The Substitutes from Hell (literally)

by Ameve

Disclaimer: Me no own DB/Z/GT. Although, if they're selling Trunks or Vegeta... hehehe.

Summary: All the evil dudes in HFIL are forced to do community service on Earth. Dende, being the evil little god that he is, makes that service be substitute teaching at Orange Star High. I'm so cruel to my Gohan-kun. -

Chapter One: The New Program

King Yemma sat at his desk, staring at the overwhelming piles of paperwork. He sighed and placed his chin in his hand, thinking. He was given a new assignment by Grand Kai earlier that week and he just couldn't get his head around it. Grand Kai thought that the evil inhabitants of HFIL were not being punished enough for their cruel deeds, so he had to come up with a new type of punishment for them. The assignment seemed easy, but Yemma had developed a huge case of Punisher's Block.

Suddenly, Yemma's head popped up and his helpless look left as a large, eerie grin slowly crept across his face. He had just thrown that Punisher's Block out the window and had the best idea. Not only would it punish the HFIL residents, it would get them out of his hair. He pressed a black button on his desk and a purple ogre with two horns and a spiked back appeared before his desk in a blaze of fire.

"Is there something you need King Yemma?" asked the red haired creature.

"Yes, please bring Dende hear at once. I need a favor from him." Yemma said to his subordinate.

The ogre, Larry, promptly disappeared and reappeared on Kami's Lookout. The scene that greeted him was slightly disturbing. It turns out the Z Senshi was currently have a party up on Kami's Lookout and the great saiyan prince, Piccolo, and Number 18 were twisted in odd and compromising positions as they played a game of Twister. Bulma looked furious that her overly cocky husband couldn't call her by her name because it would injure his pride, but he could get drunk and play silly, immature games. Goku was mad because Vegeta beat him in the Twister championship that they were having. Krillin wasn't too happy about the fact that Vegeta was straddling his wife and she had one arm wrapped around him, forcing her head into his stomach.

On the other side of the Lookout, Mr. Popo was running around behind two energetic demi-saiyans and frantically cleaning their trail of broken vases, pillars, and walls. Dende lay in his hammock watching this chaos and sipping on a frosty piƱa colada and smirking at the fuming Krillin and worried Popo.

Larry cleared his throat, not even wanting to know what these strange people were doing on the Lookout. Everyone turned to him and Dende jumped up with a scared look.

"King Yemma would like to see you, Dende," Larry said quickly. He wanted to get the hell out of there and away from these weirdoes. Dende gulped and nodded before trudging after Larry to King Yemma's office.

Yemma looked up as a flustered kami barged into his office looking extremely scared and ranting.

"Gohan's lying! Whatever he said, isn't true! I never made those seagulls attack him when he was on his school field trip! Honest!" he rushed before whimpering, "Please don't hurt me... or let him hurt me." Yemma, confused and slightly disturbed, put a hand in the air to silence Dende.

"Calm down, Dende. I'm not here to punish you for anything. I simply need to ask a favor of you." Yemma stated. Dende sighed in relief before realizing what he blurted.

"About the whole seagull thing," Dende said, " I was only kidding." Dende laughed nervously.

"Frankly, I don't care what you do in your free time Dende. I just need some help with this new project I just thought up for the people in the Home For Infinite Losers. We needed to punish them more, so I've decided that they have to do community service now. Got any ideas on what that could be?"

A twisted evil grin crept across the young gods face as he rubbed his green hands together menacingly while cackling. King Yemma backed away slowly.

Orange Star High School

Gohan, who was at school and missed the party, felt a sudden sharp pain in his right temple and his eye twitched. That only happened when something bad was about to happen. 'Dende,' he thought, 'what are you going to do to me now?' A helpless look replaced his usually happy face and only got worse as the day went on.


So what do you think? I am definitely gonna have fun with this one. I already have some great ideas, but tell me any villains or ideas that you guys want in here and I'll try to include them.