epilogue: aftermath

by Kayla Chavi

Rating: R

email: kayla@wishing-blue.net


* * *

I woke up in a hospital. For one insane moment I thought it had all been a horrible nightmare. However a pair of fluffy puppy ears confirmed that it wasn't true. While I was laying on a bed in a sterile white room, Inuyasha was laying next to me, his head pressed to my chest.

"Mou," I murmured and he stirred. "Those are my boobies."

It was enough to wake him up. He actually blushed a little before giving the breast over my heart a playful squeeze. He didn't say much, just looked at me.

"Did we win?" I asked finally.

"You don't remember?"

I shook my head and curled back into his side. "The last thing I remember feeling was hate. You killed Kikyou and I hated you."

"Do you still hate me?" he asked quietly, his claws lightly running through my hair.

"No. I felt rather silly about it," I admitted with a faint blush and breathed in deeply. "Is everyone alright? Sango-chan? Miroku-sama? Shippou-chan?"

"Miroku's being nursed back to health by Sango," he said after a moment. "Shippou's going to let them adopted him. Sango agreed to bear Miroku's child when he was strong enough to handle it. Shippou wants siblings so its worked out."

"And the well?" I asked nervously. For some reason I didn't want it to be closed. I didn't want him to go back through, or for us to be stuck here. They were my home, despite how wonderful my family was, they didn't understand.

"Still open."

"And us?"

"We're going back as soon as your healers let us."

"That's not what I meant," I said softly. I couldn't look at him. "You killed her."

"We're mates, Kagome. I told you that's more important than silly things like love."

Very slowly I looked up to find the eyes of my best friend looking down at me. Just as slowly I smiled and then leaned up to kiss him softly.

"I understand," I whispered against his mouth when he tried to deepen it. "Let's go home. This place creeps me out."

* * *

End wicked