Prologue: calamitous

by Kayla Chavi

Rating: R

email: kayla@wishing-blue.net

website: http://kayla.wishing-blue.net

* * *

Just a little note so people can't complain of being uninformed. This is going to be dark. Inuyasha and Kagome are going to do things that aren't comfortable, they're going to say things, and its all around gonna suck.

Just remember, this is for the challenge...so they have to end up together or dead. Cheerful thought, ne?

That being said, this is rated R for sexual situations and language. I don't believe this is NC-17...so please take the R rating seriously...like you would for an R-rated movie.

* * *

When a youkai bitch goes into heat, she's not thinking with her heart. She's not even thinking with her head. Most of the time, the bitch doesn't even think. The desire to rut and produce pups is so overwhelming, so consuming, that she becomes primal. She is fulfilling an urge that has existed since the first Bitch. It is in that whirlwind of sensation that she chooses a male to fuck. She has thousands of years of evolution pressing on her, begging her to relieve the heat and regain her mind.

So she fucks the male and abandons him. She doesn't want to be bound, sometimes doesn't even want his pups. She craves release from the passion and fire that controls her.

It is said that from this, the bitch became wild and uncontrollable. She was the master of all, for she decided who would father the next generation and who would die alone.

Alone and unsatisfied.

Only a male strong enough to force her to submit to his will would ever be worthy of her.

Time passed and the civility of society insisted on taming the bitch. She was subdued and forced into monogamy by the physically stronger male, for he also had a role given to him by nature. Only he would be able to give the bitch exactly what she needed. Creation had decided that the purpose of life was companionship.


An equal partnership.


Mating was never about love.

* * *

I want to make one thing very clear. From the very first time I saw her, I marked her as mine. Mine to kill. Mine to have. Mine to take. Mine to fuck. Kagome. Is. Mine. That is an undisputed claim--always has been, always will be.

Kouga doesn't count.

I'll admit it was a slow progression to go from killing to rutting. I suspected that she might be useful to siphon off my need the night Sesshoumaru shoved his hand through my stomach. It scared me to think that a human girl could excite me like that. Kikyou had, but that was because she was a miko. The youkai part of me wanted to taint her.

I defiled her.

To stop myself from repeating that mistake with Kagome, I threw her back into her time. It was my right as her male to protect her--even if it meant protecting her from myself. Kikyou wasn't innocent that way Kagome was. My humanity had problems touching her, hell, it even had problems dreaming about her.

When she found a way back, it confused me. I had slammed a tree into the well. I had stolen her only way here, and yet she still came. It should have been a clue. It should have dawned on me that she was a true bitch.

I ignored it. She was human. She would break.

It pissed me off when Kouga dared to steal her from me. He touched her where he shouldn't have. Kagome would never admit it, but I knew he had touched her. His dick never got in her, or else I would have killed him, but there are other ways. Her hands reeked of him.

I almost lost control of my temper. Bitches are faithless by nature and need to be taught how to behave appropriately. If she hadn't left, I would have screwed her. The only thing that made me back down was her aura.

For the first time, when she yelled at me, I saw that she had more miko energy within her than Kikyou did in her mouth. It scared me shitless. Kikyou could kill me with her hands on my skin. Kagome could kill me with a look. It humbled me for a good three seconds before it pissed me off.

Then I got hard.

Miroku saw it for what it was. In his own way he tried to council me, told me to cool my anger. He even threw me in a snow melt spring. It worked. Sort of. When Kagome came back, he played chaperone. Now I think it's funny, given the circumstances and his wandering hand. It confused Sango, made her think he could actually not be lecherous for at least a day. Kagura, the bitch who smells like a man, came and went. My youkai self even gained control long enough to protect my friends. Protect Kagome.

He recognized her for something I denied. He called her Mate. He would have lain with her among the blood and gore, in front of our friends, despite any protests she might give. He didn't care if it was rape.

It was only when Kagome came back after seeing me with her that I knew. My humanity had chosen Kikyou.

I chose Kagome.