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The lie has a name

The Mitakihara school was a reference of the city's architecture and the ideal of its founders. With the conspicuous use of glasses to show how reality is: the world was built through numerous hands and you did not own it.

But now this world is constructed through a lie, made by only one person.

In the overpass that connects the school blocks, a girl contemplated a panoramic view of the city whilst thinking about it. Those who passed through there would not see anything other than that she was a student wearing the long-sleeved beige female uniform. It came with a big red bow at the collar and a black skirt plaid with white lines. Perhaps the only thing about her that could call attention would be her big blonde hair curls, surely the result of great care and skill with a flat iron.

However, Mami Tomoe knew she was not an ordinary person. She was a Magical Girl and had remembered that a few months ago and also knew why she forgot.

A lie.

Homura Akemi, in a moment of opportunity, put her hands on Madoka, the magical girl goddess that she had so much spoken about. After that, Mami only remembered being in this new world.

"Akemi-san... I want to understand." Mami sighed. Suddenly she realized that someone was watching her from below at the schoolyard. Their hair and eyes were pink, pigtails tied with red ribbons left no doubt: Madoka Kaname was there alone, sitting on a bench in a timid posture with her snack.

How long was she there looking? Does she... no. She does not know me. I don't know her. As it must be, for now.

Mami decided to return to the classroom to wait for the end of the class break.

Homura not only changed the world, but the memory of all people as well as their relationships. Mami was older and studying in another class, her unique relationship with their companions was the fact that they were magical girls. All this now 'does not exist'. It would be illogical to simply approach the others girls. It would only raise suspicions.

The only exception was Nagisa Momoe. As if they were destined, she eventually found the girl in a grocery store trying to buy a lot of cheese. Nagisa did not even have money! In fact, she had no home, family, or anything. At that time Mami had no memories and felt natural to adopt her. Everyone thought this was normal. No one questioned. All so very convenient. Easy. No doubt, as Homura planned.

Similarly, it must have happened to Kyouko, since she could see her always leaving school with Sayaka. Probably she was living with the blue-haired girl.

Divide and conquer.

Pondered Mami while biting her lips. Homura divided the magical girls in pairs. She is cold and calculating, and must have considered it as the best ploy to control the situation.

In the midst of all this, as a cruel irony, Madoka was alone. She heard from the gossip of colleagues, she was a transfer student who spent a few years in the Occident. She was insecure, but friendly with everyone. However, it seemed she could not make friends and has always been alone. The strangest thing was that even Homura, who has such an obsession with Madoka, did not have a close relationship with her.

I don't understand...

The familiar sound of the classmates' conversations made Mami remember that she was close to her destination. Mami slightly smiled, maybe a small talk would help distract her from worries.

Then came a hit at the top of her head followed by a familiar sound of something breaking. Mami lost her balance and fell to her knees while trying to understand what was happening. A pulsating pain arose at the impact site, she put her hands on the head while watching the shards on the floor. Some of them are still bouncing, but she could already distinguish through the larger pieces what hit her. Mami was perplexed.

A cup? A cup hit my head?

"Are you all right?" A voice made Mami's heart stop for a moment.

She looked at the direction of the voice's source and found the person she least liked to see. The violet eyes of Homura Akemi did not have any shred of concern, only indifference. Mami's golden eyes always sought to avoid them, but now having the opportunity to stare at them so closely, she noticed a difference. The old Homura look was cold, passive, now appears that it has no life at all.

Does she know? Mami's mind raced against time in search of a way out. As someone who struggled with demons, she knows very well that despairing would be fatal.

This is a test.

Relying on instincts, Mami saw no sense of Homura's approach. If the dark-haired girl knew something, she would not even be wasting her time with that act.

"I think so ..." Mami grabbed Homura's hand.

"That blow was very strong." Homura expressed as if she was sure. "I'd better take you to the infirmary." Homura continued as she helped Mami to rise.

"No need for that." Mami answered while students stared at the two from their seats, showing concerned faces through the glass. "It wasn't that serious."

"Look," Homura raised her eyebrows, "I am the nurse's aide in my class, and even if you not in the same room as me..." Homura put more pressure on Mami's hand. "... It still my responsibility to care for the health of everyone here."

Mami tightened her lips. She had little choice.


Mami receded slightly at Homura's sudden shout that was being directed to someone else.

"M-me?" A bystander who was standing in the hallway watching the scene pointed the finger at himself.

"Go to the Principal's office and tell them to review the installation of these lamps. Explain that one has just dropped on the head of a student." Homura spoke with authority.

Mami saw the bystander nodding and leaving. Soon after, she looked at the ground where thin shards of a shattered lamp resembled a broken eggshell.

A light bulb? I was sure it was a cup.

"Could you follow me?" Homura gave a slight formal smile.

Mami put a hand on her head again, the pain seemed to be more intense. "Sure and thank you ... erm... sorry if I'm being rude, but what is your name?"

"Oh yes." Homura narrowed her eyes and partially opened her mouth, as if searching for words to put in. "My name is Shizuku Saitou."

"My name is Mami Tomoe. Nice to meet you Saitou-san."

Smart, but made a mistake now.

Mami felt that a burden had just left her body. Although she would take care to not confuse and end up pronouncing the real name of her dark-haired colleague, Mami now knew for sure that it was a test. Her instincts were right!

Homura may have been suspicious and decided to check on her or she even might be doing this for fun.


Like in a game.

A game where a misstep is fatal: what punishment in which someone who owns the world can apply? However, if this was a game, there was a possibility to win.

Mami Tomoe glanced at Homura 'Shizuku Saitou' Akemi as the two went hand in hand toward the infirmary.

I must win this game. For me and Nagisa.

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