Disclaimer : There are lies that many find to be the sole medium of their existence. Humans themselves reproduce solely from smartly executed lies and cunning seduction that would grant them the chance to procreate. Some even find their whole lives based on a single lie that grew into fact over a period of time. However, it is because of these lies that we have the drive to find the truth. That we appreciate any honesty bestowed upon us. And so, dear reader, appreciate my honest confession that I do not, and will not, ever own Dragonball nor it's wonderful characters.

Sit back and thank you for joining me in on this 'epic' about a certain blue-eyed girl's journey to find her truth in life. Veritas, is truth in Latin.

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Chapter 1

My father is the savior of the world.

Mr. Satan. Defeater of Cell. Strongest man alive.

Well, let me tell you something.

I don't think he's the savior of the world

I don't think he's the strongest man alive.

I know he didn't defeat Cell.

Okay, maybe I don't know it exactly.

But it's there; the suspicion, the gut feeling one would have when one's father tells ridiculously unbelievable stories.

I was watching the games. I saw him get thrown off the stone ring and the amazing fights afterwards. I know father claim them to be tricks and light effects. But I know what I saw.

I saw my father get defeated by one move.
Even if those other fighters used tricks and effects or any other junk I don't really care.

But you can't expect me to really believe my father defeated Cell after being thrown so far away with a single blow? And also buy in to his excuse that he slipped?

And then his accounts of the games on how he defeated Cell… I can practically see him making it up as he goes. I know he just wants to impress his daughter and the world but…. Lying?

Yes. I think he's lying. How can the world not see it?

Maybe the world needed to believe him. They needed a closure of some sort from the horrors of Cell. After all, in all our history nothing can compare. They wanted a face. A tangible image that they can look up to, to give them the security they crave.

The security that there's someone they can fall back on in case something like this happens again.

But still… he could at least be honest to his own daughter, right?

I want to ask him directly, but I can't.

Father may be a liar, a bit dim-witted, and has a pride bigger than his hair… but still.
He's my father. And I know he loves me.

I just can't look him in the eye and openly ask if he's lying to his daughter. That I doubt his honesty. That I just don't believe you, Daddy. Are you lying to me, Daddy? How can you lie to your own daughter?

How can you?

Don't you trust me?

I can't take it. I want the truth. I need it.

I need it.

It's been five years since the Cell games. Young Videl Satan spared one last glance behind her at the towering Satan mansion. Heaving her duffel bag onto her yellow copter she held back angry tears.

It was a week after her 15th birthday. A birthday like five other birthdays after everything started to fall apart. Again her birthday was impersonal, simply celebrated as "Mr. Satan's Daughter's Birthday". Sure she still had a more personal birthdays afterwards with friends from school and even got a birthday cakes and new cuffs from the police department…. But she missed the warm nights when she and her father would spend together over a cupcake with a single candle. Where they would share funny stories and laugh all night long. They would pour over photo albums, remembering the good times when her mother was alive. An annual tradition. Just the two of them.

Where did those nights go?

Apparently they died along with Cell.

She gritted her teeth and slammed the copter door shut. Igniting the engines she blasted off into the night. Videl Satan was running away from home.

Mr. Satan slammed the receiver down.

"DAMN GOOD FOR NOTHINGS-CAN'T EVEN FIND-AARGH!!" He pulled on his luxurious afro in frustration. He didn't understand it!! Videl never pulled a stunt like this!! What would he do if he lost her too?! Mr. Satan was starting to wail buckets of tears when the telephone rang again. "HELLO!?!"

"Ah, yes, Mr. Satan, sir, this is the Chie-"


"Sir, calm down, please, it's ju-"


"SIR!! It's just that!! How long has she been missing?"

"TWO DAMN HOURS!!!" He screamed into the receiver, obviously expecting the police chief to understand everything then.

"With all due respect sir, a missing person's report can only be filed after twen-"


After that Mr. Satan broke down, sobbing loudly. The police chief could only listen, not really knowing how to interrupt the savior of the world. And frankly he found it quite amusing--if not disturbing--to hear such a powerful man cry.

"Sh-she just came in and wanted to ask me something bu-but I said, 'not now sweat pea, daddy is busy' an-an-and I was!! I had some com-company!! But then Vi-Videl just stormed off!! I-I-I went to her room and her clothes were gone!! What if she was kidnapped??!"

"Miss Satan is VERY strong sir, I doubt it anyone can-"

"BUT SHE'S STILL MY LITTLE GIRL!!" And Mr. Satan broke another fresh batch of tears, leaving the police chief resigned to comfort the weeping man.

It was nearing midnight when Videl felt she had traveled far enough. Not really having any idea where to go, she just figured she needed to get as far away from civilization as she could. Knowing her father, he would be sending armies after her and her photo would be plastered all over the news by morning. She felt a pang of guilt for making her father worry but quickly stamped the feeling out.

It's not like she would really run away from home for good. It was Friday, and she would most likely be back in school on Monday. Why, she even bought along her homework! The city would survive a few days without her around. She just needed some time to think and cool off.

She had wanted to ask if they could go on a vacation, just the two of them, without reporters and fans. Her father had been quite busy lately and she herself was entering her senior years; she just wanted some time off for the both of them. Maybe they could even make up for the quality father-daughter time they missed for the past years. But no-ooo-oo, for a damn week Mr. Satan proved to have no time whatsoever for his daughter.

A few minutes!! That's all she wanted!! They couldn't talk at breakfast since he wakes up at nine (school starts at eight). He never has dinner at home, whether out with his celebrity friends or with his woman friends. Even on weekends!! Always hanging around beautiful women and his fans that even his own daughter might need to set up a meeting with his secretary. Oh wait, that would only get her five minutes sometime next year.

Setting down her copter for the night, she quickly checked her coordinates. 439 Mountain Area; that's far enough, there's hardly anything out here but the wilderness. Capsuling her copter, she quickly set camp. Staring out at the stars above, she couldn't help but be amazed at the beauty of it. Yes, a few days here would be enough to clear her thoughts.

Suddenly, her eyes caught sight of a bright streak in the sky. A falling star! Quickly she muttered the first wish she thought up before the streak disappeared.

I wish I could find out the truth.

The truth about the Cell games.

As the star finally burned out of sight, Videl closed her eyes. She didn't really believe her wish would come true, but she did hope with all her heart and soul that it would. Someone apparently listened; for the answer to her wish came sooner than she could imagine.

Mm. Birds singing, leaves rustling, wind blowing, sun shining. THIS was the life. Yawning and stretching fully, she opened her sleepy blue eyes to yellow ones. Choking down a scream she finally identified the enormous, amphibian eyes. A large green toad sat on her sleeping bag covered chest, facing her in an almost challenging stance. It gave her lazy 'ribbit' as she glared at it. Before she could pull out her hand to shoo it away, a net smashed down on it and consequently her.

