Michelle Tanner was now a fourteen year old freshman in high school. Her childhood friends Aaron, Denise, Teddy and Derek attended the same school and she was still friends with all of them. Lisa was the only one who didn't end up at the same high school, but they still hung out every now and then.

As far as her family goes, a lot has changed over the years. Once the house across the street became available, Jesse and Becky bought it. It worked out great because they still came over every other day and it's almost like they haven't moved. About two years ago Joey met a woman named Leslie at The Smash Club. Six months ago she accepted his marriage proposal. They haven't picked a wedding date yet so he still lives in the Tanner house for now. D.J. reconnected with Steve after her senior prom, and after graduating University she moved in with him. As far as getting married goes, they agreed there was no rush and that they would know when the timing is right. Stephanie and Gia are roommates in their own apartment while she attends a local performing arts college. Danny's still single and working at Wake Up, San Fransisco.

Michelle held her stuff in her hand as she walked into the English class she shared with Denise and Aaron. She normally sat next to Denise while Aaron sat on the other side of the room with some of his friends. She socialized with her and a few other friends of theirs until the teacher started class.

"Alright let me do attendance real quick then we'll get started," the teacher began. As soon as the teacher got to Aaron she noticed this was the third day in a row he has been absent. "I see this is the third day in a row Mr. Bailey hasn't been in class. Anyone know if he's got something going on or if he's just determined to repeat ninth grade English?"

Everyone just sort of shrugged. If they knew what he was up to then they weren't going to tell. Michelle hadn't paid much attention to what he was doing lately. It had been a couple weeks since they last talked, not for any real reason other than having other things going on. The fact that he was missing multiple days of class concerned her though. She pulled out a piece of paper and wrote a note to Denise. "Do you know what's going on with Aaron?"

"He's skipping," Denise wrote. "I saw him walk off campus with a couple other guys this morning."

Michelle wasn't surprised. She just didn't like it. "Should we try to talk to him?"

"And say what? He knows he shouldn't be doing it. That's probably why he is," Denise replied.

"I know but we're his friends. We should at least let him know we care," Michelle passed over.

"You can. I'm not going to waste my breath because he's not going to listen," Denise wrote.

Before Michelle could reply the teacher snatched their note, crinkled it into a ball and threw it away. "The next time I'll read it out loud."

"Sorry," they both said sheepishly.

Michelle knew Denise had a point, that the odds of Aaron actually listening to them would be slim. She felt she needed to try though. It wasn't in her nature to watch her friends do something stupid and not try to stop them. She was going to try to talk to him the next time she saw him.

After class ended they walked together as they were on their way to the cafeteria for lunch. As they turned the corner they saw Aaron with two other guys at a locker.

"There he is," Michelle whispered.

"Yep that's him," Denise replied.

"I'm going to go talk to him," Michelle said.

"Okay I'll meet you at our table then," Denise walked off.

Michelle marched over to the group of boys. "Aaron!"

"Michelle!" Aaron replied back in a mimicking tone. The other guys giggled. She didn't take offense as she knew he was just being funny.

"Why haven't you been in class? The teacher is asking about you," Michelle asked.

"Didn't want to go," Aaron answered.

"Nobody wants to go. We do it so we can get through these four years as quickly and painlessly as possible," Michelle pointed out. Aaron stayed silent. "Look we have a test tomorrow. Come over later and copy my notes if you want so you don't fail it at least. What do you say?"

"Fine. Only because your dad lets me raid the fridge and sometimes there's something good," Aaron agreed.

At least he agreed to come over. "How's five-thirty?"

"Works for me," Aaron answered.

"Okay see you then," Michelle walked away.

A little before five-thirty the doorbell rang. Michelle rushed to get it since she knew who it was.

Michelle looked at the watch on her wrist. "Wow you're actually three minutes early."

"Yeah well my watch is five minutes ahead," Aaron said.

Jesse was in the kitchen on his way back to his place when they walked in.

"Hey Uncle Jesse, we're doing homework so can we have some privacy?" Michelle requested.

"Homework?" Jesse remarked at the idea of Aaron doing homework.

"Yeah homework, you know the thing you do so that way you don't end up in a crappy rock and roll band that's going nowhere when your thirty," Aaron shot back.

Michelle's eyes bugged out. She needed to get Jesse out of there before they started arguing. She opened the kitchen door and nudged him out. "What's that? I hear Aunt Becky calling for you. You better go see what she wants."

Michelle got him out the door and he yelled, "I don't hear nothing!"

Michelle glared over at Aaron. "What has gotten into you? I know you and my uncle like picking on each other but that was uncalled for."

"I'm tired of people judging me and acting like they know me. Especially some loser who spends his days playing a guitar," Aaron explained.

Those words made Michelle angry. "Excuse me, my uncle is not a loser! He has so much more than his band. He owns the Smash Club, has his own house, his own wife and kids. If you're going to diss my family then leave!"

Aaron didn't want to fight. "Look I'm sorry. Let's just switch the topic and focus on the notes okay?"

Michelle agreed. "Fine. I'll make us ice cream sundaes. Still like those?"

Aaron nodded. "Of course."

Michelle gave him both the ice cream and the notes. "So who else is judging you?"

Aaron looked up at her, wondering what she was talking about. "What?"

"You said that you are sick of people judging you. Who's judging you?" Michelle explained.

Aaron sighed. "Lots of people. I actually study and get a D and my dad yells at me and tells me it should have at least been a C. I wear my favorite clothes and he tells me I look like a punk. He thinks I need to live up to his shitty standards and I'm sick of fighting with his ass."

"That's parents being parents. The first day of high school I wanted to wear a mini skirt and a tanktop and my dad made me go put a t-shirt and shorts on. I skipped studying for my algebra test to sleepover at Denise's and got a F and got grounded for two weeks. They're just pushing you to be better so you can have a good future," Michelle reasoned.

"I do the exact opposite of what he wants just to make him mad. He's just making me worse," Aaron admitted.

"Sure you're making him mad but you're only hurting yourself in the long run. How are you going to feel next year when you have to redo your classes because you goofed around this year? Or when everyones at the graduation ceremony but you? Promise me that you'll actually read these notes tonight and come to class tomorrow to take the test," Michelle requested.

Aaron raised his eyebrow at her. "You're being awfully pushy. Yeah, fine, I'll go take the test if it'll get you off my back."

"Good," Michelle smiled.