Love of Two Captains

Chapter 1: Secret Revealed and Luffy Sorrow

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In his life Trafalgar Law had seen many things. He had seen his home wiped off the face of the earth thanks to the greed of the Government and the Royals. He had seen a man who was so clumsy that he set his own coat on fire by lighting a cigarette, but who heart was so kind and caring that he gave his last breath to save him. He had seen bizarre creatures and even more bizarre people since setting out on his journey for One Piece. Yet despite all the crazy shit he had seen he had never seen this coming.

When he had seen that one of his fellow supernova and rival was involved in the Great War he decided that he didn't want to lose such promising rival or future ally. He had heard of all of Straw Hat's achievements and he seemed to be the most promising of all the supernovas to become an ally in quest of defeat Doflamingo. The kid had already defeated two Warlords so at least he knew he was willing to take the risk and that he was in fact capable of beating them. When they finally arrived at Marineford the battlefield was in complete chaos. Both Whitebeard and Fire-Fist were dead, but now it seem that was driving the two sides to wipe each other out. When he saw the state of both Straw Hat and the Fishman even he was surprised that they were still alive.

After quickly deducing their conditions he set to work on Straw Hat while his men kept the Fishman a stabile. It wasn't until he took off Straw Hat's vest that he was met with something odd. There all ready were a set of bandages covering the boy's upper chest. He didn't think much of it until he cut off the remaining bandages and a pair c-cups literally popped out. The room went completely silent for about ten seconds and then-

"WWWWWHHHHHHAAAAAAATTTT!" shouted every present member of his crew.

That had been enough to snap Law out of his momentary laps and quickly get back to save the now revealed female captain.

"Ask questions later! We still need to keep both of them stabile!" Law commanded and the crew scurried to get back on track.

They didn't have time to think about the sudden truth about the young captain true gender after that. They were to busy trying to keep her and Jinbe alive as well as themselves as they fled Marineford. Jinbe had gotten punched straight though his chest. He was lucky enough that none of his most vital organs had been damaged, but that was where his luck ended. His ribcage was partially melted and quiet a few of his blood vessels and arteries were burned to a crisp. Straw Hat wasn't much better. She had many internal injuries and was bleeding out internally and with the third degree burn on her chest made it hard to get to the damage inside. Of course there was also the problem of her metal state. No doubt the shock of her brother's death would scar far worse then her other injuries.

As if the surgery wasn't going to be bad enough the constant shaking and sharp turns from avoiding the ice and light being fired at them were making it near impossible. If was any other doctor other then himself Law doubted they would have survived.

Finally after hours of working Law was able to stabilize them both. Just as he was finishing up Straw Hats stitches he felt the sub begin to rise out of the water. He was honestly surprised that poor Bepo was able to last as long as he did before he started complain about the heat of sub. Of course that just meant he used he last resort to get them to go up a lot sooner too. Poor Shachi and Penguin were the chosen victims of one of Bepo's big sweaty bear hugs.

As he walked out on to the deck he was surprised to see that Boa Hancock one of the Seven Warlords on deck. He honestly didn't know what was more surprising she was Straw Hat's ally as was a group of okama or that they were all aware of her real gender. Each and every one of them showed just how powerful Straw Hat was. She was able to draw people in and make them her allies. Even former enemies were willing to help her like Crocodile.

In the end Hancock had them follow her to Amazon Lily claiming that her future lover would be able to recover there in peace. It was the safest place for Luffy as no one other then the Kuja we're even aloud on the island especially men. So it would be the last place a pirate crew of men would go for safety as their patient was recuperating. Of course they didn't exactly receive a warm welcome. If he weren't paying attention he would have gotten a new arrow sized piercing in his ear. It took a little bit of persuading, but they were able come to an agreement where they would dock at a little gulf and were not allowed to leave the fenced off area.

After they docked Law went down to check on his patient. After checking her vitals and refilling her IV Law finally took a closer look at the young female. Now that he knew her real gender he felt like an idiot for not figuring it out sooner. Of course she hide it well with her tomboy personality. And with her binding her chest and wearing baggy clothing as well cutting her hair short it simply left her looking like a boy with girlish face. He had seen plenty of girlish looking men and since coming to Amazon Lily some masculine women. So it wasn't so hard to believe that she could hide her gender so well.