"Oof!!" she winced as the wind got knocked out of her. That hurt. Seriously, it HURT. She could receive punches by bulky men without getting winded yet a flimsy net made it feel like she got rammed by a bull. The toad apparently got away as she saw a green blur jump before the pain. Slimy little creep.

"Oh!! I'm so sorry!!!" a small voice called out. Finally getting her breath back, she got on her knees and glanced up, taking in the person that had hit her so hard.

A small boy around 5 or 6 stood there clutching the net tightly behind his back. Wild black hair spiked all over framing a delicate face highlighted with big black eyes. Her first reaction was thinking how adorable this boy was. The second was confusion at the display of strength earlier. After a few more moments her third reaction was falling back on her butt in shock.

"S-S-Son Goku!!!"

There, right before her was Son Goku, the legendary martial artist who competed and even won in the previous Tenkaichi Budokai. She could never mistake the wild hair and seemingly innocent face; after all she studied the videos frequently, trying to perfect her skill. However, the inner Videl Satan who was the source of her quick wit and logical thinking dragged her out of her shock by the ear. Screaming in that particular ear, her own mind pointed out that Son Goku was NOT a child. At least not anymore. So then… who the hell was this boy that was practically a miniature Son Goku??

"Um, I'm not daddy! Did you know my daddy?" the miniature Goku asked. Oh, that sure explained a lot of things. She missed the implied past tense completely.

"Yo-your dad? Son Goku is your dad??" Videl asked the small boy dressed in an orange gi with long dark sleeved shirt underneath. Her martial artist's mind filed the information away while her normal mind was still reeling from aftershock.

"Yep!" the boy chirped cheerily, "I'm Goten! Who are you?"

She was about to answer before hastily snapping her jaw shut. No, it's best no one knew who she was. What if the boy turned her in before she finished her 'thinking' and 'cooling off'? It seems highly unlikely since this boy doesn't seem to even recognize her as the daughter of the world champion, but hey, this might be a chance to be the real Videl Satan. Even if she won't be using her name.

"I'm Vivi," 'Great Videl, more than 10 years of education and that's the best name you came up with?' "It's nice to meet you, Goten."

"I'm sorry for hitting you, onee-chan!" Goten bowed his head.

"It's okay! Really! You're really strong though!" Videl smiled, her curiosity already taking over. First, she's going to find out how this boy could be so strong. Well, he did say he is the son of Son Goku…. And she believed it, seeing such resemblance that it was bordering on downright creepy.

Seeing the smile on Videl's face, Goten brightened up. It's the first time he saw a girl in the forest before. She seemed nice though, and she wasn't angry at him! "Mom and onii-chan says the same thing! Mom gets angry when I break things in the house and mom is reaaaaallly scary when she is mad! She doesn't let me eat as much then and I would feel so-ooo-oo hungry!!"

Videl smiled at the various expressions on Goten's face as he talked. She would just love to have a younger brother like Goten. He's so adorable!!! "And also when mom is training me she would tell me not to hit so hard but mom is really, really strong and sometimes I can't help it but then she would get angry again!"

"Train? As in martial arts?"

"Yeah! Can you fight too?"

"Um, yeah, a bit. What's your mother's name, Goten?"

"Mom? Chi-Chi!! She taught me everything I know!"

Chi-Chi. The only female finalist of the 23rd Tenkaichi Budokai. Figured she would marry Son Goku….. they did get engaged, right?

"You are so lucky, Goten!! Your parents are famous people, you know!" Videl exclaimed, watching as Goten's expression went from pride to sorrow.

"Everyone told me how dad's the best warrior, but I wish I could meet him…" Goten shuffled his feet and Videl felt the sudden urge to hug the small frame.

"Where…?" Somehow she already knew the answer even though she hoped it wasn't true. After all, there was no news at all… he simply disappeared…

"Daddy died and Mr. Piccolo says onii-chan blames himself for it…" Who the hell was Piccolo? Could he mean Piccolo Daimao?? And his brother blamed himself for their father's death…?? She didn't want to pry anymore but Goten saved her the trouble as he continued talking.

"The others said that daddy died fighting Cell-," Videl couldn't hold back the gasp that escaped her gaping mouth. "Oops!" Goten exclaimed. "I'm not supposed to tell anyone, you know. They say that it's a big, big secret and that no one should know."

Her mind was going into hyper drive. These could be just fictional stories told to a small boy about his father. But she felt something. Call it women's intuition or whatever but she felt that she needed to dig deeper. "It's okay, Goten. I'll keep your secret… can you tell me more?" she asked, patting the spot on the sleeping bag next to her. Goten chewed on his lower lip a moment before plopping down beside her.

"Okay!! I can trust you!" he smiled, his innocent eyes shining. Videl almost hugged him then. Having her own father keeping something from her was hard; to have a child trust her so willingly was refreshing. "Well, I don't really know much, but from what everyone said daddy died when Cell wanted to blow himself up! Daddy took Cell away to save earth and blew up with Cell. But then Cell came back, stronger than ever!! Luckily my big brother took care of Cell in the end! We were going to wish daddy back with the Dragonballs but then daddy said he didn't want to come back since baddies come after him. So daddy stayed dead for the good of the earth! Hm? Onee-chan?"

Videl was making a perfect impression of a shocked goldfish. What Goten just said made no sense at all. She did understand two things he said though. One was that his father died battling Cell and that his big brother defeated Cell. Well, whatever he meant with the other things she accredited it to child imagination. Or just maybe….

"Ah!" Goten suddenly shot up, surprising Videl.

"What? What??" She asked, darting her eyes around alert for danger.

"It's almost breakfast!! I gotta go! Want to come with me, onee-chan?" Goten asked as he picked up his net and bounded over to the thick border of trees. Videl shook her head.

"Sorry I can't… and, Goten?"


"Please don't tell anyone I'm here will you?"

Goten's eyes lit up, "Only if we promise with the secret shake!!"

Videl laughed as Goten quickly taught her some ridiculous hand shakes before they promised to keep each other's secrets. "Will you be here, onee-chan?"

"Um, I will be here until Sunday, Goten. Come back and visit me soon!"

"I will!! Bye-bye, onee-chan!" and the small boy disappeared out of sight.

Videl's eyes hardened right after Goten's form retreated and ran over to her bag. There she pulled out her laptop and decapsulized her copter. Hooking her laptop up to the copter she was able to establish a link powerful enough to be access the news database from her current location. Quickly she searched out files from the tournaments held more than twenty years ago. She found what she wanted and quickly pulled down actual file footage from the Cell Games (not easy to come by, but she had her connections). Even from the blurry images it was clear enough to have her suspicions confirmed. She sat there contemplating her new findings. What does this mean?

Apparently former Tenkaichi Budokai fighters were there at the Cell Games. Piccolo Daimao, Krillin, Tien, and Yamcha (funny, isn't he the famous baseball player?)….. and maybe even Son Goku.

