We first join in on Peter Parker when he is still in highschool. He has sit down to take a test. The test is very hard, it asks him questions pertaining to biology, physics, and also just English.

Peter Parker was very good at schoolworking, so it was like pieces of the cake for him. He handed it in, teacher was impressed. "Ha, I'll look it over..." He rolled eyes. "Wow... Wow! So Good! Wow!" Teacher shouted with amazement. "Congraltions, Spiderman, You beat the Test!"

The whole class exploded into uproarious uproar. "Yaaaay, Peter Parker, Yaaaay!"

One girl fainted from exciting too much.

Todd Hopkinson walked up to Peter Parker and bowed "I'm so sorry I'm such an asshole to you all the time, I'm sure as beans not as good as you at Biology!"

"Haha!" Peter Parker laughed. "Well, I guess it's true what they say, I'm not as good as you at 'Bully-ology'!"

They both had a wholesome laugh and touched hands like sports players do.

The teacher walked up to him and said "Peter Parker, you did so good on the test that you have won a special field trip!"

"Wow, where to?" Peter Parker asked.

"Why, the Radiation and also Spiders Laboratory, My Boy!" Teacher said with cheer.

"Golly Gee!" Petter Parker exclaimed. "I've always wanted to go there!"

Peter Parker got on the bus and went to the Radiation and also Spiders Laboratory on the corner of 78th and Broadway, near the Subway but also the Quiznos, so you could make a choice of a healthy choice.

Peter Parker went in the door and was greet.

"Ah, you must be Peter Parker, the boy who did so good on the test" The scientist said. "All of the girl scientists here think you're cool."

"Haha, I get that sometimes, but not like, all the time, like I'm egotistical or anything, Haha!" Peter Parker laughed AND cracked wise.

"That is good to see a boy as humble as you in this day and age!" The scientist said. "Please, come this way into the radioactive mutant spider chamber!"

"Do I need any safety equipment?" Peter Parker asked.

"No." The Scientist said. "Not at all... I have you right where I want you, Petey Boy..."

"What was that?" Peter Parker asked.

Then suddenly hundreds of radioactive spiders dropped from the ventilation system.

"Ah, they are all over my body." Peter Parker said. "They are biting my body."

"Just as planned..." The scientist laughed.

"Teacher?! It was YOU all along!" Peter Parker screamed (he was being bitten by the spiders).

"Yes, Peter Parker, it is me!" The Scientist (Who was really the Teacher) laughed. "But I'm not who you thought I was!"

"Is that so?" Peter Parker asked.

"I'm really Doctor Octolizard!" He laughed maniacally as he peeled back his forehead skin and became lizard with mechanical arms behind him.

"But why are you trying to kill me?!" Peter Parker screamed.

"Because you are too smart!" Doctor Octolizard said "When I read your test, I knew that only you could find out my true plans, so I decided to kill you!"

"What plan?!"

"I'll never tell you, foolish brat!" Doctor Octolizard.

"Oh, the spiders... They are killing me now." Peter Parker moaned.

But one Spider rose up among the rest and started punching and kicking the other ones. "Peter Parker, I am Super Spider! I will save you, if you let me bite you!"

"But Spider Bites hurt, Talking Spider!" Peter Parker was almost cry.

Super Spider then accidentally bit spiderman because he was punched in the face.

"Oooh, My body... Is... Changing..." Peter Parker moaned as a red and blue suit wrapped around his body. "I am now Spiderman!" "I will use my Spider Powers to ecscape from this place!" Spiderman roared as he grabbed Super Spider and web-slinged out of this building and into the city then back to Aunt May and Uncle Ben's House.

He went to sleep and when he woke up, he remembered nothing.