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On the edge of the galaxy, far beyond any planets or the ravages of the Clone Wars, lies a device. Ancient, ominous, and waiting. Constructed long ago and with a sinister purpose, this one had survived a purge against its fellows by a hair. Now, things would change. Kilometers away, a fleet of vessels, painted in gray and navy hues, entered the system. The six-triangle insignia of the Confederacy of Independent Systems adorned each one, and vulture droids prowled their hulls.

The lead ship, a Providence-class vessel, moved almost tentatively towards the artifact. On the bridge, a red and black tattooed figure watched.

"Sir, incoming transmission." the battle droid at the comm station reported.

The hologram projector at the front of the vessel flickered to life, creating a shadowy, hooded figure. The tattooed leader and the hooded man watched each other, bodies passive but minds hateful. The leader breaks first.

"What is thy bidding, my master?" he asks. It is almost a whisper.

"Enter the artifact, Lord Maul. And conquer. Only then will you be redeemed for your weakness."

Maul nods, before commencing the start sequence his master had given him. The fleet enters the artifact, but do not come out the other side. It will not be heard of again in this galaxy for another thirty years.

Maul first meets the species called the Asari. They disgust him. Their bodies have been changed, their presences in the Force not in shades of white, black, or gray, but in shades of blue. Their precious 'Element Zero' and their response to having been saturated with it for centuries marks them for destruction. Fortunately, he does not have to strike first. They panic at the sight of his droids.

The Turians, contrary to popular belief, are not blind policemen. They placate Maul, offering an alliance. Choice assassinations and they become his vassals, albeit unwillingly. Those who resist are dealt with in a manner that would make Maul's master smile. They are broken, but they shun biotics, something that Maul applauds them for. It saves them from the fate of the Asari. Their surrender bring many junior Citadel races to join him.

The Salarians are wise enough to use assassins and proxies first. Their short lifespan and Maul's technology and prowess keeps him alive and them subjugated. Their guerilla movement at least has subtlety to it. The other races make grand statements and last stands. Maul's men are expendable, with exception to his aides and fellow Separatist commanders. Their soldiers are difficult to replace, especially for the Asari.

He offers the Quarians a deal with the devil: the homeworld, cures, a prominent position in his fiefdom. They are cautious, understandably, although they soon become fascinated with his technology and the programming that keeps his 'synthetics' subservient. Little bloodshed is needed to have them join.

The Geth are gone when he arrives at Rannoch to keep his promise to the Quarians. They never strike at him or his holdings. He still searches for them, to placate Quarian leaders and to make sure his enemies are dealt with. They will not reappear for twenty-two years. Maul is content with his lot, and has no desire to return to his master. He prepares for retribution, though it never comes.

A survey vessel from the New Republic discovers the artifact Maul used. They probe through. What they find shocks them.

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