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Chapter 1

            The bell had rung about six seconds ago, and Jin quite suddenly found himself alone in the classroom. Amazed at the speed of his fellow classmates when it came to going-home time, he looked back down at his History homework, which he hadn't finished due to extra practice yesterday. It wasn't supposed to be handed it till the day after tomorrow, but Jin had decided it'd be much better if he finished it now.

            It'll guarantee him an exit from the teacher's wrath.

            Not that he had ever gotten into one, but he'd seen friends get whacked on the head with the thick, History textbook, and as much fun as that had looked, he wouldn't want to experience it for himself, thanks all the same.

            He was quite absorbed with the text and was busily transferring answers from textbook to paper when somebody burst into the class with just enough noise to make him look up with a start. It was one of his classmates – Kat, if he was not mistaken – looking around like a hen with lost chicks.

            "What are you doing here?" Kat demanded then, when she finally noticed him – which took quite some time since he was so quiet. She flipped her messy hair back with an impatient and uneasy hiss.

            Jin looked surprised. "Me? I – well, this is my class too."

            Kat stared at him for a moment. Then, she blinked and relaxed. "Oh, right. You're …uh…-"

            "Jin. Jin Souichirou."

            She waved a hand dismissively. "Jin, right. Sorry. It's just that you're so quiet in class that sometimes we forget that you exist."

            Jin smiled. "Thanks."

            She blinked again, and then quite suddenly laughed. It was a very lovely sound to hear, and Kat laughed practically every hour. She was one of those who sat at the back and made noises throughout classes. It didn't matter what the subject was – Maths, History, English, Science – she and her pack of friends would always be exchanging jokes at the back of the class and then laughing out loud to distract the class, and annoy the teacher. And as nice as it is to hear her laughter and the rest of her friends', Jin sometimes found himself wanting to fling a book into their mouths so they'll shut up.

            Maybe they won't think he was quiet then, eh?

            "What are you looking for?" Jin asked then, for conversation and good manner's sake.

            She bit her lip, and then put on a cheery smile. "What makes you think I'm looking for something?" she shot back a question to him. "What if I came here to give you my enjoyable company?" Her eyebrows wriggled suggestively.

            Jin smiled. "I doubt that."

            She grinned. "I'm just looking for a … book. I left it somewhere." She quickly moved to her desk. "You go on with your work –" she stopped abruptly. "Don't tell me that's History you're doing."

            "It's History."

            She paused in the middle of the class and looked at him sadly. "You're one of those," she said sympathetically. "One of those nerds who finish their work ages before they're due."

            If she thought that was an insult, she was wrong. "I suppose I am." Jin replied easily.

            "And don't tell me your extra curricular attendances are full either."

            "My extra curricular attendances are full." He scrawled off the last answer and then proceeded to double-check his answer sheet. "I'm in the Basketball Sports Club. You?"

            She continued to her desk with a snort and then bent down to check the area. "I'm in the Ballet Dancing Club."

            That jerked his attentions away. With a slight frown, he looked at Kat. "I didn't know there's a Ballet Dancing Club."

            Her head came up and she smirked. "There isn't." She gave a delighted grunt when she found something, and Jin noticed it didn't resemble a book at all. Something white and airy. "I'm not like you, Student President. School doesn't exactly make me excited."

            "I'm not Student President."

            "Well," she said easily, putting the 'book' into her bag and zipping it with amazing speed. "If you continue the way you are, you probably will be. " She flung the bag over her shoulder and walked for the door, but paused by his desk. "Sorry, I call everybody who's your type 'Student President'. I don't like goody-two-shoes like you."

            He acknowledged it calmly. "Okay."

            "Oh?" She seemed surprised. "No comebacks? No I-hate-your-type-too retorts?"

            "I don't hate you," Jin said sincerely. "So there's no need to say it."

            She smiled disdainfully at him. "You're boring."

            "So I am." He turned back to his History textbook. "But I'd just like to say you shouldn't generalize people into types. It's usually inaccurate."

            She nodded with good humour. "Why, yes, I'm starting to think so too. You're not as wobbly as I thought you'd be."

            "I'm sure that's a compliment."

            "Sarcastic too." She laughed again, and the sound of it tugged at Jin's ears. "Nope," she said. "You're definitely not wobbly and jelly-O-ish – unlike some other nerds I know." She shifted her bag again, holding it protectively. "As a matter of fact, I think you're very interesting." She leaned her face close to his. "And amazingly cute." She straightened again. "It's been nice talking to you."

            "My pleasure," he replied politely.

            Kat left him with his History work, shaking her head with a smile tugging at her lips. Interesting, she thought again. Very interesting. Here's a boy in dire need of corruption.

            Kat loved corrupting people. It was her solid belief that everybody had an evil side to him or her, and she felt it was her job to bring that out. Goody-two-shoes and angels are fake and surreal. Humans are bad, so why hide it?

            Why hide it, Jin Souichirou?

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