In the morning Peter Parker took a shower.

"Peter? What are you doing in there?" Aunt May screamed outside the door.

"I'm taking a shower." Peter Parker told her.

"Okay." Aunt May said with relief.

Then Peter Parker got on the bus and went to college, Mr. J. Jonah Jamisson was missing that day, so there was a substitute, Mr. Rinamem.

"Peter Parker, come to the front of the classroom!" Mr. Rinamen asked.

"Okay." Peter Parker said calmly, calmer than a cucumber on a February Snowstorm.

"Peter, I know you are a strong man." Mr. Rinamen said.

"Yes." Pter Parker asserted while flexing his body.

"I have a mission for you... I need you to kill the mayor... As for payment... I'm willing to give 50 dollars..."

Peter Parker gasped. "Fifty Dollars! Holy Shit!" Peter Parker thought internally. He kept a cool and relaxed face. "Sure, I'll do it. I just like to get some workout, but the money is nice too." He said with a coolguy expression.