The orange gi was his trademark, and not to mention the facial features were so similar. If you ignore the blond hair and green eyes. The fight with Cell was too fast for her to see and the video quality was crap, but she would bet everything that the gold fighter was fighting with the same style of Son Goku.

And then she remembered that after the camera was destroyed the announcer said things about the blond boy replacing the gold fighter. His son? If it was his son then what Goten said must have some truth to it. Goten said something about the others telling him the story. The others included a 'Mr. Piccolo' which must be Piccolo Daimao who was there at the Cell Games, so one can assume the 'others' must be the rest of the fighters that were there, right?

Goten pointed out his father died fighting Cell. His father was Son Goku, who would fit the profile nicely if he was indeed the golden haired fighter who fought Cell. Then about Goten's brother being the one to finish off Cell…. The young boy who battled Cell next? Then that means the young boy was the one who defeated Cell and not her father.

A year ago she had tracked down the announcer and cameraman for the games. It took a lot out of her allowance to get them to talk but what they said didn't really shed much light on what she already knew. They didn't see her father beat Cell but they still believe he had since the other fighters and Cell were gone when they regained consciousness. They did tell the story in as much detail as they could and mentioned something about how her father carried an android's head to the boy. They couldn't really hear what was going on but the boy got really mad and seemed to suddenly be on fire.

After that, there was a whole bunch of lights, explosions and strong winds which ended when Cell seemed to bloat up. The gold fighter disappeared with Cell some how and all was calm a moment before Cell came back. Another battle ensued, ending with a showdown of lights or lasers before a bright explosion knocked them out.

When everything settled down only her father was standing. They asked, he answered. Mr. Satan was the victor, claiming he knocked Cell into orbit while the other fighters thanked him and left.

There was way too much holes in Mr. Satan's story but no one seemed to care, except maybe his own daughter.

And now, with this new information, Videl felt a rush of excitement but was soon replaced by dread. She found her key to the answers she sought. However, if it was indeed Goten's brother who destroyed Cell, it would mean that her father claimed a victory that didn't belong to him. Her father knew this but still lied for the sake of his ego.

Also the possibility that a famous martial artist, Son Goku, died defending earth yet received no thanks and gratitude from the people. Videl felt her heart clench as she stared blankly at the clouds.

How could her father do that? How could he sink so low?? Even lying to his own flesh and blood. Taking credit upon the sacrifice of a noble warrior….


She didn't understand it…. He always taught her to defend the weak, protect the right and uphold truth and justice. Yet he had broken those codes; lying, deceiving…. Where was the truth and justice in that?

The look on Goten's face as he wished he could see his father.

Videl placed the laptop down and walked over to a large tree. She pulled her fist back and slammed it to the rough trunk. She repeated the action, alternating with both hands, punching furiously, feeling her knuckles split and bleed.

Anger, disappointment, shame…. Flowing out with her blood. The pain was dulled by the pounding of her heart as she continued her assault, already clearing the bark away. Her vision blurred as she tasted the salty mix of tears and sweat.

How could her father wake up everyday knowing he was living in a lie he created? Did he not know he insulted and lied about a man who sacrificed himself for the world, leaving behind a broken family? That he…he… damn it damn it DAMN IT.

With a hoarse cry Videl took one final blow at the battered tree, feeling and hearing her hand crush under the force. Cradling her broken and bleeding hand she slumped slowly to the ground sobbing. The shame and anger highlighted by the sharp pains made her sobs louder as she released it all out.

She swore upon her soul then that she was going to find out everything. She would not be deceived again. She would wait the day her father would tell her himself. Till then she would bear the sins of his actions.

She is the daughter of Mr. Satan.

She would take his place and suffer his guilt.

She would take upon herself his shame.

Blood and tears dripping onto the earth, this was the epitome of a daughter's love and sacrifice, witnessed only by Mother Nature who watched with sad eyes.

Gohan stole a few glances at his little brother between the last few bites. Goten came back this morning skipping and singing about how he had a secret that Gohan didn't know about. Gohan wanted to ask more but Chi-Chi had called out breakfast and the intention was lost due to the watering of his mouth. Finishing up and thanking his mother for the delicious meal (as usual) he waited for Goten to finish. When he did, Gohan picked his little brother by the back of his gi and took him outside. Goten giggled at being picked up so easily and proceeded to pretend he was flying.

"Don't forget to study, Gohan!!" Chi-Chi called out before he closed the door.

"I will mom!" Gohan replied as he set the giggling Goten down on one of the boulders decorating their 'back yard'. Gohan backed away and folded his arms while attempting to put on a serious face.

"Spill it Goten, what's this about a secret?"

Goten stuck his tongue out playfully, "Nyah nyah!! It's a secret!!"

"Okay…" Gohan tried another tactic, "When did you get this secret? Telling me that is not part of the secret, right?"

Goten thought about it for a while before agreeing with Gohan. After all, his big brother was sooooo much smarter and Goten didn't like keeping secrets from him no matter how fun. "This morning!"

"I see… so where did you get this secret then?"

"Um, near the lake!"

"Interesting, is it something about you?"


"Is it about the lake?"


"Is it about a new animal?"


"A plant?"



"Nope!" Goten was grinning widely and rocking on his heels obviously enjoying the guessing game. Gohan though was getting frustrated.

"Something about the others?"


"Someone I haven't met before?"

"That's a secret, 'onii-chan!!"

'Bingo.' Gohan thought smugly. 'So Goten found himself a friend other than Trunks. That's VERY good…'

Picking up Goten and swinging him on his shoulders Gohan grinned up at his little brother. Walking slowly back into the house he asked again. "So, who is this new friend of yours Goten?"

Goten pulled playfully at Gohan's short hair, stretching his head back so they're staring eye to eye. "She told me not to tell!" Goten yelled point-blank in Gohan's face.

"She?" Gohan pointed out, raising his eyebrows after the ringing in his ears subsided. Goten smacked his hands over his mouth and shook his head cutely.

"I'm not telling you anything more!! I'm bound by the secret handshake!" Well, at least Gohan knows Goten's new friend must be someone nice--not that many people would agree to do the ridiculous secret handshake.

"Well, mom and I would like to meet her sometime. You would introduce this friend of yours eventually, right?"

"I'll hafta ask Vivi about that!" Goten realized his slip too late and pouted at his brother who was chuckling heartily. After setting Goten down in front of the TV, Gohan went to his room to continue his never ending pursuit of knowledge.

'Vivi? What a cute name, must be one of the children from the nearby villages. Mom would be ecstatic if she found out Goten has a girl friend. Girl friend. Hah! He's only 5 years old!! Can't believe he actually found a girl his age before I did…' Laughing quietly to himself, Gohan closed his bedroom door and settled down for a good study.

Videl was a bit nervous to how Goten would react. The bloody patch was very visible on the thick tree and blood stained through the bandages and her fingerless gloves. Her right hand was bandaged even more tightly due to fractures. She cursed her outburst, even after eating a few painkillers it still hurt like hell. She had no more time to dwell on it though as Goten came bounding into the clearing. He took one look at the tree and then her, seemingly not effected by the amount of blood but worried none the less.

