Title: Groundhog's Day and Several, Bad First Dates

Author: Sybil Rowan

Pairing(s)/Characters: Jet/Albert – come on, y'all know me by now.

Rating: M

Summary: What if Jet is stuck reliving his birthday over-and-over because Albert made a wish at Yuuko's shop and a very twisted time loop is created? Yuuko can only grant Jet's wish to get out of the time loop by Jet getting Albert on a good, first date. Can Jet stop going on several bad, first dates with Albert?- xxxHolic in the background.

Warnings: A few, mild swear words and some make out scenes. Really, I'm aiming for pure fun- comedy and romance.

Author's Notes: This is actually my hubby's idea. I loved it so much and decided to run with it. So anyway, Happy Birthday, Jet Link. I know other people have done birthday pieces for Jet, I hope mine brings some fun. I missed writing Cyborg 009 stuff so much. This was like a little homecoming for me. I do have this one plotted out and finished. I'm just fleshing it out, so you won't be left hanging.

Disclaimer: Cyborg 009 is owned by Shotaro Ishinomori. xxxHolic its names and characters, belong to CLAMP.

Beta Reader: WingedPanther73, not for the first chapter, though.

Date: Feburary 2, 2015, 8:28 am

Word Count: on going

"Yuuko-san?" Watanuki asked as he watched the gray-haired, German man leave the wish shop with slumped shoulders. It was raining and the man had only shook his head at Watanuki's proffered umbrella. He murmured, "That man, he was just so sad."

"He's in deep grieving over loosing a lover."

"If he's grieving loosing a lady, do you think he has good enough judgment to accept a wish? I mean, he might be so desperate that he'll accept anything without thinking it through," Watanuki pointed out waspishly as he closed the front door to the wish shop.

"One of the first things I told you, Watanuki was that the price couldn't be too great or too small. His wish will be fairly paid for by his intended lover, but he'll reap the reward from the young man he has his eye on," Yuuko said lackadaisically as she stretched out on her fainting couch and took a draw off her pipe. "You're dismissed for the evening."

Watanuki threw off the strange information. Why was she changing the gender of the "lover" and such. Wasn't the guy a widower? He had spied, after all. Watanuki didn't understand, and he had too much homework waiting on him to puzzle it out.

He put up some cleaning supplies and cooking utensils. He picked up the paper calendar on the end table close by Yuuko's elbow. She touched Watanuki's wrist and shook her head as he about tore the top sheet off: February 2nd. "Leave it."

Watanuki frowned and put the calendar back on the table. "Okay, Yuuko, but if you loose track of things then I'm not at fault," he said in his firm, authoritative tone.

Yuuko only chuckled and said, "Get some rest, Watanuki. Tomorrow will be one very, very, very long day."

Jet groaned as he sat up in bed and gingerly felt his forehead. This wasn't just a hangover; he felt a goose-egg bump on his forehead. "Ow... damn it! How'd this crap happen?"

He dragged himself out of bed and stumbled over to the mirror, smacking his dry mouth, not caring if Joe and Pyunma got pissed at him and woke up n their shared room. He was plenty pissed right now he couldn't remember yesterday evening so well.

Something about his birthday party at the Magic Pan...? Something about cake flying everywhere...? Francoise's crying...? GB smacking him with a ladle...? Gilmore nagging...? Something about Albert getting very pissed with him over something, he wasn't sure what. And then they were shouting at each other in the rain like idiots over what...? Oh and then something about seeing Junior's knuckles coming at him...? But then there was something about Joe's Maserati...? What was that something...?

That must be it! Junior punched him out at his own birthday party at the Magic Pan! That was not cool no matter what kind of an ass he'd been last night!

He threw on a tee-shirt and jeans, noting Joe and Pyunma were gone out of their shared room at Doctor Kozumi's house. He stormed out of his room, assuming they took Junior's side. How dare they!

He ran down the stairs and tripped on the last couple, spilling on the carpet, getting a rug rash on his nose. "Ow! Damn it!"

Suddenly, he was lofted in the air and righted on his feet. Junior looked down at him with a quirked eyebrow. There weren't too many people taller than lanky Jet; bulky Junior was one of them. It graded on Jet when they flew on airplanes back to America together because Junior always took up more than his fair share of the space on cramped quarters.

"Okay, you! Why the hell did you punch me at my party last night?" Jet raged. He knew Junior could pound him into a pulp, but he also knew the Navajo was the ultimate pacifistic when not facing the Black Ghost. That's why it made no sense that Junior had punched him.

Junior shook his head and looked at Jet as if he were slow witted. "Um... you're birthday party is tonight."

"What? No, no, no!" Jet shook his head vigorously. "I remember it clearly! Okay... maybe not so much... but there was a birthday party, and you punched me!"

"I've never punched you. Ever," Junior said slowly, giving Jet another look that made him feel as if he belonged in Bellevue.

He about argued, but Pyunma came in from his morning jog and brightly greeted them. Jet marched up to the hansom, ebony-skinned man and demanded, "You saw what happened last night! Tell him he ain't going to worm out of it because I tied one on!"

"What do you mean?" Pyunma asked looked equally baffled.