But know he could see that she was very pretty girl. She had long eyes lashes and her skin was smooth and clear safe for a few scars like the one on her cheek and the one she will have on her chest. She was slightly curvy, which had been hidden underneath her clothes and nice long shapely legs. Honestly if she did dress like girl she would hot no doubt.

Law shook his head when he realized where his thoughts were heading. He was not about start drooling over some girl especially a fellow Supernova and his patient. Law took one last look and noticed something. She was crying. Tears were silently running down her face. Even in her comatose state she was mourning the loss of her brother. The brother she had gone though hell to save and ended up being saved by him at the cost of his own life in the end. Law signed softly and wiped tears from cheeks. He understood in a way what she was going through. He had watched as his parents, his friends, his teacher, even his little sister were killed and he could do nothing to help them. It had happened again when Cora-san had died in order to give him time to escape. All he could do was watch as those he loved died and cry in complete sorrow afterwards.

"Don't give up Luffy otherwise his sacrifice will be worth nothing," Law whispered.

A few days later Luffy woke up for the first time. Law hadn't even realized she was a wake until glanced at her face and saw blank soulless eyes staring at him. Well awake was a bit of a stretch he guessed she was in more of drug-induced daze from all the painkillers she was on. She probably didn't even realize who he was or what had happened to her yet. It was all a dream to her at the moment, a horrible dream that would eventually become reality.

After a couple a minutes her eyes seemed to clear a bit and she whispered something, but her dry throat had it hard to understand. Law quick got her a small glass of water. After a few sips she cleared her throat and whispered once more.


Law started at her for a moment and the said, "Fire Fist is fine go back to sleep Straw Hat."

The drugs took affected once more and she fell in to dream land once more a hopeful smile on her face. In small way he felt bad. All he was doing was prolonging the inedible. Sooner or later she was going to gain consciousness and when she did she would learn the cold truth. Her brother was dead. Still he couldn't tell her the truth, not yet anyway. It was better this way. To let her dream peaceful for know in blissful ignorance. She would have plenty of time to mourn when she recovered.

And so thus a pattern was set, once in awhile she would become semi-conscious either do to building a tolerance to combination of painkillers she was on or from him lowering the amount of drugs she was on so she wouldn't overdose as she recovered. Each time she asked the same question and he would tell that same little white lie and each time she'd go back to sleep with that same hopeful smile.

Finally the floodgates opened and Straw Hat woke up after two weeks. She nearly destroyed the sub before she literally flew out of it and crashed into the ground screaming out in agony demanding to know where her brother was. He was in shock to be honest. Even with her rubber body she shouldn't be able to move like that without feeling execrating pain from her injuries. But it seemed her quest to find her brother was so important that pain she must have been in was being completely ignored.

He watched as she ran around the encampment his crew desperately trying to sedate her. But the emotionally distressed captain was to strong and was able throw them off her even after they dog piled in desperation. Then she took off into the jungle. Jinbe went after and Law found himself following him. He was a doctor and while he had let Luffy go on a rampage in the encampment in hope she simply tire herself out, he wasn't about to let out her of his sight for to long. No doubt that by now her wounds were starting to reopen and he wasn't going to let his hard work go waste. Finally they were able to track her down. Of course that was after she had demolished multiple trees and a flattened a small mountain by throwing a rock ten times her size.

Luffy was kneeling on the ground shaking and out of breath with wild dilated eyes. She looked like a ferial animal that was trapped in corner. Her body was completely wrapped in bandages and blood was beginning to stain the bandages. From her nose and mouth blood was running down her face.

Jinbe then walked up to her said, "The war is over Luffy. Ace is-"

Shut! Shut Fuck Up! I've pinched my cheeks so hard that they bleed. If this were a dream I would have woken up by now. This isn't a dream!" Luffy cried out in despair with tears running down.

"No it's not Straw Hat," said Law as he walked up next to Jinbe.


Two captains watched as young female as she began to desperately wipe her hands on the grass. Then Law slowly walked up to her and kneeled front of the crying girl. Law grabbed her hands and then pulled her into a gentle hug. The traumatized girl was shocked for a moment before burying her face in Law chest crying. The two Supernovas sat on the ground. One breaking down from the sorrow and the other offering support for her as her world crumbled around her.