"What happened, onee-chan?? You're hurt!!" He cried as he ran over to her, his face scrunched up as he examined her mutilated hands.

"Don't worry, Goten. I was just….training!" She answered as cheerfully as she could.


"Yeah, to harden my knuckles so that I can punch harder without hurting."

"Ooooh, but it seems you hurt yourself very much! Onii-chan always tells me to have control and not push myself too hard when training. It might end up too our dis-disa-disaven-"



"You're brother is a wise person, Goten."

"Yep, yep, brother is the strongest person in the universe! And he's the smartest too!!"

'Universe? How cute, he really looks up to his brother. I'm glad at least he still has a male figure to look up to…' Swallowing tightly she started to ask the questions she thought up earlier. 'Here I go… remember Videl, nothing will shock you. You gotten past the hard part and now you just need answers to the smaller pieces of the puzzle, after that you can start your 'mission' ….'

"Goten, can I ask you something?" Goten was still looking at her hand and resisting the urge to poke it, he looked up at her and nodded. "Does your brother have blond hair and green eyes?"

"Not all the time! I never seen him turn Super Saiyan, he says he will not go Super unless needed!"


"Oh! Me and onii-chan are Saiyans! So is Trunks and his dad!"

"Trunks?" 'What the hell is a Saiyan? Some kind of race?'

"My best friend in the whooooooole world!! He likes to come over and spar with me! He also has so many toys cause he's sooo rich! He lets me play with them though and sometimes we get into big trouble and then we get punished by Mrs. Bulma but we usually get away with stuff!"

"So your brother…and father can change their hair and eye color?"

"Yeah! I can too you know! But don't tell anyone, it's mine and Trunks's secret!"

Videl's eyes widened in anticipation, "Ca-can you show me Goten? I bet it's very cool!"


Goten backed off a bit and squared his shoulders. His features suddenly dropped their innocent look and Videl was taken aback by the seriousness in his eyes. A moment later a golden light blinded her and then there, right before her, was a miniature blazing golden fighter. Her jaw dropped at the sight, almost not believing but was expecting. It's true! Son Goku and his son were the ones fighting Cell!!

"Wow…" She finally said as Goten dropped out of Super Saiyan. Goten grinned, happy that he has the chance to show it off to someone other than Trunks. Videl was still sitting there in awe before finally finding her voice again. "Ho-how can you do that? Does it only change your hair and eye color?"

"Only Saiyans can go Super! And we get very, very strong and fast too!! Onii-chan can go up to another level, you know! That's how he defeated Cell!"

'A power boost technique? I wonder how strong it is…'

"That's amazing Goten! How strong are you anyway?"

Goten struck an arrogant pose he frequently saw Trunks do and answered proudly, "I'm stronger than any human!"

"Human? You say that as if you aren't human yourself, Goten," Videl said with a small chuckle.

"Nuh uh! I'm only half human! The other half I'm Saiyan!"

'Great, now he's got me thinking that there are aliens on earth…. Weird animal hybrids and strange races but aliens? Nahhh, it can't be…'

"Whatever you say, Goten," she smiled at the child. Goten pouted, a bit put off that Videl didn't believe him. Well, he'll just have to prove it, right?

"No really, nee-san! I'm Saiyan that's why I can go Super and be very strong! Watch!"

Goten went over to a large boulder and casually punched it. Videl's eyes bugged out a moment later as the boulder exploded, sending pieces flying all over.

"Im-im-impossible…." She stuttered. Even she couldn't do that! And supposedly she was the second strongest after her father! This proves even more that her father could not possibly be the strongest person in the world…

Goten grinned proudly. "I can do ki blasts too! Me and Trunks learned it ourselves!! Don't tell anyone though; mom might get mad if she knew we were learning ki blasts, she thinks it's dangerous…"

She knew she was going in for another amazing demonstration when her mouth automatically asked, "Ki blasts?"

"Yeah! Like this!"

Goten held out his palm to another boulder and a bright light came flashing out. The light hit the boulder and it too exploded, but ended up with much more damage. Videl's eyes bugged out again. Her mind was screaming that all that lights they saw at the games and the Tenkaichi Budokai were real. Energy blasts? What the hell is ki anyway?

"Wow…" she said again. "Can only Saiyans do that?"

"Naw, humans can do it too! Like Krillin and Yamcha, they both can shoot ki blasts and fly!"

"Fly?? Can you fly too??"

Goten shook his head. "I don't know how too. My brother hasn't taught me."

"But what you're saying is that humans can also do these…ki blasts, and fly too??"


Fly? She can actually learn how to fly and do those energy tricks? The thought appealed so much to her that she almost forgot her real intention.
'Remember Videl, you're doing this not for your own benefit… you're going to find out who the world saviors are and see how they're doing. And then when the time comes you're going to have to apologize to them on your father's behalf………. But still… FLYING!!'

"Ca-can you teach me to do those ki blasts, Goten?"

Goten cocked his head to the side and Videl felt the urge to hug him to death. It had to be a crime to be so cute. "I don't really know how, onee-chan. I just put my ki into my hands and let go!"

"What's this ki you talk about?"

"Ummm…it feels warm and everyone has it and, and, you use it to fly and do ki blasts! You can use it to sense other people also! But that person has to have a lot of ki, and most of the people on earth have so little ki. Onee-chan! You have a ki that is higher than normal humans!"

"Why thank you, Goten! Maybe it's because I study martial arts… so this ki must be referring to the energy in living beings, huh?"

Goten cocked his head again, not quite used to using his brain so much. "Yeah, maybe!! Hey onee-chan, I'm bored. Got anything to eat or play?"

Videl thought for a moment before ruffling around in her duffel bag with her left hand, slightly wincing whenever she brushed it against something. Seeing this Goten tugged at her shirt lightly. "You should get that healed, onee-chan. It looks like it really hurts!"

She smiled back at him, "It's okay Goten, I'll go to the doctor later." 'Wonder if there are any small clinics here, I can't risk going to a hospital in the city…' "Aha!" she exclaimed a while later a she pulled out a bag of assorted chocolates. "Want some chocolates, Goten?"

Goten's eyes lit up as his mouth visibly watered. Chocolates! And Trunks wasn't there to eat most of the share! "Thank you, onee-chan!!" he cheered as he attacked the bag.

Videl was a bit taken back by the speed he was eating in. And not to mention won't he get a stomachache or something from eating so much? But soon she was laughing, seeing how the chocolate was smeared all over Goten's face and fingers. When he finished she took out a napkin and gently cleaned him up, chuckling lightly as she did.