"I mean he punched me at my own birthday party!"

Pyunma's eyes went wide. He said slowly, "Um... Jet, Frances is throwing your party tonight. Today is..."

"Come on! I know what stinking day it is! I remember clear as a bell, Junior punched me. And..." Jet felt heat come to his face. He was not going to admit he didn't really remember all that much about last night. Now Junior and Pyunma were looking at each other as they had just heard the ramblings of a lunatic. "Cut it out, you two! That party last night sucked!"

"But today is February 2nd. It's Saturday and Frances and Chang planned your party for tonight," Pyunma explained.

"Stop trying to gaslight me! And where is that jerk, GB?! His ass is grass for smacking me last night!"

"Um... GB is at the Magic Pan helping get your party together," Junior said, his wide-eyed expression not changing a bit.

"Yeah, Jet. He just flew in from England three hours ago. He wasn't here last night. Albert went and picked up after he dropped the doctor's off at the university," Pyunma pointed out.

"What the hell are you babbling about! That twerp was at my stinking party last night!" Jet snarled with balled up fists. "Now stop fooling around!"

Pyunma held up his sports watch to Jet's face and pointed. "See? February 2nd."

Jet's ire drained into confusion. "But... then... how...?"

"Maybe you had a bad dream?" Pyunma suggested.

Jet rubbed his throbbing head and wandered off. Just barely catching Junior whisper to Pyunma, "Or a psychotic break."

He gritted his teeth and decided to retreat back to his bedroom he shared with Joe and Pyunma. After all, Pyunma was always armed so he didn't want to push his luck.

Later that afternoon, Jet turned on the television and was annoyed to see the noon news cast. He about changed it, but he was shocked when he noticed the news caster announced it was February 2nd. He shook his aching head and and changed the channel. The competing news cast said the same thing: February 2nd.

He turned off the television and ran to the kitchen. Chang's calender didn't have February 2nd marked off yet. He swirled and turned on the radio. According to a few different stations it was February 2nd. All Jet could figure was that he hit his head harder than he thought last nigh. But how did he hit his head?

"What's with the long face?"

Jet startled and looked over at Albert, who had managed to sneak up on him. He pointed at the German's nose and demanded, "What did we fight over last night at my birthday party?"

Albert's eyebrow quirked and he said in a baffled tone, "Um... your birthday party is tonight."

"Whatever! What were we arguing about last night?" Jet snapped.

Albert shrugged and said, "Well, nothing. As a matter of fact," then the older man gave him a sly smile, "we were getting along just fine. No cross words were exchanged between us for several hours, for once."

"What? What's going on, you smug bastard? Did you get Pyunma and Junior to play along with some prank? I mean, knock it off. I got hammered last night, to tell the truth, and probably showed my ass. No fair you taking advantage of it with some twisted prank!"

Albert's head jerked back slightly and then cocked to one side. "Jet, we only had a couple glasses of wine while watching one of your lame zombie movies: that Night of the Living Dead thing you're so fond of. That was all that went on last night. We stayed here, at Kozumi's, and didn't go out." Jet scowled and started pacing. He yelped when there was a sharp sting to his backside. "Well, a little making out half way through the movie did happen."

"Hey! What's that supposed to mean?!" Jet snarled, rubbing his butt to alleviate Albert's offending swat. "We were at the Magic Pan for my birthday last night! And I certainly wouldn't make out with you, you jerk!"

"Um... Jet, today is your birthday," Albert said with the utmost earnest, almost looking as if was about to get irritated.

Jet's jaw dropped. Something bizarre was happening. "What did you do this morning?"

"Take the doctors to their lecture and pick up GB. I drove him over to the Magic Pan so they could finish decorating," Albert answered, getting baffled again. "I told you last night my plans for the day." Albert then waved his hand and said, "Listen, I have something to ask you."

"What's that?" Jet asked, getting weary, crossing his arms and furrowing his brow.

Jet was surprised to see Albert adopt a very serious expression as his back leaned against the kitchen counter and he crossed his arms. The older man was now just as defensive as Jet; he could read Albert pretty well after traveling with him for so long.

"I want to drive you to your party tonight, and I wanted to start spending more time with you. Peaceful time, like last night."

Jet tried to remember the last night Albert had described, but he couldn't. If he had two glasses of wine he would have certainly remembered making out with Albert, of all people. Jet knew he liked guy and he kept that a deep, deep, deep secret. And, well, Albert had been married to a lady, so them making out made no sense in Jet's brain. Still, why was Albert too friendly?

"Making out with you? Never!" Jet fumed, reverting to his comfort zone.

Then his ire drained away at the briefest flash of pain in Albert's eyes. Jet was always acute at reading people; living on the streets sharpened that. Living on the street also made him hard and mistrustful. Jet's mistrust was confirmed when Albert dismissively waved his hand and adopted a smug smirk. "Fine. Walk to your party. It's raining tonight and quite a few kilometers..."

"Kilometers?" Jet asked with testiness. He'd never heard the word before.

"Miles, for you Americans," Albert said and then strolled off.

Jet clenched his hands together and fought the desire to punch someone or something. He was determined to get to the bottom of this sick joke being played on him.

To be continued.