standing barking orders at a paramedic as the man checks a conscious Cassandra over. Hermione's sister seems to be fine. Sherlock shrugs out of his coat handing it to Mycroft as he swiftly pulls the jacket off a coroner who is too stunned to do anything more than shrug out of his jacket and watch wide mouth as Sherlock puts it on. The detective then reached over and takes the poor man's hat and places it on his own head.

"Hey that's my hat!" the coroner manages to shout and it is Mycroft that cuts across the man's rant.

"And the British Government thanks you for your cooperation." The coroner shuts his mouth and moves away all the while frowning and muttering under his breath.

"Why did you just steal a man's clothes? Is Miss Granger ok?" Mycroft asks his eyes darting over to Cassandra who perks up at the question.

"Hermione is fine, I have unfinished business to ensure she stays that way." Sherlock states picking up a body bag before turning towards John. "While I get the body I need you to get the heart."

"The place is crawling with special forces how do you suppose I'll get past them?" John ask in a harsh whisper.

"Pulling rank has never upset you before." Sherlock concludes as they re-enter the building.

One Week

It is one week to the day when Sherlock wakes up to the smell of coffee and breakfast. It is unlike Mrs. Hudson to cook in his kitchen, or make coffee. And Sherlock is immediately awake getting dressed, and brushing his teeth before venturing into his kitchen already knowing what sight awaits him.

Hermione is in his kitchen looking fresh and alive in a pair of jeans and dress shirt. Her hair in a single plait down her back, she looks lovely. "Good morning, Sherlock." She greets walking over and kissing him like it is an everyday occurrence, Sherlock frowns somewhat shocked by her blatancy after everything that transpired.

"To what do I owe this pleasure?" Sherlock asks watching her wearily. While this was Hermione, it certainly wasn't the same version he was familiar with. She smiled at his question in an indulging way as she resumed her work at the stove.

"You have something of mine." She tells him and he immediately wonders how she could know he had it.

"And you have something of mine." He counters, almost like he is not sure how to interact with the girl.

"Are you wanting it back?" She asks.

It is a question that could possibly be filled with hidden meaning and so many implications that Sherlock has to think of the correct response.

"I have no need for mine. You helped me with that, finding focus." She tells him and with a flick of her wrist plates soar out of the cabinet and the eggies in a basket she had been cooking find their way on to the plates without her doing much of anything. "It truly is not a trick question, Sherlock, and I am sorry but I can't give it back…I do mean what I said before. I will take good care of your heart. But unfortunately you are not the only risk taker. I cannot assure you that I will stay out of harm's way, any more than you can me. But it is a simple complications that we can both relate to, neither of us have to make promises we don't intend to keep."

"So you are not wanting your wand back?" He asks moving over to pick the framed object up. Ever since Sherlock had disposed of Draco Malfoy's remains, the enchantment on the frame had worn off. There sitting neatly against the white linen is light wood, stick with vines carved along the side.

"Like I said I have no use for it." She states walking over to stand in front of him.

Sherlock wraps his arm around her waist and lifts her hand so it is resting on his cheek, just as he had done countless times before and it is like she gave him the words he needed.

"I think, Hermione, that the same can be said about my heart, I have no use for it, not without you." It is the truth, and with anyone else, Sherlock might have felt weak admitting such a thing aloud, but not with Hermione Granger.

This time he is the one to kiss her. It is slow and sensual, simply tasting each other as their lips dance.

When they pull apart Sherlock thinks he can almost feel his heart hammering in his own chest, but logically he knows it is not possible. He had science to back him up on the enigma of a man without a heart. St. Bartholomew's did have its perks. "I am in need of a flat mate."

Sherlock says like such a statement hardly holds much meaning. Though he is asking exactly what Hermione seems to pick up on.

"I was planning on moving in to Grimmald Place with Harry, but he sold it to his ex. I was quite surprised, but he claims he feels more at home at the Lion's Claw then he ever did at his house."

"I'm sure that has nothing to do with the pretty blond that manages the Bed and Breakfast." Sherlock concludes.

Hermione smiles, "I think you might be on to something, Sherlock Holmes."

"Not yet, but I intend to be." Is his outlandish response which earns him a good swat.

One Year Later

The wedding was completely over the top. It was not unlike the groom to spare any expense or make every effort of the theatrical entrance for the bride in her one of a kind custom made wedding gown from Paris.

The bride looked lovely her brown hair cascaded down her back in curls and her veil was the kind of lace that every woman envied.