Afterwards, she showed him her copter and Goten 'ooo'-ed and 'ahhh'-ed at the yellow machine. She took him for a quick fly (her hands weren't really in the condition to do much flying) while Goten poked around at the buttons and controls. He even almost ended up emptying the fuel tanks but Videl was quick to prevent it. When they got down, Goten pointed out that her copter was too slow. She felt indignant at first; her copter was the fastest in Satan City after all. She asked him what could possibly be faster, not expecting another shock of her life.

"NIMBUS!!" The small boy called.

She was going to ask what he was doing before a small yellow cloud settled in front of them. She stared.

"This is Nimbus! Me and mom uses it since we can't fly like onii-chan!"

Goten hopped on and looked up expectantly at Videl to do so. Videl swallowed and cautiously touched the yellow cloud. It quivered under her touch and she almost jumped at the sensation. It felt solid and soft, but will it really fly them away? Eventually she gathered up the courage to gently sit on the cloud. If any of the Z warriors were there, they would be surprised that she could accomplish such a feat, after all mostly only the Son family could.

"Wow…" 'If I had a zeni every time I said that…'

Goten grinned at her, "Come on onee-chan! Sit better! You'll fall off like that!"

"Ye-yes!" She replied before settling cross-legged behind Goten.

"Don't go too fast Goten, I'm really nervous about thi-IIISSS-AAAAA!!"

They blasted off into the sky with Videl clutching unto to the boy as the cloud went higher and higher. It took some time calming Videl down so that she would loosen her death grip and enjoy the ride. Again, she was compelled to go "Wow…" but she settled for stunned silence instead.

They were high above the mountains and the sparkling lake was laid out before them. The winds tugged at her hair and she closed her eyes at the sensation. Being inside a copter or plane could never compare to the openness like this. If this wasn't enough, imagine what it was like to really free fly. She promised herself that she would learn how to fly. As Videl got more daring and comfortable, she and Goten got a free roller-coaster ride courtesy of Nimbus. She was hoarse from yelling and laughing as the little cloud blasted them around mountains and did loops in the sky, even skimming along the lake, forming a wall of sprays around them.

The sun was soon setting and they made their way back to Videl's camp. Hopping off the cloud she gave it a few loving strokes, the cloud seemed to lean in to her touch before flying off, leaving a yellow trail behind it.

"You're right, Goten! Nimbus is way better than my copter! Or any other plane for the matter!" She beamed at the small boy next to her.
Goten smiled back at her. "I had fun, onee-chan! I must get back though, mom would be worried! Are you sure you can't go back with me? I would like you to meet them! My brother also says that he would like to meet you!"

"Me? He knows about me?"

Goten suddenly started shuffling his feet. "Um, I kinda…um…accidentally told him that I found a new friend… But I didn't tell him anything else! Except maybe your name…. I'm so sorry onee-chan!!" Goten's eyes watered dangerously and Videl panicked.

"Ah!! Don't worry about it Goten! Really! It's okay! And I'm sorry I can't meet them now…" she cast a nervous glance at her hands. Goten caught her look though.

"Come on nee-san! Mom can fix that up! She can also kiss it! She always kisses my boo-boos and they feel better!"

'Mine used to do that too, Goten…'

"It's okay Goten, you should be going home now, it's getting late," she kneeled down and gave Goten a hug before ruffling his hair. Goten smiled widely up at her and with a final good-bye he left, leaving Videl alone with her thoughts.

The day was like a dream. She got the confirmation that her life was a lie and that there were so many things in the universe she had yet to know and understand. The amount of information she gathered today was staggering. She might even need the whole night to actually swallow it down.
She mentally reviewed what she learned…

Goten's brother was the one to defeat Cell; his father died trying.

The lights and flying weren't tricks or effects. They were all real and can be learned.

Saiyans, whatever they are, are the only ones that can assume the gold fighter state (they called it Super Saiyan?). A power boost it seemed. And Saiyans, as Goten said, seem to not be a human race. Aliens? There is the possibility.

These Saiyans also possess great strength and speed too, probably. Seeing how a child like Goten could be so strong, it gives the question on how strong his brother is. Compared to her father... Mr. Satan doesn't stand a chance.

With a huff she decided she would think about it again later. First, she'll need to find a doctor and get something for dinner. Getting into her capsule copter, she couldn't help but wish she could call Nimbus and ride it again. Gingerly maneuvering the copter into the air, she blasted off towards a small town shown on a map she brought along.

"So, Goten, how did the date go?" Gohan smiled at the confusion on Goten's face.

"What's a date?"

"It's when you spend time with a girl, Goten."

'Not quite, but close enough…'

"Ooh! It was fun! She gave me chocolates! They were yummy!"

Gohan grinned and ruffled Goten's hair as they made their way to the kitchen and prepared for dinner.

Gohan forgot to ask why he felt Goten's ki shooting up that afternoon. There wasn't any urgency in the ki so Gohan just took it that Goten was practicing. But then he was with the girl, right? Gohan had wondered if it was wise for Goten to show off his strength to strangers. He would have to meet this friend of Goten soon…..

Videl eventually found a small clinic where she got her hand properly treated. The people there didn't recognize her thankfully; those in the countryside hardly watch TV or follow the news. She also bought more treats for Goten while she was there. The next two days was spent having fun and learning more about the Z warriors and their origins. She finished her homework and it was time to go home. Promising Goten that she would visit often, she finally set a course back to Satan City.

Needless to say, her return was not greeted peacefully.

Mr. Satan had alternated between sobbing and yelling while Videl coldly took it in stride. She was right that it would be awkward facing her father again, but she didn't expect the cold fury and disappointment she felt. She also apologized publicly that she made everyone worry when she disappeared to 'train' and promised not to do it again. Erasa was happy her friend was back and Videl told her a heavily edited version on what happened when she ran away. She just said that she spent some time relaxing in the countryside and met a small adorable boy who she wished was her brother. Erasa had jokingly warned that Videl might be a pedophile, earning a ringing ear after Videl screamed her denial into the receiver.

Life was back to normal for Videl as she continued juggling between fighting crime and school AND digging information about the mysterious fighters. On weekends and sometimes even during the week she would visit Goten at her camping spot. They would sometimes spar and share stories over a huge picnic (she learned that Saiyans eat A LOT), not to mention Videl found herself feeling as if she was part of them. The tight ring of fighters that saved the world.

Any questions Videl had that Goten didn't know the answer to would be answered the next time they met as Goten went to Gohan. Gohan was a bit suspicious to why Goten suddenly had so many questions about the Z fighters and their backgrounds also about ki usage. Gohan didn't want to betray his trust for Goten though, and refrained from demanding to know just why he was asking so much. He also trusted Goten enough with the information and would wait till Goten decides to introduce this friend of his.

Of course there was the fear that Goten might be giving information to bad guys but knowing that nothing bad has happened (and hopefully won't) Gohan shrugged it off. Surprisingly, Goten kept to his promise and didn't let any thing else about Videl slip. Gohan didn't even know how old or where the girl was from. He just knew her name was Vivi and that she knows martial arts from the way Goten's ki would flux as if sparring.

