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"I know, now let's go meet this family of yours" she grabbed my hand and pulled me along

"Ours" I corrected



We were holding hands outside of the house, just about to walk in when they came out. There was a massive one called Emmett, his mate Rosalie, then there was pixie sticks and someone who I assume was piano playing virgin. The head of the coven Carlisle and his mate Esme were at the front.

"Hello Isabella, good to see you again!" Carlisle smiled.

"Yes, you too Carlisle," then I turned and whispered to Jay "Can I scare them a bit?" he nodded

"Hello Emmett, Rosalie, pixie sticks and piano playing virgin how are we this fine, fine evening?"

"How the hell did you know our names? Please don't be another mind reader"

"Actually I am another mind reader, but I'm also more"

"NOOOOOOOOO!" Emmett wailed banging his fists on the ground.

I walked towards him "Emmett it is okay I can turn it off, so it'll be a fairish fight"

"Fairish?" Rosalie questioned.

"I still have many powers which make it an unfair fight"

"What types of powers?"

"Carlisle, I'm surprised you don't remember my personality"

"Well you do remind me of person in the Volturi called Lillie, I don't know what happened to her"

"Well you will soon, so moving on I pretty much know everything about you guys but you guys, don't know anything about me, so what do you want to know?"

"When were you changed?"

"I was changed in 1657, I was 20 and I was living in Texas. On the night of my change it was my little sister's wedding night and I was going to the wedding after party or as you would call it a reception. I was just outside when I was pulled back into the bushes by no other than my ex-boyfriend and well you can guess what colour his eyes were."

"What colour were his eyes?" Emmett asked

"Red, Emmett, RED" I said emphasising the last red.

"How many powers do you have?" Carlisle asked

"Umm only counting the useful ones about 14" I guessed

"HOLY SH…" He swore


"What you can't tell me you guys aren't blown away, I mean 14 important powers what about the ones that aren't important" he said trying to explain himself.

"Yes, what about the ones that aren't important?" Edward asked

"How am I supposed to know? I am a sponge I soak up other vampires abilities automatically I don't find out till after about 1 week after the encounter"

"What are your top 5 favourites?" Rosalie asked me

"Probably it would be Telepathy, Telekinesis, Shapeshifting, Invisibility and Empathy"

"What about most recently acquired?" she continued

"I met this nomad vampire, she was trying to get information on Maria's army and I found out about 9 weeks ago that she had the power of impregnating vampires."

"Wait, wait, wait, hold your horses, stop your train, go back, you said impregnating vampires, but that's impossible"

"Well apparently it's not 'cause I've seen it in action, the vampire would carry the child for 5 weeks before giving birth to a vampire baby. The baby grows until it reaches maturity which is 17 to 18 years old then it stays forever frozen with its family and/or goes off into the world"

"Huh" she said looking out into the forest.