Well almost every woman. Hermione did not have a need for such ridiculousness as she adjusted the neck line of her gown. Sherlock stood at her side holding on to her arm looking incredible in his black tux. Then the music starts and he is leading her down the aisle.

Really the things that Hermione Granger does for love.

As they reach the altar Sherlock leans over and whispers in her ear. "Should we be next? Do the big white wedding?"

It quite possibly is a worse proposal then the last one, at least the last one saved their lives.

Hermione glares at him, "I thought you were content with being boarded by pirates in Africa and having the captain wed us?"

"Well that really didn't count, we were on a case of international importance. Trying to find stolen goods from a British vessel that had been hijacked." Sherlock argued, while Hermione was taking note of how thin Mycroft's lips were getting as he stared them down with that reprehending scowl.

"You have introduce me to everyone as your wife since then, Sherlock! Since when doesn't it count?" She asks not at all sounding offended just irritated. He has the audacity to smile.

"Well since you keep correcting me, claiming it was not legalized. I have considered that if a big white wedding is what you want then perhaps it is an option that is worth exploring."

"Can we just support, Mycroft and Cassandra, without exploring anything right this minute?" Hermione pulls away from Sherlock who grabs her hand and kneels on one knee in front of her.

"Please, Hermione, don't say such things! I can't live without you…" Sherlock shouts and the whole church goes silent. Mycroft is rolling his eyes at his brother's display and Cassandra who is half way down the aisle looks humiliated.

Hermione, however, looks completely unaffected by Sherlock's antics. "You really want to do this now! Ok, I don't want a big white wedding I can barely stand this one! Disregard the fact that I am not the bride, neither is it half way over. I am content with being married by pirates, so long as it is legal, but I will hyphenate my name!"

"Good to hear." Sherlock stands like everything was a well-rehearsed play pulling out a piece of paper from his breast pocket. "If you will just sign here." Sherlock points spreading the paper out on a podium.

Hermione rolls her eyes. "You do realize your brother and my sister are trying to get married?" She calls Sherlock out on his rude behavior.

"No one is stopping them, you can continue." Sherlock waves to the priest over his shoulder, the man nods motioning for the bridal march to continue. The music picks back up as Hermione signs the document. Then Sherlock hands the pen to the priest, "Sign here." Sherlock points to the space and the music once more stops as the priest sighs and does as he requests. "And you Mycroft, you should be a witness. Oh Cassandra, we need two witnesses, come on now, the aisle isn't that long!" Sherlock rushes the bride on, the wedding march is fast and the bride practically sprints the rest of the way, a pen being placed in her hand as she makes it to altar. Everyone signs and Sherlock takes the paper folding it back up and placing it in his jacket.

"Well…" Sherlock looks to the priest waiting for the man to say his line. The priest looks to Mycroft who motions for the priest to just get it over with.

"I now pronounce you husband and wife?" The priest declares in the form of question and Sherlock nods clearly pleased moving over to take his position as best man.

"Can I get married now?" Mycroft snidely asks his baby brother.

"I don't see why not. Though I don't anticipate your union being as blesses as Mary and John's, since the whole basis of your relationship revolves around secrets and the two of us…" Sherlock's mouth continues to move as he motions to Hermione then himself but no sound comes out. Mycroft looks over his shoulder at his new sister-in-law who is smirking and Mycroft nods in thanks.

Sherlock kisses his wife when the priest demands it appropriate and continues kissing her long after it is deemed acceptable. At the reception he nods politely to everyone that wishes him and Hermione happiness, earning his voice back in time for the last dance of the reception. Sherlock realized quite quickly that Hermione had a practical approach when irritated with him, using conditional conditioning to emphasis her point.

"I realized we didn't say our vows, and while I don't believe in vows I have made one before to John. And I do believe with taking you as my wife and seeing how our live are mortally bound together; I do owe you in the very least the most tradition of wedding vows." Sherlock concludes pulling her into his arms. "My constant friend, I vow be partners for better or for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish you from this day forth until death do us part." Sherlock promises as he twirls her around the dance floor.

Hermione smiles her eyes meet his and she looks at him indulgingly. "I told you Sherlock to not make promises that you can't keep. I have a feeling that you and I will be bond long after death takes us, partners for all eternity." She whispers to him and he can't help but look startled by her comment.

"We will dance through hell together." He states recalling what Draco Malfoy had claimed a year ago before killing himself.

"Yes Sherlock, we will be the stars, eternal protectors of this world and the next." She promises and in some way even his logical dejection of an afterlife is not offended, knowing that them becoming stars in no more logical than him giving his heart away with complete earnest.

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