The time Goten spent with Videl caught Trunks attention and it wasn't long before Trunks ended up sharing Goten's secret. Videl found it easier to learn things from Trunks as his Saiyan pride made him eager to prove his superior knowledge compared to Goten. The three would have fun fishing, chasing dinosaurs (to Videl's exasperation), and exploring when they're not sparring, Videl also frequently brought them treats and new toys, also rare martial art books and videos.

It wasn't long before Videl eventually learned the basics to controlling her ki. She could manipulate it to give small boosts of power and speed in her movement and hits. It helped a lot in sparring with the boys who would frequently forget their strength and speed, ending up hurting her more than she would have liked. The sparring did her a lot of good as her fighting abilities and senses were honed. The boys didn't have much of a distinct style and practically it was anything goes. Because of this, she learned to rely on her instincts and senses more. Fighting robbers and dodging bullets almost felt too easy lately as she got stronger by the week.

Videl still didn't understand how to fully control her ki to form ki blasts and sense others though, and she wished she had the courage to approach any one of the Z warriors. Her greatest dream lately was to learn martial arts from them, any one, or just to meet them face to face. She kept her identity as much as a secret as she could; especially when she found out Trunks was the son of Capsule Corps's Bulma Briefs. It had been quite a shock when the lavender haired boy jumped in on Goten and her when they were fishing and proudly introduced himself. Trunks at first seemed to her a spoiled brat but she found herself getting attached to the little prince.

What she didn't know was that the Sons and Briefs were getting more suspicious by the month, wondering just who this mysterious friend of Goten and Trunks was. Seeing Chi-Chi and Bulma worry, Gohan found that it's time to do something.

The moment his shoes set down on the tiled floor he spotted his old time friend and mentor. Gohan jogged over to the tall Namekian and waited patiently for him to come out of meditation. "What is it kid?" Piccolo's gruff voice came as Gohan fidgeted nervously.

"Well, you see, um, I need to ask you a favor…"

Piccolo waited for him to continue.

"Goten and Trunks found a friend, you see, and they're keeping it a secret on who this girl is. Also I have the suspicion that they're telling this particular person a lot about us. I'm… kind of worried…" Gohan explained, rubbing his hand behind his head in the usual Son manner. Piccolo stood up.

"You want me to spy on them?"

"Ugh, that sounds so bad when you phrase it like that…"

"Well? Why don't you do it yourself?"

"I wanted to…but… um…."

"It would feel like betraying Goten's trust?"


"I see. I'll check it out, kid. But don't expect me to do anymore silly favors."

"Thank you, Mr. Piccolo!!"

"See you later, onee-chan!!" both the boys called.

"Bye!!" Videl replied, waving as the two figured disappeared into the forest. Whew, today's spar was tiring; the two just didn't have any limits!! She was about to enter her copter when a strange sensation came over her. The hairs on her neck rose as she identified the feeling as being watched. Spinning around and crouching in to defensive stance she squinted at the darkening forest before her.

"Who's there?" she called out, her eyes darting around for movement.

"I know you're there," she continued, "Come out and fight me if you dare!"

"You wouldn't want that."

Videl felt her heart drop into her stomach as a tall, green man walked out from behind a tree. She recognized him immediately and she found herself sweating nervously at the excitement of finally meeting one of the strongest fighters in the world. Piccolo mistook her nervousness as fear and immediately became alert.

"Who are you, girl? What is your business with the boys?"

She realized after a few moments that she was staring before straightening up and answering nervously. "I-I….uh, I… I met Goten a few months ago and we became friends…"

"Really? I think you're hiding something though…. You're ki is pretty strong for a human girl, again I ask. Who are you?"

"I…I'm Vivi…"

"Where did you come from?"

"….I choose not to answer that…"

"You better answer; I do not take lightly to those that might prove a threat to those I know."

Videl chewed her lip uneasily deciding whether or not to lie to one of the people she admired most. Finally deciding to at least owe him a truthful explanation, she gave in.

The next morning Gohan woke up earlier than usual and sped off to the Lookout. Upon arriving he immediately approached Piccolo who was expecting his arrival. "So?" Gohan asked, eager to know just who the girl was.

Piccolo gazed at Gohan for a few seconds before turning away. "Nothing you should be worried about. The girl will prove no threat to your brother and Trunks."

Gohan kept quiet, waiting for him to say more but soon find out Piccolo wasn't talking. "That's it??"

"What else did you want to know?"

"I don't know. Maybe just who the hell she is and where she came from?!"

"That isn't what you asked me to do, kid."


"She will introduce herself when the time is right. You need not worry."

Gohan sighed, knowing that Piccolo wouldn't give in. Great, now even Piccolo was in on this 'secret'. "Thank you anyway, Mr. Piccolo."

"Don't mention it."

Piccolo watched as his former student jumped off the Lookout to disappear below the clouds. He felt a bit (just a tiny bit) guilty for withholding information from Gohan. But it was the girl's right to decide when she would tell them.

"So…that's pretty much the whole story……you're not…angry are you?"

"Why should I be?"

"My father took credit from you people!! He lied to the world about a victory that wasn't his!!"

"We don't need the gratitude and publicity, girl. It is enough that the world is safe."

"I know… but…"

"Why did you lie?"


"To Goten and Trunks; why do you hide your identity?"

"I can't…I just can't tell them that I'm the daughter of the man who stole their parent's credit. Especially Goten…about his father, you know…"

"So why are you with them and trying to find out about us?"

"……I guess I needed the truth, to stop living this lie. I… also felt that I need to take responsibility for my father's actions. At least…making sure that Goten is happy even without his father. And to tell you the truth I wanted to know you people…"


The girl smiled brightly at him. "I admire the strength and integrity you all posses. I want nothing more than you be able to be as strong as you all. I… I guess I'm a fan! It's an honor to meet you Mr. Piccolo, I really can't explain how it feels to be able to meet one of you face to face."

"…do you wish to meet the rest?"

This girl sure was a curious character. A bit too emotional and illogical in Piccolo's personal judgment yet curious just the same. The girl stared at him speechless before suddenly looking down at her feet.

"I…I don't think I'm ready to face all of you…I really don't like to lie but I can't find the courage to…well…"

"We do not hold grudges; you don't need to worry about how we'll react."

The girl looked back up at him, smiling sadly. "Maybe, but I still would like some more time… just to think over what I'll need to say…"

"You don't need to explain your father's actions."

"Yes, maybe I don't need to. That it isn't my place to. But I want to. As his daughter, I'll take his place."

"Why don't you talk to him then?"

The girl slowly shook her head. "It may sound selfish but I'm waiting for him to tell me on his own. To one day realize that he can't keep lying to his only daughter."

"That might take a while… no offense."

She laughed, it was a light sound, surprisingly pleasing. "True…so very true."

