The mercs arrive: a Nico Di Angelo and misfit seven mis-adventure

Author's note: Hello followers and new readers welcome to my new story now normally I would be working on updating and re-uploading my first fanfic A Strange New World. Recently however I have decided on creating a Team Fortress Two/Percy Jackson series crossover. This is the mentioned crossover without further adio let the story begin!

Disclaimer: Rick Riordan retains all rights to the Percy Jackson and the Olympians/Heroes of Olympus. However, the original characters me and my editor have created are our own and we can use them however we wish. Team Fortress Two is a product of Valve Software and one of the best first-person-shooter multiplayer games around!

Important note regarding updates: The main reason why I have not been able to update is not because, of laziness or lack of ideas it is because, due to some strange reason not allowing me to copy and paste new chapters even though I have the correct file format. In order to get around this the story will be included as one-whole file until the issue is resolved sorry if there has been any delay the issue began happening a couple of days ago. Disregard that last sentence figured out a solution to the issue.

Chapter One: Fighting for a daily wage on CP_SnowPlow

BLU Medic

"Same day different battle area this plan of ours involving a bomb laden train while very bold may not be in our best interest however my plea to soldier fell on deaf ears." "Soldier!" I plead "How are you certain that this plan is foolproof and there will be no repercussions for our actions?" "You un-American, kaurt eating, heavy loving, BASTARD!" "I have faith it will work maggot because it was created by me and Engineer!" he shouted with malice in his demeanor along with a wild look in his eyes when questioned. "If you ever question ANY of my plans ever again I will send your family my boot with your ass around it AM I UNDERSTOOD!?" "Yes Herr John Doe err Soldier!" I shout back to prove the point "Nien!" I say to myself wondering how my actions led me to this point in the first place. The train is gaining speed as if god had thrown it toward the RED base when all of the sudden something unusual happens. "Is that the RED Heavy standing on the track receiving an ubercharge from my counterpart the RED Medic?" I say with confusion mixed with pity and commendation. We watch in horror as the Heavy braces himself to arrest the progress of the train catching, and flipping over the main control area of the train creating a domino effect with the train cars and cabooses flipping, flying, and rolling everywhere. Yet again another failed plan on our part as I turn around to face Soldier his face is contorted and livid purple with eyes of brimstone.


placing my hands up in a placating gesture with the hope of calming the war veteran "Herr Soldier do not fret we will come up with another plan for the RED team's destruction please calm yourself before having a stroke." Unconvinced he is about to go into a fury again however he is stopped by a sudden burst of light and a ball of energy hitting my sternum. "Vat is happening!" I exclaim with fear but it is too late as the ball renders me limp teleporting itself and me to another plane of existence.

Sorry about the cliffhanger was trying to figure out how to end the first chapter and decided on this. Hope all of you enjoy also please leave some reviews even if it is just criticism. On another note the TF2 guys bios will be right here underneath this message also no editor for this one meaning no Disney musical moments YEAH!

Note the reason why you see the names of the teams as BLU and RED is because these are the actual name for the teams in both the game and the comics. Each individual letter actually spells out what the actual team name is. I will reveal what the names actually are in a later chapter however each and every one of you is free to guess what the team names actually stand for.

Side note these bios are a combination of the author's knowledge combined with the wiki pages of each mercenary from Team Fortress


BLU Medic: Hailing from Stuttgrat, Germany the Medic has a knack for satisfying his own twisted curiosity combine this with a lack of formal training, respect for the sick or ill, a disregard for basic human dignity and no regard whatsoever for the Hippocratic oath makes for one very morbid and dangerous healer.

Mercenary name: Medic

Real name: Unknown

Nicknames: Nurse, Doktor, Doc

Age: appears to be in mid-twenties to thirties

Affiliation: Himself, BLU team, Heavy,

Enemies: RED team, Soldier's roommate Merasmus the wizard, robots, skeletons, Monoculus the giant eyeball, The ghost of Zepheniah Mann, The Headless Horseless HeadsMann, Gray Mann

Profession: Mercenary, the team doctor

Clothing: White overcoat with BLU plastic gloves and a BLU pattern on the coat, mounted backpack designed to fire his medigun along with an ubercharge feature which he can activate in order for him, and his patient to become immune to all types of damage, and death for a limited time must be fully charged before activating.

Weapons: Medigun, bonesaw, syringe gun

Place of origin: Stuttgart, Germany

BLU Pyro: This Pyro inherited a love of fire from her brother and a job with Mann. Co after hearing that she wanted a challenging line of work to get into. In accordance with her wishes he persuaded Helen the administrator to sign her up as BLU Team's Pyro. Always ready with a joke and a fire axe so that her foes get the point she is loved and respected by the BLU Team while being feared and hated by the RED Team. Distinguishing features include blond hair kept underneath the mask, light green eyes with laugh lines, and a soot covered face as the mask is not always able to take in the fires she is constantly setting.

Mercenary name: Pyromaniac

Real name: Lexi P Evergreen

Nickname: The freak, Mumbles, Hellmonster

Age: Twenty-five

Gender: Female

Profession: Mercenary, pyromaniac

Clothing: Black and BLU patterned asbestos suit with BLU gloves and a black mask.

Weapons: Homemade flamethrower, shotgun, fire axe, alternate weapon for the shotgun would be either the Scorch Shot or the flare gun.

Affiliation: Herself, Lance (her brother), BLU team, Engineer,

Enemies: RED team, Soldier's roommate Merasmus the wizard, Spies, robots, skeletons, Monoculus the giant eyeball, The ghost of Zepheniah Mann, The Headless Horseless HeadsMann, Gray Mann

Place of origin: Unknown

BLU Heavy: Strongest amongst his teammates the Heavy is known for destroying fortified positions with Sasha his mini-gun and for being the enforcer of his team with his bare hands being efficient enough to kill enemies. His original home is Russia where he used to live with his family this all changed when his father a counter-revolutionary was captured and executed by the Soviet Union. These events led the Heavy and his family to be sent to a Soviet work camp where some months later they escaped with the other prisoners with the camp razed to the ground with all the guards having been tortured to death.

Mercenary name: Heavy weapons guy

Real name: Mikhail

Age: Forty-one

Nicknames: Fatman, Misha, Fatass, Bald fatty mcfat fat

Clothing: A bandillor full of mini-gun bullets, BLU gloves, combat boots, combat pants and a hat (if he can afford one).

Weapons: Sasha the mini-gun, shotgun, bare hands, any Heavy alternate weapon

Affiliation: Family, himself, BLU team, Medic,

Enemies: Scouts, RED baby team, Soldier's roommate Merasmus the wizard, robots, skeletons, Monoculus the giant eyeball, The ghost of Zepheniah Mann, The Headless Horseless HeadsMann, Gray Mann

Place of origin: Russia