After that she asked him timidly to keep her identity a secret. He obliged, even going so far as to promise to teach her a few things about ki. She immediately perked up and he some how felt the girl was going to hug him if he didn't leave soon. She thanked him profusely while bowing repeatedly. Not knowing what to do, Piccolo had quickly muttered his good-bye and took off.

'A strange girl indeed…' Piccolo mused before turning around to continue his meditation.

Videl was ecstatic.

She had practically flew home while doing loops with her copter and thus arriving home much later than usual. It was already late and she quickly ate her dinner before running up to her room, all the way smiling to herself.

She was going to be trained by one of the strongest!!

Yes, Videl Satan was going to have sweet dreams tonight…

More months went by and Videl trained under Piccolo's care. He found her to be a determined student, striving to push herself beyond the limits. He also sensed great potential in her; she had the ability to be the strongest human if given the time and opportunity. Soon she was flinging ki blasts like the rest of them (although she still needed to work on control and regulating the strength of the blasts) and flying smoothly. He also taught her how to sense ki and she was getting pretty good at it, he was proud to say.

Goten and Trunks learned to fly with her but they proved to have less interest in anything else and ended up annoying Piccolo. He was glad Videl was there, she seemed to be able to control the two demi-saiyans. Gohan was still curious about Videl but kept his distance. Well, he would get his chance soon enough. The chance eventually came one lazy Saturday morning while sparring with Goten.

Videl softly landed on the grass, stretching her limbs from the flight. Flying was so much fun! The hard part was avoiding getting seen but she had done a good job by flying above the clouds whenever in the city. She came a few hours earlier today, wanting to surprise Goten. She was going to bring Goten and Trunks to the carnival! It would be nice to get them both out from the mountains for fun.

Feeling out for Goten's ki, she found it along with another more powerful ki. She grew worried though when Goten's ki fluxed sharply as if in a losing battle. The powerful ki was unfamiliar and definitely not Piccolo's or Trunks. Her motherly instincts took over as the thought that Goten was in trouble evaded her mind. Blasting off towards Goten's ki, she prepared for battle.

The first thing she saw as she landed was Goten receiving a kick that sent him crashing into the rocky mountain side. That was enough; she didn't think nor observe anything else as she charged forward at the person who stood with his back facing her.


Gohan turned at the voice and the sensation of a rising ki coming towards him. He caught a glimpse of deep blue eyes and soft black hair before feeling a knee smash up under his chin. Taking a step back from the shock more than the blow itself he blinked as the girl crouched down into a low stance in front of Goten who was slowly getting out of a pile of rubble. He was confused as heck on who this girl was and why she attacked him. He absently rubbed his chin where she hit him. Wow, it actually hurt.

Videl held her ground, blinking back tears as the pain shot up her leg. What the hell was this person made up of?? She had put all her ki into that hit and still he stood there as if unaffected while apparently she broke something in her knee.

"What did you do to Goten you bastard!?" She glared at the person knowing very well that if Goten couldn't defeat him there was little chance she could.

"What??" The guy replied, gaping at her as if she had a tail. "What the hell are you taking about?? Who the hell are you??"

"I should be asking you the same thing!! Attacking Goten like that you son of a bitch!!"

"Hm? Onee-chan!" Goten came flying at her through the rubble looking a bit roughed up but that was it. She caught him in her arms trying to keep her balance but failing miserably, especially with her busted knee. She ended up getting knocked over as Goten squealed happily.

"You came early, onee-chan!! I was sparring with onii-chan!"

"Your…brother?" She said after managing to sit up with Goten in her lap. She glanced over to the confused teen a few feet away and finally took the time to really look at him. She could easily see the resemblance; same black hair and eyes, the innocent look… how could she have not noticed?? …Wait a minute.

Goten's brother = Son Gohan = Defeater of Cell = Savior of the World

"OH MY KAMI!!" She gasped as her face turned so red that Gohan feared she would explode. She attacked the strongest person on the planet!! She actually hit him!! How embarrassing!! She even yelled at him!! Oh wait, she actually HIT him!! Somewhere in her mind she felt proud to be able to be able to land a blow on the strongest being in the universe. But still, she accused him for attacking his own brother!! How could she be so reckless!! So stupid!! She ruined her first impression with him!!

She nearly knocked Goten right off her as she jumped on her feet while bowing repeatedly.


She went crashing right down as she put pressure on her forgotten leg. Goten and Gohan immediately went to her side as she gently pulled up her knee to inspect it. Wincing as she did, she found out that it was already turning a sickly blackish blue and from the pain she was certain she fractured it.

"We need to get that fixed…," Gohan murmured, feeling a bit guilty for not dodging the blow in time.

"Onee-chan are you alright??" Goten's voice filled with worry on the look of agony on Videl's face. Videl quickly put on a dazzling smile that distracted Gohan somewhat.

"I'm okay, Goten! Don't worry!!" She said as cheerfully as she could but couldn't prevent herself from flinching as she accidentally moved her leg. Gohan snapped out of his trance when Videl flinched, mentally kicking himself for spacing out for a moment. She was really pretty when she smiled… CONCENTRATE GOHAN.

"Um, sorry about this, but I think we should get that looked at quickly," he coughed out before kneeling himself near the girl.

Videl found herself blushing furiously as a pair of strong arms smoothly scooped her up and took off into the sky. Gohan took extra care not to move her leg as Goten followed behind, his features still etched in worry. She took the courage to peek up at the person holding her, earning herself a super close up of the Son Gohan.

His eyes were narrowed in concentration as he flew as smoothly as he could while making sure his grip on her was secure. Angular features gave him a masculine look while the small mouth and big eyes gave it a boyish quality girls drool over. A strong neck followed after and she could see the hard muscles underneath the dark purple gi. Blushing once more she determinedly focused her eyes on the rushing ground before them.

'I can't believe I'm being carried by him!! It's such an honor if not embarrassing… oh gosh I made such a fool of myself…'

'Could this be Vivi? I thought Goten's friend was a child like him, what the hell is he doing with someone her age anyway?? She looks more my age so to speak…and she sure is strong for a human. Her ki is relatively high and I can sense she's hiding more of it…'

"So… you're Vivi?"

Videl snapped out of her reverie to glance up, only to stare straight into deep black orbs. Fighting her blush down she smiled a bit nervously. "Um, yes. Ah, sorry about earlier…I thought you were attacking Goten…"

"It's alright, I'm glad you care about my little brother that much."

"He's a special kid, I wish I have a brother like him."

Gohan noticed the way her blue eyes softened as she mentioned Goten. Gohan gave her a smile, glad to finally meet someone that cared for Goten as much as himself or Chi-Chi. "I've heard a lot about you, Vivi."

"Oh?" 'Not much I hope…'

"Yeah, to tell you the truth I expected you to be…younger."

Videl laughed and Gohan found himself liking the sound of it. "Well, I'll explain everything later, how's that? As my atonement for not introducing myself sooner and for hitting you."

"I look forward to it."

Gohan brought her back to his home figuring that Chi-Chi could have it properly bandaged up before deciding whether to get her to the hospital. Before he could say anything Chi-Chi had rushed out of the kitchen, took one look at the girl in his arms, and started yelling.

"What happened here?! Is she hurt?! Quickly put her on the couch! You better start explaining young man!! And Goten, go and get me the first aid kit!!"
Goten sped upstairs as Gohan gently set Videl down on the couch.

"I'm sorry for this, Ma'am, I-"

"Hush, now dear, just relax, okay? Now, GOHAN! What happened?!"

"Um, I was sparring with Goten and…um…" he cast a nervous glance to Videl, not really knowing how to phrase the next sentence.

"She attacked me thinking that-"


Chi-Chi spun around glaring at the girl who was sweating profusely. First, she kneed the most powerful being on the planet which ended up in injury to herself, and now she was on the wrong side of a former Budokai finalist. This was definitely NOT a good day.


"I-I-I…" started Videl.

"Mom! No! It's not like that! She thought I was attacking Goten and attacked me in his defense!!"

"Oh, that's so sweet!"

"………." Continued Videl. That had to be one of the fastest mood swings she'd ever seen.

"How did you get hurt though? DON'T TELL ME GOHAN HURT YOU!!"

"AH! No! I hurt myself hitting him! He did nothing!!" Videl sputtered out. Chi-Chi didn't listen, however, and was already facing her cowering son.

"Why didn't you dodge?!"

"I was surprised!!"

"How fast can she be, she's just a human!!"

"Hey!" came Videl's indignant response to the comment.

"Mom!! Don't say that! She'll think I'm not human…" stressing out the not part.

"Still you could have been more alert!!"

"She's fast!! She really did catch me off guard!"

Videl felt her pride elevate a notch or two by the comment. The strongest being on the planet admitting she caught him off guard? She took it as a compliment, of course. "Ma'am, really! It's not his fault! I shouldn't have rushed in the first place!"

"Don't say that dear, you were just worried about Goten. By the way, who are you?"

Videl and Gohan fought the urge to face fault. Videl was about to answer when Goten came flying down with the large first aid case. Chi-Chi then quickly assessed the damage confirming her suspicion that it was fractured. Not much though and would heal quickly on its own seeing how Videl was a martial artist. Bandaging it securely, Chi-Chi offered to have Gohan take Videl home.

"It's alright, ma'am. I can get home myself, thank you for all the trouble."

"Call me Chi-Chi and why don't you stay for lunch?"

"Ah, I troubled you enough already, I can't possi-"

"Onee-chan! Pleassssssssseeee?" Goten pleaded, giving her the patented Son pout.

Videl didn't stand a chance.

"So YOU'RE Vivi? The one Goten and Trunks were being so hush-hush about?" Chi-Chi cried as she and Videl set up the table. Chi-Chi had protested but Videl insisted she helped, not to mention Chi-Chi did such a good job with Videl's knee that she could walk on it save for the slight limping.

"Um, yes. I'm very sorry for not introducing myself earlier. It's highly un-polite of me…"

"Nonsense! It is a bit weird to have a lady your age playing with the boys but I'm glad to see what a fine young woman you are!"

"Thank you, Chi-Chi, that's means a lot to me…" Videl smiled.

"So where do you live?"

"Satan City," came her reply before she could stop herself. Oops.

"There's a city named after that buffoon?!" Chi-Chi cried. Videl flinched slightly.

"Um yes, it used to be Orange Star City."

"Oh! My, isn't that far away from here?!"

"I manage," Videl replied cryptically.

After they finished setting up the table, Chi-Chi called for the boys who came in before she even finished her sentence. Gohan and Goten then proceeded to inhale the food by their mouths. Chi-Chi raised an eyebrow at Videl's seemingly calm behavior regarding the inhuman scene before her. It was like she was used to see Saiyans eat… how peculiar….

Videl took a bite out of the pork roast and her eyes widened. "This is delicious, Chi-Chi! I never tasted anything this good!" she exclaimed before deftly picking up more from the frenzy.

"Why, thank you Vivi!" Chi-Chi happily replied

'She would make such a good daughter-in-law…. Hey, I think I like that idea…'

It wasn't long before images of grandchildren swam in her head as she darted her eyes between the unsuspecting Gohan and Videl.

Oh yes. Son Chi-Chi really liked the idea.

"No really! I can manage on my own!" Videl was trying to convince Chi-Chi that she could get home on her own but Chi-Chi wouldn't have it.

"How? Let Gohan fly you home at least!"

"I can fly on my own, really!!" She said at last, demonstrating as she floated a few feet off the ground. Gohan raised his eyebrows in surprise as Chi-Chi waved her hand dismissively.

"It's better if you didn't move at all! Have Gohan carry you or something!"

'Yes, all you need is some alone time with Gohan…' Chi-Chi thought wickedly.

"Um, maybe I can take…Nimbus?" Videl uncertainly suggested. Gohan and Chi-Chi stared at her. How did she know about Nimbus? And can she really ride on Nimbus??

"Uh… I guess…" came Chi-Chi's reply, too surprised to think further. Goten broke the silence as he shouted for the small cloud. In seconds the yellow cloud appeared, ready for its duty.

"Nice to see you again, Nimbus!" Videl said as she patted the yellow cloud. Gohan and Chi-Chi stared.

"Be careful, nee-san!!" Goten said as he hugged Videl tightly before she floated on to the cloud and settled down into a comfortable position. Gohan and Chi-Chi stared.

"Thank you for everything Chi-Chi. I'm sorry for all the trouble."

"…don't mention it," said Gohan and Chi-Chi together before staring once again. Videl noticed their looks.

"What's wrong?" she asked, puzzled by their expressions.

"Oh, it's nothing dear, it's just that not many people can ride Nimbus."

"And we're a bit surprised you know about it," Gohan added.

"Not many people can ride Nimbus?"

"Yeah, only the pure of heart and get on," Chi-Chi answered.

Videl blinked for a few seconds before an odd expression settled on her face. Pure of heart? With all the demons inside, she hardly thought she fit into that category. The Sons felt her disturbance and quickly snapped her out of it.

"Don't think too much about it, Vivi. Be careful! Why don't Gohan escort you anyway?"

"It's okay Chi-Chi, I've caused enough trouble as it is. Good-bye Goten!!"

"Bye, onee-chan!"

"Bye Chi-Chi, Gohan! Thank you for everything!" she called out before speeding off on the small cloud.

"Wow…" Gohan said as he watched the yellow speck disappear. Chi-Chi took it as a good sign and nudged her oldest son in the ribs.

"Beautiful girl isn't she? Strong and nice too, wouldn't she make a perfect wife?"

Gohan sputtered few moments before answering, his face a burning red. "MOM!! We just met for Dende's sake!!"

"There are things like love at first sight!"


Chi-Chi laughed. "You're so gullible you know that Gohan?"

Gohan grumbled under his breath as the small family went in.

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